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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs, interim fixes and request for enhancements (RFEs) sorted by version for IBM Rational Rhapsody.


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Table of Contents:

Mod Pack (8.0.6)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.6
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 141509 / RATLC01429338 --- --- Objects and Call Behaviors in Activity Diagrams should have Name text-wrap enabled
Activity Diagram 221832 / RATLC02828999 PI07675 --- Constraint or Requirement name being displayed twice if image is associated in Rational Rhapsody
Activity Diagram 222506 / RATLC01551807 --- 42241 RFE to request retaining linked call behaviors when copying or cutting and pasting an action
Activity Diagram 222717 / RATLC02516332 PM99619 --- Image associated with Action on AD is lost if you display name / label
Ada Code 223318 / RATLC02845322 --- 41383 Enhancement Request to disable the dynamic creation of events
Ada Reverse Engineering 206863 / RATLC02510287 PM79197 --- separate file is not regenerated after reverse engineering
Animation 225079 / RATLC01552456 PI08310 --- Rhapsody 8.0.2 created incorrect code generation with no warning to user
AUTOMOTIVE 223616 / RATLC02848483 --- 41710 Usage of delegationSwConnectors in Compositions
AUTOSAR 215849 / RATLC02513814 PM90358 --- unable to create DelegationConnector in browser
AUTOSAR 223690 / RATLC02849938 PI06394 --- unable to create a DelegationSwConnector in the Model Browser in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 224741 / RATLC02517190 PI07792 --- InitValue and ecuAbstraction refs are not imported from ARXML
AUTOSAR 224742 / RATLC02517191 PI07793 --- Export to ARXML misses dataelement/dataports
AUTOSAR 225137 / RATLC02865694 PI07874 --- Abstract: Attempts to Drag and Drop ApplicationSwComponentType Elements on to Sowftware Component Diagram diagram leads to al
AUTOSAR 225138 / RATLC02517219 PI07885 --- ARXML imports with Unresolved References
AUTOSAR 225147 / RATLC02870450 PI08260 --- Filtered ARXML Export contains entire project in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 225431 / RATLC02878177 PI08711 --- Creating LowerLimit and UpperLimit element types forces it to be derived from AttributeValueVariationPoint in AUTOSAR_40 prof
Browser 208309 / RATLC02664496 --- 30184 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to distinguish 'types' .
Browser 214788 / RATLC02730306 PM89166 --- Browser Display Options menu under View disappears after modifying the project and saving.
CM 213614 / RATLC02512910 PM87512 --- DiffMerge not launched correctly from RTC Eclipse client with Rhapsody Plugin
Code 214955 / RATLC02732907 --- 34990 Display descriptions of Actions in Flowcharts or Activity Diagrams as comments in the generated code
Code 215196 / RATLC02734644 --- 35098 Code generation of description of Actions and Transitions of a Flowchart/Activity Diagram in Rational Rhapsody in C.
Code 216970 / RATLC01549083 PM91864 --- Complilation error when tried to use the class of different package but in same namespace.
Code 220130 / RATLC02802870 --- 38901 RFE RHP Provide CG property to include a space between operation/func name and ( parameter list
Code 222518 / RATLC02834377 PM99807 --- OM_CURRENT_EVENT_ID does not compile in Reusable state chart
Code 224293 / RATLC02855124 PI07083 --- file cg_info has changed in Rational Rhapsody
Code 225136 / RATLC02861036 --- 42431 Generating a function with a black argument in RiC
Code 225141 / RATLC02870457 --- 42798 Add additional CG full path info as PostProcessor parameter in Rhapsody
Code 225823 / RATLC02891444 PI09100 --- ESC Rhp 802 The dependency which created from Matrix can't be generated as an include statement in code.
Code 225825 / RATLC02889500 PI08947 --- Cannot Redfine Condition Content
Code 227108 / RATLC02919834 --- 44629 Generating inline operations with the keyword inline
Code Editor 224342 / RATLC02859042 PI07267 --- CRASH:DFT Rhp v8.0.4 crashes when type object-> on Active Code View
Code Generation 122897 / RATLC01407792 --- --- Generation of comments in the code from the Desc tab for an Action in AD
Code Generation 130306 / RATLC01413830 --- --- Setting initial values for relations possible only if static or reference
Code Generation 145764 / RATLC01435182 --- 6506 Ability to use keywords for the Implementation/Specification Prolog/Epilog properties.
Code Generation 146006 / RATLC01433962 --- 6368 Provision of a means to retain the initial value for associations.
Code Generation 148190 / RATLC01437384 --- 6864 Extend Specification/Implementation Prolog/Epilog with Description tags
Code Generation 149303 / RATLC01438556 --- 7029 Rhapsody keywords in CG properties.
Code Generation 150992 / RATLC01668244 --- 7314 Ability to use keywords in the property 'CPP_CG:Operation:ImplementationProlog'.
Code Generation 172091 / RATLC02567514 --- 12212 Inefficient default implementation for STL container.
Code Generation 182000 / RATLC02498396 --- 15398 Initialization Order in Constructor should initialize Base Class First
Code Generation 203301 / RATLC02634007 --- 27396 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to handle Inconsistent handling of conflicting initialization of attributes
Code Generation 206203 / RATLC02509996 PM78345 --- Attempts to build an OMD which contains a subclass generalizing the Port of its base class may result in a compiler warning
Code Generation 208140 / RATLC02664031 PM80547 --- Description template of Requirement not generated correctly in code as macro keywords are not expanded
Code Generation 215759 / RATLC02741456 --- 35493 Unable to order initializers in Rhapsody; causing compiler warnings.
Code Generation 217921 / RATLC02769478 --- 37234 RFE Rhp Please add a checking that an abstract operation does not have a body
Code Generation 219692 / RATLC02796285 --- 38485 Enhance Rational Rhapsody in C such that there is an option to select Attribute as static
Code Generation 220712 / RATLC02795998 PM95936 --- DFT RHP 802 CG can't generate #include for 'usage' dependency from component file
Code Generation 220852 / RATLC02806215 PM96810 --- Roundtriping the model gives message popup in Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 223296 / RATLC02845126 PI05868 --- variant inherits function dependent on read only mode
Code Generation 223346 / RATLC02843567 PI05839 --- Comments duplicated on roundtripped code regeneration
Code Generation 223741 / RATLC02850728 PI06494 --- wrong order of variables in generated code in Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 223744 / RATLC02846717 PI06106 --- CRASH RHP804 64bit: During component build for large models
Code Generation 224274 / RATLC02855124 PI07083 --- file cg_info has changed in Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 224296 / RATLC02856887 --- 42230 Add a property to Rhapsody which allows code to be inserted after the definition but before the implementation
Code Generation 224711 / RATLC01552317 PI07631 --- Incorrect code generation of #define artifacts when using a static generalization in RiC
Code Generation 226396 / RATLC02517710 PI10053 --- TestFix Request: Code generation is causing performance issues.
DDS 213062 / RATLC02708767 PM86683 --- RHP 8 does not include topic structs in non-DDS code
DiffMerge 203516 / RATLC02635488 --- 27555 Diffmerge ? warn user when e.g. choosing left on a higher node where right was already chosen on a lower node
DiffMerge 204189 / RATLC02635071 --- 27489 Diffmerge - Improve window management and navigation with graphical merge
DiffMerge 223138 / RATLC02840779 PI05393 --- DiffMerge deletes file when merging through console in RHP 8.0.4
DiffMerge 225439 / RATLC02517379 PI08598 --- Diffmerge fails to automatically resolve the case where two streams both add new operations to a class.
Documentation 225824 / RATLC02891453 PI09117 --- DFT Rhp Links for tutorial in help have not transfered correct site
Documentation 160254 / RATLC02126306 --- 9172 Documentation for RhapsodyAppServer.
Documentation 206961 / RATLC02510355 PM79339 --- RhapsodyAppServer does not appear in the Javadoc for the Java API
Documentation 225432 / RATLC02878723 PI08713 --- Doc: Users need to update path in Rhapsody.ini after copying IBM folder to another account.
Export-Import Integrations 190121 / RATLC02588133 --- 19999 Improvise Gateway to introduce a Log file to document the Rhapsody-DOORS synchronization iteration process
Features Dialog 200804 / RATLC02614639 --- 25595 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that different sterotypes with values can e specified for Arguments
Features Dialog 213111 / RATLC02709202 PM86749 --- Scoll bars disappear on SuSE Linux in the property dialog
Features Dialog 221833 / RATLC02828973 PM98869 --- DFT Rhp Can not input after hyperlink feild in description of feature dialog
Features Dialog 221967 / RATLC02829161 PM99060 --- Feature Dialog window (context menu) appeared below the task bar in Rational Rhapsody.
Features Dialog 222713 / RATLC02837322 PI06777 --- Unable to remove value from 'In-State' field of Object Node in Rational Rhapsody
Features Dialog 223751 / RATLC01552072 PI06532 --- DFT Rhp 8.0.x selected enum value could be INCORRECTLY reflected in model if the literals are not in alphabetical order
Features Dialog 225819 / RATLC02517496 PI09132 --- Unable to set visibility of types with multi select
Framework 143315 / RATLC01431424 --- 5916 Shallow History to be supported
Framework OSAL 222714 / RATLC02516328 PM99604 --- DFT Rhp 803 an IndexOutOfBoundsException happened when running state transition of multi-threads
Framework OSAL 224303 / RATLC02516871 PI06681 --- CG::Class::ActiveMessageQueueSize does not work with QNX 6.5 for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0.1
Gateway 223347 / RATLC02843305 PI05799 --- import multi value enum tags to Rational Rhapsody
Gateway 223946 / RATLC02516936 PI06865 --- Gateway gives poor message when multiple versions are installed.
