IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Release Notes

Release notes


This document provides the list of all versions of the IBM® IMS™ Enterprise Suite that are in service to assist you with the planning, installation, and maintenance of the suite.


To find out if newer updates are available for the components you use, see the release notes for the version of IMS Enterprise Suite that you have installed:

The release notes provide the latest maintenance release version number for components, related APARs (if the component can be installed on the z/OS platform), and a link to the component readme file for details about the updates.

Important: Customers using IMS Enterprise Suite Version 1.1 or Version 2.1 should upgrade to the latest version in service as soon as possible to continue to receive support and to take advantage of enhancements and new features:
Product documentation
Product documentation for all versions of IMS Enterprise Suite is available in IBM® Knowledge Center. For hardcopy format, you can use the Print function in IBM® Knowledge Center. For SOAP Gateway, you can also order a PDF from the IBM Publication Center.

As of March, 2015, a PDF version of the IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP Gateway component information will no longer be provided.

Product downloads
IMS Enterprise Suite for the distributed platforms can be downloaded from the IMS Enterprise Suite download website. For the z/OS platform, order a CBPDO through the IBM Shopz website.

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IMS Enterprise Suite

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2.1, 2.2, 3.1

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Linux, Linux on System z, Windows, z/OS

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