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IMS Enterprise Suite 2.2 SOAP Gateway for Windows: Web service provider sample

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This sample takes you through the steps to enable an IMS™ application as a web service. This sample also demonstrates how to create a client application to access the web service that is deployed on the SOAP Gateway server. This sample is based on IMS Enterprise Suite 2.2 SOAP Gateway and is written for the Windows™ platform.



  • IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2 SOAP Gateway installed on a Windows system
  • IMS Version 11 with IMS Connect
  • Service for IMS Connect APAR PM00230
  • The IMS Phonebook sample files (included in attached zip file)
  • IBM® Rational® Developer for System z® Version or later

Contents of the sample .zip file

This .zip file includes the COBOL copybook for the Phonebook sample application to be enabled as a web service. The zip file also includes the generated files from Rational Developer for System z and the IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway deployment utility for your reference in case you do not have access to Rational Developer for System z.

File name
Phonebook copybook and files that are generated by Rational Developer for System z
IMSPHBK.cpy The IMS Phonebook application copybook
IMSPHBK.wsdl The WSDL file
IMSPHBK.xml The correlator file
IMSPHBKD.cbl The XML converter file
Sample Java application Sample Java application that uses the client proxy Java code generated by the IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway Deployment utility.
IMSEnterpriseSuite_SOAP_Provider.pdf Instructions

Document information

More support for: IMS Enterprise Suite
SOAP Gateway

Software version: 2.2

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 7036551

Modified date: 31 October 2012

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