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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Performance Tester (RPT) and IBM Rational Service Tester for SOA Quality (RST).


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI26389 RPT running less users than requested when schedule has many percentage-based User Groups
PI26994 RPT incorrectly interprets cookie expiration dates like 21-Sep-44.
PI28855 Authorization header not inserted in HTTP request for Basic Authentication during Test playback
Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI25121 RPT HTTP recorder not able to connect to specific SSL site.
PI26299 For long username and password, the HTTP basic authentication might not be recognized by the server.
PI22345 Unable to collect WebSphere PMI resource monitoring data if server requires 256-bit SSL ciphers.
PI19064 Agent JVM Crashes due to abnormal exit of a Citrix module in Windows 2008 R2.
PI25719 User-defined Content VP Strings disabled in test editor view continues to get evaluated.
PI21945 Events stop getting displayed on Execution Event Console after prolonged use of workspace.
PI25401 Substitute menu shows "Array Variable Declaration" instead of the actual array variable name.
PI25286 RPT schedule playback start-up hangs after successful playback.
PI21390 Reference to "Creating a digital certificate store" contains false information.
PI25188 RPT test generator discards non-standard Authorization request headers.
PI23708 Substitution into request headers does not work for generated secondary requests.
PI24261 Cut/Paste not working for Regular Expression in RPT 8.6 Reference Properties.
PI25132 RPT incorrectly invalidated some cached content if the response contained any references.
PI23557 Disable install of Citrix and OCR packages in Windows 64-bit.
Initial Release (8.6)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI06544 RPT web reports do not display data under MOzilla Firefox v25
PI08099 javaw.exe doesn't terminate at end of cmd line playback; stuck in Stats export
PI12537 RPT does not collect resource monitoring counters from weblogic 10.3.6
PI14904 Test playback initialization fails for TN3270 tests which have reference variable created on screen content
PI15156 RPT doesn't apply preferences loaded using eclipse pluginCustomization command line option
PI15405 RPT should allow 303 (in addition to 301, 302, 304) as a relaxed match for a 200 response code VP
PI15494 Remote Agent gets unresponsive after SAP GUI starts generating errors
PI16992 When caching is enabled, RPT reports a failed content VP for a response with does not have a content VP.
PI17482 RPT test generator incorrectly omits a request which receives a 401 response code and is not resubmitted with authorization.
PI17644 RPT "EXPORT REPORT COUNTERS TO CSV" sometimes specifies "-" in time column of exported data.
PI18089 RPT playback JVM memory grows unexpectedly for looped SSL test
PI18306 Custom VP in TN3270/SOCKET test not executed if test log not enabled
PI19679 Test generation from a citrix recording fails with an unexpected exception
PI20021 SOA stubs incorrectly computes incorrectly for content-length
PI20451 Siebel playback reports nullpointerexception on attempted substitution
PI20893 Cannot select "RECORDING METHOD" with RPT on Windows XP 64-BIT
PI21451 Highlighting of substitutions in post data is missing when request is opened via double-clicking on a search result.
PI21470 RPT test playback hangs with line speed control used with caching
PM96784 Unable to add User Comments on a test report

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI08148 Unhelpful error messages if RPT is started in workspace used by RFT
PI08148 RPT DCI instrumentation does not recognise WAS version if installed with non-English language pack
PI09018 Counters for rstatd not getting plotted on the line chart on the Resources tab on runtime
PI11074 Encoding used for the test log is not the 'raw ascii' encoding expected by the Binary editor.
PI11235 StringIndexOutOfBound Exception if RPT identifies a datapool candidate at the beginning of text data in HTTP Requests
PI11413 Nested error handling not behaving as expected
PI11335 Schedule execution fails at codegen if test name contains white spaces
PI11472 Test Editor doesn't highlight newly created references in response content
PI12093 Unexpectedly large heap growth in playback JVM (with custom code hotfix installed)
PI12233 Add/Remove Resource Counters doesn't work in RPT or RPT
PI12388 java.lang.NullPointerException generated by Test Editor on clicking custom code entries in Services test
PI13316 RPT 8.5.1.x Page Percentile Report intermittently hangs
PI13297 Response Size VPs fail if a test has the same request multiple times and the server responds differently each time
PI13380 Progress Bar messages 'Closing Performance Test Run' every time workbench is opened
PI13658 Abnormal behavior after Test Editor removes highlighting of substitutions in URLs
PI13855 RPT Protocol Data View Browser triggers ActiveX error dialog, hanging RPT
PI13940 Schedule execution fails with NOCLASSDEFFOUNDERROR exception if test script has dependency on external JAR file.
PI14336 RPT mis-calculated content length for a particular post with a substitution in the content

