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IMS Enterprise Suite Version 2.2 Explorer for Development - Readme

Product readme


This document contains the readme file for IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite Version Explorer for Development (IMS Explorer).


The readme file contains a cumulative list of changes to the IMS Explorer component, related installation information, and known issues and workarounds.

The latest version of IMS Explorer that is available to customers is Version

July 2013


Known limitations
See the restrictions for IMS Explorer in the IBM Information Management Software for z/OS® Solutions Information Center.

Prerequisites information

Supported platforms
The IMS Explorer works on Windows™ systems.

Software requirements
See the software requirements for IMS Explorer.

Incompatibility with Technology Previews 1 and 2
If you have a Technology Preview version of the IMS Explorer installed, you must uninstall it before you install Version 2.2.

Obtaining IMS Explorer Version
Download IMS Explorer Version 2.2 from the IMS Enterprise Suite website.
See Preparing to install IMS Explorer.

Installing IBM Installation Manager
To install IMS Explorer, you must have IBM Installation Manager installed.
See Preparing to install IMS Explorer.

Installing IMS Explorer Version
You can install a stand-alone version of IMS Explorer or install IMS Explorer into a shared package group (shell share).
See Installing the stand-alone IMS Explorer or Installing IMS Explorer into a shared package group.
See IBM Rational® Software Development Platform and shell-sharing, for information related to the shell-sharing version.

You can also update a stand-alone or shell-sharing installation of IMS Explorer to the latest version.
See Updating IMS Explorer.

Verifying IMS Explorer installation
See Verifying IMS Explorer installation.

Additional information
See the IMS Explorer web page for additional product highlights information.

List of updates
IMS Explorer Version provides a security update to Version See the Security Bulletin for more information.

IMS Explorer Version provides this update to Version 2.2:
Removes Import Resources wizard restrictions and increases usability. Updates include:

    • Eliminates the restriction on the number of PSBs or DBDs that could be imported at one time. There is no longer any limit to the number of resources that can be imported at one time.
    • For resources that are imported from the IMS catalog or z/OS, referenced DBDs are now automatically imported.
      Restriction: When the import location is z/OS, the PDS member must have the same name as the DBD that it contains in order for the wizard to automatically import the resources.
Removes Import Data Structures wizard restrictions and increases usability. Updates include:
    • Importing COBOL and PL/I source is now supported directly from z/OS.
    • Allows the specification of the type of COBOL or PL/I application source (Full program or Data structure only) being imported.
    • Updates the graphical layout of the wizard to clarify how to add associations between data structures and either segments or map cases to the import list.

Contacting IBM software support
Contact IBM software support at:

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