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Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 FP1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


APARs listed for a specific updater apply only to that updater. Other APARs apply to Cognos BI Server and may also apply to other updaters.

Cognos Statistics

Cognos Business Intelligence 10.1.1 Fix List

Issues corrected since IBM Cognos BI 10.1.1.
Number Description
PK93424 Exception from Java Naming Directory Interface lookup, java.rmi.ServerException: RemoteException occurred in server thread
PM04142 No way to have new package inherit on publish security permissions from location where package is published
PM12134 Cognos Viewer is freezing with Internet Explorer 8 if an error occurs during a report is running in asynch mode
PM24180 Excel 2002 column width not as expected when a German Excel 2003 is used to view the report
PM27036 Multilingual SAP does not translate level caption according to content or execution language
PM27486 AAA-AUT error when using multiple namespaces with Single Signon and one namespace is Default namespace
PM31910 Report administrators can cancel schedules of reports on which they do not have permissions
PM32799 Cognos Access Manager ID displayed in Cognos Connection instead of display name
PM37506 Advanced parameters for report service causes errors adding report data source in Transformer
PM37557 Saving report parameters in a Sales Report takes 10 seconds in Cognos 8.2, but in 8.4.1 it takes 35 - 60 seconds
PM37588 Parameter values in URL duplicated
PM38764 Under load intermittent javascript errors cause channel to stop working and reports from rendering in dashboard with seven panes
PM39874 No failure due to expired credentials shown in run history. Expect CNC-SDS-0413 to be returned
PM40394 Is there anyway to remove 'attach report' in email options within Event Studio?
PM40420 Under Current Activities some schedules stay in "Waiting" status although have already finished
PM42041 Current activities not showing on a dispatcher-specific basis
PM42302 When running a report accessing a TM1 datasource, it is not possible to [Cancel] the execution.
PM42484 Cognos Invalid coercion from 'value' to 'string' error when implementing case statement with char() expression.
PM42578 Cognos portal fails with CAM-AAA-0071 and no one can login
PM42788 Unable to validate event when datasource has multiple signons and when parameters are set to 'use and item'
PM43493 Report Does not Sort in Cognos 10 after Upgrade
PM43912 Unable to drill up/drill down on Bubble Chart in Business Insight
PM44315 DPR-ERR-2101 Error when trying to add external data to package name with special character &
PM44478 Charts are not display correctly on Excel 2010
PM44720 Event Studio with an Approval request step will fail in an install with Oracle content store database
PM44839 Excel 2007 output in Excel 2010 loses 3D affect and legend is displayed incorrectly
PM45241 The Origin does not show zero in Excel format
PM45293 Drill through report that was working in does not work in
PM45301 Measure that was displaying correctly in now shows zero in
PM45372 XQE-DEC-0016 - No decoration rule was found for member...
PM45545 Ability to have the option of using IntegratedSecurityMode2 with Cognos TM1
PM45583 Unable to use over 2GB size csv file as a datasource in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 64-bit environment
PM45700 Schedule does not start in Cognos 10 if EMS (eventManagementService) is disabled on the Content Manager computer
PM45825 Unable to use external when "&" in package title,folder title, report title.
PM46007 RSV-SRV-0042 when validating report with Conditional Layout based on ReportOutput()
PM46066 Value having an Ampersand '&' character results in HTML tags '</br>' placed around data values in a chart
PM46250 Time format is not retained during upgrade
PM46268 Chart doesn't appear after group deleted on Cognos namespace
PM46345 Comment marker within SQL generated by Cognos 8 causes reports to fail
PM46357 An Event Studio event with a Database update task cannot be updated after package is re-published.
PM46382 Upcoming Activities show objects with the name 'unknown'
PM46509 Report fails with OP-ERR-0181 followed by XQE-CON-0007 if members are removed from the TM1 datasource
PM46692 Cognos 8 PowerPlay Enterprise Server-style audit log is created with both UTF-8 and Shift-JIS encoding formats
PM46712 Unable to import a report with prompt in Cognos for Microsoft Office
PM47323 Delay on expanding levels in PowerPlay Studio when using IBM HTTP Server plugin
PM47385 PDF Bursting to file system by dispatcher is much slower as compared to Content Manager method
PM47411 Resetting keydate causes data issues.