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI06746 RPT doesn't correctly handle datapools created via Copy/Paste
PI07026 RPT 8.5.1 Test Editor still much less responsive than RPT Test Editor for large responses
PI07419 RPT 8.5.1 reports AMF transform error for POST content that worked with RPT
PI07615 SAP Web Dynpro XML Encoding to Ascii data transform causes truncation of response in test
PI08007 Regular expression generated for manually added substitution is incorrect
PI08033 Transaction Net server Time not collected for SAP tests
PI08567 RST - Pass/Fail and other text are missing in functional report when external web is not accessible
PI08698 When RPT 8.3 HTTP test is moved to RPT 8.5, error handling loop selection incorrectly specifies OUTER_LOOP
PI09019 Built-in variables data not updated when looping through test
PI09181 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Array index out of range: 20000000 for large responses
PI10282 Substitution (Binary Content) are not executed when a resource proxy is used for the binary content.
PI10739 Over time, JVM heap size of playback engine grows in almost linear rate even though workload is being repeated
PI10876 Unable to open reports with an error indicating no valid statistical data for all_hosts location
PI11011 RPT Siebel Message Bar page missing primary request
PM98977 RPT Resources graph counter selection deficient for ITM counters from multiple sources

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM91459 NPE generated when using the XML Tree View with XSD schema validation engaged

Mod Pack 1 (8.5.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI06846 RPT run from command line not reliably running 2 tests, one after the other
PM91459 RPT's Search (Ctrl-H) fails for Test Log Search
PM92978 RPT Proxy recorder unable to record HTTPS sites when the browser uses NTLMv2 authenticated proxy server
PM93649 RPT playback hangs on 16th attempt to access page requiring digital certificate
PM94414 RPT Test Editor takes a very long time to show Search match in HTTP test with large responses
PM94464 Protocol Data Viewer displays message box about ActiveX control and freezes
PM94976 RPT 8.3 fixpack 1 exit iteration on error not working correctly
PM95398 Problem specifying binary byte in Socket Receive regular expression
PM95627 Data Transformation (JsoAdapter) on Java Serialized Object throws an exception due to Invalid Content
PM95730 RTB data not available if request URL is modified by datapool substitution
PM96051 Misleading "Test Connection" link appears in RPT 8.3 and later Locations
PM96236 Unable to pick up individual percentile reports for "All Pages" and Page names not indicated in percentile reports
PM96538 RPT warns of "Conflicting requirements" for performance requirements that aren't actually conflicting
PM96650 RPT test generator not placing requests in correct transaction or page
PM96907 SAP Server Request Timeout resets to 3mins during test playback if a value larger than 30 mins is entered
PM97559 Recording of Firefox on 64-bit Windows 2003 fails
PM97678 Protocol Data Viewer doesn't display complete data while viewing long requests and responses
PM97700 Chrome browser not enabled for RPT recording on 64-bit Win 2003 even though installed
PM98978 RPT playback will unexpectedly delay a minute or more when "proxy-connection: close" appears in the response headers
PM99552 Plugin Test Core Plugin ( has no valid license to run

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status

There are no new defects resolved in this release.

  • The RST release is recommended if you want to shell share Rational Service Tester with the versions of either IBM Rational Performance Tester or the Rational Test Workbench Eclipse Client component of IBM Rational Test Workbench.
  • The RPT release is targeted solely for clients using Rational Test Workbench, Rational Performance Test Server or Rational Test Virtualization Server.


Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM85291 RTB for WAS 8.0 and Weblogic 10.x - ERROR: "iWAY0159E The data collection infrastructure does not appear to be running"
PM87635 RPT intermittently hangs when trying to generate Page Percentile report
PM89113 Execution of soa extension test suite can 'stop' without warning or errors.
PM89723 RPT including cookie on request even though it doesn't match Path in Set-Cookie
PM90127 RPT Proxy Recorder can't record SSL sites through HTTP proxy server if proxy server replies "Connection Established"
PM90207 Apache Rampart 1.6.2 should allow to define wsu:nonce and wsu:created for UsernameToken with a password type = text
PM90721 XML Escaped characters in a the regular expression for a reference is changed to unescaped form by RPT
PM90723 RPT Throws error - "value is not unique enough to generate a reference" - during manual correlation
PM91272 Migrated SOA extension tests from 8.2.1 release cannot be updated.
PM91329 RPT will eventually run out of memory when data correlation wizard is used on results of GWT test
PM91891 The Service Test, test generation preferences are not used when the test is generated.
PM91899 RPT sends wrong data when encrypted datapool used in test running in schedule
PM92502 WSDL Security Editor, associated algorithm stack is not preserved when the configuration is saved.
PM92550 When a policy is updated ( on the keystore side ) updated parameters are not used within the workbench session
PM93243 The code of method postDataClass_68(HTTPPostData) is exceeding the 65535 bytes limit" error on RPT playback
PM93355 Each RPT 8.5 project reports "Build path specifies execution environment JavaSE-1.6" warning
PM94622 RPT 8.5 playback hangs on Test Log Transfer if secure communication used with agent
PM95038 Unable to launch RTW Eclipse Client v8.5 with Floating license support

Initial Release (8.5)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM81128 The processor time of a process that Rational Performance Tester monitors never exceed 100
PM84101 Socket Recording throws the error: "Dynamic_launcher64.exe - Entry point not found" under Win2003 64 bit
PM87631 Rational Performance Tester 8302: Using Watch Virtual User causes memory leak
PM88462 Unable to enter more than 1800000ms (30 mins) from SAP Server Request Timeout value field in Rational Performance Tester

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM64175 Context Help does not open for some Rational Performance Tester recording dialogs.
PM65189 Rational Performance Tester freezes up system when attempting to look at data correlation substitutions
PM66083 Basic authentication is lost when importing Rational Performance Tester version (or 8.1.x) test into Rational Performance Tester version
PM66591 Resource monitoring for Apache HTTP server not working for non-administrator user on Windows 2008.
PM66738 Rational Performance Tester Kerberos not accepted by AdNovum infrastructure
PM67868 NTLM playback failing due to Rational Performance Tester including "Authorization: NTLM ..." in request header without doing NTLM handshake
PM69108 Wrong handling of escaped characters in response from server
PM69308 Incorrect correlation on redirect causing invalid URL like "GET/ :
PM69310 In Rational Performance Tester 8.2.1 test editor, Siebel test does not show any response when response is chucked deflated account
PM69523 Think Time shown by Select > HTTP pages are incorrect if evenly divisible by 1000
PM69565 Rational Performance Tester playback failure due to substitution of URI with trailing carriage return
PM69678 Rational Performance Tester hangs when trying to create a new Time Range in a report.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect Description
13696 (Internal) Error message when recording: BASE64 input is invalid because it is the wrong size

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM58338 TN3270 timeout at replay when receiving blank screen through PA1 key
PM61467 Unexpected screen content in TN3270 RPT recording
PM61942 Issues when using both MIME file content substitution and common substitutions into the request.
PM63176 Rational Performance Tester generates invalid URL due to setting URL Encode on substituted string
PM63432 Rational Performance Tester OutOfMemory when doing "Find Data Correlation Errors"
PM64037 Data correlation rule with ( in a character class [] incorrectly causes unbalanced () error

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM55125 Rational Performance Tester locks up the computer when attempting to view large response in Test Editor on Windows Server 2008
PM57591 Rational Performance Tester does not start enough users in first stage, causing error when moving to second stage
PM58539 Functional report is not generated when the project do not belongs (copy) to the workspace.
PM59005 Functional Report generation load a DTD and need the network
PM59014 When using split tests with datapooling, the datapool substitutions are not maintained
PM59123 Rational Performance Tester reports "Unhandled event loop exception" when Modify Filters is canceled when viewing Resource data
PM59792 XSD types are not properly analyzed and linked to each other
PM59797 Substitution of custom header with underscore in its name does not work
PM60963 Test generation fails with message "Cannot pop at root level" for recording split into multiple tests
PM61314 Cached Verification Point info can be incorrectly used when response is NOT 304