Gateway 225372 / RATLC02877388 --- 43148 Prevent File Corruption when Multiple Releases are Installed
Gateway 225828 / RATLC02890368 PI09017 --- DFT: Chinese/Japanese translations are missing in the Gateway of 8.0.5/8.0.6
Graphic Editor - General 176990 / RATLC02572166 --- 13596 Locate on Diagram takes the focus on to the first diagram containing the element and not on the current open diagram
Graphic Editor - General 226964 / RATLC02517894 PI10816 --- Timing Diagram observation values are lost after restart/reload
Graphic Editors 212085 / RATLC02695424 --- 32291 Possibility to auto adjust the state chart diagram frame
Graphic Editors 215241 / RATLC02735220 --- 35127 Port name and port are too far away from each other
Graphic Editors 217996 / RATLC02769674 --- 37299 Display requirement ID when requirement is shown on Diagrams
IDE Integrations 222715 / RATLC02516302 PM99523 --- Workbench crashes when project is accessed simultaneously via RhapsodyCL on remote machine
Install and Licensing 226022 / RATLC02897559 PI09528 --- RhapsodyApps section not installed in rhapsody.ini
IntelliVisor 224290 / RATLC02856266 PI07140 --- Crash invoking IntelliVisor in large model
Java API (COM) 217294 / RATLC02757791 --- 36707 Plugin example shouldn't need to create second instance of itself during initialization
Java API (COM) 226402 / RATLC02517610 PI09641 --- PrintModelChangesToLogWindow prints the same GUIDs more than once
Java API (COM) 226408 / RATLC02517690 PI09962 --- ExtendingAPI sample fails to run correctly due to using deprecated RPProject constructor in Rational Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 226648 / RATLC02906773 PI10200 --- Running APIExtension Sample in Rhapsody V8.0.5 32 bit results in Cannot created Java interface error
License 222725 / RATLC02830744 PM99483 --- Bad exception handling when RCL libs crash in license component
License 224461 / RATLC02517090 PI08174 --- Reporter license feature is not returned when running ReporterPlus generation from IBM Rational Rhapsody
Main Window 222844 / RATLC02839377 PI05348 --- Crash opening Welcome Screen after Close All
Misc 225139 / RATLC02869203 --- 42785 Ability to use scrollbars for navigation of diagrams in Web UI in DesignManager.
Misc 225144 / RATLC02866674 --- 42664 suppress license expiration warning
Modeling 207639 / RATLC02660139 PM79970 --- RHP 8: metrics view will not display through a hyperlink in a comment
Modeling 222202 / RATLC02830357 --- 40493 Possibility to focus only on the class of the selected ObjectNode
Modeling 223339 / RATLC02838659 PI05230 --- Cannot add Condition Connector to new Statechart Diagram Tools
Modeling 223340 / RATLC02842128 PI05617 --- Not possible to set stereotype on multiple selection of elements
Modeling 224302 / RATLC02855590 --- 42149 Hebrew language characters are not always displayed correctly in browser dependency elements.
Modeling 224305 / RATLC02516728 PI06125 --- Cannot drag CallOperation onto an ActivityDiagram from another ActivityDiagram.
Modeling 226023 / RATLC02897804 --- 43557 Update time values for observations and constraints in Timing Diagrams for Rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General 201512 / RATLC02617672 --- 26016 RFE Rhp the project icon in model view should be changed
Modeling - General 217595 / RATLC01549417 PM92668 --- Filtering of table views with filter condition 'Empty' or 'Not Empty' cause the table view to stop opening.
Modeling - General 222711 / RATLC02516345 PM99673 --- Format painter does not work in the Rhasody 64-bit version of rhapsody.
Modeling - General 223350 / RATLC02516615 PI05596 --- Populate flowchart operation causes a crash in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.4 64-bit Developer for C
Modeling - General 224708 / RATLC02517159 PI07632 --- New Term does not appear to extend port information.
Modeling - General 225071 / RATLC02517288 PI08168 --- When a state is resized in a TimingDiagram; attached messages do not have their times updated for IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0.5
Modeling - General 225148 / RATLC02867271 PI08058 --- Crash w/ Relation Xtended TableView + SysML connector
Modeling - General 225157 / RATLC02869703 PI08157 --- Tag applicable for Block automatically changes to Object if the profiles loaded to another model in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General 225829 / RATLC02889811 PI08957 --- Unable to remove Unresolved Elements in 8.0.4
Panel Diagram 212475 / RATLC02700984 PM85804 --- Running simulation through Panel Diagram results in incorrect information.
Print 215465 / RATLC02513715 PM90002 --- Activity Diagram does not print out correctly.
Profiles 224066 / RATLC01552171 PI07050 --- Unable to parametrize content filter topic expression.
Profiles 225831 / RATLC02889981 PI08974 --- RHP 805 w/Simulink profile: implicit constraint properties generated in error
Rational Publishing Engine 223338 / RATLC02516619 PI05599 --- Unable to retrieve Typedef Base Type from types
Reporter Plus 207996 / RATLC02510657 PM80317 --- Template param types cannot be loaded into ReporterPLUS : COM Error
Reporter Plus 225346 / RATLC02876884 PI08674 --- AcceptTimeEvents is not present in contained element in Rational Rhapsdoy Rep+
Reports 223337 / RATLC02841193 PI05446 --- Stylesheet Selection does not stick when 'Finish' button clicked
Repository 219045 / RATLC02786249 PM95075 --- Do not add _modifiedTimeWeak to Rhapsody files
Reverse Engineering 206618 / RATLC02651956 PM78997 --- DFT Rhapsody 761 implemented codes of template specialization can't be reversed into model
Reverse Engineering 222515 / RATLC02834355 PI04694 --- Crash: Reverse Engineering abnormally terminated while importing 200 files
Roundtrip 220629 / RATLC02795430 PM95838 --- DFT Rhp Operation which has subclass type causes parsing error in RT
Roundtrip 222123 / RATLC02515747 PM97299 --- Using friend class attribute as func argument in another class creates RT parse error
Roundtrip 224312 / RATLC02851865 PI06673 --- Roundtripping changes the value of Template Class and also adds a new comment line in Rational Rhapsody
Server-Client Platforms 226650 / RATLC01552784 PI10306 --- CORBA Environment variable parameter is not generated in Rhapsody
Simulink Integration 224712 / RATLC02861825 PI07623 --- Fix Request for Rhapsody 8.0.2 simulink import tool
Simulink Integration 224469 / RATLC02859871 --- 42330 Support for Simulink 2013b for Rhapsody Design Manager
Statechart 223607 / RATLC02845733 PI05949 --- DFT Rhp JP label of state is garbled when save by label mode on
SysML 224061 / RATLC02853703 PI06927 --- DFT Rhp SysML does not have Nobuffer stereotype for object nodes
SysML 226449 / RATLC02906737 PI10186 --- Tags applicable to Block are not being displayed in the Feature Dialog of Blocks in Rational Rhapsody
Table Matrix 208038 / RATLC02662625 PM80378 --- Column Resizing Does Not Work As Specified
Table Matrix 220652 / RATLC02802283 --- 38867 Rhapsody Requirements Traceability Matrix: support tag-based and regexp filtering
Table Matrix 225143 / RATLC02517253 PI07975 --- Available options under Table Layout content limited by first selected element in Element Type tab
Table Matrix 225154 / RATLC02867267 PI08053 --- Not possible to change tag value in table view when using complex types for value
Table Matrix 226191 / RATLC02900092 --- 43666 Enhance Rhapsody to allow manually adjusting the height of rows in matrix/table view
TestConductor 219099 / RATLC02786692 --- 38046 ER for Test Conductor to recognize the extended stereotypes and generate correct code
TestConductor 223140 / RATLC02842344 PI05678 --- Rhapsody 8.0.3 can crash when executing a test case that has an empty PreCallAction in it
TestConductor 223264 / RATLC02842902 PI05762 --- CRASH: When trying to Create a New TestCase
TestConductor 223320 / RATLC02845326 --- 41387 Testing initial transition - documentation needed
TestConductor 224298 / RATLC02855132 PI07090 --- Results of the Testcases executed not getting displayed correctly using Rational Rhapsody TestConductor
TestConductor 225149 / RATLC02867408 PI08084 --- Executing a TestCase hangs on SuSE Linux.
Toolbars 223335 / RATLC02841934 PI05574 --- Favorites Menu Toggle does not function correctly in 64-bit
User Interface 190983 / RATLC02589730 --- 20356 Search elements also in diagrams
User Interface 202431 / RATLC02622897 --- 26684 Text Edit Pulldown Menu no available in Specication Field
User Interface 206458 / RATLC02650453 --- 29292 Show ports in an alphabetical order
User Interface 211220 / RATLC02686586 --- 31808 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that the Multiplicity of an Attribute can be displayed in the feature window of Struct Types
User Interface 213868 / RATLC02719913 --- 34024 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to have a check box to enable Filter based on Property value
User Interface 217578 / RATLC02514507 PM92634 --- Multiple Functions folders created for single activity in Rhapsody browser
User Interface 218000 / RATLC02769988 --- 37322 Accept enter button to enter tagged values
User Interface 223139 / RATLC02842308 PI05654 --- Color changes to font and window don't save
XMI 218269 / RATLC02777352 --- 37546 Allow Activities in Use Cases to be imported through XMI without being moved to an alternate package
XMI 225142 / RATLC02866994 PI08036 --- Cannot import XMI into 64-bit Rhapsody Eclipse Client

Mod Pack (8.0.5)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.5
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 220585 / RATLC02515490 PM96364 --- Model elements and lines on diagrams are being re-drawn after it is pasted into a new diagram.
AUTOMOTIVE 214410 / RATLC02725506 --- 34498 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to have a property to enable generation of UUIDs for ARXML export from project level
AUTOMOTIVE 214582 / RATLC02727179 --- 34648 Possibility for conditional properties to be able to evaluate tags
AUTOMOTIVE 217823 / RATLC02514632 --- --- RFE-Improve ARXML Increment import performance
AUTOSAR 215892 / RATLC02742429 PM90440 --- Exporting one ARPackage as AUTOSAR XML documents throws warnings and errors pertaining to other ARPackages in Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 215958 / RATLC02743162 --- 35531 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that if one package if selected for Export as AUTOSAR then whole project should not be Read
AUTOSAR 217923 / RATLC02769501 --- 37244 Enhanced export criteria in Autosar AR XML Export Filter
AUTOSAR 220849 / RATLC02799658 PM96219 --- Unable to add swSyscond to VariationPoint model element in AUTOSAR_40 profile in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 220850 / RATLC02799665 PM96221 --- Unable to add NumericalValueVariationPoint to swSystemconstantValue model element in AUTOSAR_40 profile in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 221580 / RATLC02828356 PM98859 --- Exporting ARXML from Rational Rhapsody leads to error An internal error occurred ...
