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July 2016 - IBM License Metric Tool, BigFix Inventory and Asset Discovery Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter



Client self assist - Technical Support Information for ILMT, TAD4D and TAD4zOS Administrators
Current issue for July, 2016.


This contains links to IBM License Metric Tool and IBM BigFix Inventory and Tivoli Asset Discovery technical support documents and information that can be useful to you. It is intended to help you be proactive in the support and administration of your software.

Product Releases and News

1. BigFix Inventory 9.2.4 is now available
This update contains key features that increase our capability to help customers reduce software costs, manage compliance, and mitigate security risks.

2. Software Use Analysis 2.2 will withdraw support in April 2017
Migrate to BFI 9.2.4

3. July 2016 Software Catalog Update for ILMT 9.x - 2016-07-06
Update of the software catalog for IBM License Metric Tool 9.x – July 2016 – IBM software only

4. Improvement in terms of disk space and transaction log utilization, starting from ILMT/BFI v9.2.3, at the cost of possible risk of upgrade schema failure, when migrating from old ILMT/BFI version to a new v9.2.3 (applies only for DB2 environments)
ILMT/BFI v9.2.3 introduced a significant improvement in terms of disk space and transaction log utilization. However, there is a high possibility of upgrade schema failure when migrating from ILMT/BFI environments to a new 9.2.3 version. Likelihood is greater for those environments that have passed many ETL imports since the installation time. This directly increase the likelihood of hitting the "lack of disk space" issue or the "log transaction full" issue if the environment has improper resources/settings. Please note that the size of environment expressed in number of connected clients does not play role here!

5. Downloading IBM License Metric Tool 9.2
This document explains how to download IBM License Metric Tool 9.2 from Passport Advantage.

Helpful Content

The following is a selection of some of our more popular articles and videos. Reviewing these articles may preemptively resolve a technical issue for you or address a question you didn't even think to ask!

1. IBM BigFix Inventory and IBM License Metric Tool tags for use in dWAnswers
We encourage you to post questions on the dW Answers forums. Use the "ilmt" or "bigfix-inventory" tags when submitting questions to get the best exposure to the greatest number of your fellow users as well as developers and support experts. This URL directly opens a new question with the ilmt tag attached for you: and this URL starts a question ready-tagged with bigfix-inventory:

2. Essential resources
Welcome to the central point of information about License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory. We collected essential resources that proved to be useful while working with these applications.

3. BigFix Inventory Update 9.2.4
The update is cumulative and contains changes that were provided in previous updates. To see the list of APARs, internal defects, and enhancements that were provided in the previous updates, see the readme file at

4. Agent is not installing on RedHat Linux v7 machines
traceDeployagent.log <LogText><![CDATA[CIT install command: /var/itlm/utilities/cit/wcitinst i 5724-D33 -s /var/itlm/utilities/cit/cit.spb -d /opt/itlm ]]></LogText> <LogText><![CDATA[CIT install stdout: "/var/itlm/utilities/cit/wcitinst: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"]]></LogText>

5. WAS ND 8.5.5 not showing any PVU data in LMT
WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment 8.5.5 components are being discovered but are not showing any PVU data in the IBM License Metric (LMT) Tool PVU Subcapacity reports.

6. TADz Support for DB2 Universal Table Spaces (UTS)
Does TADz support DB2 Universal Table Spaces (UTS)?

7. TADz HSISZCAT job may abend with S-001 or another abend code due to corrupted usage dataset if HSIJMON Usage Monitor task is cancelled while data writer process is active
The HSISZCAT job may abend with a S-001 or another abend code when processing a corrupted usage data dataset. Cancelling the HSIJMON task while the usage data writer process is still active may result in the usage data output dataset becoming corrupted. In this case the HSIJMON task was initially shut down via a normal shutdown command. This caused the usage data writer task to be initiated during the shutdown phase in order to write out any captured usage data . While the writer task was still active, a MVS CANCEL command was issued causing the HSIJMON task to abend with a S-222 abend code. The active writer task did not get a chance to properly format and close the active output usage dataset. This resulted in a corrupted output dataset. Several days later when the HSISZCAT jo

8. SUA Update
Starting from this application update, only computers that are subscribed to the Software Use Analysis site are displayed in the application user interface and the software catalog is propagated only to these computers. During the first import after the update, computers that are not subscribed to the site are removed from Software Use Analysis.