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM51009 Inconsistent Spanish translations in RPT 8.2 help
PM51490 SOA test log report should expose actual and expected extended properties
PM52333 RPT "Cheat sheet" should default to English if selected language isn't available
PM53543 Execution failure. No status received from location 162Agent3 in 130 seconds
PM55087 *Lost* test execution results after starting RPT when no license key is available
PM55129 Content Verification Point customized Error Handling not working in Siebel test; works OK in HTTP
PM55560 JSO to XML transform can't be done with Change button in test's Advanced settings
PM55850 Content VPs incorrectly passing when cache emulation is enabled
PM56059 Protocol Data View display of transformed XML in Test Log has less information than exported Test Log
PM56527 RPT is incorrectly setting URL Encode on substitution in URI
PM56539 StoreICA custom code not generated when it should be
PM56619 RPT stops too many users when transitioning to stage with less users, causing error
PM56968 RPT should only add \r\n to binary POST content when doing multipart content
PM57524 HTTP test generation failing for .NET session recorded with Socket I/O
PM57562 RPT always creates new project in default location even if different directory specified
PM57711 Unrestrained heap size growth possible in RPT playback engine when caching enabled

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM52293 "Timeout of 10s has elapsed" when playback TN3270 performance test
PM51490 SOA test log report should expose actual and expected extended properties
PM47045 RPT workbench is sending port value of 0 to agent:10005, causing failed attempt to connect to port 0 on agent
PM46510 Cannot start more than 4 Locations (JVMs) on AIX agent computer; works on Windows and Linux
PM37394 Need mechanism to specify RPT workbench IP to agent controller

Mod Pack 1 (8.2.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM38141 Citrix performance test generation moves all comments to the top
PM39698 Support Policy for Performance Testing under Windows 2008 Server R2
PM45519 Correction Information Center article 'Percentile Report'
PM47718 MQ libraries cannot be found. Please refer to the online help.
PM48051 RST: Disconnect between the values in the WSDL.
PM50370 SOA test EMF/Data initialization is not thread safe.
PM27095 Citrix ICA file not exported to ITCAM and not exported as part of the test dependencies
PM36701 RPT handling of Set-Cookie without Path is different than IE's
PM37609 Re-ordering custom code args produces incorrect results
PM37661 Not able to change X Axis after setting to Time (Absolute)
PM51119 RPT hangs in running state while downloading files larger than 2GB
PM42026 Need a way to recover Test Log if playback hangs during Test Log transfer
PM48073 Double substitution corrupting Host header value in request
PM48915 RPT incorrectly parsing Set-Cookie with commas in value: preferences=TicketColumns=0,SortColumn1=1,SortOrder1= ...
PM49805 RPT playback reports "Driver has reported a RUNFAIL status" when user added to Absolute group
PM50019 RPT test generation takes almost 40 times longer in RPT vs due to auto data correlation
PM50284 RPT checkout of VT license keys uses random user IDs
PM50903 Putting test assets under source control
PM53669 RPT reports NPE for Siebel Message Bar

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM37476 java.lang.RuntimeException error when trying to get French Windows 2008 resource counters from French OS
PM43543 Stubs logging remove white space into terminal Xml nodes.
PM43626 Names for WSDL and WSD files imported by URL are not correct when the query is complex.
PM45811 RPT not setting cookie like IE when "secure" is supplied twice in Set-Cookie
PM46104 ITCAMfRT Siebel transactions reported incorrectly with RPT and later
PM47027 Application hangs at specific point when recording in RPT with IE8
PM47709 SiebelSubstituter no longer works in 8.2.0.x

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM30165 RPT Test Editor performance is slow when interacting with Protocol Data View if Substitution Highlighting enabled
PM40746 "Measured packet jitter is 1199176 milliseconds greater than expected" error for RPT HTTP recording
PM41519 Stats data for entire playback is lost if playback gets stuck in Test Log transfer
PM42026 Need a way to recover Test Log if playback hangs during Test Log transfer
PM42153 Japanese POST content is not substituted correctly and Content-Length is wrong
PM42321 Protocol Data view Browser doesn't have vertical scrollbar even though content is not completely shown
PM43356 Stubs delay is not respected when the Stub server workload is increasing.

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM33117 NPE at datacorrelation.execution.harvest.CommonHarvestRule.logSuccess
PM33371 Substitution in POST content may not work for content with multi-byte characters
PM33622 Reported response times could be too high if a SAP GUI connection is lost
PM33894 Compilation failing with "Too many constants, the constant pool for would exceed 65536 entries"
PM34846 RPT incorrectly substituting Chinese POST content
PM35338 Counters for ITM Monitoring Agent for SAP resource monitoring not available
PM35574 SAP failures in sub-transactions are not reflected in higher-level transaction statuses in ITCAM
PM35927 Binary requests are not properly handled when executing test suite
PM36569 Proxy-based recording could skip parts of the traffic and perturbate recorded application behavior
PM37259 RPT playback using same SSL Session ID for different virtual users
PM38827 Limited edition steps with the Form View

