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IBM Edge Components provides periodic fixes for release V8.0. The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.0 with the most recent fix at the top.


Release Date
Total number of APARs
Total number of Security APARs
30 April 2018
30 October 2017
20 February 2017
01 February 2016
15 August 2015
16 February 2015
23 June 2014
13 January 2014
19 August 2013
29 April 2013
12 November 2012
06 August 2012
16 April 2012
16 January 2012
26 September 2011

Fix Pack 15 (
Fix release date: 30 Apr 2018
Last modified: 30 Apr 2018
Status: Recommended

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Security APAR
PI90112 Improve the default cipher suites for SSLv3, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1, and TLSv1.2 in caching proxy to remove several weak ciphers

Fix Pack 14 (
Fix release date: 30 Oct 2017
Last modified: 30 Oct 2017
Status: Superseded

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Security APAR
PI70980 Load Balancer for IPV4 and IPV6 does not work on Solaris 11
PI74424 Edge Load Balancer ipv6 with HA with repstrategy connection fails takeover
PI77783 Edge CBRServer V9 on AIX - executor will not start with Java 8
PI78140 Advisor failures occur with no indication of failure in advisor logs
PI80330 Websphere Edge Load Balancer for IPV4 & IPV6, crash in m_copydata on Aix
PI67581 Add a flag to allow forcing Caching Proxy into the background
PI73088 Load Balancer for IPV4 and IPV6 does not send gratuitous arp
PI74512 Update default ciphers of TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2.
PI75118 CP accepts HTTP request lines that have extraneous whitespace
PI75968 Enable TLSv1.0 and TLSv1.1 by default when SSL is on
PI76339 Module loading fails on AIX Caching Proxy
PI76370 cpwizard.bat does not work when its path has spaces
PI79201 Caching Proxy 8.0 failed to log in Japanese
PI82587 Edge Caching Proxy HTTP splitting attack (CVE-2017-1503)
PI82867 LDAP not using SSL connections when conn_type is set to SSL
PI83768 Load Balancer HTTPS advisor causing 400 bad input errors in Web Server log
PI86249 ibmproxy is down by SIGSEGV
Fix Pack 13 (
Fix release date: 20 Feb 2017
Last modified: 20 Feb 2017
Status: Superseded

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Security APAR
PI22309 Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 drops packets that are greater than 1500.
PI59923 WebSphere Load Balancer site selector and content based routing problems
PI61331 Add host header to LB HTTP Advisor
PI64471 Sub-state shows "not synchronized" in hamon.log of ULB
PI65683 Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 hang on AIX
PI65765 Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 server.log shows confusing message after adding a rule.
PI66043 Script to start and stop the executor and the debugging shell script do not work properly on Solaris
PI66434 Crash in lbll_node2obj when LB is garbage collecting memory from connection table.
PI67617 Edge Load Balancer v8, changing the rule priority does not work
PI68270 Load Balancer can crash when some fragmented traffic is received.
PI71866 Duplicate HA records cause standby ULB hang
PI72199 Load Balancer crashes due to corrupted connection records
PI53275 TLS Advisor for Edge Load Balancer products needs updated cipher support to reduce logging in backend server logs.
PI55250 Add Linux kernel support 2.6.32-573.8.1.el6.x86_64 in Edge
PI56009 Edge LB for IPv4 LLB crash on AIX 7.1 PPC when iForwardPacket mbuf is null
PI58745 Add support for kernel-2.6.32-573.18.1.el6
PI62029 Support added to Edge Caching Proxy to disable directory listings
PI62762 Load Balancer Content Based Router executor fails to start
PI67408 Fail to install Edge Caching Proxy v8 on a multi-zone Solaris
PI67658 Add support for kernel 2.6.32-642.el6
PI73295 TLS advisor fails to connect to the IBM HTTP Server when ECDHE ciphers are prioritized.
PI73744 Add kernel support for 2.6.32-642.11.1

Fix Pack 12 (
Fix release date: 01 Feb 2016
Last modified: 01 Feb 2016
Status: Superseded

