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Cognos TM1 10.1.1 Fix Lists

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos TM1 10.1.1. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.
Number Description
PM21446 Action button in TM1 perspectives picks up first server in the list under Action Button Properties
PM31759 Passport keep-alive ping fails and ends TM1 session due to ignoring of cookie updates
PM38374 Temporary subsets not recognized in TM1 during the Print Wizard
PM52162 "Where to install TM1 Portlets (1 Gateway, 3 Dispatchers, 1 CM) ?"
PM52889 the base version is the major release number
PM53655 The default value of the TM1 Web session timeout parameter is 20 not 120 minutes
PM56397 TM1 Perspectives Office 2010 – Using TM1 Recalc1 causes Excel Crash
PM57783 Websheet cannot display charts created Excel feature
PM58431 TM1 10.1.1 Operations console will not work with ClientMinimunVersion parameter in config file
PM59174 Element Attributes not replicating
PM59652 TM1web 9.5.2 FP1 - Export of ActiveForm results in different row hights
PM60577 Ti Process Syskoplan Connector Tm1 loses the cube in Data Source when no action is chosen
PM60618 TM1 Performance Modeller creating a link causes a Memory leak
PM60629 Correct the 10.1 documentation for the tm1s.cfg parameter "SubsetElementBreatherCount"
PM61102 Most of foreign folders (language dlls) are missing in tm1 x64 tm1web
PM61378 Crash TM1 9.5.2 FP1 Server for Windows x64
PM61530 TM1web - Spreading in cells with percent formatting causes Not a number Please use "." as decimal and "," as thousand separator
PM62195 XQE-CON-0007 error genrated when running report against TM1 cube
PM62722 Missing doc on configuring language in Firefox for TM1 Web Client 10.1.0
PM62981 Querying a DB/2 database through ODBC changes the TM1 Server locale
PM62983 Tm1 server crash Tm1 9.5.20006.16278
PM63037 Trace Calculation and Check Feeders greyed out
PM63282 Unable to Export websheets with zero suppression
PM63542 TM1 MDX rowset not returning correct values
PM63561 MEMBER_CAPTION override behaviour is not consistent in DQM and is inconsistent with the CQM behaviour
PM63575 Websheets fail to render properly in Firefox
PM63755 TM1RunTi feature generates (TM1 API Error) SystemServerNotFound using config file including encrypted password files
PM64042 In Server Explorer click on a TM1 item and press Alt+Ctrl+Del brings up message: "Lists of objects cannot be deleted"
PM64090 ISB calculates when selecting an element
PM64133 TM1 server hang 10.1.00000.20166
PM64704 Incorrect documentation
PM64812 Provide a way for the cam authenticated tm1web to provide an alternate url to CAM for redirection
PM65197 TM1WEB multiple tm1 servers within a websheet
PM65336 Tm1 server crash when running }tp_admin_delete_all TI process
PM65720 ViewTitleElementSet TI function is not working correct
PM65829 TM1 server crash 9.5.1 HF27
PM65881 Function SwapAliasWithPrincipalName deletes data for alias with initial name, after server restart
PM66214 TM1 Cube disappears from list in Perspectives and Architect
PM66621 Dynamic subset not accepted in cubeview
PM67151 TM1 952FP2 Server crash
PM67497 Default value for ClientMessagePortNumber is ambiguous in documentation
PM67640 TM1 is out of memory when rebuilding an Active Form, due to TM1 Perspectives Excel memory leaks
PM67675 TM1 Performance Modeler Instalation documentation
PM67880 TM1 server crashing when running reports against BI
PM67968 TM1 Server crash while deleting an element from a dimension
PM68165 The ODBC interface of TM1 10.1.0 and TM1 10.1.0 FP1 Server for IBM AIX is broken
PM68238 Create dimension by TI from flat file is creating 2 elements instead of one if special characters in names
PM68238 Create dimension by TI from flat file is creating 2 elements instead of one if special characters in names
PM68266 TM1 Server crash after updating numeric attribute with CellPutN and open }ElementAttributes cube
PM69094 CCognosProxy::Connect Error: (TR0317) Invalid or missing parameter to command 'C8_REQUEST_TYPE_OPEN_MODEL'
PM69311 Opened TI in Performance Modeler will always choose alphabetically first cube view
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1.
Number Description
PM71751 Opening Insight Published Workspace from Cognos Connection, Facets fail to render when BI is on linux platforms
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1.
