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This document contains links to Notes Traveler technical support documents and information that can help you get more value from your software. It is intended to help you to be proactive in your support and administration of Notes Traveler.

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In the Spotlight

  1. Q&A about IBM Notes Traveler support for Apple iOS 8.x
    Read all about IBM's plans for iOS 8.x support for Notes Traveler (server and client), Notes Traveler Companion and To Do applications, and SmartCloud Notes Traveler.
  2. Required Linux packages to install IBM Notes Traveler
    The IBM Notes Traveler installer is 32-bit for compatibility with older environments. To run the Notes Traveler installer, ensure that the 32-bit libraries listed in this technote are installed on the Linux system.
  3. "IBM Notes Traveler don’t be fooled, this ain’t just a simple point release"
    Be sure to check out this highly recommended, informative #TipOfTheDay blog post and presentation by IBM Champion, Mat Newman (@MatNewman on Twitter).
  4. Ask the Experts Q&A session: Ask Us Anything About Notes Traveler - 18 November 2014
    Mark your calendars for November 18! You'll have another opportunity this year to meet with IBM Notes Traveler experts for an Ask the Experts Q&A session dedicated to Notes Traveler. Come listen, ask, learn, and share!
  5. Open Mic Webcast: "What's New with IBM Notes Traveler Clients" - 16 July 2014 (Q&A, Audio Replay, and Presentation)
    You can find this session's presentation, audio replay, and Q&A transcript in this technote. The Q&A transcript consists of 50+ questions on the following topics: iOS; BlackBerry; Policies; Troubleshooting: How To/General Q&A; Enhancement Requests & Roadmaps.
  6. IBM Connect evolves to meet the needs of our technical clients and partners
    In 2015, IBM Connect will transform into an even more in-depth technical event, “IBM ConnectED” that provides the deep “nuts and bolts” technical experience that is so important to our long-standing technical community.
  7. Quality Survey - You have a chance to shape the future of IBM software!
    We want to know and understand your opinion of IBM software used within your organization. The best way to drive change is to speak up, help us to make IBM software the quality that you expect it to be. The responses that we receive will be evaluated and used to drive change in future versions of IBM software.

Troubleshooting & How To

  1. Does Notes Traveler support ActiveSync on Android?
    Active Sync is not support on Android devices, the Notes Traveler Client must be used. Traveler implements a subset of the Active Sync protocol, to be used with Apple and Windows devices. Attempts to sync using ActiveSync on Android will result in the error: "Notes Traveler: SEVERE <username> Error parsing ActiveSync message: j"
  2. Contacts created in Apple iPhone/iPad do not sync with Lotus Notes Address book via Traveler
    This technote explains why new Contacts created on Apple iPhone/iPad may not sync with users' Contacts/Personal Address Books or with iNotes Contacts.
  3. User receives auto generated emailswith message body showing "x-ibm-push:0001000100030002001e050003010101"
    User had enabled SMS messaging on their device synching with the Traveler server and then they removed/disabled the Traveler client. In this scenario, the Traveler server doesn't know that the client is uninstalled and continues to send the messages to mail ID specified.
  4. NTSDB Corrupted - Lotus Notes Traveler won't start
    The NTSDB (Internal Lotus Notes Traveler database) appears to be corrupt and this results in the Notes Traveler server not being able to start.
  5. Denied access Notes users are still able to access mails through IBM Notes Traveler
    After adding the Notes user in deny access group, User is still able to access Traveler server and sync mail/calendar/contacts on the Mobile device.
  6. Messages might not send properly when the iOS device memory is almost full
    Users see email stuck in the outbox with the following error message when the iOS device memory is almost full: "Cannot send mail - The message was rejected by the server"
  7. Problem downloading and installing the client application for Android devices
    Attempts to download and install the IBM Lotus Mobile Installer/Notes Traveler (LotusInstaller.apk package) on an Android device, the device "hangs" on the download and does not complete. This behavior can be witnessed with and without the use of SSL.

Recommended Bookmarks

  1. Index of recommended maintenance for IBM Notes Traveler
    This is THE go-to document for information about and download links for the latest and greatest versions of Notes Traveler.
  2. Frequently Asked Questions About IBM Notes Traveler
    This technote provides the common issues and questions related to Notes Traveler.
  3. IBM Notes Traveler support for the latest device updates
    How to obtain IBM Notes Traveler support for some of the latest mobile devices.
  4. IBM Notes Traveler Support Portal Product page
    This page provides easy access to all things Notes Traveler, including: Downloads, Tools and Resources, Product Documentation and Technotes, System Requirements, Discussion Forums, and more!
  5. IBM Client Success Essentials Community
    This community brings together users of IBM Industry Solutions software to share, collaborate and connect with each other virtually. In this community, you'll find training videos, upcoming events, blogs, important web links, and more. Sign in with your IBM ID and register for the site.

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