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Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting with Sametime Configuration Validator - 25 September 2012 [presentation, audio replay, Q&A transcript]



IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. The topic was "Troubleshooting with Sametime Configuration Validator ." A review and demonstration of the Sametime Configuration Validator, a new tool made available to customers for a holistic approach to supporting IBM Sametime.


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Questions were asked in advance of the event to this forum post.

Presentation & Audio Replay

Presentation (PDF):

Audio replay (MP3) (37.5 min long):

Q&A Transcript

One question asked verbally during the presentation -- asked at the 31:30 mark in the attached MP3 file:

Q. Related to the white space issues that got mentioned in the presentation: When we have white spaces in config files as we may have now, will this cause issues in WAS (the general running of it), and if so, where are the known white space issues recorded? Is there some sort of a list that we need to go look at?

A. You will be most concerned about white space in settings for things like LDAP configuration. One of the things we're going through and have been eliminating are (and this is better in the current version of the tool) things in resource files (for example) -- we don't have configuration settings in resources. And in those kind of files there are some white spaces and that's because that's where we pull strings from that get displayed in WebSphere in different places. And those files show up with white spaces occasionally. Some of those lines in those files have white space.

One of the places where we found white space causes the most issues seems to be around INI settings, a lot of the client configuration items, like adding trace and debug, if white space is added there incorrectly, then those things don't fire off as we expect them to. So what we're doing is just looking for white space in INI or configuration settings that *may* cause potential issues; not that they always do.

You don't have to have a list of known white space areas handy; when you run the tool through your config, if it finds white spaces in key areas, it'll flag those for you and then you can go in and correct. But just note that not all white space areas that the current version of the tool might flag are of a critical nature; it may be flagging areas that are not critical (we're working to correct this). What we're looking for, and is most important to find white space, is in INI files and in the config that might cause issues for the server to start.

Questions from the web chat transcript:

Q. Where can I find instructions to download and install the Sametime Configuration Validator?
Note: If you have trouble with the link to the validator in the body, go to end of the wiki article and expand the Attachments section to download the tool.

Q. Am I correct in that Config Validator is only for Sametime 8.5? It does not work on Sametime 8.0.2?
A. This is optimized for 8.5.x environments, but will provide useful information for 8.0.2 environments.

A. It's not considered a configuration file in this context

Q. Or properties files, like policy?
A. Policy is on the list for an upcoming release.

Q. What about if using Active Directory as LDAP, any files needed for that?
A. Not for this version of the tooling, but you did give me an idea for an LDIF to LDAP config validation routine :-)

Q. For the installation, this is all on my client, right? since it is Eclipse-based? nothing on the server?
A. Correct. And correct -- nothing on the server.

Q. Does the station with the Sametime Configuration Validator need Internet access?
A. It should have access to all the machines in question, but it generally does not need Internet access.

Q. If I understood correctly, you need the mentioned files of all the servers on the machine running the validator; you don't need direct access to the machines, correct?
A. Correct.

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