PM47424 Content Store corrupted if you try to cut and paste a folder into itself in Cognos administration.
PM47449 Local Processing required for Teradata ODBC causing performance problems
PM47475 CM-REQ-4201 You do not have access to the property "metadataModelPackage" for the object "report".
PM47552 Customer calculated data is being truncated to 8 decimal positions, but data item is configured for 10.
PM47631 Auditing fail with SQLCODE=-518 after db2rbind
PM47990 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
PM48075 OutOfMemory errors occurring twice daily on WAS 6.1 / AIX 5.3
PM48111 Incorrect error level Returned in Batch Cube Build for Failed Deployment
PM48190 Universal Data Access error in "sqlOpenResult" when bursting many reports at the same time
PM48254 Framework Manager abort when importing Infoqueries based on Infoset
PM48295 Poor performance with cube based report in Cognos 10 in comparison to Cognos 8.4.
PM48326 Report works fine in Cognos 8.4 but fails in Cognos 10, error RSV-SRV-0040.
PM48641 Change in DATE datatype handling in Data Manager 10 for Oracle
PM48666 Cannot add the Korean object in permission windows at Cognos 10.1.1
PM48686 Rendered chart shows black strip projected out of the area chart
PM48754 Report outputs defined for report within Job missing after Job imported in IBM Cognos 10.1
PM48809 SBW-ERR-0020 Error when drillthrough on a hierarchy node variable
PM48844 Data Manager memory leak when using user defined function
PM48854 Values change after upgrading from 8.4 to 8.4.1 or Cognos 10
PM49024 10.1 Slowness/hung environment after a re-start of the Cognos Services.
PM49039 ActiveDirectory provider does not always forward request to the right domain.
PM49068 Chart disappear (become red cross) after maximizing the Cognos Viewer portlet in the tab page
PM49112 Unable to use alerts feature if no email address is specified in preferences
PM49127 Improve failed report source login errors
PM49136 MSR-UI-0001 An error occurred while generating the UI interface. When running a report with external data.
PM49139 Datasource authenticated vs a SAP namespace, failure to prompt users to log onto SAP namespace
PM49225 "Unable to get interactive activities" error when an interactive report is executing
PM49295 Incorrect Audit DB connection string generated in 10.1.1 when using SQL Server 2008 64-bit
PM49296 cgsLauncher cannot start on 64-bit WAS FP19 with 10.1.1
PM49338 Batch report fails on distributed install when inactivity timeout is changed.
PM49410 Data Manager does not recognize timezone on AIX 7.1
PM49496 Job defined to generate report in default format do not perceive the properties of parent job in Cognos 10
PM49536 Audit database with 10.1.1 on SQL 2005 when using Windows Authentication
PM49579 Space in the install path causes RSV-CCP-0005 error running Statistics reports
PM49609 Member Search does not work with Dynamic Query Mode
PM49614 Multidimensional Expressions time functions with Dynamic Query Mode on Essbase doesn't work
PM49682 Measures with [] in their name are not running with Dynamic Query Mode
PM49698 XQE-PLN-0020 error and cannot run the report against TM1
PM49721 With Cognos 10 Runtime, unable to save Business Insight dashboard error: 'CAMAuthenticityTokenSession' is undefined
PM49797 DPR-ERR-2074 and DPR-ERR-2077 errors and core files generated during load test
PM49826 Unable to use email delivery method when running a report after inactivity timeout is hit and Single Signon is in use
PM49913 If daily frequency starts before midnight and finishes after midnight then the schedule will replicate for every day
PM49933 Dispatcher name not shown in Schedule details when scheduled report is in executing state.
