Servicing and maintaining an ITM environment



The goal of the sessions is to provide you with some recommendations on how to service and maintaining your ITM environments. This session will cover backup and recovering your ITM infrastructure in the event of failure. It will also look at specific areas within the ITM environment that should be added to any serving/maintenance schedule you have.

This STE will cover:
- Understand the features and how to use the PDCollect utility effectively
- Understand how to review the PDcollects contents for important information
- Understand how to recover a HUB TEMS database from failure using a PDcollect backup.
- Understand what migrate-Export/Migrate-Import is and its contents
- Be able to use Migrate-export and Migrate-import scripts to recover a TEPS from failure
- Understand and utilise the self monitoring workspaces for multiple core components
- How to check the contents of a TEMS Depot
- How to check the TEMS depots are consistent across the enterprise environment
- How to check the application support files have been installed on the TEMS and TEPS for a
particular agent type.
- Check the application needed application support files are installed on the TEMS
- Check the application needed application support files are installed on the TEPS

Date: January 24, 2013
10:00 AM Eastern US

Presented by: Mark Leftwich


This is the presentation file used for the live session:


Approximately 1-2 hours after the live session concludes, you can replay the presentation at this link:

NOTE: You will need the event password to access the recording.
Event Password = tiv0li (0 is a zero).

If you are unable to access the recording, please contact the ISST Technical Enablement Delivery team for assistance:

If you wish to join the live session on January 24, 2013, on the playback link, change "GP" to GA".

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