AUTOSAR 222723 / RATLC01551541 PM99448 --- Import/Export of AUTOSAR XML into empty folder
CM 207797 / RATLC01544180 PM80116 --- No items selected message appears with Tree view in RTC MSCCI configuration items
CM 215564 / RATLC02513743 PM90091 --- Please select exactly one item in Configuration Items Tree View.
CM 220841 / RATLC01550819 PM96534 --- Crash: Rhapsody in RTC crashes when an element highlighted in Search window is deleted
Code 218098 / RATLC02773196 PM93710 --- Difference in code generation after RE the files with RiA
Code 218236 / RATLC02777192 PM94092 --- Code error on having nested template classes
Code 219226 / RATLC02790098 PM95719 --- RhapsodyCL.exe cores during code generation with RTF descriptions in the project
Code Generation 201469 / RATLC02617425 PM71921 --- RHP 7612 Linux: Parent class in separate package can be duplicated and moved during roundtrip
Code Generation 212020 / RATLC02694481 PM84955 --- DFT Rhp Argument name is not generated when argument name and type name are the same
Code Generation 214770 / RATLC02730252 PM90213 --- RT: Round-tripping the code where a preserve block (up) and user data type (down) reside together results in incorrect CG.
Code Generation 218717 / RATLC02782403 PM94785 --- RhapsodyCL.exe crashes during code gen
Code Generation 220628 / RATLC02515387 PM96056 --- regenerateWithDependencies() doesn't give full output
Code Generation 220966 / RATLC02815700 PM97600 --- incomplete compilation environment generates wrong code in Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 221444 / RATLC02515870 PM98286 --- Rhapsody crashes when generating code for SMXF C Dishwasher model .
Code Generation 222001 / RATLC02515650 PM96895 --- 64bit client crashes during CG with a large model; 32bit client does not
Code Generation 222120 / RATLC02823714 PM98183 --- Indentation is not proper in generated code of flowchart in Rational Rhapsody.
Code Generation 223938 / RATLC02516934 PI06860 --- Crash with RhapsodyCL when generating with unloaded package
Collaborations 221994 / RATLC02829215 PM99107 --- Rhapsody 8.0.2 intermittent crashes when ceck in/out from ClearCase with batch mode
Corba 221857 / RATLC02824287 PM98276 --- Duplicate namespace during CORBA code generation in Rational Rhapsody
DiffMerge 193028 / RATLC02593798 PM62503 --- After Merge; the scope of component changes
DiffMerge 193678 / RATLC02505681 PM63131 --- Manual merge of state of overridden state causes runtime problems
DiffMerge 197199 / RATLC02506796 PM67146 --- Base aware merge of statechart causes unresolved operation
DiffMerge 205141 / RATLC01542762 PM76901 --- Performing Graphical Merge in Rational Rhapsody Diffemerge results it to crash
DiffMerge 213205 / RATLC02512717 PM86923 --- Superstate merge causes default transition to disconnect from starting state in Rhapsody
DiffMerge 214842 / RATLC02513474 PM89260 --- Crash when comparing / merging statecharts graphically
DiffMerge 217235 / RATLC02514349 PM92265 --- Crash - Diffmerge crashes when comparing two units of type .tmp
DiffMerge 217579 / RATLC02514508 PM92636 --- Highlight Differences option gets turned off when opening a substate in DiffMerge
DiffMerge 217580 / RATLC02514510 PM92640 --- DiffMerge graphical merge dialog needs to be more consistent
DiffMerge 219103 / RATLC02786805 PM95179 --- Merge brought in the body from the stream rather then changes made to local copy.
DiffMerge 221003 / RATLC01551181 PM97667 --- DFT Rhapsody: Dclick stereotype applied element on DiffMerge;err The item this link points to invisible in this view occurs
Documentation 212026 / RATLC02692926 PM84924 --- Missing SXF documentation
Documentation 215008 / RATLC02513542 PM89424 --- Round-Tripping with VS 2010 deletes function on sequence diagram.
Documentation 222065 / RATLC01547505 PM99264 --- History connector documentation clarification
Documentation 222508 / RATLC02516412 PI04729 --- Documentation lacks description for 'copy with model'
Documentation Properties 217713 / RATLC02514570 PM92955 --- The missing definition of property General::Model::MergeElementsAPIPolicy
DOORS 221977 / RATLC02829175 PM99069 --- Exporting to DOORS is impacted on using Gateway types based on Rhapsody customized profiles
Eclipse Code - Build 218291 / RATLC02514923 PM94168 --- RHP prompts for Eclipse IDE when it is already open and connected.
Features Dialog 204117 / RATLC02634805 PM75091 --- Label mode is inconsistent in drop-down list of features dialog of model elements
Features Dialog 212379 / RATLC02699833 PM85544 --- DBCS: JP text shown garbled in RHP's internal editor for tag's value
Features Dialog 213806 / RATLC02719807 PM87783 --- Unable to use external editors for Requirement specification.
Features Dialog 215166 / RATLC02734237 PM89589 --- Spell Check does not work on Linux
Features Dialog 220838 / RATLC02805321 PM96670 --- Property 'Model::DefaultType' does not work for types defined in PredefinedTypes.
Framework 216565 / RATLC02748750 PM91289 --- Using AdditionalNumberOfInstances with the OXF can lead to crash rather than graceful recovery
Gateway 180299 / RATLC02575676 PM51958 --- DiffMerge tool crashes at 2GB memory footprint when we perform a Sync using Gateway.
Gateway 210881 / RATLC01545834 PM83776 --- DFT Rhapsody GateWay import REQ specification- font size applied for Japanese is not the same as that for English characters
Gateway 217857 / RATLC02768512 PM93246 --- RG 7.6.1 menu in DOORS after installing Rhapsody 8.0.3
Gateway 218007 / RATLC02771753 PM93482 --- Gateway: Can't find requirements containing DBCS through Find in Rhapsody operation
Gateway 222509 / RATLC02833804 PM99732 --- Analysis Error and Conversion Problem on loading a package with immediate child elements in Rhapsody Gateway
Graphic Editor - General 213060 / RATLC02708669 PM86673 --- Multiplicity on Composition Not Displayed in a BDD after moving composition.
Graphic Editor - General 217050 / RATLC02514263 PM92134 --- Send to Back function does not work consistently.
Graphic Editor - General 220625 / RATLC02804577 PM96607 --- 'Complete Relations' functionality does not work correctly for embedded flows.
Graphic Editor - General 220853 / RATLC02515623 PM96809 --- Activity Diagram being re-drawn and can not save.
Graphic Editor - General 222507 / RATLC02516401 PI04704 --- Diagram flow lines changes appearance after saving and closing.
Graphic Editors 220854 / RATLC02807559 PM97010 --- Stereotype overrides local property settings
Graphic Editors 222057 / RATLC02829350 PM99228 --- Auto Save is disabled for directory with special permission
Harmony 206328 / RATLC02649890 PM78545 --- Complex branching sequence with call behavior terminates prematurely
Harmony 209803 / RATLC01545211 PM82308 --- SE-Wizard quits SD generation if Fork Bar has multiple flows to Call behaviour
Harmony 213188 / RATLC01547141 PM86898 --- The SE-Toolkit needs dummy states when call behaviours are used
Harmony 213191 / RATLC01547150 PM86900 --- The SE-Toolkit can not handle a model with flow ports
Harmony 215762 / RATLC02741496 PM90307 --- Duplicate messages/events are created when you Generate SDs using the SE Toolkit
Helpers 216971 / RATLC02514196 PM91865 --- Wait for completion option for Helpers in Rhapsody doesn't work
Helpers 222134 / RATLC02823046 PM98099 --- Using helpers with multiple elements
Install and Licensing 221784 / RATLC02806088 PM98847 --- DFT Rhapsody x64 804 Architect for Software edition appears in All Programs evenif rhp x64 is installed.
Java API (COM) 192393 / RATLC02504926 PM61924 --- Multiple hep file entries cannot load individual classpaths
Java API (COM) 206925 / RATLC02653324 PM79269 --- Using API call 'getDiagramOfSelectedElement()' in Eclipse IDE with Platform integration; focus is lost from selected element.
Java API (COM) 218336 / RATLC02514936 PM94197 --- Unable to set the value of None for a transition in a statechart using the Java API
Java API (COM) 221968 / RATLC02829165 PM99062 --- DFT Rhp API undo() method shows RhapsodyRutimeException error
Mainsoft 219296 / RATLC02515214 PM95562 --- Selecting text in comment causes Rhapsody to lock.
Mainsoft 220839 / RATLC02515410 PM96126 --- Window control (display / docking / undocking) does not work correctly under KDE or XFCE
Metrics 209816 / RATLC02672386 PM82320 --- Executing Files per Package in Metrics Layout of Rational Rhapsody does not yield any result
Misc 218207 / RATLC02776551 --- 37520 Add signature privileges to HTML reports
Modeling 220580 / RATLC02810933 PM97217 --- Unable to create a trace dependency for a port in Rhapsody when using AUTOSAR_40 profile
Modeling 221830 / RATLC02823560 PM98870 --- DFT Rhp _modifiedTimeWeak information is added into sbs files when save the model
Modeling 221952 / RATLC02829116 PM99031 --- Specification/Structured View toggle not working in 64 bit Rhapsody 8.0.3
Modeling - General 218170 / RATLC02514826 PM93926 --- Toolbox gives the incorrect diagram elements for some elements using SysML Block Definition Diagram
Modeling - General 218911 / RATLC02515091 PM94861 --- Sequence Diagrams do not select messages on conjugated ports correctly
Modeling - General 220133 / RATLC02515574 --- --- Modification of base statechart leads to corruption of the derived statechart
Modeling - General 220842 / RATLC02515625 PM96808 --- Modification of base statechart leads to corruption of the derived statechart
Object Model Diagram 218715 / RATLC02515064 PM94735 --- Incorrect link when interface instantiates generic
Platforms 218950 / RATLC01550191 PM94996 --- Gcc Error while launching Rhapsody on Suse Linux
Profiles 218258 / RATLC02514881 PM94100 --- Rhapsody does not tie a link to an information-flow when connected to parts.