PM49990 Join changed when querying Metric Package vs Framework Manager published copy of the Metrics Package
PM49992 Intermittent RSV-SRV-0040 When Running Reports with Concurrent Query Execution Enabled
PM49996 MSR-API-0002 Error on Lineage Request
PM50009 Output visible in HTML but other formats are blank when using outer join in report studio
PM50037 Inconsistent Multidimensional Expressions between compatible and Dynamic Query Mode vs text prompts on SAP Business Explorer Interval variables
PM50215 In a Pie Chart with multiple pies, an Exploded Slice based on Expression does not explode the slice in all pies
PM50226 Optional SAP interval variable with calendar prompt latest date is not passed down
PM50302 Framework Manager cannot import decfloat from DB2 9.7
PM50320 Dynamic Query Mode JAVA Memory increases when testing new users vs existing users
PM50423 Dynamic Query Mode Drillthrough passing parameter value between SAP Business Explorer Interval variables is not working
PM50545 Index Search not disabled when Index services set to 'False'
PM50622 Aggregation function count distinct returns QE-DEF-0260 Parsing error in cross tab
PM50708 Scheduled reports do not work with IntegratedSecurityMode=2
PM50725 Lifecycle Manager throws RSV-AOM-0002 on all reports validating with particular 8.4 hotsites installed.
PM50774 Error when validating report spec after upgrading to 10.1.1
PM50817 Chart label not correct in Excel 2010 output
PM50831 Unable to migrate project to 10.1.1 based on Netezza db
PM50835 Effects of 2011 permanent Russian timezone timechange on IBM Cognos products
PM50877 IBM Cognos 8.4.1 Business Intelligence Server generates cores when running on AIX 6.1 operating system
PM50909 An HTTP error code occurred: 200 - Using Business Insight
PM50911 Users with an ampersand in their display name appear as "&amp" in Cognos Connection
PM51027 Saving Preferences in Business Insight in multi-server environment causes an error
PM51062 Prompt page in 10.1 takes much longer to be displayed when compared to 8.4.
PM51104 It's not possible to expand the folder "more" to get more dimensions displayed
PM51145 Excessive java over head when grouping/summarizing SAP BW data in Report Studio or Query Studio.
PM51223 Running reports to Excel introduces a 1 minute lag between when the report completes and is displayed in Excel.
PM51269 When a datasource connection test fails in 10.1.1 the Message column is blank
PM51271 Possible memory leak after multiple cubes created with Monitor Model
PM51306 Testing a compatible datasource in Cognos 10.1.1 does not provide valid error message
PM51319 Using complex identity mapping fails with AAA-SYS-0001, AAA-LPS-0005
PM51326 Topcount not working when TM1 data source package has Dynamic Query Mode enabled. Works fine when Dynamic Query Mode is not enabled.
PM51487 Differences in Spanish translations for "Short name"
PM51513 BI exception when restarting TM1 server - PCA-ERR-0001
PM51530 Large memory growth observed in the Batch Report Server process when running PDF Report in a job over time.
PM51624 Passing a text item as part of a drill through from an OLAP report to a relational report
PM51649 Conditional formatting causes incorrect summary row formatting
PM51725 Intermittent XQE-MD-0007 Unable to establish a metadata connection to data source
PM51729 Unable to complete the action error in Business Insight
PM51779 Unable to run scheduled active report and save output to file system
PM51814 Concurrent Query Processing causing error "RSV-SRV-0040 An application error has occurred. Contact your Administrator."
PM51999 UDA-SQL-0532 Data Source is not accessible Error - after aborted database session
PM52037 Changing the font is not reflected to the font list box in Query Studio after inserting the new query item
PM52039 PowerPlay Studio generating core file
PM52077 Seeing significantly increased report run times in Cognos 10 versus 8.3
PM52082 Cascading Prompt when required prompt on page
PM52151 Enabling audit log for PowerPlayService causes error PDS-PPE-0015
PM52221 Searching on "full text and all fields" option in "Business Intelligence Reporting" throws NO_LOCAL_HANDLER, 0: "local.gosearch"
PM52222 Client found response content type of 'text/html' when importing a report with a prompt
PM52287 Unable to enable Update on non-key Dimension columns
PM52323 DPR-ERR-2079 Error with Linage Request
PM52372 Data Manager Service task authentication timeout
PM52480 Unable to drill down if the data contains ']'
PM52510 Query items removed from query when parent query is referenced for burst and child query is used in data object
PM52552 Customer encountered an issue with picklist Range variable
PM52592 Audit reports do not show entries for Scheduled reports
PM52605 Drill behavior changed after upgrade from Cognos 8.3 to Cognos 10.1.1.
