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December, 2016 - IBM License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory Customer Support Technical Information Newsletter



Client self assist - Technical Support Information for ILMT and BFI.
Current issue for October, November and December, 2016.


This newsletter contains links to License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory technical support documents and other information that may be helpful to you. It is intended to help you be proactive in the support and administration of your software.

Product Releases and News

This section includes our prominent news and product releases.

  1. NEW! The IBM Security Learning Academy
    We are pleased to announce that the IBM Security Learning Academy is now live! We invite you to take full advantage of this new resource. Visit the IBM Security Learning Academy to start building your security skills today.
  2. ILMT update 9.2.6
    This page provides information about License Metric Tool application update 9.2.6. The update is cumulative and contains changes that were provided in previous updates.
  3. December 2016 Software Catalog Update for ILMT 9.x - 2016-12-06
    Update of the software catalog for IBM License Metric Tool 9.x – December 2016 – IBM software only
  4. December 2016 Software Catalog Update for ILMT 7.5 - 2016-12-06
    Software Catalog Update for License Metric Tool - contains IBM software only
  5. CIT scanning component security fix
    This is a list of CIT packages in version delivered to mitigate some security issues reported in: CVE-2014-8926, CVE-2014-8927
  6. End of support notification: IBM License Metric Tool 7.5.x
    ILMT 7.5.x will reach End of Support on 2017-04-30. For more information about this product, please visit the IBM software support lifecycle site at
  7. End of support notification: Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed 7.5.x
    Tivoli Asset Discovery for Distributed 7.5.x will reach End of Support on 2017-04-30. For more information about this product, please visit the IBM software support lifecycle site at

Helpful Content

The following is a selection of some of our more popular articles and videos. Reviewing these articles may preemptively resolve a technical issue for you or address a question you didn't even think to ask!

  1. FAQ: License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory
    This document contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about License Metric Tool and BigFix Inventory version 9.x
  2. Reminder about IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) 7.x end of support - Migrating to v9.x
    IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) version 7.2 is out of support since September 2016. Version 7.5 will reach end of support in April 2017 respectively. After this date IBM Support will not provide assistance with the application nor deliver new patches.
  3. Modification of the support policy and strategy for the “BES Inventory and License” site
    This document contains information about changes in the support policy of the BigFix site “BES Inventory and License”. It applies to customers who use BigFix Inventory or BigFix Lifecycle offerings and use this fixlet site.
  4. Solaris x86 on VMWare machines are not showing properly in LMT
    Solaris machines are not showing properly in IBMLicense Metric Tool.
  5. Default PVU value assigned to processors on AIX endpoints in ILMT 9.2.x
    ILMT hardware scan output files are incomplete and contain wrong values due to invalid environment settings for BESClient process not started from the root account. In result hardware scan files get rejected and the default PVU value is assigned to such endpoints in ILMT.
  6. Problem with downloading CIT .spb files
    There may be problems with downloading CIT .spb files. The SPB extension can be incorrectly marked as unsafe by some external firewalls.
  7. Can one rename the i5 computer name that is in /cit/computer.yml?
    /cit/computer.yml contains the "Computer Name:" which has the value of the i5 TCP Line name instead of the DNS hostname. Can this name just be replaced by the DNS hostname instead?
  8. On BFI/ILMT systems with built-in OS LDAP integration the UI responsivnes might be very slow
    On operating systems where a built-in OS LDAP integration is present and where BFI/ILMT database is being installed, the BFI/ILMT UI responsiveness may be significantly affected. The issue was encountered on the Linux with DB2 database installed. The BFI product provides the database installer inside, however the standard installation does not consider the possible built-in OS LDAP integration which may directly affect the BFI/ILMT application connectivity and hence influence the general BFI/ILMT UI time responsiveness.
  9. ILMT support for AIX file freezing
    Scans on AIX are failing after running chfs -a command .
  10. FillDB logs exceptions continously for a specific client
    filldb discards a report for a specific computer. What actions to rectify the problem ?
  11. Upgrading to latest ILMT version on Windows failed with Fixlet Exit Code: 41
    Using the "Upgrade to the latest version of IBM License Metric Tool 9.x" to upgrade the ILMT to v9.2.4.x on Windows failed with exit code 41.
  12. LMT Software scans Failed on iSeries
    IBM License Metric Tool software scans are showing Failed status on i5 lpars. It was working before.
  13. IBM License Metric Tool information center in IBM Knowledge Center
    Find current information about how to install, maintain, and use ILMT
  14. IBM BigFix Inventory in IBM Knowledge Center
    IBM BigFix Inventory (previously IBM Endpoint Manager for Software Use Analysis) documentation - This documentation applies to BigFix Inventory application updates 9.2.1 through 9.2.6. Supported BigFix platform versions: 9.0 through 9.5.
  15. Videos for IBM BigFix
    Training and tutorial videos for the IBM BigFix product.
  16. ILMT on YouTube
    License Metric Tool video playlist on the IBM Security Support channel