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM28684 RPT will hang when attempting to Disable secondary requests using test editor
PM29156 Empty strings are not taken into account in the XML default values (preferences)
PM29425 Content Assist Mode (in the Form View Editor) could fail to add an element with a valid namespace
PM29502 RPT test generation fails due to WWW-Authenticate without authentication scheme
PM29965 RPT playback doesn't handle Set-cookie with embedded comma in its value
PM30065 org.apache.axiom.soap.SOAPProcessingException: Transport level   information does not match
PM30705 RPT 8.2 test generator not handling Japanese annontations
PM31090 RPT WAS instrumentation incorrectly parses server.xml genericJvmArguments
PM31339 timeout in a 3270 screen after sending a TN3270 Enhanced positive response; sequence number is -128
PM31662 Invalid namespaces could be generated for attributes
PM32090 Automatic Data Correlation does not for cookies
PM32176 Test generation fails with "RPTO0002I Exception encountered: java.lang.NullPointerException"
PM32382 Stub server could serve WSDL files with incorrect
PM32451 RST could fail at retrieving JMS or MQ response messages of String type if Text Message option is selected
PM32526 NullPointerException during .rec conversation for test generation

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM26331 RPT workbench crashes when trying to use floating license from 7.x license server
PM20604 SSL connections failing with "Algorithm missing" when testing more that 40 users with RPT
PM24328 Playback JVM memory growth for certain types of Test Log logging
PM28477 RPT cannot checkout 100,000 virtual user license keys

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status

Initial Release (8.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PK84582 Deleting RPT results doesn't always remove them from the Test Navigator view
PK93506 Sync points still show up "Existing Synchronization Points" after being removed
PK96127 Start time for playback reported in Stats is earlier than first event in Test Log
PM06661 Bugzilla 302322: Clicking on page name in test causes ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException ONLY on Linux
PM09783 RPT recording will hang on SSL site through NTLM-authenticated Squid proxy server
PM13862 Spanish text on Page Throughput Report is incorrectly translated
PM17579 RPT allows % in schedule name when doing Save As
PM21223 JSO transform not working for POST multipart/form-data content
PM21507 Test generation failes with NPE due to no Host in CONNECT request
PM05600 WSDL Import failed when having
PM08668 Usability problem when clicking on the Name field of a User Name Algorithm
PM16777 Disablement of the Login nodes is not properly persisted in the test suite
PM17729 Content or Equals VPs not properly evaluated when associating a regular expression os XML fragment value
PM23282 Exception raised when creating a substitution on a variable in Text VP

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM79097 When opened for the 1st time, the label of the stub editor is 'test' versus 'Service Stub'
PM79158 Viewing some large responses in Protocol Data view causes "No more handles" error
PM81352 The host localhost was not found issue.
PM81534 Could not instantiate the ARM Broker implementation class when trying to collect RTB data from schedule playback
PM82313 RPT incorrectly calculating POST Content-Length after multiple substitutions into content; causing a read time-out
PM82773 Unexpected page throughput drop over run due to stuck SSL handshake (?)
PM82941 RPT reports "Could not create a Substituter at this location. Reason: -NPE" for Service test
PM83724 Siebel correlation failing at playback
PM83350 SSL_TLS and other ssl related protocols should be tunable for the end user.
PM83500 Resource monitoring Oracle WebLogic returns no counter
PM83567 Substitution sites not found and NPE when attempting to substitute in Services test
PM83826 Find and Substitute functionality does not work on tests which have NTLM Authenticated proxy nodes
PM83968 Siebel code gen fails on line ending with: false, "SWERowId_4", null, );
PM84221 Attempting to Enable Resource Monitoring against Apache Tomcat Application Server Fails when remote authentication is enabled
PM84823 UI thread is interrupted while the FileAnnotation are written
PM84903 RPT: SAPGui component could not be instantiated - MajorDomo service not able to generate SAP load
PM85090 RPT unable to record secure site that works successfully in RPT
PM85119 When editing SOA test, substitution sites not found after reference is created for JSESSIONID cookie
PM85175 Some Siebel-specific correlation (SRN and SWEC) not done in Siebel
PM85978 Internal java.lang.NullPointerException occurred during: "Launch Test".
PM86669 RPT can't make connection when unexpectedly redirected to non-secure URL from secure connection
PM86761 RPT 8.3 recording reports error on client certificate generated with Sun Java 6
PM86948 RPT 8.3.0.x locks up the computer when attempting to view large correlated response in Test Editor on Windows Server 2008