PM52619 Go Office 10.1.1 repeatedly prompt for selection/login information under certain circumstances
PM52631 Conditional variable on 10.1.1 errors out with invalid data type compatibility
PM52780 Cache.getAccmanName message on Cognos Connection when exception in search method
PM52781 Issue creating custom subsets
PM52863 XQE-DAT-0005 Cannot convert the set size value '85402999066163530752000' to data type
PM52904 hiding summary(total) row breaks drill down capability in Analysis Studio
PM52985 Upgraded report against Informix database fails with "DPR-ERR-2077 Failed to forward the request"
PM53110 RQP-DEF-0103 Cross-Join Error After Upgrading 8.2 Framework Manager Model to Cognos 10.1.1
PM53143 Table in Table causing error for Excel 2007 reports
PM53209 Cell data in crosstab is shifted in Excel and PDF rendering
PM53232 XQE-GEN-0002 An unexpected exception occurred: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
PM53361 Internet Explorer 6 slows down while using with Cognos 10.1.1
PM53396 XQE-GEN-0005 is generated when running a report that uses external data under Dynamic Query Mode environment
PM53507 DQM: XQE-PLN-0003 error in a nested crosstab report
PM53717 Intermittent Blank Screen when drilling through to another report
PM53823 Support informix c-sdk 3.70
PM53830 Cognos 10.1.1 Toolbox drop down list strange behavior- shows up outside the studio frame.
PM53852 Inserting the crosstab space causes XQE-PLN-0020 under Dynamic Query Mode environment.
PM53948 Suppress Rows and Columns does not Work in Crosstab in Relational Package
PM53979 TM1-ERR-0054 A cube with the specified name ("cube_name") cannot be found on the TM1 server
PM54010 When a user attempts to save a workspace that contains parts from the same report a CM_REQ-4024 error is displayed.
PM54021 Schedules with Excel 2000 format are not upgraded
PM54028 Report throws QFS-ERR-0140 error when run in Cognos 10.1.1
PM54086 Performance issue when trying to get in to a query item which contains parameter maps
PM54096 Lifecycle Manager shows status "No differences" for failed reports
PM54295 PowerCube measures roll up to zero when multiple custom views included
PM54451 Target output is missing in 10.1.1 CSV comparison in Lifecycle Manager
PM54516 Environment hangs when save as is used in report studio
PM54540 Apply Data Format with Scale and Decimal Places gives incorrect output results in HTML and PDF format
PM54577 CAM-AAA-0056 Unable to authenticate with Single Signon through Active Directory as LDAP Namespace
PM54676 Query Studio Title Area Missing 10.1.1 vs 8.4.1
PM54743 Report with User-Defined Function throws RQP-DEF-0177 error after upgraded from 8.4.1 to
PM54854 java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError when standby Content Manager takes over as active during failover testing after 14 day stability run
PM54981 Calculated set with Preserve drill behavior does not update during drill down after upgrade from 10.1 to 10.1.1
PM54986 java out of memory error when viewing a large HTML report in a cognos viewer portlet
PM54992 XQE-DAT-0005 on summary report with [total(colA)]/[total(colB)] expression
PM55011 XQE-GEN-0005 error in importing measure data through External Data Access over DQM
PM55065 14:Fatal when using localized pattern in Microsoft Analysis Services with Dynamic Query Mode
PM55102 DPR-ERR-2077 DPR-ERR-2077 The request failed because the associated report service process with pid <PID#> is unavailable
PM55122 Cannot save the active report at local file system
PM55167 Absence of error message in Internet Explorer when insufficient permissions to data source
PM55168 Return button from PowerPlay Studio is not closing the window if the report is opened from the portal page.
