IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2 Release Notes

Release notes


This document provides up-to-date information on the latest updates to assist you with the installation and maintenance of the IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite Version 2.2.


Note: For release notes for other IMS Enterprise Suite versions, see

Last update: November, 2014

Before you install the components in the IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2 for the first time, make sure that you review the following installation information in the IBM Knowledge Center:

Known issues, their workarounds, and bug fixes are documented in the readme file for each component.

For the latest fixes or enhancements:

  • For the z/OS platform, use the standard service process to obtain the service. Use the SMP/E process to apply the fixes.
  • For distributed platforms, download the latest maintenance release from the IMS Enterprise Suite download website.

The following table lists the components in the Suite, with links to the online readme file if it is available.

Latest update for distributed systems
Latest APARs for z/OS README file
(containing a cumulative list of updates and known
Connect API for C Not applicable. Readme file for Connect API for C
Connect API for Java™ is equivalent to the service update for APARs PI18472, PI18473, and PI18474. is equivalent to the service update for APARs PI10937, PI11020, PI11039, and PI18479 is equivalent to the service update for APAR PM96945. is equivalent to service updates for APARs PM86769, PM88068, and PM88962 for the z/OS platform. contains a fix for Windows only. is equivalent to PTF UK91746 for APAR PM81423. is equivalent to PTF UK91004 for APAR PM75838.
Readme file for Connect API for Java
IMS Explorer for Development Not applicable. Readme file for IMS Explorer
SOAP Gateway V2.2.0.5 is equivalent to APAR PI23771. APARs PI23964, PI23965, and PI23966 for the Base Services are required.

V2.2.0.4 is equivalent to APAR PI21044.
APARs PI10937, PI11020, PI11039, and PI18479 for the Base Services are required.

V2.2.0.3 is equivalent to APAR PI11108.
APARs PI10937, PI10940, PI10942 and PI11338 for Base Services are required.

V2.2.0.2 is equivalent to APARs PM86769, PM88068, PM88962, and PM86773.

V2.2.0.1 is equivalent to APAR PM78757.
Readme file for SOAP Gateway
JMS API Not applicable. None None.
Enterprise Suite Base Services (sample installation jobs) Not applicable. Check for the latest APARs. Not applicable.

Installable information center framework
The Installable information center framework is now included in IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2. You can run a local information center or an information center server on a Windows™ XP or Windows 7 system. The installable information center framework provides the flexibility to install documentation for only those products that you are interested in. An update mechanism helps ensure that the documentation in your installable information center is always current.

Customers ordering the suite from the Shopz website will receive a CD with the installable information center framework. Distributed customers can download the framework from the IBM Installable Information Management for z/OS Solutions download site.

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