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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Build Forge.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI22433 Documentation defect project snapshots stop appearing in UI when number of projects > 1000.
PI19874 Management console does not start service layer correctly.
PI25567 Build Forge is vulnerable to cross site scripting.
PI21999 Password AUTOCOMPLETE Feature enabled.
PI12436 Job count does not reset after Step cancelled via Management Console
PI11733 Unable to use drop down menus in Portuguese.
PM84607 The sysconfig "Continue Step Parts On Fail" does not work with java/perl engine.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM84607 System parameter named "Continue Step Parts On Fail" is not working
PM85788 Build Forge QuickReports build reports displaying incorrect result numbers
PM86734 The password of BF user is visible in the Eclipse plug-in
PM94882 Performance reports does not list total available project/libraries
PM95716 BF Java API Environment override fails when there are must change variables in the original environment
PM81875 BF_JOBS is increasing when agent system is suffering performance
PM88090 Build Forge classes do not purge
PM92732 Manage Console freeze during running multiple projects
PM93279 agentupdate tool does not pick up installation image for zLinux
PM94493 BuildEnvironmentCleaner purges environment from parent calling chained project
PM95432 .PUT returns code 4 when directory doesn't exist at target system
PM95774 bfagent generates warning of user registry handles leaked on Windows

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM78794 Doc defect: BF requires IBM Rational License Server 8.1.1 or higher
PM79955 Configuring Build Forge SSL with IHS for AIX

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM67541 A few of the indexes in the database are non-existent after upgrading Build Forge from 7.1.1.x.
PM71496 The RBF engine does not clean old semaphore locks during the start process, if the bf_title column contains a value.
PM72056 Concurrent API programs of a project selects the same build tag name.
PM72284 The Build Forge Post-Installation checklist regarding the Check PATH variable section for Windows, does not indicate a specific Operating System.
PM72675 MC does not display all items at the Job->Start page in Microsoft I.E., if the font size is too big or the browser is reduced.
PM73287 BF: Administration->System->Server Wait Time not honored.
PM73395 The Server Retries, Server Wait Time and Server Usage Connect Timeout, do not work when the agent service has a problem.
PM73541 If you install or re-install the Build Forge agent on a Windows 7 system in GUI-mode (User-mode), a reboot is required.
PM74156 The Plans.php undefined offset error for the Auto-paginate listing step, affects the performance of Build Forge Windows.
PM74924 The Build Forge Oracle client configuration does not list the AIX library path.
PM75049 The project execution requires the Select steps at runtime permission.
PM75479 The Hidden variable value is visible when assigned to a new variable.
PM76360 BF: The date does not resolve in the email command template.
PM76595 The Build Forge while loop step does not honor the .bset server.

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM61740 The current time set policy is inconsistent.
PM63830 The Build Forge job will terminate if you execute the agent in user mode for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.
PM64427 A document defect in the Information Center is associated with the Assign Hidden variable.
PM64618 The Build Forge Classes page Delete Files list Logs & Files as an option.
PM64978 The Execute button turns grey after removing the select steps in runtime from the Group Permissions list.
PM65866 If you set the register data, the Build Forge Perl API will add [BINARY] tags.
PM65893 The adaptor will break if you use SynergyByDate $LAST_RUN and $Last_Run options.
PM66739 The Project Sticky parameter is not recognized at the restart of the job.
PM66827 The server is not deleted due to reliance on the bf_stepcmd table.
PM67340 The Build Forge RSS Feed displays inaccurate date information.
PM67435 Jobs will continue to execute under certain circumstances.
PM67934 The SynergyByDate.xml adaptor is missing the CCM_USER and associated variables, which restricts the CCM host from converting to the BFSERVER.
PM68146 If the value is set to MBCS, the Environment value is hard to decipher in the step log.
PM68487 You can use the unauthorized server authentication if Broadcast is enabled.
PM68528 The SetUser failed loops are not permitted.
PM69518 BF_EXCLUSIVE and BF_RESERVE cease to function, if used with the included selectors.
PM70336 BuildForge: Extra groups are added to the Linux user when jobs are executed.
PM70963 Build Forge permissions: View Build Logs do not function as expected.
PM70969 Doc Defect: The characters for Build Forge documents are not listed, prohibiting the use of conditional string values.

