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Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer (IDDE) is the strategic tool for allowing interactive analysis of JVM problems using post mortem artifacts such as core files or javacores. It is a lightweight tool which helps you quickly get information from the artifact you are investigating where you are not sure what the problem is and you want avoid launching resource intensive analysis.


The current version is available via IBM Support Assistant (ISA) 4 and supports the following features

  • Supports system cores, IBM javacores and PHD files.
  • Full content assist for available commands
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Investigation log which mixes free text with live session data
  • Multiple JVM support
  • Encryption of analysis files for secure storage
  • Caching for high performance
  • Support for IBM Dump Analyzer commands, providing a single access point for analysis
See IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer for more information.

IBM Extensions for Memory Analyzer (IEMA) Plugins

IDDE now has limited support for WebSphere Application Server IEMA plugins directly within IDDE and is available by installing the IBM Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools for Java - Interactive Diagnostic Data Explorer Bridge for Memory Analyzer [Tech Preview] feature.
The limitations are summarized as
  • No support for dominator tree or similar analysis,
  • No interactive/graphical user interface elements.
The implementation provides a faster way to view the textual information contained in these plugins which are not targeted at memory analysis, a typical example of which is viewing product information. Subsequently if you decide that full memory analysis is required then you can launch Memory Analyzer at that point.

See How to download, install, and run tools through IBM Support Assistant Workbench 4.1 for information on how to install IDDE and other problem determination tools.

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