Profiles 220855 / RATLC02807535 PM96994 --- ResourceMessage stereotype on an SV-10c diagram is undefined when going from UPDM to UPDM2 profile
Profiles 221095 / RATLC02515844 PM97792 --- Rhapsody unable to find profile location when ReferenceUnitPath set to relative
Reporter Plus 218564 / RATLC02515032 PM94556 --- ReporterPLUS Rhapsody HTML Exporter output breaks due to java 1.7 update 25
Repository 218952 / RATLC02785760 PM94995 --- incremental save fails in Rational Rhapsody
Reverse Engineering 201042 / RATLC01630681 PM71417 --- Reverse engineering does not merge data in the model
Reverse Engineering 217138 / RATLC02756644 PM92172 --- Selecting Policy as Merge existing packages does not update/modify the Flowchart diagram during Reverse Engineering
Roundtrip 200874 / RATLC02507943 PM71165 --- static attribute initialization byInitializer causes roundtrip error
Roundtrip 202901 / RATLC01630864 PM74535 --- Component scope is corrupted for packages with same name with Rhapsody in Java
Roundtrip 213710 / RATLC02719212 PM87690 --- Attributes added to a struct type are deleted from the model after save or roundtrip
Roundtrip 214771 / RATLC02730267 --- --- RT: Round-tripping the code where a preserve block (up) and user data type (down) reside together results in incorrect CG.
Roundtrip 214969 / RATLC02513531 PM89393 --- DFT Rhp 761 Result is different in running Force Roundtrip on single class and multi classes
Roundtrip 215200 / RATLC02734857 PM89701 --- DFT Rhp include definition is changed by RT depending on component file.
Roundtrip 215595 / RATLC02739179 PM90170 --- FRT : Running FRT with multiple elements selected results in removing preserve blocks
Roundtrip 216388 / RATLC02746991 PM91086 --- DFT Rhp 802 unnecessary comment generated and continously generated after Force RT and GC
Roundtrip 217145 / RATLC02757113 PM92228 --- DFT Rhapsody 802 an existence dependency is created under the innerest nested class after RT
Roundtrip 217795 / RATLC02768214 PM93141 --- DFT Rhp 802 repeating to force_RT and GC causes the proliferation of package annotation
Roundtrip 221834 / RATLC02823689 PM98871 --- DFT Rhp Direction of argument is changed after RT
Roundtrip 222021 / RATLC02829311 PM99183 --- Peforming Force Roundtrip changes the Deriving Class in Rational Rhapsody
SA Integration 216799 / RATLC01548954 PM91635 --- DFT Rhapsody is freezing when import definition from SA
Search 218265 / RATLC02749642 PM94110 --- search for unresolved elements not possible in Rational Rhapsody
SysML 220845 / RATLC02797318 PM96150 --- Unable to connect Flow Ports in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.3.
Table Matrix 214587 / RATLC02727480 --- 34694 Possibility to Create a MatrixLayout for Rhapsody using JAVA API
UPDM 220851 / RATLC02800568 PM96305 --- Mapping from UPDM1 to UPDM2 creates Resource Roles in wrong systems
User Interface 214809 / RATLC02513463 PM89222 --- DFT Rhp Rename preview finds unnecessary information of CG::Relation::Implementation in a profile
User Interface 217628 / RATLC02514538 PM92752 --- Unable to close diagram via tab right-click on second monitor
User Interface 218643 / RATLC02514220 PM91945 --- DFT Rhp 802 the inputable length of Guide-Me file/URL is limitted in [open Guide-Me] dialogue
Visual Studio Integration 207409 / RATLC02657311 PM79776 --- Values in IDESolution & IDEWorkspace tag becomes cleared at reconnection
XMI 218632 / RATLC02781720 PM94649 --- Inconsistent statechart on importing RoseRT model to Rhapsody
XMI 221446 / RATLC02822748 PM98068 --- Statemate XMI bridge fails to install in Rational Rhapsody.

Fix Pack (8.0.4)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.4
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 215164 / RATLC02734099 --- --- UI freeze when selecting text in Call Behavior description
Activity Diagram 216690 / RATLC02749640 PM91464 --- Setting value of propertyDrawingShape as BasicBox or RoundedBox for a Stereotype does not display the Description of Action
Activity Diagram 218145 / RATLC02773821 PM93815 --- RHP803; unable to drag an action from browser to activity diagram.
Ada Code 212434 / RATLC02700430 PM85712 --- Wrong code generation on using the property (Ada.Configuration.ContainerSet) with RiA
Animation 217594 / RATLC02763108 PM92664 --- GNAT Ada animation doesn't work because of wrong instrumentation options in project files
AUTOMOTIVE 218128 / RATLC02514789 PM93793 --- Unable to set initial value of explicitInterRunnableVariable thru the AUTOSAR VariationPoints tab
AUTOSAR 216474 / RATLC02514029 PM91186 --- Unable to redirect DelegationConnector (link) between PPortPrototypes
AUTOSAR 217122 / RATLC02514283 PM92162 --- Importing an AUTOSAR XML 3.15 file
AUTOSAR 217125 / RATLC02514287 PM92167 --- Importing an AUTOSAR 3.1.5 XML file causes issues if cannot find a way to incrementally add data and tool automatically.
AUTOSAR 217146 / RATLC02514318 --- --- Missing visibility for Limit and NumericalValueVariationPoint in the model browser
AUTOSAR 217147 / RATLC02514321 PM92236 --- Unable to connect pModeSwitchPort and ModeSwitchInterface using Diagram Tools
AUTOSAR 217191 / RATLC02757239 PM92245 --- Unable to add LowerLimit and UpperLimit element types to CompuScale model element in AUTOSAR_40 profile in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 217796 / RATLC02514628 --- --- RFE-Need capability to deal with Unnamed element with multiplicity > 1 when performing ARXML merge import
AUTOSAR 217797 / RATLC02514630 --- --- RFE-Need capability to deal with Unnamed element with multiplicity == 1 when performing ARXML merge import
Browser 166789 / RATLC02562353 --- 10822 Tooltips show and disappear immediately under linux
Browser 193480 / RATLC02594349 --- 21581 Enable Order in Browser Display Option does not allow to change the order of Activity (diagram) in Rhapsody browser
Browser 197823 / RATLC02606473 --- 23913 RFE RHP Stereotype of project on browser
Code 212970 / RATLC01546997 PM86533 --- Issues with code generation of stereotyped operations
Code 214954 / RATLC02732909 --- 34984 Warning dialog that the simplified model is not saved do not show anymore
Code 216970 / RATLC01549083 PM91864 --- Complilation error when tried to use the class of different package but in same namespace.
Code 217789 / RATLC02767776 PM93041 --- RHP 802: override of existing function in C_CG::Class::ExecutableOperationName not being exposed
Code Generation 150854 / RATLC01321496 --- 7317 RFE Rhapsody Code Generation Style for multi-attributes with initial value defined in class
Code Generation 208140 / RATLC02664031 PM80547 --- Description template of Requirement not generated correctly in code as macro keywords are not expanded
Code Generation 209169 / RATLC02668545 PM81624 --- Compiler Warning on generated code for a function call
Code Generation 209616 / RATLC02511216 PM82057 --- DFT Rhapsody 801 Defined default type can't be refered correctly in Japanese edition
Code Generation 212020 / RATLC02694481 PM84955 --- DFT Rhp Argument name is not generated when argument name and type name are the same
Code Generation 212025 / RATLC02512112 PM84977 --- Unnecessary for-loop generated in initRelations
Code Generation 212072 / RATLC02695307 PM85096 --- Description Template for Files missing in Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 214248 / RATLC02723139 PM88377 --- Description Begin Line/End Line property has no effect for Operation with dependency to Requirement with description template
Code Generation 216820 / RATLC01548976 PM91662 --- Code indentation property not respected for action code in a flowchart
Code Generation 217763 / RATLC02514601 PM93169 --- Using Generalization with Template Parameter Class leads to uncompilable code in Rational Rhapsody v8.0.3
Collaborations 182349 / RATLC02577684 --- 15295 ER to create a matrix layout and view that displays report based on conditions
DiffMerge 171193 / RATLC02490812 PM43339 --- Differences between handling of meta data in Rhapsody and DiffMerge
DiffMerge 188762 / RATLC02576353 PM52686 --- Performing a Merge using DiffMerge fails to resolve when elements have the same names
DiffMerge 210227 / RATLC02511483 PM82915 --- Lack of progress indication when using DiffMerge
Documentation 215168 / RATLC02734320 PM89608 --- Link to file for C++ Tutorial is broken
Documentation Properties 214241 / RATLC02722762 PM88325 --- PackageEventBaseIdAlgorithm property has been removed in Rational Rhapsody
Documentation Properties 216595 / RATLC02749207 PM91367 --- Definition for attribute enerateAttributeImplementationForInterface is missing
Features Dialog 202992 / RATLC02508858 PM74662 --- Changing the name of a class causes the stereotype to become duplicated.
Features Dialog 204116 / RATLC02634801 PM75086 --- Label properties in Rhapsody are not applied consistently in the Features dialog
Features Dialog 204932 / RATLC02641842 PM76687 --- RHP 8 not listing CPP_CG common properties
Features Dialog 215216 / RATLC02734891 PM89706 --- Dependency dropdown disappears before a selection can be made in Rational Rhapsody
Features Dialog 216642 / RATLC02749250 PM91391 --- Rational Rhapsody crashes when the Initialization Code is deleted from the Configuration.
Framework 215768 / RATLC02741671 --- 35381 Rhapsody C support for SMXF framework with QNX Neutrino RTOS 6.5
Framework 217033 / RATLC02754504 PM92110 --- Framework will not compile with gcc 4.5.1
Framework OSAL 214407 / RATLC02513232 PM88531 --- OXF framework: gcc gives compiler warning for OMMemoryManagerWrapper::Delete
Gateway 207154 / RATLC02510449 PM79651 --- Gateway shortcut is added to the start menu in Windows even when Gateway is not selected during Rhapsody installation
Graphic Editor - General 215163 / RATLC02733945 PM89524 --- Changing the Port Type in Browser of AUTOSAR model does not update/change the icon in Diagram Workspace in Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editors 217494 / RATLC02762515 PM92551 --- Diffmerge looses template parameter when unit is merged more than once
Helpers 213411 / RATLC02512790 PM87195 --- Cannot programmatically change font size of a comment
Install and Licensing 217142 / RATLC02753747 PM92199 --- Dongle License fails for Rational Rhapsody 8.0.3
Java API (COM) 209119 / RATLC02668454 PM81583 --- Using setDescriptionHTML to input formatted HTML
Java API (COM) 210930 / RATLC02511704 PM83836 --- Generation of diagrams through the Java API runs out of memory in Rhapsody process
Java API (COM) 212017 / RATLC02695224 PM85057 --- 'setGraphicalProperty' API does not work correctly when 'ShowName' is set to 'None'.
