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Regression Test Results using Boost 1.47.0 with XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1

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This document contains detailed regression test results for XL C/C++ for Blue Gene/Q, V12.1 using the Boost 1.47.0 libraries.


Compiler Status: IBM Blue Gene/Q (RHEL6)

Run Date: Monday, 9 April 2012

Library Test name XL C/C++
any any_cast_cv_failed PASS
any any_test PASS
date_time testconstrained_value PASS
date_time testgeneric_period PASS
date_time testgregorian_calendar PASS
date_time testint_adapter PASS
date_time testtime_resolution_traits PASS
date_time testwrapping_int PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_duration PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_duration_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_facet_new PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_facet_new_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_input_facet PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_input_facet_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_iterator PASS
date_time/gregorian testdate_iterator_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testfacet PASS
date_time/gregorian testfacet_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testformatters PASS
date_time/gregorian testformatters_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgenerators PASS
date_time/gregorian testgenerators_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_cal PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_cal_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_day PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_day_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_durations PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_durations_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_month PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_month_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_serialize PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_serialize_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_serialize_xml PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_wstream PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_year PASS
date_time/gregorian testgreg_year_dll PASS
date_time/gregorian testparse_date PASS
date_time/gregorian testperiod PASS
date_time/gregorian testperiod_dll PASS
date_time/local_time testclocks PASS
date_time/local_time testcustom_time_zone PASS
date_time/local_time testdst_transition_day_rule PASS
date_time/local_time testlocal_time PASS
date_time/local_time testlocal_time_facet PASS
date_time/local_time testlocal_time_input_facet PASS
date_time/local_time testlocal_time_iterator PASS
date_time/local_time testlocal_time_period PASS
date_time/local_time testposix_time_zone PASS
date_time/local_time testtz_database PASS
date_time/local_time testwcustom_time_zone PASS
date_time/local_time testwposix_time_zone PASS
date_time/posix_time testc_local_adjustor PASS
date_time/posix_time testclock PASS
date_time/posix_time testdst_rules PASS
date_time/posix_time testduration PASS
date_time/posix_time testfiletime_functions PASS
date_time/posix_time testgreg_duration_operators PASS
date_time/posix_time testiterator PASS
date_time/posix_time testlocal_adjustor PASS
date_time/posix_time testmicrosec_time_clock PASS
date_time/posix_time testparse_time PASS
date_time/posix_time teststreams PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_facet PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_formatters PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_input_facet PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_period PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_serialize PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_serialize_std_config PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_serialize_xml PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_serialize_xml_std_config PASS
date_time/posix_time testtime_wstream PASS
function contains2_test PASS
function function_30 PASS
function function_arith_cxx98 PASS
function function_arith_portable PASS
function function_ref_cxx98 PASS
function function_ref_portable PASS
function function_test_fail1 PASS
function function_test_fail2 PASS
function function_typeof_test PASS
function mem_fun_cxx98 PASS
function mem_fun_portable PASS
function std_bind_cxx98 PASS
function std_bind_portable PASS
function sum_avg_cxx98 PASS
function sum_avg_portable PASS
mpl advance PASS
mpl always PASS
mpl apply PASS
mpl apply_wrap PASS
mpl arithmetic PASS
mpl as_sequence PASS
mpl assert PASS
mpl at PASS
mpl back PASS
mpl bind PASS
mpl bitwise PASS
mpl bool PASS
mpl char PASS
mpl comparison PASS
mpl contains PASS
mpl copy PASS
mpl copy_if PASS
mpl count PASS
mpl count_if PASS
mpl deque PASS
mpl distance PASS
mpl empty PASS
mpl equal PASS
mpl erase PASS
mpl erase_range PASS
mpl eval_if PASS
mpl filter_view PASS
mpl find PASS
mpl find_if PASS
mpl fold PASS
mpl for_each PASS
mpl front PASS
mpl has_xxx PASS
mpl identity PASS
