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System requirements for InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Hypervisor Edition V9.1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2 x86-64

Detailed system requirements


This document contains system requirements for IBM InfoSphere Information Server Hypervisor Edition Version 9.1, which is a virtual image that contains InfoSphere Information Server and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.2 x86-64. The image also includes the necessary GCC compliler, 4.4.6.


This document describes the minimum product levels that need to be installed before opening a problem report with the InfoSphere Information Server support team. Because other products frequently ship fixes, updates, and new releases, testing every configuration is not possible. In general, you can install and run with updates to supported products if those updates are forward compatible.

Minimum system requirements
For IBM PureApplication System For stand-alone IBM Workload Deployer Notes
Hardware IBM PureApplication System W1500

IBM Workload Deployer

IBM Workload Deployer IBM PureApplication System 1.0 includes IBM Workload Deployer
Virtual hardware VMware vSphere ESX 5.0 VMware vSphere ESX 4.2 Intel based IBM PureApplication System includes VMware vSphere ESX 5.0
InfoSphere Information Server System requirements for version 9.1 on Linux System requirements for version 9.1 on Linux The InfoSphere Information Server Enterprise Hypervisor Edition image contains IBM DB2 10.1 and WebSphere Application server 8.5, and meets or exceeds all other requirements of InfoSphere Information Server, V9.1.

In general, you need 20% additional capacity to run InfoSphere Information Server in a virtual environment.

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Modified date: 21 September 2016

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