PM55303 Scheduled Data Manager Service task fail periodically
PM55414 Report Upgrade issue. Pie Chart Legend shows percentage in 10.1.1 where in 8.4.1 it showed the actual number
PM55444 BIBUS crash on report
PM55604 Report with rendering variables does not display correctly in HTML
PM55792 Cognos Viewer throws "One or more of the required values is missing..." error in Internet Explorer when switching prompt values
PM55828 Unable to schedule a report view
PM55967 Conditional blocks not working on hotsite 10.1.6235.1044 for XLS linked prompts
PM55986 Summary cell in 10.1.1 doesn't account for missing columns(merged)
PM56062 OP-ERR-0109 The model item '[Revatours_Sales_Cube].[Depart_dates(All)].[Depart_dates(All)].[Depart_ dates (All)]' is invalid
PM56249 Images missing from Active Reports in Cognos Express
PM56275 Page break and cascading prompt triggering RSV-SRV-0040 error
PM56336 Unable to upgrade ReportNet custom portal pages to Cognos 10
PM56338 Is it possible to prevent the Not Logged Initially option when truncating DB2
PM56353 Unable to add custom role to Framework Manager Dimension
PM56364 Upgrading specific reports to 10.1.1 do not work without fully qualified data item
PM56452 Expression editor examples no longer appearing
PM56520 Many warnings (unterminated string literal) when drill through from report to report
PM56522 intermittent DPR-ERR-2077 , DPR-ERR-2056 , DPR-ERR-2074 causing reports to fail
PM56546 Receiving an error with a value prompt with Auto-submit
PM56635 Frequent PPESBusServer.exe Dump File Generation with use of PCActivate
PM56668 Pass one value to Analysis Studio which is not a part of the context filter, then the error ANS-MES-0005 appears
PM56854 After drilling to detail report from dashboard, first drill down sends 2 drill requests
PM57046 Using Audit logging, SESSIONID in USERLOGON does not match SESSIONID in RUNREPORT for scheduled reports.
PM57149 Errors when reporting on Sybase IQ
PM57237 Drill through has inconsistent performance compare with obsolete version
PM57374 RQP-DEF-0526 in some reports that leverage Local Cache after setting Cognos Query Engine flag RequestHintLocalCacheHasHigherPriority
PM57800 dom4j component causes out of memory issue on report server
PM57936 XQE-CON-0007 XSB-ERR-0091 A problem has been encountered with Single Signon Ticket from SAP Netweaver portal
PM57939 Unable to import large packages.
PM58068 Drill down not working after certain number of rows
PM58153 List report drill up/drill down disabled (greyed out)
PM58241 Cognos Report migrate defect
PM58351 Upgraded report causes Dispatcher to crash (DPR-ERR-2056)
PM58361 Sybase IQ 15.2 and 15.3 support
PM58367 10.1.6235.1104 breaks Cognos Graphic Service.
PM58557 Reports run on 64-bit fail
PM58662 QE-DEF-0314 when user has only Execute and Traverse permissions on datasource
PM58674 UDA-SQL-0432 Unable to locate the gateway "libcogudact" when running Data Manager on Linux
PM58719 Relational Query Planner error in Business Insight workspace saved to My Folders with GenerateCommentInNativeSQL enabled in CQEconfig.xml
PM58959 XQE-PLN-0001 is generated under Dynamic Query Mode environment
PM59128 Failure to suppress nulls in Dynamic Query Mode when Fact cells have drillthrough defined passing static values
PM59312 Drill up not working as expected
PM59525 HTTPClient does not work with redirects when connecting over HTTPS
PM59575 Exporting to CSV from a large report rendered in HTML loses data
PM59602 Scheduled Data Manager Service task fails intermittently with unexpected exception
PM59607 Javascript errors in Internet Explorer 7 and 8 with PowerPlay Studio when creating a Custom Subset/Save As
PM59984 Customer report throws Null Pointer Exception in XQEBaseQueryNode
PM60146 Dmp files created in 10.1 environment
PM60315 cgsLauncher.exe process getting into a hung state.