mpl if PASS
mpl index_of PASS
mpl inherit PASS
mpl insert PASS
mpl insert_range PASS
mpl int PASS
mpl integral_c PASS
mpl is_placeholder PASS
mpl is_sequence PASS
mpl iterator_tags PASS
mpl joint_view PASS
mpl lambda PASS
mpl lambda_args PASS
mpl list PASS
mpl list_c PASS
mpl logical PASS
mpl lower_bound PASS
mpl map PASS
mpl max_element PASS
mpl min_max PASS
mpl multiset PASS
mpl next PASS
mpl no_has_xxx PASS
mpl numeric_ops PASS
mpl pair_view PASS
mpl partition PASS
mpl pop_front PASS
mpl push_back PASS
mpl push_front PASS
mpl quote PASS
mpl range_c PASS
mpl remove PASS
mpl remove_if PASS
mpl replace PASS
mpl replace_if PASS
mpl reverse PASS
mpl same_as PASS
mpl set PASS
mpl set_c PASS
mpl single_view PASS
mpl size PASS
mpl size_t PASS
mpl sizeof PASS
mpl sort PASS
mpl stable_partition PASS
mpl string PASS
mpl transform PASS
mpl transform_view PASS
mpl unique PASS
mpl unpack_args PASS
mpl upper_bound PASS
mpl vector PASS
mpl vector_c PASS
mpl zip_view PASS
mpl/aux_ largest_int PASS
mpl/aux_ msvc_is_class PASS
mpl/aux_ template_arity PASS
mpl/aux_/preprocessor is_seq PASS
mpl/aux_/preprocessor token_equal PASS
parameter basics PASS
parameter compose PASS
parameter deduced PASS
parameter deduced_dependent_predicate PASS
parameter deduced_unmatched_arg PASS
parameter duplicates PASS
parameter earwicker PASS
parameter efficiency PASS
parameter macros PASS
parameter maybe PASS
parameter mpl PASS
parameter normalized_argument_types PASS
parameter ntp PASS
parameter optional_deduced_sfinae PASS
parameter preprocessor PASS
parameter preprocessor_deduced PASS
parameter python_test FAIL
parameter sfinae PASS
parameter singular PASS
parameter tutorial PASS
parameter unwrap_cv_reference PASS
preprocessor arithmetic PASS
preprocessor array PASS
preprocessor comparison PASS
preprocessor control PASS
preprocessor debug PASS
preprocessor facilities PASS
preprocessor iteration PASS
preprocessor list PASS
preprocessor logical PASS
preprocessor repetition PASS
preprocessor selection PASS
preprocessor seq PASS
preprocessor slot PASS
preprocessor tuple PASS
property_map property_map_cc PASS
python andreas_beyer FAIL
python args FAIL
python as_to_python_function PASS
python auto_ptr FAIL
python back_reference FAIL
python bases FAIL
python ben_scott1 FAIL
python bienstman1 FAIL
python bienstman2 FAIL
python bienstman3 FAIL
python builtin_converters FAIL
python callbacks FAIL
python class FAIL
python const_argument FAIL
python copy_ctor_mutates_rhs PASS
python crossmod_exception FAIL
python crossmod_opaque FAIL
python data_members FAIL
python defaults FAIL
python destroy_test PASS
python dict FAIL
python docstring FAIL
python enable_shared_from_this FAIL
python enum FAIL
python exception_translator FAIL
python exec FAIL
python exec-dynamic FAIL
python extract FAIL
python if_else PASS
python implicit FAIL
python import_ FAIL
Library Test name XL C/C++
python indirect_traits_test PASS
python injected FAIL
python iterator FAIL
python keywords FAIL
python list FAIL
python long FAIL
python map_indexing_suite FAIL
python minimal FAIL
python multi_arg_constructor FAIL
python nested FAIL
python numpy FAIL
python object FAIL
python object_fail1 PASS
python opaque FAIL
python operators FAIL
python operators_wrapper FAIL
python pearu1 FAIL
python pickle1 FAIL
python pickle2 FAIL
python pickle3 FAIL
python pickle4 FAIL
python pointee FAIL
python pointer_type_id_test FAIL
python pointer_vector FAIL
python polymorphism FAIL
python polymorphism2 FAIL
python polymorphism2_auto_ptr FAIL
python properties FAIL
python pytype_function FAIL
python raw_ctor FAIL
python raw_pyobject_fail1 PASS
python raw_pyobject_fail2 PASS
python result PASS
python return_arg FAIL
python shared_ptr FAIL
python slice FAIL
python staticmethod FAIL
python stl_iterator FAIL
python str FAIL
python string_literal PASS
python test_pointer_adoption FAIL
python try FAIL
python tuple FAIL
python upcast FAIL
python vector_indexing_suite FAIL
python virtual_functions FAIL
python voidptr FAIL
python wrapper_held_type FAIL
regex/c_compiler_checks posix_api_check PASS
regex/c_compiler_checks posix_api_check_cpp PASS
regex/c_compiler_checks wide_posix_api_check_c PASS
regex/c_compiler_checks wide_posix_api_check_cpp PASS
regex/concepts concept_check PASS
regex/concepts icu_concept_check PASS
regex/config_info regex_config_info PASS
regex/config_info regex_dll_config_info PASS
regex/example/grep test_grep PASS
regex/example/snippets captures_example PASS
regex/example/snippets credit_card_example PASS
regex/example/snippets icu_example PASS
regex/example/snippets mfc_example PASS
regex/example/snippets partial_regex_grep PASS
regex/example/snippets partial_regex_iterate PASS
