Migrating an IMS Server to another physical machine



Audience: Security Systems Support, All Business Partners

This STE will cover the "how-to" of migrating a Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single-Sign on (SAMESSO) IMS Server to another physical server.

Date: January 10, 2013
3:30 AM Eastern US

Presented by: David Tse Chiang Sing, Analisa Barretto, and Yogesh Talekar.


2012_11_28_STE_Migrating an IMS Server to another physical machine.pdf2012_11_28_STE_Migrating an IMS Server to another physical machine.pdf

Approximately 1-2 hours after the live session concludes, you can replay the presentation at this link:

NOTE: You will need the event password to access the recording.
Event Password = tiv0li (0 is a zero).

If you are unable to access the recording, please contact the ISST Technical Enablement Delivery team for assistance:

If you wish to join the live session on January 10, 2013, on the playback link, change "GP" to GA".

Visit the Tivoli Webcast site for the upcoming schedule for all Tivoli products : www.ibm.com/software/tivoli/webcast

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