Java API (COM) 215878 / RATLC02742379 PM90425 --- Unable to use 'setDescriptionHTML' API to input formatted HTML text.
Java API (COM) 217386 / RATLC02752169 PM91657 --- IRPProject.findElementsByFullName() cannot find Statechart
Main Window 132476 / RATLC01419233 --- --- not possible to stop compilation with the stop icon
Modeling 214452 / RATLC02726041 PM88634 --- HIGH Memory consumption when opening model in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling 215169 / RATLC02734360 PM89614 --- Selecting the description of the type freezes Rational Rhapsody 8.0.2
Modeling 215370 / RATLC02737577 PM89880 --- Rational Rhapsody crashes when Show Ports Interface is checked in a Component Diagram
Modeling - General 187358 / RATLC02501998 PM57806 --- types with same name but different parent class cannot be used as third class' operation's arguments
Modeling - General 213816 / RATLC02719811 PM87789 --- Applying Stereotype of Type File (Design Patterns) in Rational Rhapsody leads to Cannot merge object of type File... error
Print 215465 / RATLC02513715 PM90002 --- Activity Diagram does not print out correctly.
Profiles - General 213655 / RATLC02718610 PM87587 --- DDS Upgrade from 7.6 to 8.0 breaks links
Rational Publishing Engine 190545 / RATLC02588907 PM60454 --- Report generation and Rhapsody freeze when using the XHTML attribute.
Rational Publishing Engine 194691 / RATLC02506089 PM64239 --- RPE schema mispelled UseCases predefined query
Roundtrip 217457 / RATLC02761339 PM92453 --- DFT Rhp 802 popup warning happened after Force RT a class; if its project is ReadOnly
Search 204239 / RATLC02637779 PM76253 --- Rhapsody shortcut for references does not work
Search 213767 / RATLC02719770 --- 33941 Implement a Feature in 'Search In' field to scan multiplicity field of attributes
Simulink Integration 212960 / RATLC02707666 PM86526 --- RHP: Cannot compile code from Simulink sample
User Interface 212024 / RATLC02693004 --- --- RFE Allow Rhapsody Attribute Order window to be sizable
User Interface 214267 / RATLC02723149 --- 34393 RFE Rhp Pls don't let the previous selected type name overwrite the manual input name on setting a return type of operation
User Interface 214270 / RATLC02723346 PM89155 34393 RFE Rhp last selected operation's return type overwrited the manual input one
User Interface 214271 / RATLC02723355 --- 34415 Make components scope list scrollable also when (RO) Read Only
User Interface 216009 / RATLC02743667 --- 35644 Name of condition connectors on statecharts
User Interface 216531 / RATLC02514055 PM91257 --- DFT Rhp 802 Tag in constraint's feature diagram disappeared if it's opened after a constraint based stereotype
User Interface 216809 / RATLC01548966 PM91653 --- Crash: Editing tag in referenced profile value leads to Rhapsody crash
User Interface 219224 / RATLC02789851 PM95373 --- Unable to use the properties option in the implementation of a function in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.3 64-bit.
Visual Studio Integration 217124 / RATLC02514286 PM92163 --- Read-only MainGenerationScheme property is changed when reconnecting VS integration
XMI 218072 / RATLC02772916 PM93647 --- XMI tag valued are duplicated during a XMI import

Mod Pack (8.0.3)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.3
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 124448 / RATLC01409583 --- --- Actvity on a BDD - there is no easy way to open it
Ada Code 190982 / RATLC02589728 --- 20357 Part Initialization Ignored with RiA
Ada Code 205491 / RATLC02644230 --- 28628 Remove dependence of RiA install on make.exe to compile C animation libraries
Ada Code 205901 / RATLC02647508 --- 28895 Rhapsody in Ada needs to support later GNAT versions than 6.0.2
Ada Reverse Engineering 191575 / RATLC02590707 --- 20637 Support for RiA Reverse engineering of Ada 2005
Ada Reverse Engineering 212515 / RATLC01546824 PM85950 --- On Linux the AdaRevEng script has hard coded Java to /usr/bin/java
Ada Reverse Engineering 213871 / RATLC02720611 PM87964 --- RHP 76 Ada Rhapsody using Windows path to add Ada Standard libraries
Animation 206876 / RATLC02652535 PM79191 --- Animation of Ada_CG::Class::IsStatic classes in Rhapsody in Ada not working
Application Execution 195780 / RATLC01348039 PM65389 --- DFT Rhapsody 7.6.x failed to launch if system env variable __COMPAT_LAYER set as DisableNXShowUI
Application Execution 204767 / RATLC02509436 PM76482 --- Accessing OMString::GetBuffer() doesn't modify buffer
AR BMT 213701 / RATLC02512954 PM87676 --- Exporting a Rhapsody AUTOSAR model which has Identifier to an ARXML file throws improper error message
AUTOMOTIVE 209989 / RATLC01545312 PM82518 --- After importing an .arxml file the Browse... Button is without function
AUTOMOTIVE 210105 / RATLC02675194 --- 31176 ER to enhance the user feedback when importing arxml
AUTOMOTIVE 213154 / RATLC02512664 PM86813 --- ARXML import fails no model to import
AUTOMOTIVE 213804 / RATLC02719800 PM87779 --- Failed to move up of a folder while browsing for an AUTOSAR XML Document in Rational Rhapsody.
AUTOMOTIVE 214908 / RATLC02732537 PM89326 --- Attempts to export ARXML results in Rhapsody crash
AUTOSAR 200411 / RATLC02613419 --- 25340 Allow user to chose Merge Policy at Import dialog
AUTOSAR 203813 / RATLC02637199 PM75770 --- Autosar XMI importer can not be used twice in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 206378 / RATLC01543535 PM78605 --- AUTOSAR Bug: Rhapsody allows creation of an OMD under ARPackages in AUTOSAR
AUTOSAR 212738 / RATLC02512486 PM86254 --- Exporting a Rhapsody model which has ImplementationFile to an arxml file throws improper error message
AUTOSAR 213064 / RATLC02512630 --- --- RFE - Need capability to check the existence of required tags
AUTOSAR 214331 / RATLC02724955 PM88461 --- Exporting and Importing back of ARXML files from/to AUTOSAR models creates new model element in Rational Rhapsody
Browser 199404 / RATLC02610803 --- 24767 Ability to change the order of usage dependency (model element) from the browser.
Browser 207156 / RATLC02654689 --- 29748 Visualize label mode in browser
Browser 214013 / RATLC02721745 PM88095 --- Expanding the classes in the Rational Rhapsody model lead to crash.
Code 198608 / RATLC02608794 --- 24409 Property or feature to control order of include statements in Rational Rhapsody
Code 207407 / RATLC02657127 --- 29826 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that code #ifndef class_a_h is generated in UpperCase
Code 207838 / RATLC02510617 PM80142 --- Warning when building project with Cygwin in Rhapsody
Code 208043 / RATLC02662769 PM80410 --- PostDeclarationModifier does not work if set for a class in Rhapsody
Code 209085 / RATLC02668327 --- 30604 Add the property CG::Relation::Generate to the feature dialog
Code 212040 / RATLC02692259 --- --- Incomplete code generated on using the property (CG::Package::FileName) to get the code in specified file
Code 212043 / RATLC02691761 --- --- Incomplete code generated on using the property (CG::Package::FileName) to get the code in specified file
Code 213718 / RATLC01547437 PM87692 --- Issues with Micro C Optimized Top Down statechart implementation
Code Editor 213758 / RATLC02512978 PM87738 --- Opening second operation in IDE causes operations contents to be overwritten
Code Generation 141176 / RATLC01429094 --- 5579 Support for generating the userdefined keyword in the Implementation(.cpp) file
Code Generation 151368 / RATLC01316750 --- 5983 RFE Rhp Generate Operation Description to the Implementation Files(.c; .cpp)
Code Generation 158952 / RATLC01995928 --- 9007 Checkbox for ?return value? or ?return reference?
Code Generation 163981 / RATLC02378919 --- 10130 Enhance Rhapsody to allow overriding of properties associated to Primitive operations by using Stereotypes
Code Generation 169097 / RATLC02565037 --- 11398 RFE for Selection of header inclusion order
Code Generation 187406 / RATLC02584422 --- 17752 Ability to specify pointer type for arguments in the 'Arguments' tab.
Code Generation 205145 / RATLC02642641 PM76878 --- Operation signature not correct in the model and as a result in the API.
Code Generation 206933 / RATLC02653352 PM79278 --- Class Trace code is generated twice when setting value of property CPP_CG::Class::Simplify as ByUserPostDefault
Code Generation 207128 / RATLC02606406 --- --- Minimize Memory footprint requiured by State Machines
Code Generation 208037 / RATLC01544299 PM80401 --- Drawing usage type dependency from Event; Results in a missing Import statement
Code Generation 208935 / RATLC02510975 PM81336 --- Include file gets generated to .h and .cpp file.
Code Generation 209306 / RATLC02669779 PM81884 --- 'postSimplify' function call does not work correctly for Simplifiers in RiC.
Code Generation 211302 / RATLC01545336 PM82581 --- Executing the project after adding a flow property under flow specification in Rhapsody resulted in compilation error
Code Generation 212037 / RATLC01546389 PM84877 --- DFT Compile error after create test architecture using test conductor
Code Generation 214780 / RATLC02730286 PM89160 --- Different code generated for read-only units.
Code Generation 214838 / RATLC02730898 PM89250 --- Types code generated in .h file even after setting C_CG:Type:Visibility as private in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.2.
