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Quick Start Guide for IBM Data Studio Version 3.2

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Use this guide to get started with a basic installation of IBM Data Studio Version 3.2.


Language Quick Start Guide
English ds32_qsg_en.pdfds32_qsg_en.pdf

HTML version:
Brazilian Portuguese ds32_qsg_pt_BR.pdfds32_qsg_pt_BR.pdf
Czech ds32_qsg_cs.pdfds32_qsg_cs.pdf
French ds32_qsg_fr.pdfds32_qsg_fr.pdf
German ds32_qsg_de.pdfds32_qsg_de.pdf
Hungarian ds32_qsg_hu.pdfds32_qsg_hu.pdf
Japanese ds32_qsg_ja.pdfds32_qsg_ja.pdf
Korean ds32_qsg_ko.pdfds32_qsg_ko.pdf
Polish ds32_qsg_pl.pdfds32_qsg_pl.pdf
Russian ds32_qsg_ru.pdfds32_qsg_ru.pdf
Simplified Chinese ds32_qsg_zh_CN.pdfds32_qsg_zh_CN.pdf
Spanish ds32_qsg_es.pdfds32_qsg_es.pdf
Traditional Chinese ds32_qsg_zh_TW.pdfds32_qsg_zh_TW.pdf

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More support for: IBM Data Studio

Software version: 3.2

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Reference #: 7036714

Modified date: 07 December 2012

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