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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Directory Server (Apache).


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Table of Contents:

Interim Fix 5 (
Link Date Released Status
This interim fix addresses a vulnerability in RDS. Information about this security vulnerability can be found in Security Bulletin: Rational Directory Server and Rational Directory Administrator can be affected by vulnerabilities (CVE-2014-4263, CVE-2014-0075, CVE-2014-0096, CVE-2014-0099 and CVE-2014-0119).

Interim Fix 4 (
Link Date Released Status
This interim fix addresses a vulnerability in the RDS Java Client library (CVE-2014-3089). Review Security Bulletin: Critical Security Vulnerability in Rational Directory Server (Tivoli and Apache) (CVE-2014-3089) for details.

Interim Fix 3 (
Link Date Released Status
This interim fix addresses a vulnerability in the IBM Runtime Environment, Java Technology Edition (CVE-2014-0411). Review Security Bulletin: Rational Directory Server can be affected by a vulnerability in the IBM JRE (CVE-2014-0411) for details.

Interim Fix 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM82099 RDS for Apache client does not display all users in the Active Directory in RDA when configured in Corporate Mode
PM76767 RDS failing to install to non-default install path.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM74427 "xml" file migration of users into RDS Apache Server fails with the error '"Invalid Document..! : Error on line 2: cvc-elt.1

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM09874 Lack of proper naming conventions - Rational Directory Server.
PM05591 Install Script needs to be edited to allow successful installation.
PM42880 Rational Directory Server and Rational Directory Administrator (including iFixes) installation programs miscalculate the required space and exit in an inconsistent state.
PM45129 Issue with Send Warning feature in Password Policy.
PM47016 Aborted attempt to remove user's First Name in Rational Directory Administrator edits Full Name attribute.
PM50715 Rational Directory Server Migration : Not all conflicting fields are displayed in red.
PM55523 Rational Directory Server: differences in Rational Directory Server Tivoli® and Apache; what is supported and specific to Rational Directory Server Tivoli and Rational Directory Server Apache.
PM51486 Files with .p extension should have .png extension under both Rational Directory Administrator and Rational Directory Server .
PM51488 in Rational Directory Server uses an absolute path which doesn't work when run from another directory.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APARs Description
PM24186 Merge option during the migration does not update the users preferences
PM42990 Permissions set on some RDA5.1.1-ifix02-linux directories and files are wrong
PM42992 Some directories are set with permissions 775 instead of 755 when installing RDA5.1.1-ifix02-linux
PM47794 Rational Directory Server allows users to authenticate with blank password (Rational Focal Point with WAS)
PM45190 TDSManager object lock indefinitely and all other threads waiting for TDSManager object lock
PM48814 Rational Directory Server upgrades for AIX should be .tar.gz files -- not .zip files
PM48810 Rational Directory Server Apache 5.1.1 iFix 03 for AIX should not have a documentation in the Microsoft Word format
PM48368 Rational Directory Server migration hangs or stops responding when migrating thousands of users

Interim Fix 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM43210 TDSConfiguration.xml file appears more than once in the RDS Apache installation
PM39925 RDA iFixes 01 and 02: No installation instructions, no custom installation folder
PM40033 When you change the default path during RDS install on UNIX the start and stop scripts are not changed.
PM39610 The 'First Name' field is set as non-mandatory in User properties window
PM40905 RDA installer and RDA patches installer does not include help files

Interim Fix 2 (
Link Date Released Status
This interim fix addresses a migration defect that is resolved and is applicable only for Rational Directory Administration. There are no fixes for the server. Issue resolved: The migrated data is incomplete with the second attempt.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM32399 Unable to migrate from .xml file on Apache RDS 5.1.1 (Windows only)

Initial Release (5.1.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM24017 RDS Apache backup procedure unclear.
PM05589 RDS Run Area files and directories have insecure file permissions.
PM09872 rdsconfig.cmd is a UNIX script but contains many Windows line feeds and line extensions.
PM14804 Error during RDA Startup
PM06589 RDS 5.1 Apache Corporate Mode, user created in RDA cannot be deleted
PM17505 Stopping one installation of RDS stops all other installations on the same server.
PM09883 Unable to open Help in RDS 5.1 on Solaris 10
PM05591 Install Script needs to be edited to allow successful installation
PM15513 RDS 5.0 Apache Crashed for 'Unable to establish connection to RDS' and 'LDAP: error code 80' errors
PM11900 RDS5.0 - Ldap 1389 Process shutdown abnormally
PM09876 used instead of rdsconfig.cmd
PM09752 RDS install script should use a generic tool to convert ldiff file.
PM30766 huge performance degradation when the number of users are high in RDS 5.1 Apache on an IBM AIX Machine
PM11600 Unable to start WebAcess Server for RDS 5.1

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