Code Generation 215373 / RATLC02737697 PM89902 --- RHP802 Component generation times at least 20% slower than in 7611
Collaboration Diagram 125249 / RATLC01302713 --- --- RFE Sequence number reorder in Collaboration Diagram
DDS 160187 / RATLC02125660 --- 9277 DDS - Need to be able to model inheritance for Topics (Topic Structs) or Value-types
DDS 161288 / RATLC02195117 --- 9527 The ability to model enumerated elements for generated DDS IDL file
DiffMerge 156256 / RATLC01516626 PM27440 --- .sbs file crashes Rhapsody and DiffMerge. Corruption seems to be a result of merge
DiffMerge 161427 / RATLC02203684 PM33133 --- Diffmerge.exe destroying all opposite info in sbs files
DiffMerge 174071 / RATLC02492969 PM45854 --- difference can't be shown in different color for sub-statechart diagram in DiffMerge
DiffMerge 191399 / RATLC02590453 --- 20597 Storing the pathes in the diff/merge tool
DiffMerge 198607 / RATLC02608792 --- 24412 DiffMerge file extension
DiffMerge 202967 / RATLC02508848 PM74613 --- When returning from Textual Merge; the DiffMerge controls are greyed out
DiffMerge 206283 / RATLC02649796 --- 29182 ER to open the differences in DiffMerge in a Maximised window
DiffMerge 208553 / RATLC02666728 PM81015 --- Loading a sbs-file after merge results in missing information.
DiffMerge 213208 / RATLC02710597 PM86932 --- Running Layout->complete Relation does nothing in diff-merge
DiffMerge 214247 / RATLC01547726 PM88376 --- DFT Rhapsody DiffMerge Crashed when trying to save the merged result on file
Documentation 214007 / RATLC01547597 PM88081 --- DFT RHP feature restriction to Actively-Managed model compared with local model not provided in product document
Documentation 155818 / RATLC01516216 --- 8340 Enhance the documentation to include MARTE usage.
Documentation 205888 / RATLC02647466 PM77832 --- confusing menu item Tables and Charts in Rational Rhapsody
Documentation Properties 211172 / RATLC02686210 PM84038 --- Properties help not available for ATG; RTC; Visual Studio
Eclipse Code - Build 209793 / RATLC01545202 PM82300 --- Build command property in Eclipse does not contain the settings defined in Rhapsody Eclipse configuration
Export-Import Integrations 206636 / RATLC02651995 --- 29414 Delete no longer used attribute in Doors
Extendibility 211224 / RATLC02686600 PM84111 --- RHP 8.0.1: ObjectModelGe:Class:ShowPorts property set on a diagram is not honored by subsequent API actions
External Checks 161115 / RATLC01520739 PM32637 --- ActivityDiagrams located under packages are not supported by custom checks
Features Dialog 165609 / RATLC02553175 --- 10539 Have the Select... choice in the drop-down list when declaring an interface to a port
Features Dialog 204638 / RATLC02640539 --- 28144 Select multiple model elements to change properties and presentation features
Features Dialog 215042 / RATLC02513556 PM89469 --- RHP: Crash occurs when deleting Tag element
Features Dialog 215043 / RATLC02513558 PM89470 --- When setting tag values for multiple objects; Rhapsody crashes.
Framework 186885 / RATLC02583392 --- 17532 Minimize C++ Memory footprint caused by State Machines
Framework 210181 / RATLC02511455 PM82805 --- Validation tests 19 and 21 crash on windows/vxworks
Framework 212038 / RATLC02512029 PM84827 --- Exceeding the BaseNumberOfInstances properties value causes memory fault on QNX target
Framework Safety Critical 209785 / RATLC02672338 PM82293 --- Missing Architecture Diagram for SMXF FW model
Gateway 125007 / RATLC01410255 --- --- Gateway Synchronize should not require read/write access to .rqtf
Gateway 173774 / RATLC02569068 --- 12716 Export Table/Matrix view from Rhapsody to Gateway
Gateway 190714 / RATLC02589309 --- 20323 Gateway does not retain hyperlinks
Gateway 193730 / RATLC02595028 --- 21768 Only write to RQTF file if configuration has changed
Gateway 199605 / RATLC02611304 --- 24965 ER to introduce a Java analysis type
Gateway 205324 / RATLC02643382 --- 28507 Gateway should be able to import macro-requirements into Rhapsody
Gateway 207199 / RATLC02655050 --- 29783 Activity diagrams naming settings on Rhapsody gateway
Graphic Editor - General 145126 / RATLC01433734 PM17231 --- Multiple select some items on a diagram and right-click Set Stereotype - it only gets applied to one of them
Graphic Editor - General 210514 / RATLC01545611 PM83301 --- DFT Rhapsody label mode won't take effect on requirements dispayed on the diagram which is shown in note style
Graphic Editor - General 213099 / RATLC01547072 PM86737 --- CRASH: Rhapsody crash while using the tool
Graphic Editors 130722 / RATLC01306390 --- --- RFE Japanese label name input error for Associations in label mode
Graphic Editors 201258 / RATLC01998089 PM71694 --- DFT RHP Diagrams windows is restored down from maximized
Graphic Editors 210516 / RATLC02679419 PM83317 --- SysML: Switching to Label model doesn't not result into showing label info on package diagram
Graphic Editors 212110 / RATLC02691754 PM84732 --- The context menus are not identical at the browser and in the graphical editor
Graphic Editors 212282 / RATLC02697025 --- 32686 Allow word-wrap in GraphNode title
Graphic Editors 213582 / RATLC02717910 --- 33825 The new tool tip doesn't need to get the focus
Graphic Editors 215467 / RATLC02738203 --- --- Flag autogenerated is lost on using DiffMerge with Rhapsody 8.0.2
Helpers 195200 / RATLC02599203 --- 22522 ER to enable helper for multiple selection of the same metaclass
Icons 170092 / RATLC00429084 PM42991 --- Defect: Same icon used to represent File and Comment element.
Install 203723 / RATLC02635248 --- 27512 Add the rhapsody. .ini functionality in Linux version of Rhapsody
Install and Licensing 205638 / RATLC02645328 PM77466 --- The .mw user folder isn't updated with the new version of Rhapsody v8 files
Java API (COM) 176291 / RATLC02571376 --- 13322 Enable a method to open TableViews in Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 206464 / RATLC02650602 --- 29314 RFE automatic import helpers info and .hep customization mechanism is required on Rhapsody helpers feature
Java API (COM) 207826 / RATLC02510614 PM80128 --- Rhapsody Java log showing too many errors making debugging difficult
License 206456 / RATLC02650446 --- 29290 Possibility to pick the license key information from the server through borrow tool 8.1.3
Mainsoft 165697 / RATLC02556663 --- 10557 Allow Simultaneous Use of Multiple Linux Versions of Rhapsody
Misc 208059 / RATLC02663066 --- 30117 Enhance Rhapsody support for Eclipse 64 bit
Misc 179215 / RATLC02574533 --- 14269 Unable to search the contents of Notes in Rhapsody
Modeling 142034 / RATLC01430011 --- 5693 Overriding Attr Default Values in Subclass
Modeling 165461 / RATLC02474519 --- 10486 Inheriting Block Properties
Modeling 198161 / RATLC02607411 --- 24080 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to underline the Instance Specification as described in UML2
Modeling 201817 / RATLC02619643 --- 26290 Impossible to manage a contract of inherited interfaces
Modeling 204632 / RATLC02640485 --- 28134 Provide the redefine (redefinition) capability as specified in UML
Modeling - General 186640 / RATLC02501233 PM57032 --- Fixing duplicate GUIDS to avoid Rhapsody crash
Modeling - General 207076 / RATLC02654038 PM79486 --- CRASH: Rhapsody crashes when closing the Edit Element window after invoking the features dialog box.
Modeling - General 212769 / RATLC02706137 PM86280 --- Unable to apply predefined model pattern if original pattern is Read Only in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General 214237 / RATLC02722698 PM88311 --- Rational Rhapsody Model 7.6.1 crashes while loading the Model.
Panel Diagram 206877 / RATLC02652540 PM79195 --- Error trying to use panel button to inject events to part instances in Rhapsody in ADA
Platforms 190347 / RATLC02503800 --- 20184 Upgrade Rhapsody to a 64-bit application.
Reverse Engineering 144499 / RATLC01433044 --- 6195 ER for Rhapsody Reverse Engineering to automatically set Operation argument types
Reverse Engineering 212943 / RATLC02707581 PM86512 --- Performing Reverse Engineering leads to Rational Rhapsody CRASH
SA Integration 176308 / RATLC02571390 PM47963 --- Cannot choose package in System Architect Import
SA Integration 212047 / RATLC02688420 PM84467 --- Import from System Architect to Rational Rhapsody fails with error Please select a package
Search 198823 / RATLC01997743 PM68992 --- DFT Rhp Key words in implimentation of initializer are not searched in RiC
Search 201799 / RATLC02619465 PM72359 --- Performing Advanced Search and Replace in Rhapsody presents a loop of messages.
Search 204635 / RATLC02640533 --- 28149 Logically grouped Queries
Search 204637 / RATLC02640537 --- 28147 Query Abort Button
Search 205700 / RATLC01543124 PM77578 --- Bug with Advanced Search and Replace option in Rhapsody
Simulink Integration 212534 / RATLC02703126 PM85972 --- RHP: Cannot execute Parametric model with PCE & Matlab.