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM78090 Rational Performance Tester Common Function Report is incorrect for Korean and Chinese
PM78390 SOA Dot Net Client is limited to 21 methods
PM78596 Rational Performance Tester 8.3 playback SSL failure - 'handshake alert: unrecognized_name'; works in Rational Performance Tester
PM78737 SOA extension references should filter out RTB xml information returned by the server.
PM78927 The Close methods of a client proxy should be exposed into the test suite
PM78975 With Japanese locale, Rational Performance Tester schedule playback incorrectly shows Japanese page names in reports and various items in Test Log
PM79046 NullPointerException when Rational Performance Tester attempts to record a Managed Application with HTTP proxy
PM79297 GSC Transport should support TLS & SSL ( not only ssl ).
PM79390 Schema catalog ignored as part of the preferences
PM80656 Rational Performance Tester SAP test run yields Exception ... invalid argument
PM80838 JBoss resource monitoring doesn't work if Administrative security is needed
PM81333 Rational Performance Tester playback hangs in Running state when using invalid credentials with Basic-authenticated proxy server accessing SSL site
PM81388 Code gen of HTTP (SAP Web) test fails with "RPTA4040IE Fatal error translating the element ..."
PM81432 Exception when importing a WSDL using a complex url with a query.
PM81541 Kerberos test code gen fails with "The constructor AuthInfo(String, String, null, String, String, String, null) is undefined"
PM81614 The GSC creates url encoded transport information 'url'
PM81721 Rational Performance Tester 8.3 is unable to delete results from a schedule playback if result name contains embedded space

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM61175 Rational Performance Tester rearranges datapool columns when they are renamed
PM73963 Rational Performance Tester playback failure when accessing site requiring client certificate via NTLM-authenticated proxy server
PM75025 Same client certificate used for each loop iteration even when separate fetch specified for datapool
PM75042 Rational Performance Tester test editor displays some requests incorrectly when proxy server involved
PM76221 Incorrect option name, rptMaxResponseSizeRPT, specified in RPT_LIMIT_REACHED error message
PM76267 Filtering of Rational Performance Tester comparison report doesn't behave as expected
PM76401 Rational Performance Tester playback fails with "Driver localhost has reported a NOK" if schedule's User Group name has Chinese characters
PM76416 Rational Performance Tester protocol data browser view displays dialog about ActiveX controls for particular response, locking up Rational Performance Tester.
PM76637 Report is frozen when tried to close an opened sub tab
PM76638 Rational Performance Tester v8.3 report time bound changes are not refreshed
PM76639 Only one of the two reports "Display Page Element responses" or "Display Page Response Time Contributions" are shown for any
PM76640 Deselecting an item from the legend for a Pie chart is not working
PM76747 Siebel-specific automatic correlation is done incorrectly when Siebel recording is split into multiple tests
PM76827 Rational Performance Tester 8.3 installation does not set execute permission for dynamic_launcher shell script
PM77012 Rational Performance Tester 8.3 instrumentation of WebSphere fails on French locale
PM77063 GSC do not create the correct namespace for the appliNum element.
PM77073 [FATAL]Test Generator: An internal error occurred while generating the test: NullPointerException
PM77267 Rational Performance Tester secure upload of large file to Apache server via POST taking much longer than browser
PM77270 Rational Performance Tester reports NegativeArraySizeException when attempting to upload > 2GB file in test
PM78156 Citrix web recording no longer launches the Citrix recording window

Initial Release (8.3)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM57350 Maximum number of Virtual User on an Agent for SAP GUI test is not documented in infocenter
PM57818 Two "Page Element" entries don't work for Performance Requirements
PM60399 SOA contain VP are not detailed enough in the documentation
PM61762 Italian translation of column headings for Performance reports are incorrect
PM67956 SOA extension still report stats and logging once the engine is stopped
PM68939 Functional Test Report shows incorrect "End time" (December 31, 1969 7:00 PM) for interrupted playback
PM72425 Asynchronous testing do not allow to select the network interface to be used.
PM72736 RPT playback will hang on attempt to connect to SSL site through NTLM-authenticated proxy server
PM72749 SSL object left out of first configuration for recording session with NTLM
PM73570 Ability to setup reports to show the number (count) of 400 and 500 HTTP Status codes
PM73945 HTTP test generation from socket recording failing with "A resource problem occurred during test generation"
PM74685 Managed Application cannot be launched from Rational Performance Tester for recording a test

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