ITNM Troubleshooting for Japan Support in Japanese language



Audience: All Level Support, Services, GTS, Business Partners, Customers

This STE will cover:
- ITNM Troubleshooting for Japan Support in Japanese language

Date: December 16, 2012
9:00 PM Eastern US

Presented by: Satsuki Meiqin Tay, Mike O'Dell, Haruo Kanami


This is the presentation file used for the live session:

NOTE: Presentation file will be available on the week of the event:

Approximately 1-2 hours after the live session concludes, you can replay the presentation at this link:

NOTE: You will need the event password to access the recording.
Event Password = tiv0li (0 is a zero).

If you are unable to access the recording, please contact the ISST Technical Enablement Delivery team for assistance:

If you wish to join the live session on December 16, 2012, on the playback link, change "GP" to GA".

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