Number Description
PM14141 Performance monitor broken
PM26152 Dynamic subset is not behaving the same in TM1 Perspectives as TM1 web
PM26333 Opening TM1 Perspectives turns off 'Num Lock' on PC
PM43047 Can only Paste once in Excel if the TM1 add-in is enabled
PM57540 TM1 ODBO connection limitation
PM63833 TM1 parameter variable within a chore get truncated after ',' separator when tm1 server service is recycled
PM64377 Excessive time to 'add cube dependency' under 9.5.2 FP2
PM64690 Charts are not displayed correctly in TM1Web using IE8/IE9
PM65137 Tm1web - Sesion Time out when using Active form
PM65878 ConsolidatedCountUnique should work with UNDEFVALS
PM66208 TM1 Server crashes when deleting then re-adding a dimension element
PM67477 Wrong total calculation in TM1 Web 9.5.2
PM68183 tm1 server: After Sync and changes could not be made to some particular cell values
PM68386 TM1Web: Slice To Excel of Web-Cubeviews failed
PM68475 TM1: RunTI connection handling
PM68751 In some cases Memory Used for Feeders is not calculated in }StatsbyCube when PersistentFeeders=F
PM69344 After Sync and changes could not be made to some particular cell values
PM69759 TM1 Package Connector does not import data correctly if it includes quotes
PM69943 TM1 API Subset.Expression does not retrieve the MDX expression
PM69972 TM1 API chore.steps.Process.Name returns nothing whereas chore.Steps.Length is not 0
PM70103 The vertical scrollbar in a websheet jumps to the top
PM70579 TM1 Element attributes not replicating
PM70733 Data Spreading on rules calculated consolidated elements omitted by a STET command not possible in Cognos Insight
PM70784 TM1 server crash publishing websheet to TM1Web via Perspectives
PM71136 Cellset performance degradation in TM1 10.1
PM71179 Data in perspectives not displayed if zero suppression activated
PM71180 Tm1 Server is crashing with a specific calculate Rule when you navigate to child
PM71628 Frequent server crashes
PM71689 TM1 server crash when opening XLS application
PM71751 Opening Insight Published Workspace from Cognos Connection, Facets fail to render when BI is on linux platforms
PM71996 Cognos insight: Using dynamic subsets results in no data rendered
PM72040 When exporting text data from a Cube string data is missing from the export.
PM72076 For CAM authentication at login page, using '\user' as user causes failure of Ops Console
PM72231 TM1Web does not hide views created via TI createView function
PM72592 Saving rights performance in TM1 Applications is poor, when working with a very large groups dimension
PM72928 TM1 Server crashing when running a TI process in 9.5.2FP2
PM73168 TM1 server crash when editing dimension
PM73274 Long-running threads in TM1 Top that cannot be killed
PM74187 TM1 Picklist is not working as expected. IF condition is only populating the ELSE
PM74282 Error thrown using TM1 Blob prevents exporting dimension to Business Viewpoint
PM74321 TM1 Picklist is not working as expected after adding additional dimensions to rule
PM74395 TM1Web sheet does not render to completion when IE Browser language is not English
PM74423 Tm1 Web Workflow Customer gets an Operation failed when trying to attach Files or open Files within Tm1 Web
PM74620 TM1 server crash - unknown cause
PM74839 TM1Web: Slice To Excel of Web-Cubeviews failed if browser language setting is set to Non-English.
PM74908 Upgrade to 10.2 of Cognos Insight files failes
PM74931 TM1 ConsolidatedAVG displays #N/A values instead of '0'
PM75462 TM1 Performance Modeler: Double clicking on a Virtual Dimension member results in an error
PM75482 Client name does not exist on server' error using SSL BI Dispatcher with TM1 on AIX
PM75507 Using Japanese character in cube name cause error in filter widget.
PM76177 TM1Web: Operation Failed when doing a snapshot of a websheet with 2 tabs
PM76305 Error installing 10.1.1 hotfix2 for BI 10.1.1 64 bit Interoperability
PM76496 Tm1 10.1.1 install warning message MS VC++ 2005 Redistributable Package
PM76948 The Syskoplan Connector does not support SAP BW 7.3
PM76996 TM1 Performance Modeler infinite loop
PM77007 TM1 Active Forms - Clipboard cannot be emptied
PM77031 Login:IXC Lock created, preventing users from logging in
PM77036 TM1 Performance modeler Accumulation link leave residual files
PM77348 A spread operation should immediately be rejected if the user has no write access to the cube
PM77525 Possible defect with Picklists
PM77985 TM1 DataReservzation applied against DataAdmin user
PM78028 TM1 picklist not being enabled in sandbox, works correctly in Base.