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM51092 Jumped page's result is wrong when a link on dashboard is clicked.
PM54363 Error Missing expected character encountered under environment page
PM57208 "".date"" returns garbled characters in Build Forge 7.1.3 on Chinese Windows
PM57450 "".*"" in Assigned Hidden value replaces all job log with ""*"" characters
PM58726 Build Forge Log Filter scans the step commands
PM58791 BF Installer doesn't handle DB changes post-install on upgrade
PM59097 Refresh time is set incorrectly when user makes server using Management Console.
PM59424 Incorrect version number for BFAgent Solaris Package
PM59500 Build Forge bfschema -R on Oracle does not remove BF_LOGS index under primary key PK_BF_STEPLOG
PM61038 Document defect in Information Center about "Enable Quick Start" description
PM61188 Tomcat shuts down services layer after logging SEVERE errors due to unavailable servers
PM61542 _USE_BFCREDS passing domain data when _USE_BFCREDS_DOMAIN set to 0
PM62641 Build Forge Agent generates warning of user registry handles leaked on Windows
PM62660 BF Info Center docs on updating buildforge.conf file are incomplete
PM62726 If a line in step log hits log filter multiply, the line is not highlighting.
PM62721 Some panel shows ""Adign Hidden"", but other panel shows ""Asign /Hidden"".
PM62724 Although operator is set to ""Contains"", saved value is ""CONTAINS"" instead of ""Contains""
PM62734 Build Forge sticky not being honored during runtime
PM63510 BF agent test fails when agent has excess output
PM63116 Closing one API session will cause all shared API sessions for same user become invalid.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM47280 Documentation defect: detailed instructions for prerequisites/procedures for installing BF/RAFW on zLinux using DB2
PM48611 System alerts unable to handle multiple emails
PM49002 .push does not work with varibles that stored in registers/unable to expand variable
PM50338 Document Defect: 'About default login security' in Build Forge 7.1.3 Information Center
PM51622 Build Forge loaded steps via .load do not honor project sticky attribute
PM51776 The value of suppressed variables is shown as clear text in the source code of project execution page
PM52156 When step is broadcasted and uses a log filter whose name includes MBCS characters, the project fails and is canceled
PM52357 Build Forge unable to send mail to users containing double byte in field 'Name'
PM53255 Hidden variable and suppress display still showing variable
PM53275 After executing 'BFSchema -R' twice, error occurs
PM53279 If management console is logged in, http 404 error occurs
PM53525 Login with a LDAP user creates an unnecessary user in BF incorrectly
PM53531 Login failure due to lack of license is incorrectly counted as an invalid login attempt for account lock out
PM53586 LDAP with SSL (LDAPS) FAILS with Unconnected sockets not implemented error
PM53635 Multiple threaded broadcast steps all fail if one of servers is unaccessible just before the project starts
PM54084 Parent Project hangs when child .runwait project with adaptor link fails
PM55355 User without edit env variables permission can edit pulldown list options
PM55545 Suppress display variable still get displayed in start job panel
PM55732 Logged in users force to log out when other user logs in although licenses are not exceeded
PM57424 BF SL mysql/ missing build.env.option.disassociate.env overlay
PM57443 Error connecting to license interface system alter generated during adaptor build on Linux

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM15841 BF 7.1 en_US templates are entered using Japanese text during schema creation
PM43194 Error Message on Management Console is incorrect when all the licenses are consumed
PM44570 Custom notification template not being used or used twice
PM45341 Job process dies if multiple locales are used in one client
PM45789 Filter highlighting not working using regex
PM45834 Step with filter applied always passes upon a timeout, regardless of filter match status - regression
PM46080 TAILNORMALLOG does not tail build logs when used within an adapter