SysML 211622 / RATLC02691623 PM84686 --- SysML: Remove standard port from SysML profile and diagram tools
Table Matrix 131408 / RATLC01417362 --- --- Table and Matrix support for information flow data
Table Matrix 161627 / RATLC02225814 --- 9624 Filtering Table and Matrix Views
Table Matrix 163224 / RATLC02337739 --- 10019 Tables and matrices enhancement - computed values in cells
Table Matrix 165401 / RATLC02469244 --- 10468 Add More Table Features
Table Matrix 167431 / RATLC02562898 --- 10316 Allow more flexible Matrix and Table View Scope Selections
Table Matrix 203127 / RATLC02633407 --- 27318 Extend Table layout to show specifications of constraints
Table Matrix 206913 / RATLC02652721 --- 29569 Insert stereotype in tables
Table Matrix 207158 / RATLC02606415 --- --- Enhance Table/Matrix Capabilities
Table Matrix 207165 / RATLC02606428 --- --- Improve and Expand table and matrix capabilities
Table Matrix 214957 / RATLC02732915 --- 34965 RFE Rhp (HarmonySE) Table & Table View's responses very slow when it includes lot datas
TestConductor 204851 / RATLC02641407 --- 28181 Test Conductor coverage definitions
Use Case Diagram 213967 / RATLC01547583 PM88007 --- CRASH: Rhapsody Crashes on performing UNDO after deleting an use case diagram
Variability 154926 / RATLC01515385 --- 8031 Rhapsody is not a native 64-bit application
XMI 200004 / RATLC02612502 --- 25166 Import from Sparx EA not creating diagrams
XMI 201511 / RATLC02617670 --- 26025 Enhance Rational Rhapsody XMI export such that the values of Constarints and other Text elements can be a part of the output
XMI 208380 / RATLC02510766 PM80731 --- All diagrams re not imported from EA XMI file (XMI2.1) due to InstanceSpecifications
XMI 212039 / RATLC02512020 PM84808 --- Rhapsody project unable to export to UML2.1 XMI

Fix Pack (8.0.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.2
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR Customer RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 203724 / RATLC02509049 PM75235 --- Unable to Select Some Actions on Activity Diagram
Activity Diagram 206462 / RATLC02650497 PM78760 --- RHP 761 Animated Activity diagram using UML heading not Sysml
Activity Diagram 206746 / RATLC02652079 PM79051 --- RHP 8 Cannot synchronize pins with operation because one of the operation arguments is an on-the-fly type
Ada Code 206875 / RATLC02652534 PM79190 --- Code generator is not able to generate with clause in separate package
Ada Code 206916 / RATLC02652814 --- 29570 Enhance Ada_CG so that IsStatic classes can use OO association/composition/aggregation relations to normal classes
Ada Roundtrip 207753 / RATLC02661372 PM80055 --- Advanced Roundtrip in Rational Rhapsody in Ada adds unexpected type to the model
Ada Roundtrip 208284 / RATLC02664425 PM80654 --- Unexpected case sensitivity found using Rhapsody in Ada advanced roundtrip
Add to Model 207022 / RATLC02653827 PM79442 --- Diff Merge Removing Direction of Link
Animation 208547 / RATLC02666681 PM81005 --- Running Simulation (Animation) in Rational Rhapsody results it to CRASH
AUTOMOTIVE 205070 / RATLC02642418 PM76831 --- Feature hierarchy not consistent while working with AUTOSAR profile
AUTOMOTIVE 205989 / RATLC02647758 PM77974 --- New IB tables are not stable when used with tags in Ratioanl Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 208563 / RATLC02510877 PM81029 --- Various autosar data elements share same icon
AUTOSAR 210318 / RATLC02511492 PM82993 --- Anonymous comments appear for element names when importing ARXML file in Rhapsody
Browser 206987 / RATLC01543885 PM79402 --- Wrong behaviour of the PredefinedTypesInComboBox property in Rational Rhapsody
CG SDK 209134 / RATLC02511074 PM81609 --- Using PostSimplify crashes when selecting specific classes for Regen
Code 182360 / RATLC02577700 --- 15301 Animation code generates compiler warnings
Code 201543 / RATLC02508165 PM71970 --- Rhapsody.exe process remains in task manager after closing RiA
Code 201725 / RATLC02619061 PM72222 --- RHP 761 crash with animation enabled
Code 207077 / RATLC02654066 PM79497 --- Opening brace is not put in the correct place after setting the property for a class in Rhapsody
Code 208720 / RATLC01544696 PM81288 --- RHP 8.0 Changes made by Plugin method RhpPluginPreSimplifyFinish are not refleced in generated code
Code Generation 204768 / RATLC02641048 PM76472 --- Building models result in code Error in Rational Rhapsody.
Code Generation 204918 / RATLC01542623 PM76655 --- RHP 8.0: Code generation involving nested classes can be different depending on the method of generation
Code Generation 205911 / RATLC02509850 PM77866 --- Template code doesn't compile on QNX
Code Generation 207978 / RATLC02662333 PM80298 --- Regenerating code for reverse engineered C header file results in comments not getting generated for attributes properly in R
Code Generation 209831 / RATLC02672739 PM82380 --- DFT RHP Return type of function in file element is changed back to void after code generation
DDS 195845 / RATLC02506411 --- 22927 Ability to utilize the DDS profile capabilities with a SysML Model.
DiffMerge 177154 / RATLC02572268 PM48758 --- 'Error while writing to file occurs while saving the merged values using DiffMerge
DiffMerge 203307 / RATLC02634654 --- 27438 diffmerge ? better visualization of inherited state machine
DiffMerge 211092 / RATLC02686067 PM83994 --- DFT Rhp JP character issue of Select file dialog of Diffmerge
Documentation 201745 / RATLC02619096 PM72239 --- limitations of reverse engineering not documented in Rational Rhaposdy
Documentation 206871 / RATLC02652298 PM79095 --- Copy between two projects in project list fails in Rational Rhapsody
Documentation 206973 / RATLC02653714 PM79385 --- DFT Rhapsody 7613 character corruption happened in locol help update program
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 144438 / RATLC01428748 PM13318 --- sub-menus appear flat in eclipse plugin
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 206523 / RATLC01543626 PM78809 --- Generate Support request not possible with Rhapsody and eclipse platform integration
Features Dialog 205856 / RATLC02647201 PM77728 --- Duplicated reception operation name
Features Dialog 206749 / RATLC02510225 PM79058 --- Context window opens on different monitor.
Features Dialog 208385 / RATLC01544458 PM80733 --- Features dialog does not change in SysML diagrams
Features Dialog 210915 / RATLC02683679 PM83809 --- State edit windows grayed out in statecharts/flowcharts
Gateway 162308 / RATLC02272536 --- 9762 ER: Clubbing of RQTF FIles
Gateway 201187 / RATLC02616190 PM71512 --- Export to Gateway changes property in Rational Rhapsody
Gateway 202103 / RATLC02621095 PM72831 --- export from Rhapsody to Gateway corrupts diagram
Gateway 202105 / RATLC02621097 PM72838 --- Export from Gateway to DOORS does not export diagram
Gateway 205706 / RATLC02645803 PM77582 --- Unable to export REQ from Gateway (e.g Excel; Word; Doors) if the title contains double-byte characters.
Graphic Editor - General 205904 / RATLC02647514 PM77844 --- Loss of flow connector from Internal Block Diagram when restarting Rhapsody
Graphic Editor - General 206965 / RATLC02510366 PM79380 --- DFT Rhapsody 80 'open main diagram' enabled in graphic editor of requirement diagram
Graphic Editor - General 207396 / RATLC02656926 PM79744 --- CRASH: when FlowSATISFYRequirement relationship is shown on diagram
Graphic Editor - General 209855 / RATLC01545264 PM82411 --- Memory leak observed in Rhapsody 8.0
Graphic Editors 198571 / RATLC02608761 PM68742 --- Adding an Activity Diagram to an interface class in Rational Rhapsody is inconsistent
Graphic Editors 202791 / RATLC02625391 --- 27039 Option to reference a sequence diagram in the context menu
Graphic Editors 207018 / RATLC01543897 PM79437 --- Rhapsody 8: OMDs and Class diagrams take significantly longer to open on SuSE 11 64 bit than on Windows
Graphic Editors 207410 / RATLC02657316 PM79778 --- DFT: Rhapsody shows empty Feature Window (Sequnce Diagram)
Graphic Editors 208600 / RATLC01544625 PM81091 --- CRASH: Moving model elements in diagram workspace leads to Rational Rhapsody crash
Harmony 209264 / RATLC02511154 PM81801 --- SE-Toolkit missing Architectural Design Wizard.
Helpers 197447 / RATLC02605714 --- 23797 Classpath in .hep file does not use system environment variables
IDE Integrations 205577 / RATLC01543030 PM77390 --- DFT Rhapsody 7612 VS 2010 Addon integration file names are all shown in lowercases in VS explorer
Install 206457 / RATLC02650450 --- 29293 Linux JRE 1.7
Install and Licensing 210060 / RATLC02674903 PM82642 --- Rhapsody 8.x install can generate error 2727 when attempting to manually add the path to the MSVS 2010 install directory
Java API (COM) 207160 / RATLC02606420 --- --- Improved Handling of Multiple Rhapsody Instances
Java API (COM) 207583 / RATLC02659442 PM79846 --- setOtherClass overwrites exisiting itsClass object
Java API (COM) 207751 / RATLC02661345 PM80049 --- The Rhapsody Java API Call 'getFlows()' does not return all the flows.
Java API (COM) 207835 / RATLC02661730 PM80136 --- Running command line to open diagram does not open the desired diagram.
Java API (COM) 207924 / RATLC02662032 PM80217 --- Rhapsody 8: Java API cannot retrieve a Tag that is on a Profile
Java API (COM) 208952 / RATLC02667830 PM81354 --- RHP 8: Cannot create an association end between an actor instance and use case via the Java API
Main Window 205922 / RATLC01543238 PM77922 --- DFT Rhp 80 Drawing tool windows couldn't be accessible even checked drawing sub-menu from view->Toolbars menu
Metrics 206463 / RATLC02650522 PM78764 --- Metrics View is Limited to 9 Queries
MicroC CG 209787 / RATLC02672364 PM82297 --- mxf_cfg.h file generation problem with MicroC model
Misc 181977 / RATLC00431710 PM53483 --- Removal of JP Format used to store Free Shapes Graphical information
Misc 206915 / RATLC02652812 --- 29581 Need documentation on Java API Listeners extensions
Misc 207175 / RATLC02654827 --- 29749 Enhance Rhapsody to support QNX SXF adapters.
Misc 210221 / RATLC02511478 PM82888 --- CRASH: Rhapsody crashes when deleting class
Modeling 162129 / RATLC02267569 --- 9739 rhapsodycl in socket mode does not return result codes
Modeling 199980 / RATLC02612328 PM70248 --- Property 'General::Graphics::AllowRequirementReparenting' not working as expected
Modeling 206873 / RATLC02652303 PM79105 --- Java Ports: UI should not allow creation of implicit objects; in Java
Modeling 208434 / RATLC02665036 PM80808 --- Crash: Rhapsody crashes while loading a particular .sbs file
Modeling 210377 / RATLC01545516 PM83114 --- Satisfaction link cannot be drawn from a controlled file in SysML projects
Modeling - General 205687 / RATLC02645574 --- 28751 ER to ehance the error messages in Rhapsody to be more descriptive
Profiles 205623 / RATLC02509717 PM77437 --- Custom tooltip string also renames custom stereotypes name
Profiles - General 207750 / RATLC02510588 PM80048 --- The PredefinedType stereotype 'Specification' can't be made applicable to class.