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PI41476 CVE-2015-5004 in IBM WebSphere Application Server Edge Component Caching Proxy
PI41706 Edge Caching Proxy incorrectly sends SSLv2 ClientHello causing the back end server SSL connection to fail
PI43514 Ignore caching header for the Forward proxy secure requests
PI46214 Edge Caching Proxy has an issue with a CacheIgnoreCookieName directive with multiple entries.
PI46283 Load Balancer for IPv4 AND IPv6 for AIX sends HA packet every 1 second
PI47228 Add Linux kernel support 2.6.32-573.3.1.el6.x86_64 in Edge Load Balancer for IPv4
PI50644 New kernel support for 2.6.32-504.23.4.EL6.X86_64
Fix Pack 11 (
Fix release date: 17 Aug 2015
Last modified: 17 Aug 2015
Status: Superseded

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PI06130 Edge Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 crashes, when LB tries to remove a node
PI12357 Caching Proxy responds 304 status code with content-length header
PI15701 The Caching Proxy forwards the keep-alive timeout which applies to the connection between the Caching Proxy and the client.
PI23780 Add directives to support different versions of TLS to be used in Caching Proxy with GSKit version 8.
PI28050 A directive is needed to enable only TLS without explicitly having to enable SSLV2 or SSLV3
PI32034 HTTPs advisor retries the advisor request if the response does not match the advisorresponse.
PI32719 64-bit 2.6.32-358.18.1 kernel module for RHEL6 is not installed.
PI33513 Edge Load Balancer is observed using high CPU
PI35473 There is a synchronization issue with quiesce and the server up and down commands.
PI38074 Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 is hung under Load
PI38211 Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6 gets a segfault attempting to access a null pointer.
PI38868 The LDAPs advisor needs to work with TLSv1.
PI39822 New kernel support 2.6.32-504.16.2.el6
PI40188 Edge Load Balancer HTTPs advisor incorrectly adds "Connection: Keep-Alive" header
PI41009 IPv4 Load Balancer subagent does not work
PI42048 Add a custom property to LDAPs advisory to denote protocol level
PM86978 The dscontrol quiesce/unquiesce command fails intermittently after 250 runs

Fix Pack 10 (
Fix release date: 16 Feb 2015
Last modified: 16 Feb 2015
Status: Superseded

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PM85559 TLS advisor missing in Load Balancer for IPv4 and IPv6
PI21189 Potential Denial of Service with Microsoft windows and WebSphere Application Server Load Balancer
PI27434 Load Balancer reach advisor pings the target server using the wrong network address order
PI30574 HTTPs advisor fails connecting to a server configured as TLS protocol only.

Fix Pack 9 (
Fix release date: 23 Jun 2014
Last modified: 23 Jun 2014
Status: Superseded

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PM81611 An error message is printed when servers are added using + syntax on port objects.
PM82241 Corrections are needed to the documentation in the Information Center for IBM WebSphere Application Server version 8.0
PM89712 IPv6 dynamic route gets deleted on AIX when uLB tries to forward IPv6 traffic
PM89719 IPv6 neighbor advertisement for takeover is not ethernet multicast
PM90067 The manager log shows message "Host quiescing scheduled servers"at loglevel 1 even though no servers are being quiesced.
PI09405 Eliminate misleading warning on Load Balancer for IPv4 install
PI09639 New kernel support 2.6.32-431.3.1.el6
PI10014 The uexc.log file grows with every start or stop of CBR.
PI15765 Load Balancer server up/down may not work during manager cycle
PI16378 LB on the standby state might fail to stop with SocketException
PI16633 New Linux kernel for Load Balancer. Kernel RH6 2.6.32-431.5.1.el6 for 8.5

Fix Pack 8 (
Fix release date: 13 Jan 2014
Last modified: 13 Jan 2014
Status: Superseded

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PI04711 Add support for Linux RHEL kernel 2.6.32-358.18.1.el6
PM92583 Add support for Linux RHEL kernel 2.6.18-348.6.1.el5 #1 smp
PM94594 Load Balancer for IPv4 on Microsoft Windows may crash when executor is started
PM95413 Load Balancer for IPv4 crashed when xlog is enabled
PM96303 Installation Manager Edge LLB V8.x install on Microsoft Windows 64 bit machines installs some files to the 'sysnative' directory.
PM99112 Add kernel support for
PM99545 Load Balancer might crash or hang on Microsoft Windows with multi-process machines.