9. PVU table (SHA-256) 2016-03-10 for IBM License Metric Tool 9.0.1 or newer and IBM BigFix Inventory
Processor value unit table download page for IBM License Metric Tool 9.0.1 or newer and IBM BigFix Inventory (former name IBM Endpoint Manager for Sofware Use Analysis)

10. PVU Licensing FAQs
PassportAdvantage resource that is some of the most frequently asked questions about Processor Value Unit (PVU) licensing and requirements.

11. My Notifications
Stay up-to-date. Sign up to stay informed of critical IBM software support updates with My notifications.

Community Events

Each month, we host OpenMic webcasts to address common technical issues of the day. Attending these sessions is a great way to stay informed with regard to our major product features and common technical issues.

1. Next Open Mic Webcast: Installing the BigFix Client for IBM License Metric Tool - Wednesday, 31 August 2016
Join members of the IBM License Metric Tool support team as they share information on installation of the BESClient for ILMT. After a presentation by Guru Prasad from Level 2 Support, attendees will be given an opportunity to ask our panel of experts questions by phone. Throughout the event, attendees will also be encouraged to comment or ask questions in the group web chat.

2. Prior Open Mic: PVU Table - how does it work in License Metric Tool? 13 July 2016 [Presentation is attached.]
Piotr Kalandyk and members of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Support teams shared information on how the PVU table works.

3. Prior Open Mic on ILMT: IBM Capacity Data Completeness Reports 'No Scan Data' 29 June 2016 [Presentation is attached]
Level 2 Support expert Marla Morris and members of the IBM License Metric Tool team shared information on "No Scan Data."


The IBM Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is a global team that manages the receipt, investigation and internal coordination of security vulnerability information related to IBM offerings. Each month, Security Flashes are published as vulnerabilities are announced by IBM.

Product Security Incident Report Blog

1. Security Bulletin: Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails affect IBM License Metric Tool v9, IBM BigFix Inventory v9 and IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis v9 & v2.2
Vulnerabilities discovered in Ruby on Rails component affect IBM License Metric Tool v9, IBM BigFix Inventory v9 and IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis v9 & v2.2.

2. Security Bulletin: Vulnerabilities in Ruby on Rails affect IBM License Metric Tool v9 and IBM BigFix Inventory v9 (CVE-2016-2098 CVE-2016-2097)
Vulnerabilities discovered in Ruby on Rails component affect IBM License Metric Tool v9 and IBM BigFix Inventory v9.

Getting Help

There are several methods to contact support for your technical issues. Additionally, there are many support-related resources as well including the IBM My Notifications and Fix Central. The following are some of the more common and useful resources available as well as details on what is included with each resource.

1. Get started with IBM Security Support
This will introduce you to service and support offerings available to IBM Security customers.

2. Get the latest IBM technical support app
The 2.0 release of the IBM Technical Support app is now available in Google Play and the Apple App store. Use it to get quick and easy technical support on all your IBM products.

3. Enhanced Customer Data Repository
A secure and fully supported data repository with problem determination tools and functions, ECuRep updates problem management records (PMR) and maintains full data life cycle management.

4. The new IBM Knowledge Center
Watch this video to see how to get the most out of version 2.0 of the IBM product documentation resource.

Social Media

1. IBM License Metric Tool blog
Support ace Silviu Gilgore posts timely technical tips about ILMT.

2. YouTube channel
Watch presentations and demonstrations on the IBM Security Support YouTube channel

License Metric Tool - ILMT playlist

3. Twitter
Follow Security Support at Ask IBM Security

4. Facebook page
Follow IBM Security Support on Facebook

5. dW Answers topics tagged with ILMT

6. dWAnswers topics tagged with bigfix-inventory

7. Traditional developerWorks forum for IBM License Metric Tool
This forum is for technical discussion focused on IBM License Metric Tool and sub-capacity licensing. ILMT helps Passport Advantage clients determine their full and sub-capacity PVU licensing requirements.

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