PM60477 Creating multiple custom subsets in PowerPlay Studio results in HTTP/404 error in IE
PM60694 Unnecessary calls for BAPI_IOBJ_GETDETAIL performed at report execution
PM60712 The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference
PM60716 QE-DEF-0260 errors when using IN () with more than two items following upgrade from Business Intelligence 10.1 to 10.1.1
PM60844 Client unable to import .unv file into Framework Manager
PM61025 QE-DEF-0260 Parsing error before or near position: 72 of: "[Presentación].[Proyectos].[Tipo de proyecto] in ('Sistem...
PM61302 Tomcat and Localhost logging missing in Cognos 10.x
PM61456 Upgraded report can not drill up/down in the crosstab
PM61526 Cube/Infoquery names wrapped in double bracket on Multidimensional Expression metadata query calls
PM61573 The response to variable MA request when dimension is missing from model contains V5 hierarchy member unique name
PM62000 XQE-GEN-0002 Java out of memory error message when running the report against SAP BW
PM62035 After installing hotsite for APAR PM51725 the Java process for Query Service does not shut down properly
PM62283 User actions causing PowerPlay Client 10.1.1 to freeze/hang
PM62338 Reselecting item in slider properties dialog should not need to query for the same values again unless report has changed
PM62415 XSB-ERR-0091 A problem has been encountered with the Single Signon Ticket from an SAP NetWeaver
PM62469 XQE-V5-0011 error using Microsoft Analysis Services and SQL Server Dynamic Query Model
PM62479 PowerPlay Client rendering issue during drill-up operation
PM62488 Use SAP Member Unique Name as Business Key not respected when drill down with substring() expression
PM62523 BIBusTKServerMain memory leak has been observed while running 64-bit stability
PM62727 Intermittent XQE-PLN-0243 error in opening Business Insight report
PM63056 PowerPlay Client will not communicate with Solaris 10 server when NATTimeout is set to 0 (CAM socket issue)
PM63097 XQE-DS-0006 Unable to logon to the datasource when datasource authenticated with SAP namespace
PM63368 With Network Address Translation (NAT) on accessing remote cubes - Client appears to be unresponsive and simple actions(drill-up) take too long to complete (~13 min)
PM63491 Unable to Multi-Select columns in Query Studio
PM63628 Report with 400 queries hangs
PM63926 Crosstab Format not respected after migrating from Classic to Dynamic Query Mode
PM64178 Unable to expand More link when creating custom subset in PowerPlay Studio 10.1.1
PM64201 XQE-PLN-0004 Found an internal error on node 'V5EdgeGroup'. !previousHierInfo.equals(currentHierInfo)
PM64227 After upgrade QE-DEF-0260 error is returned for most of the reports and new queries
PM64387 Drillthrough failure on particular SAP Business Explorer query OTC-402
PM64687 Use of GET_MEMBER() to fetch variables on dim not included in package causes: java.lang.NullPointerException
PM65145 The class module (ExecutionEnvironment) in Dynamic Query engine holds multiple copies of the same report spec in memory
PM65361 Installation of hotsite 10.1.6235.1173-0 causes PDS-RM-0001 error
PM65458 Crosstab two spaces report fails with error XQE-PLN-0214. The report has measures on multiple edges
PM65674 Report with Locale set to Spanish fails with parsing error
PM65925 Unable to filter for NULL values in a Dynamic Query Mode list
PM66719 Couldn't establish a metadata connection to TM1 data source with Dynamic Query Mode on AIX 64-bit
PM66801 HTML page rendered when report is run in PDF output type (after dropping Updater kit 10.1.6235.1034)
PM67940 Images missing from Active Reports when Run Now - Open
PM68170 Status of a rebooted AppTier node is stuck in 'Unknown' state (virtualization)

Cognos Statistics
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Statistics 10.1.1.
Number Description
PM49579 Space in the install path causes RSV-CCP-0005 error running Statistics reports - on Win32, Win64 platforms
PM58557 Reports run on 64-bit fail

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