Fix Pack 7 (
Fix release date: 19 Aug 2013
Last modified: 19 Aug 2013
Status: Superseded

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PM88416 Javacore from parseInterfaces JNI call on Solaris.
PM88080 Microsoft Windows crashes when LB reassembles fragmented packets.
PM83883 Version 8.5 Load Balancer for IPV4 does not install CBR.
PM89583 Edge Load Balancer for IPV4 V8.5 - IBMLB - LLB - need support for RHEL Linux Kernel 2.6.18-348.4.1.EL5.
PM91246 Edge LLB on AIX 7.1 LDAPs advisor does not detect that a server is down.
PM92002 Load Balancer for IPV4 adding kernel 2.6.32-358.0.1.EL6 support.
PM86953 Edge Load Balancer for IPV4 V8.5 - IBMLB - LLB - Need support for RHEL Linux kernel 2.6.32-279.5.2.EL6.X86_64.

Fix Pack 6 (
Fix release date: 29 Apr 2013
Last modified: 5 Aug 2015
Status: Superseded

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PM70118 Support TLS cipher specification in Caching Proxy version 8 and above.
PM73433 64 bit Installation Manager support for Edge.
PM75348 GSKIt does not install with version 8 of Caching Proxy using Linux on s390 architecture.
PM76438 Caching Proxy crashes under SSL load.
PM76719 Caching Proxy fails to make changes to ibmproxy.conf when configuration wizard is used.
PM81490 Load Balancer rhel 6.3 2.6.32-279.19.1 kernel support.
PM83318 Lb_kext failed with Error: uLB kernel extension is not loaded.
PM83523 Manager is terminated by invoking "rule status @@" and "manager report" multiple times.
PM83777 Load Balancer for IPV4 adding kernel 2.6.32-279.22.1 support.
PM84779 Request for kernel support for 2.6.18-308.20.1.
Fix Pack 5 (
Fix release date: 12 Nov 2012
Last modified: 5 Aug 2015
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 5

PM64497 WebSphere Edge Caching Proxy converts UTF-8 encoded values to their ASCII characters when using redirect rules.
PM66199 Caching proxy failed to read response data when the backend server is WebSphere Application Server.
PM66937 Provide RH 6.3 kernel 2.6.32-279 update for Load Balancer.
PM67534 Kernel 2.6.18-308.8.2 needed for Edge Load Balancer.
PM73075 Load Balancer "serverup" script incorrectly runs.
PM73433 64-bit Installation Manager support for Edge.
PM76209 Disk cache does not work on Microsoft Windows.
Fix Pack 4 (
Fix release date: 6 Aug 2012
Last modified: 3 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 4

PM64635 Memory leak in the Load Balancer for ipv4 on Windows operating systems.

Fix Pack 3 (
Fix release date:16 Apr 2012
Last modified: 2 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 3

PM55554 Caching proxy does not parse the entire header name.
PM56418 Add kernel support for 2.6.9-103.
PM58228 CP fails to bind to port less than 1024 in Linux with kernel version greater than 2.6.
PM58962 Load balancer for ipv4 CMNExecutorInterface.dll "arp" problem.
PM59184 Load balancer HA unable to synchronize on AIX with supernetting.

Fix Pack 2 (
Fix release date: 16 Jan 2012
Last modified: 2 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 2

PM49960 HTTPS advisor adds an additional host header when you set your own host header in advisorrequest.
PM50032 Caching proxy crashes when certain 4xx error messages are sent.
PM51277 Wrong advisors may be stopped when cluster is removed.
PM53122 Edge load balancer for ipv6/ipv4 (ulb) on z/suse 11.1.
PM56014 CBR executor will not start on AIX.

Fix Pack 1 (
Fix release date: 26 Sep 2011
Last modified: 2 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

Download Fix Pack 1

PM43112 Load balancer manager quiesce and unquiesce does not work.
PM44227 ULB failed to launch at rule add with "file newload" multiple.
PM47001 Manager quiesce and unquiesce might fail in many clusters.
PM47057 Load balancer takeover does not decrease the ACTV count.
PM48731 Add kernel support for 2.6.9-101.

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Software version: 8.0

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows, z/OS

Software edition: Edition Independent

Reference #: 7035803

Modified date: 18 August 2013

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