Mod Pack 3 (7.1.3)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM18448 Pause a step using BuildForge APIs
PM22627 bfclient.conf is not pulled from the services layer
PM27549 HTML in Notifications seems to rely on specific HTML elements being present
PM28488 Matched string in step log is not highlighted although log filter is matched and login user is Japanese.
PM28732 Error Connection to agent timed out with use of .monitor
PM29372 Import of customer generated certificate, fails during install
PM30986 Build Forge installation does not indicated HTTPS used for login page by default
PM33124 Console redirect fails when accessing console via login page under Internet Explorer
PM33896 BF - clicking to a new step while editing a cloned step does not warn that changes will not be saved
PM34281 Case insensitive filter on step log causes a services exception with DB2
PM34382 .scan -ignore still scans the directories that should be ignored.
PM34492 Document Java hot->IP caching mechanism, and how to turn it off if desired
PM34605 Job page does not refresh to show the purge has been executed
PM35173 Unable to delete copied access group due to reference LDAP users
PM35255 Re-submit: Pull Down variables with 50+ do not show Details
PM35364 Build Forge dot command .stop will fail build when set to PASS
PM35776 A sticky project emits a faulty error on the foreground log.
PM35847 Build Forge agent fails to start on RHEL without IPv6 module after install
PM35952 Clarify verbage on error window appearing when QuickStarting Projects
PM36147 Adaptor not able to put multple lines into BOM
PM36614 Build Forge AdminDB password is stored under database as plaintext
PM38058 Client Side Validation of Server Side Security
PM38059 Security alert for reflected Cross Site Scripting
PM38451 Build Forge LDAP user unable to login after bad password login
PM38894 Error message is incorrect when step name is changed to duplicated name and the step has customized access authority.
PM39101 Clustered engines run scheduled jobs twice
PM39103 A project with two threaded steps each broadcast to 30 servers for a total for 60 steps hangs
PM39118 Build variable using .date resets on every step SET - Reopen
PM39539 .bset, .tset and .set are allowed on read-only variables
PM39561 Steps are skipped upon restart even though build owner has access to all steps
PM39587 .scan step should treat working directory name with trailing space as non-exist directory
PM40036 Project step is not updated when opened under multiple browser tabs/windows
PM40058 Log filter does not check RESULT attribute in step logs with BF or later.
PM40065 BF UI : A step shown with incorrect check mark in Job Steps tab of Start Project
PM40242 Cannot send system alert mail if alias is not specified.
PM40416 flexhelper-AIX-ppc64 missing when using WAS instead of Tomcat
PM41585 Project sticky tag is not being honored with adaptor link steps
PM41745 Inactive schedule purges cause automatic purging not to occur
PM42297 Ability to determine which Libraries or Projects are called inline by other Projects or Libraries.
PM42735 Save Environment check is active even when users do not have permission to edit environments
PM42746 Two builds can obtain the same semaphore
PM42751 bfdispatch.exe is accumulating thread handles indefinitely
PM42801 Use of TAILNORMALLOG in an adaptor causes the associated build to not purge on fail
PM42892 Perl does not execute with CLEARCASE_VIEW set
PM42985 Some special characters in EV value may cause created schedule could not be editable
PM43193 License is consumed after failing log in Management Console
PM43194 Error Message on Management Console is incorrect when all the licenses are consumed.
PM43477 Server layer events are not purged from DB automatically after upgrading to
PM43943 BFAgent can't work on Solaris 10 due to lack of
PM44932 Regression: Hard Run Limit set to Y errantly increments the build tag when kicked off by a schedule

Table of Contents:

Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI09259 Build Forge install zLinux request Jazz Database
PI09532 Missing official documentation indicating 2048-bit encrypted SSL certificates supported under Build Forge 8.0/
PI10695 MJC does not interpret backticks if white space is between '=' and backtick
PI11733 Unable to use drop down menus in Portuguese
PI12438 Using Assign Hidden variable causes job to FAIL with Java Engine
PI12506 JAVA Engine not expanding AWK command out past $
PI12999 Build Forge 8.0 adaptor dot command does not resolve variable as argument
PI13974 tickmark command via .bset fails
PI14364 Build Forge 8 Java Engine too fast for default xinetd settings
PI14576 Build Forge agent does not decrypt hidden variable
PI14941 Build Forge 8.0: Perl Engine: .purge fails to purge jobs, and blocks them from being purged manually.
PI14987 .drill command removing slashes and quotes
PI15414 MJC does not interpret backtick commands with double quotes correctly
PI16972 wi30359 [8.0 GA] The _MAP environment variable maps to the wrong drive [RAB]
PI17273 Build Forge zLinux install places service-plugin in temp directory instead of set services-plugin directory
PM97113 Doc defect: Build Forge 8.0 installation fails with error regarding DB2 tablespace

Date Released Status
APAR Description
There are no APARs fixed in this release. A new feature is added to address the "Heartbleed" issue.

Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM84607 System parameter named "Continue Step Parts On Fail" is not working correctly.
PM88090 Build Forge classes do not purge.
PM92732 Management Console freezes while running multiple projects.
PM93240 Build Forge 8.0 step timeout in 5 minutes regardless of step timeout setting.
PM93279 agentupdate tool does not pick up installation image for zLinux.
PM94493 BuildEnvironmentCleaner purges environment from parent calling chained project.
PM94882 Performance report does note list total available projects/libraries.
PM95044 Server environment of chained project does not override calling project environment.
PM95432 .PUT returns code 4 when directory doesn't exist at target system.
PM95716 BF Java API environment override fails when there are must change variables in the original environment.
PM95792 Build Forge 8.0 upgrade under DB2 fails database test if schema name different from database name.
PM96195 Chained library called by step with selector does not use step selector.

Initial Release (8.0)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM85700 BF environment variable _SUPRESS_ENV_OUTPUT changes order of step log
PM86734 The password of BF user is visible in the Eclipse plug-in
PM81875 BF_JOBS is increasing when agent system is suffering performance
PM84607 System parameter named "Continue Steps Parts On Fail" is not working
PM85788 Build Forge QuickReports build reports displaying incorrect result numbers

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