Community Events

Each month, we host OpenMic webcasts to address common technical issues of the day. Attending these sessions is a great way to stay informed with regard to our major product features and common technical issues.

  1. Support technical exchanges for IBM Security support
    Watch this "Support technical exchanges for IBM Security support" page to know when ILMT or BigFix events are happening, or subscribe to My Notifications ( for your product, specifying the "Webcasts" document type.
  2. Previous Open Mic: How License Metric Tool & BigFix Inventory interact with IBM i - 8 December 2016 (slides are attached)
    For this open mic session, Hope Maxwell-Daley explained, and Artur Zezula demonstrated: How IBM i differs from other operating systems What you must know in order to maintain LMT/BFI and IBM i
  3. Previous ILMT Open Mic: Correcting 2 common misconceptions - Thursday, 10 November 2016 (Slides are attached)
    The IBM License Metric Tool Support team addressed two of the most common misunderstandings about ILMT, typically represented by the following questions: Why is ILMT telling me I have Product A installed when I don't? Why is ILMT assigning too many cores and PVU to my VMs? From this presentation customers can gain a better understanding of what ILMT does, how the data is being presented, and what the customer's role is in using ILMT.
  4. Previous Open Mic for ILMT and BFI: Troubleshooting VMware missing data issues - 27 October 2016 (Slides are attached)
    Members of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) and IBM BigFix Inventory (BFI) Technical Support team shared tips to resolve missing data issues. Panelists showed a presentation and demonstratations, and answers questions from attendees.


The IBM Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is a global team that manages the receipt, investigation and internal coordination of security vulnerability information related to IBM offerings. Each month, Security Flashes are published as vulnerabilities are announced by IBM.

  1. IBM Security Vulnerability Management: IBM Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Overview
    PSIRT is a global team that manages the receipt, investigation and internal coordination of security vulnerability information related to IBM offerings
  2. IBM Product Security Incident Response Blog
    This page contains important information regarding security vulnerabilities that may affect IBM products and solutions. IBM PSIRT follows the NIST guidelines for determining the severity rating of the reported vulnerability.

Getting Help

There are several methods to contact support for your technical issues. Additionally, there are many support-related resources, including IBM My Notifications and Fix Central. The following are some of the more common and useful resources available.

  1. IBM Support Agent Tool (beta) provides answers to your support questions for IBM License Metric Tool
    Try the Support Agent today! IBM is improving the quality of your experience with support and is helping you quickly get answers to your questions about IBM License Metric Tool.
  2. Join the Community Discussion! IBM is making support content even better, with your help!
    A new enhancement bridges the gap between formalized documents and social forums by encouraging discussion that is associated with content. Clients, Business Partners, and IBMers can openly share their experiences and expertise. These discussions are now enabled from within technotes, and are findable and answerable through our dWAnswers forum. Join in the conversation and share your expertise or questions as they relate to the support content you need! Watch this video to see how.
  3. IBM License Metric Tool wiki in IBM developerWorks
    See recent updates that have been made to the wiki
  4. IBM BigFix and IBM License Metric Tool tags for use in dWAnswers
    This is a place to ask questions and to view answers to questions already posed. You may filter the forum using the tags ilmt or bigfix-inventory. When asking a question, be sure to apply the appropriate tag.
  5. My Notifications
    My Notifications is an IBM Support email subscription notification service. You will be notified immediately by email when the PSIRT team announces new product vulnerabilities and solutions. You can be notified in a daily or weekly digest.
  6. Fix Central
    Fix Central provides fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system. Many interim patches and updates can be found here.
  7. IBM Support Portal
    Provides a wealth of content for IBM products. If you elect not to subscribe to My Notifications, you can find new product information and technical resources here. If your inbox is busy enough already, this is your alternative to staying in the loop!

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