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Fix list for WebSphere Service Registry and Repository Version 7.5

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WebSphere Service Registry and Repository provides regular maintenance of version 7.5. This document details the available fix packs for version 7.5 and the APARs that are addressed by them.


Fix Pack
Fix release date: 19 November 2013
Status: Available

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IV43807 Relationship and custom query creation links move away from the user's cursor on attempted selection.
IV44483 The user is not authorized to perform the requested operation. error shown on non secure login
IV36495 SECJ0350E: could not get the uniqueid of the user virtualprincipal.allauthenticatedusers.
IV36672 Unnecessary object retrievals occur when no governance plugins are configured to run.
IV51765 Contents confidential.
IV51859 Contents confidential.
IV52008 Pasting a url from the show link feature fails to work in internet explorer v8
IV52009 Improvements to messages on promotion failures.
IV52034 NullPointerException when running subscriptionnotifier with security disabled
IV52035 Queries fail following profile activation
IV35604 Birt reports not working with utf-8 characters in WSRR
IV36537 Text search indexes are not deleted causing the database size toincrease unnecessarily.
IV37454 Chart widget generates an error in ie while rendering a pie chart
IV37758 NullPointerException occurs when using minimal promotion type.
IV37987 Npe is generated when using the jdbc from was jdbc pool that in in an inconsistent state
IV37993 Ability to configure production classification to promote to multiple runtimes
IV39820 Details widget shows full classification uris instead of short display name
IV39973 Business space: manage subscriptions edit panel shows duplicate transition names with a warning.
IV40280 Business space url links not resolved correctly
IV40435 Business space create object action shows 'undefined' propertiessection.
IV40462 Enhanced search indexer should be more permissive.
IV42302 Unable to view reports on a system that h as ssl disabled
IV42713 Npe in during import/retrieve/edit
IV45178 WSRR reports upgrade failed when no upgrade is actually in progress.
IV45379 WSRR duplicate relationship names seen in the web UI
IV46090 WSRR text searches in clusters produce inconsistent results.
IV47636 NullPointerException in serviceregistrysessionbean.executenamedquery
IV47798 Outofmemory errors when retrieving large amounts of data
IV36340 Export/import promotion performance
IV36386 Error 500 returned when policy validation error encountered on the governance tab
IV37105 Changes to large policy documents are not reflected in the xmlfragment of the derived policyexpressions
IV32863 Upgrade from WSRR 7.0 using DB2 for z/os fails
IV33138 Some modelled properties are not upgraded correctly from WSRR v6.3 and v7.0 to v7.5 and v8.0.
IV33270 WSRR attempts to promote to an environment that is not defined if a transition refers to the undefined environment.

Fix Pack
Fix release date: 31 January 2013
Status: Available

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IV14971 lastModifiedBy property value is not updated for Business Model objects
IV10022 WSDL Documents with a large number of operations can take a long time to load
IV10243 JAAS entry WSRRlogin does not work when using a prefix
IV11197 GSR0011E: PolicyReference does not resolve when loading documents together.
IV11564 Unable to load more than one document onto the end of a relationship via Business Space
IV12309 Promoting between two servers in the same cell can cause the code to create the moveTempDB in the same place causing a conflict.
IV12367 Problem displaying collection view for type that contains enum property.
IV12866 Promotion efficiency enhancements
IV13218 Business Space widget client / server communication efficiency enhancements
IV13441 Additional fixes for APAR IV12367.
IV13885 Running a saved quick search throws a NullPointerException
IV14291 When using MQ as JMS provider CRUD operations may delay for timeout period before succeeding.
IV35803 SLD model is not updated on upgrade from v7.0 to v7.5
IV36094 Enhancements to subscription notification system.
IV15691 The action which makes the query results has code to truncate the bread crumb to "query results"
IV17282 Pie chart widget shows 'no data' when all services have no consumers
IV18351 Upgrade of user defined profile from WSRR 7.0 to WSRR 7.5 with "manage content tool" in WSRR 7.5 fails.
IV18350 Remove non-essential supporting objects from promotion graph.
IV19526 WSRR converts schema name to upper case during deploy causing problems with SQL Server databases using lower case schema names
IV19981 Increased memory usage while updating metadata using WSRR rest API
IV20307 Migration from 7.0 to 7.5 completes and reports success but no data is present on target system.
IV20525 Manual promotion performance enhancements
IV20643 Navigator widget issues when using internet explorer 8
IV20670 Profile switching fails when querycache is full
IV21267 GSR0089E is reported when viewing a Business Model that has a reverse relationship showing from a model class.
IV21754 ATN1205W: cardinality constraint violation when working with WSRR content
IV21768 Missing delimiter in the email template parameter causes infinite loop
IV22715 WSRR deployment wizard in deployment manager admin console does not accept schema names containing an underscore character
IV23266 Documents not being synchronised into WSRR from UDDI due to multiple overviewurl references within a single tmodel.
IV23308 UDDI api wsdl and xsd documents being synchronised multiple times resulting in duplicate documents within WSRR.
IV23787 Highly connected data in WSRR can cause performance issues when plugins run
IV24351 Errors occured in Busines Sspace console while accessing widgets.
IV24386 Contents confidential.
IV24733 Enhanced text search indexing can take many hours to complete
IV24924 Failure to delete deleted entities in UDDI from WSRR during UDDI synchronization if sync configuration readonly element is yes
IV24930 Index idx_stmt_rel_subj causes poor performance when using a DB2database
IV26047 Subscription notifications that contain dbcs characters are not handled correctly.
IV26309 Contents confidential.
IV26404 Deploying WSRR from admin console fails with an error that has no description
IV26727 Contents confidential.
IV27386 Schema name length is restricted to 8 characters for an Oracle database
IV27434 Business space errors within a WebSeal secured environment
IV28477 Fix pack update fails for a cluster environment
IV29576 WMB WS-Security policy feed queries fail on Oracle with ORA-00933
IV29693 Problems with enumerations containing empty strings
IV29752 Not possible to complete the deployment wizard, if you select only SIB.
IV30009 The profile management tool wizard does not allow the underscore character in a schema name for all database types
IV30523 SQL Server schema names are restricted to 8 characters
IV31928 Fixes to WSRR server in v7.5.0.3
IV31929 Fixes to WSRR business space widgets in v7.5.0.3
IV32047 The custom function 'anyrelationship' returns contained objects in addition to the expected results.
IV32092 SCA modules that contain non-webservice type export bindings with no endpointURL fail to load.
IV32539 Fixpack update process can run out of permgen space on HP-UX and Solaris
PM68753 WSRR database scripts that have lines longer than 80 characters fail to execute