PM78134 Adding a new element breaks alias generating 'error'
PM78243 TM1 Element Data Entry format Problem in Excel
PM78255 tm1s.log of Tunits not updated correctly
PM78256 Rule is not acknowledged in Cognos Insight after first deploy
PM78406 Unable to open reports created in Cognos Express 9.5 in 10.1 clients
PM78478 Hidden rows are not recalculated if WebsheetPaging is true
PM78553 Intermittent SystemServerConnectionFailed error messages in Cognos Workspace
PM78657 Incorrect Output being created in Cognos 10.2 reports against TM1 datasource
PM78752 Compiling TM1 CAPI under Linux or Solaris
PM79252 Websheet is garbled/corrupt after updating it in Perspectives then viewing on Web
PM79356 TM1: DQM from BI causes TM1 server crash against a particular dimension
PM79577 [PERF-LAB] MDDSXQE fails to connect TM1 server at intervals
PM79707 Operation Failed in TM1Web after clicking Action Button that runs a process and rebuilds Active Form
PM79859 Dimension lock with UDCs and Critical Section Lock - users unable to login and log out
PM80075 Enabling autorecalc for the whole sheet causes performance problems with picklists in the report
PM80123 TM1 AdminHost switch mechanism
PM80536 Problem with loading dependencies in 10.1.1
PM80987 [BA SVT] TM1 server crashing in between an approval application deployment, resulting in corrupted application.
PM81129 Method required to trigger update to all existing TIs so that they get saved with new code based UI data
PM81997 Cognos Insight 10.2 unable to publish to a TM1 Server
PM82024 Change an existing TI Process to Recreate Cube requires to close and reopen the TI process
PM82036 After changing a characteristic field to Don't Load the characteristic description disappears
PM82182 TM1Web context area can't show all of dimension.
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM50273 TM1Workflow Excel Admin Console: Web and Workbook browsers should disaply workbook name with Excel extension xlsx
PM55764 Copying a cell will only paste visible text
PM56924 TI Upload skipping columns
PM64607 Unable to install Tm1 Contributor (Modeling Tool) on Client Machines
PM78169 In TM1 Web 10.1.1 Excel Data Validation for dates does not work if the Primary Language of the web browser is Russian
PM79416 " Operation Failed” message when selecting from the picklist in a websheet active form
PM79975 Unable to copy and paste into Tm1Web using Firefox version 17.0.1
PM80460 Cognos BI 10.2 crosstab report against TM1 data source gives unxpected results and behavior when refreshing prompt selection
PM80886 TI Process taking much longer to complete with Parallel Interaction enabled.
PM81559 TM1Web : Operation Failed when opening a sheet with TM1User function
PM81714 TM1 9.5.2 HF8 to 9.5.2 FP3 upgrade, causing BI DQM Report performance degradation
PM81719 After Upgrading to TM1 9.5.2 FP3, BI Report takes a long time to run and then TM1 Throws SystemOutOfMemory error
PM81828 Very slow performance on a tree prompt against TM1
PM82004 The old code is executed when you run a modified TI process without a prior Save
PM82010 Using the ambigous description name of an InfoCube instead of the unique technical name
PM82456 After running a DQM Report in Cognos BI, against a TM1 Server, subsequent CQM report runs do not perform as quickly.