regex/example/snippets partial_regex_match PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_grep_example_1 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_grep_example_2 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_grep_example_3 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_grep_example_4 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_iterator_example PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_match_example PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_merge_example PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_replace_example PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_search_example PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_split_example_1 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_split_example_2 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_token_iterator_eg_1 PASS
regex/example/snippets regex_token_iterator_eg_2 PASS
regex/example/timer regex_timer PASS
regex/static_mutex static_mutex_test PASS
smart_ptr allocate_shared_esft_test PASS
smart_ptr allocate_shared_test PASS
smart_ptr auto_ptr_lv_fail PASS
smart_ptr auto_ptr_rv_test PASS
smart_ptr esft_constructor_test PASS
smart_ptr esft_regtest PASS
smart_ptr esft_second_ptr_test PASS
smart_ptr esft_void_test PASS
smart_ptr get_deleter_test PASS
smart_ptr ip_convertible_test PASS
smart_ptr lw_mutex_test PASS
smart_ptr make_shared_esft_test PASS
smart_ptr make_shared_fp_test PASS
smart_ptr make_shared_perfect_forwarding_test PASS
smart_ptr make_shared_test PASS
smart_ptr pointer_cast_test PASS
smart_ptr pointer_to_other_test PASS
smart_ptr scoped_array_eq_fail PASS
smart_ptr scoped_ptr_eq_fail PASS
smart_ptr shared_from_this_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_alias_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_alloc2_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_assign_fail PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_basic_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_compare_fail PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_delete_fail PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_move_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_pv_fail PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_rv_test PASS
smart_ptr shared_ptr_test PASS
smart_ptr smart_ptr_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_atomic_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_convertible_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_hash_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_recursive_assign_rv_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_recursive_assign_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_recursive_assign2_rv_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_recursive_assign2_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_typeinfo_test PASS
smart_ptr sp_unary_addr_test PASS
smart_ptr spinlock_pool_test PASS
smart_ptr spinlock_test PASS
smart_ptr spinlock_try_test PASS
smart_ptr spinlock_try_test~mt PASS
smart_ptr weak_ptr_move_test PASS
smart_ptr weak_ptr_test PASS
smart_ptr wp_convertible_test PASS
smart_ptr yield_k_test PASS
smart_ptr yield_k_test~mt PASS
static_assert static_assert_example_2 PASS
static_assert static_assert_example_3 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_1 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_10 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_2 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_3 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_4 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_5 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_6 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_7 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_8 PASS
static_assert static_assert_test_fail_9 PASS
timer timer_test PASS
tokenizer simple_example_1 PASS
tokenizer simple_example_2 PASS
tokenizer simple_example_3 PASS
tokenizer simple_example_4 PASS
tokenizer simple_example_5 PASS
typeof data_member_emulation PASS
typeof data_member_native PASS
typeof function_binding_emulation PASS
typeof function_binding_native PASS
typeof function_emulation PASS
typeof function_native PASS
typeof function_ptr_emulation PASS
typeof function_ptr_from_tpl_emulation PASS
typeof function_ptr_from_tpl_native PASS
typeof function_ptr_native PASS
typeof function_ref_emulation PASS
typeof function_ref_native PASS
typeof member_function_emulation PASS
typeof member_function_native PASS
typeof modifiers_emulation PASS
typeof modifiers_native PASS
typeof nested_typedef_emulation PASS
typeof nested_typedef_native PASS
typeof noncopyable_emulation PASS
typeof noncopyable_native PASS
typeof odr_emulation PASS
typeof odr_native PASS
typeof odr_no_uns PASS
typeof std_emulation PASS
typeof std_native PASS
typeof template_dependent_emulation PASS
typeof template_dependent_native PASS
typeof template_enum_emulation PASS
typeof template_enum_native PASS
typeof template_int_emulation PASS
typeof template_int_native PASS
typeof template_multiword_emulation PASS
typeof template_multiword_native PASS
typeof template_tpl_emulation PASS
typeof template_tpl_native PASS
typeof template_type_emulation PASS
typeof template_type_native PASS
typeof type_emulation PASS
typeof type_native PASS

Document information

More support for: XL C/C++ Advanced Edition for Blue Gene

Software version: 12.1

Operating system(s): Blue Gene/Q

Reference #: 7036177

Modified date: 29 September 2012

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