Fix Pack
Fix release date: 18 November 2011
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IV03597 Performance enhancements to the governance policy validation
IV06319 GSR4500E: subscription notifier does not escape apostrophes
IV07311 CNTR0019E/SECJ0053E errors occur when starting WSRR.
IV07515 Configurable modifier transition-action target XPath only works if single result is returned
IV07613 Performance of synchronous promotion is unacceptable
IV07729 Non-string type Business Model properties with a cardinality of 0..1 are set to meaningless default values
IV07917 WSRR does not allow a lowercase schema name to be entered for SQL Server databases.
IV09010 If decimal=comma is set to true for DB2 on z/OS, then WSRR might fail to start reporting SQLCODE=-405.
IV09059 script fails when the -prefix paramter is set
IV09165 Malformed URL error when loading SCA module
IV09195 ITCAM for SOA event handler does nothing if either host name or IP address within the supplied event data is null
IV09277 Fixes for apar IV07613
IV09369 The data sources are not configured correctly during WSRR deployment when using DB2 for z/OS.
IV10021 Unnecessary data manipulation resulting in performance issues
IV10200 Fixes to WSRR server v7.5 in Fix Pack 2
IV10211 Fixes to WSRR v7.5 Business Space user interface in Fix Pack 2
IV10225 404 widget error and blank entries in the activity widget
IV10244 ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 error when running a query in WSRR
IV10821 Deployment manager profile upgrade fails due to servername not being set
IV10826 WS-monitoring policy domain missing message arrival threshold table
IV10827 Non latin characters in configuration item name cause profile not to activate.
IV10849 Service Registry Governance Policies Overview and Effectiveness Details widgets lose state.
IZ64200 Allow same userid for concurrent logins
IV06940 Send subscriptions to a valid email address fails when a subscription with blank email address exists

Fix Pack
Fix release date: 14 September 2011
Status: Available

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APAR Description
IV01657 Contents confidential.
IV02673 Configuration profile activation fails after using the web UI classification system editor
IV02698 ORA-0922 error exceptions while trying to activate basic profile using an Oracle database
IV03421 Importing data from another WSRR instance using webui's import functionality generates an SQLException
IV03948 MissingResourceException in SystemOut log and "message key not found" shown in web UI for some MQ object types
IV04069 UDDI synchronization failures when WSRP canonical tModels are present in UDDI.
IV07298 Profile creation and augmentation fail for certain Windows paths
IV07299 ITCAM event handler does not handle automatically generated ITCAM 4 SOA situation events
IV07301 Non-root profile creation fails due to creating file in WAS install dir instead of profile dir
IV07302 Policyset discovery from WMB70 only works after a was restart
IV07303 Service discovery from Oracle WebLogic fails.
IV07304 Profiles loaded from WSRR v6.1 and v6.2 do not get updated correctly in WSRR v7.5.0.0
IV07308 XPath queries using predicates containing enumeration properties cause an GSR0089E error message.
IV07309 Previous ontology names are shown after new profile activation
IV07468 Upgrade tool fails if incomplete set of properties provided
IV07472 The FirstSteps wizard for WSRR links to the insecure URL for the WSRR BusinessSpace UI.
IV07473 Activity log entries relating to plugins run during upgrade are unhelpful.
IV07474 Message number ATN007E used by two messages.
IV07480 Subscription notifier can lose delete events.
IV07490 WSRR MBean error messages refer to parameter names inconsistently
IV07492 WSRR v7.5 web UI links to WSRR v7.0 infocenter.
IV07495 Object deletions in WSRR v7.5 can take longer than in v7.0.
IV07496 Migration progress bar disappears from web UI after session timeout
IV07497 Unnecessary checks performed during object creation
IV07544 Find panel does not always open in BusinessSpace UI
IV07545 Activity widget reports errors when viewing some objects.
IV07554 Activity widget attempts to display activity for deleted objects.
IV07557 Collection widget errors when in icon mode and displaying results with no name column.
IV07561 View in graphical explorer link in detail widget sometimes causes an error.
IV07566 Not null property assertions do not fail for null properties on objects created in the BusinessSpace UI.
IV07573 Modelled properties of type date are displayed incorrectly in BusinessSpace UI.
IV07574 Missing types from relationship target drop down in BusinessSpace UI.
IV07576 Fixes to the WSRR BusinessSpace user interface in V7.5.0.1
IV07650 WSRR trial install fails on Linux
IZ95747 Some GovernanceRecord retrieves are unnecessary
IV00379 The WSRR web UI hangs when publishing an SSL WSPolicy document using the policy authoring wizard.
IV00827 Duplicate task names in the scheduler.

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