PM82823 TM1: Hold Consolidate icon does not appear in Perspectives/Web when using CAM Security
PM82847 Metadata Updates and Private Subsets Spurious Locking
PM82994 TM1 Web snapshop\export does not show alias on sheet tab
PM83288 Tm1 server crash - TM1 Build Number10.1.10000.26473
PM83388 Very slow performance for MDX query with million member in a hierarchy
PM83539 SecurityRefresh not working in TI for non-admin users with Security Access set
PM83766 Unable to configure TM1 with signed certificate. Server crashing when configured to use certificate
PM84102 Server crash
PM84626 After upgrading form TM1 9.5.1 to 9.5.2, websheets no longer function
PM85748 DimensionElementInsertDirect and DimensionElementComponentAddDirect commands causing TM1 server to crash
PM85785 Unable to delete private views in TM1web
PM86084 Loading string attributes from SAP BW crashes TM1 9.5.2 FP3 HF4 Server for Windows x64
PM86118 TM1 9.5.2 FP3 HF4 Server crashes when trying to write data to SAP BW using the Cenit BW Connection
PM86357 Elements in Subset disappearing from TM1 Architect
PM86457 Guided import in Performance Modeller crashes TM1 server
PM86706 Guided Import - mapped measures dimension issue
PM87000 Tm1 Cube View Title dimension subset Index Issue
PM87341 ROUNDP not rounding correctly
PM87649 Calculations may result in very small values, but not zero, which makes "safe divide" generate a very large number
PM87804 TM1 process in 9.5.2.FP3 crashes with #N/A while working in 9.5.2.FP2
PM87901 Server crash - MDX Query
PM88508 TM1: Dynamic subsets with expand-above enabled do not resolve after server restart
PM88657 Tm1 server crash bluenose-related TM1 10.1.1
PM88788 Changing a zero value in a Websheet used in Application Web results in a 143: data spread failed message
PM88814 Disable use of UserdefinedCalculations in Tm1web and Tm1 applications
PM88822 Unable to register tm1 server on a second admin server
PM88987 TM1: Rules in }Element Security disappear after server restart
PM88999 TM1 Operations Console display is lagging and constantly refreshing : Kill menu disappears too quickly to be clicked
PM89297 Cube Viewer rendering and recalculation performance in IE much worse than Firefox
PM89345 Ops Console losing connection to the server and showing "No data to display"
PM89360 Views not caching after SaveDataAll
PM89528 BI Report with TM1 Data, Unable to kill thread via TM1Top
PM89575 TM1 Server Crashing with Save Data All, seemingly related to UDCs/Rollups
PM89770 ProportionSpreadToZeroCells does not work
PM89791 Accessing multiple TM1 server instances from TM1 Web does not work as documented
PM89858 TM1Web: Webcubeview with a dynamic subset doesn't update die row-dimension
PM90211 Subset comes in blank when creating a consolidation from a private subset
PM90729 TM1 10.1.1 FP1 Server Hang due to concurrent TM1 API fcts TM1ViewArrayCalculate and TM1ViewExtractGetNext
PM90819 Cognos BI 10.2 crosstab report against TM1 data source gives unxpected results when using multi select prompts
PM91040 Digital signature expired for TM1 Perspectives Excel Add-in
PM91105 TM1 9.5.2 FP3 User names with invalid windows character "/" accepted however folder not created
PM91313 Failed to rename .CUB$ to .CUB during SaveDataAll
PM91576 Printing an Excel report uding create snapshot in Excel 2010 generates a background message
PM91886 Operation failed on TM1Web
PM92019 After pressing 'logout', the TM1Web logon page does not display the available servers when AdminHost is hardcoded
PM92976 Picklist dropped down in wrong cell
PM93179 "10.1.1 Re-order of TM1 dimension causes BI report to take a very long time to run"
PM93301 The business partner has started to test the Cenit BW Connection with TM1 aka TM1 10.1 RP1 FP1
PM93547 Receiving aggregation error "--" on report that uses muti-select on more that one dimension.
PM94939 MagnitudeDifferenceToBeZero parameter causes strange behavior for safe division operator functionality
PM95395 Attribute functions in feeder rules result in incorrect automatically established dependencies
PM96291 TM1 Web Rollup on private subset in a websheet.
PM96549 "Creating TM1Web view with BI security does not hide dimensions"
PM96610 Hold consolidate does not work and depends on the order of elements in dimension
PM96833 Unable to search elements in TM1Web picklist
PM96908 Running a Turbo integrator process based on package connector crashes the enitre TM1 server
PM96982 Cognos Insight Distributed mode - All views are not visible
PM97381 TM1 Excel function SUBSIZ and SUBNM does not display new values on recalculate if the subset has changed
PM97456 Password with special character TM1RunTI
PM97995 DimensionElementComponentDeleteDirect does not correctly remove element
PM98562 Inconsistent TM1 views for different user accounts
PM98757 Cognos Insight: launching Query Builder fails when the database has a lot of tables
PM98958 TM1Web: scientific-notation stop action-buttons from working in TM1Web.
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1 FP2 IF2.
Number Description
PI27468 Crash on Planning TM1 Server 4/Sep/14
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1 FP2 IF5.
Number Description
PI45578 Password protected sheet asks for password each time F9 is pressed or recalculate occurs using Perspectives
PI47378 TM1 server crash
Issues corrected in IBM Cognos TM1 10.1.1 FP2 IF6.
Number Description
PI50174 TM1 Server crash due to subset with trailing space

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