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IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2 SOAP Gateway for z/OS: Getting started with secure synchronous callout with SAML 2.0



This sample takes you through the steps to enable an IMS™ application to call out synchronously to an external web service. You will configure a secure synchronous callout request to a secure web service that uses Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) 2.0 unsigned tokens.


Diagrams are provided to show you the process flow and the context of the steps. The diagrams, general process flow, and detailed instructions are provided in the attached PDF file. Sample files for use to follow along the instructions are included in the attached compressed zip file.


  • IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2. 2 SOAP Gateway installed on the z/OS® platform
  • IMS Version 12 with integrated IMS Connect
  • Application artifacts attached to this sample document
  • A web server, application server, or servlet container to host the target secure web service.
    This sample uses another IMS Enterprise Suite V2.2 SOAP Gateway server installed on System z® as the target web service server.
  • The FEK.SFEKLOAD data set for Rational® Developer for System z. The SFEKLOAD module needs to be added to the STEPLIB in the IMS Connect startup procedure.

Contents in this downloaded sample zip file

The zip file provided with this sample contains the following files:

File Name
HELLOD.cbl XML converter file. Generated with IBM® Rational® Developer for System z V8.0.3.2
HELLOD.jcl JCL for compiling the HELLOD.cbl XML converter program
HELLO.cpy COBOL copybook that contains the callout request and response message definitions.
HELLO.wsdl Web service definition for the callout service
HELLO.xml Correlator XML file. Generated with Rational Developer for System z V8.0.3.2. This is used with the client SOAP Gateway server that sends the secure callout request
SYCALOUT.cbl IMS program source for running an ICAL call
SYCALOUT.jcl JCL for compiling the SYCALOUT program
server_artifacts/HELLO.xml Correlator XML file. Generated with Rational Developer for System z V8.0.3.2. This is used with the server SOAP Gateway server that receives the secure callout request
server_artifacts/HELLOService.aar Axis2 service archive for the target web

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More support for: IMS Enterprise Suite
SOAP Gateway

Software version: 2.2

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 7036434

Modified date: 06 December 2012

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