Profiles - General 208962 / RATLC02667879 --- 30536 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that there is segregation for Packages; Stereotypes; Diagrams
Rational Publishing Engine 179278 / RATLC02574603 PM51095 --- Unable to extract Activity Diagrams using the 'PredefinedQueries' 'AllActivities/ActivityDiagram'.
Rational Publishing Engine 208369 / RATLC02664713 --- 30216 Rhapsody REST API should expose Rich Text in XHTML format
RDM 209620 / RATLC02671560 --- 30844 RFE Rhp API to login and open a model on RDM
RDM Client extension 209619 / RATLC02671558 --- 30845 RFE Rhp API to checkin/checkout/lock/unlock model in Actively Managed mode
Repository 167712 / RATLC02488524 PM40028 --- Incompatible Build Number error when opening profiles; rhapsody delivered profile.
Reverse Engineering 159250 / RATLC01519029 PM30603 --- Reverse Engineering broken in Rhapsody when using namespaces.
Reverse Engineering 205643 / RATLC02645431 PM77497 --- DFT Rhp typedef of structure which has no name is generated before the structure in RE & CG
Reverse Engineering 206239 / RATLC01543457 PM78429 --- DFT Rhp 7612 RE map incorrect datatype to attribute if multiple user types with the same name defined in the legacy sources
Roundtrip 204777 / RATLC02641120 PM76510 --- Crash: RHP 7611: crash performing roundtrip when using load on demand
Search 205287 / RATLC02643291 PM77061 --- DFT Rhp Rename preview finds unnecessary information
Search 206531 / RATLC02651432 PM78821 --- Rhapsody fails to delete selected tags in the search window
Search 206861 / RATLC02510237 PM79090 --- multi select delete in search window : not all deleted
Sequence Diagram 204928 / RATLC02641806 PM76677 --- Messages with default visibility in an interface are not showing up as available in a sequence diagram in Rhapsody for Java
Sequence Diagram 205473 / RATLC02509661 PM77258 --- Using parallel type for interaction operator permanently hides constraint in diagram.
Sequence Diagram 207624 / RATLC02641797 PM76675 --- Messages with default visibility in an interface are not showing up as available in a sequence diagram in Rhapsody for Java
Simulink Integration 205549 / RATLC02509686 PM77337 --- Code gen error when importing simulink model
SysML 204629 / RATLC02640483 --- 28135 Displaying Inherited Parts on an IBD
SysML 205332 / RATLC02643444 PM77107 --- Rhaposdy 8 ActivityParameter tool missing from Rhapsody 8 SV-4b diagram toolbox
Table Matrix 205362 / RATLC01542923 PM77150 --- Depends On column in Extended Table show blank when it should be filled.
Table Matrix 208940 / RATLC02667821 --- 30524 Regard the Provided and the Required terminology to the TO and FROM attributes in a PortBinding Table
Use Case Diagram 205574 / RATLC02509701 PM77372 --- Displayed stereotypes get mis-aligned when changing the layout within a use-case diagram.
User Interface 199979 / RATLC02612320 --- 25116 RFE Rhp About behaviour of scope in component
User Interface 206544 / RATLC02651556 PM78852 --- Object Node display options do not match Features dialog

Fix Pack (8.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0.1
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 201083 / RATLC02508030 PM71470 --- Moving Call Operations within Activivty Diagram of Rhapsody causes diagram to change.
Activity Diagram 204132 / --- --- --- RPH 7611 Cannot synchronize pins with operation because one of the operation arguments is an on-the-fly type.
Activity Diagram 204070 / --- --- --- RHP 761 Stereotype labels not displaying after save/reopen
Activity Diagram 203626 / --- --- --- RHP 761 Stereotype labels not displaying after save/reopen
Ada Code 189052 / RATLC01538418 PM59204 --- Problem having Part with Relation to Whole
Add to Model 204058 / RATLC02509196 PM75774 --- Adding AR3x_BMT profile: cannot find ARCOMMON in MicroC folder message
Animation 202680 / --- --- --- InvokePostProcessor output not logged using RhapsodyCL.exe
AR BMT 205910 / RATLC02509847 PM77864 --- Cannot create I_runnableFunction in diagram-type Implementation Diagram
AUTOMOTIVE 204957 / RATLC02642007 PM76707 --- l_runnableFunction cannot be created using AUTOSAR 3.1 in Rhapsody 8.0
AUTOMOTIVE 204489 / --- --- --- Not possible to add an operation to DataInterface using AUTOSAR profile
AUTOSAR 203120 / RATLC02633383 PM74823 --- Import of AUTOSAR .arxml 4.0 file fails - Rhp 8.0
AUTOSAR 203622 / RATLC02635081 PM75199 --- AUTOSAR import with namespaces fails in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 202169 / --- --- --- Wrong AUTOSAR behaviour in Rhapsody while connecting 2 ports
AUTOSAR 203227 / --- --- --- Import of AUTOSAR *.arxml 4.0 file fails to Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 202075 / --- --- --- Rhapsody crashes when trying to import an Arxml file
AUTOSAR 202166 / --- --- --- Unable to display ports in a compartment of an ApplicationSwComponentType element
Checker 200487 / RATLC01540496 PM70737 --- DFT Rhp Model checker warning (Not enough values for initializer arguments) issue for File Initializer with arguments
Checker 200718 / RATLC02507893 PM71016 --- empty operation model check incorrectly flags RiC interface functions
Code 145610 / RATLC01434593 PM17644 --- Stop button not working during Build with Dependencies
Code 201492 / RATLC02617530 PM71926 --- RHP 761: Code Generation error: Pins appear to be out of sync
Code 201630 / RATLC02618611 PM72091 --- Wrong code generation for Singleton class
Code 202081 / RATLC02621068 PM72805 --- Overriding CPP_CG::Framework::OperationGuard at package level does not affect code generation
Code 202093 / RATLC02621092 PM72826 --- SpecificationHeader leads to unexpected results in Rational Rhapsody
Code 203225 / --- --- --- Redundant code in file is generated in connection with CORBA
Code Generation 188756 / RATLC02502748 PM58878 --- Memory Pool Initialisation is not Guarded
Code Generation 197628 / RATLC02606145 PM67644 --- Generated files not assigned correctly to component sub-folders.
Code Generation 201532 / RATLC02617692 PM71957 --- Difference in .IDL files code generation for multiplicity of an attribute within a DDS topic structure
Code Generation 202059 / RATLC02620892 PM72742 --- Attributes/variables declaration order is not honoured; causes compiler errors.
Code Generation 202074 / --- --- --- Attributes/variables declaration order is not honoured; causes compiler errors.
Code Generation 203327 / --- --- --- RHP 761 lastState fails to be initialized in nested AND statement
Code Generation 201570 / --- --- --- Regression: Incorrect Codegeneration for Flowcharts - worked correctly in Rhapsody 7.4
Code Generation 201828 / --- --- --- DFT-Rhapsody CG generates codes into the 'default' package if the . is used as a part of a android project name
Code Generation 201697 / --- --- --- Bug in Code generation when the classes do not inherit a statechart
Collaborations 180203 / RATLC02575502 --- 14517 Filter Function for Tables
Controlled Files 204789 / --- --- --- DFT Rhp JP controlled file is not accepted in v7612
DiffMerge 203218 / --- --- --- DiffMerge causes crash when merging two .sbs files.
DiffMerge 204128 / --- --- --- sbs file corrupted by 3 way merge
Documentation 186499 / RATLC02501207 PM56967 --- Rhapsody Help system needs clearer steps to aviod the pain of help configuration.
Documentation 201052 / RATLC01998067 PM71418 --- Need to clarify when After Change To helper hook is invoked.
Documentation 202385 / RATLC02508535 PM73322 --- New entry is not required to change help doc location to local
Documentation 203005 / RATLC01998474 PM74683 --- DFT RHP A step for installing help content on help is not correct
Documentation 204248 / RATLC02509255 PM75981 --- Release Notes do not properly indicate supported Cygwin compilers?
DOORS 201030 / RATLC01998065 PM71410 --- Error set property LmLicensefile in DOORS properties; and continue
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 201637 / --- --- --- User defined helper not available in Eclipse platform integration mode.
Extendibility 186134 / RATLC02500817 PM56587 --- Return codes are not working as documented.
External Checks 181764 / RATLC02576844 PM53212 --- Running RhapsodyCL from a clean environment with checkers fails
Features Dialog 201186 / RATLC01998073 PM71924 --- DFT RHP About behaviour of scope in component
Features Dialog 201085 / --- --- --- feature window slow to update when selecting elements
Framework 202150 / RATLC02621363 --- 26468 Possibility to have the guarding mechanism at class level
Framework OSAL 192596 / RATLC02505082 PM62144 --- Issue found with IDF framework in low power
Framework Safety Critical 202283 / RATLC02508526 PM73235 --- The method _removeFirst() from the OMList class in OXF has null checks which are performed in the wrong order
Gateway 187315 / RATLC02584193 PM57768 --- Missing Gateway option when applying a New Term stereotype to a project
Gateway 201188 / RATLC02616221 PM71523 --- selection of elements in Gateway does not select sub elements
Gateway 201325 / --- --- --- LostType in Gateway configuration and DXL error when exporting to DOORS
Gateway 203222 / --- --- --- Gateway method of syncing Rhapsody with DOORS takes a long time to complete
Gateway 201518 / --- --- --- Export to DOORS results in error Can't move element out of DOORS module
Graphic Editors 182964 / RATLC02579130 PM55017 --- Incorrect navigation from association to diagram
Graphic Editors 191634 / RATLC02590789 PM61325 --- RHP 761: cannot save custom colors
Graphic Editors 192468 / RATLC02592442 --- 21146 Ability to color ClassifierRole(s) on a SequenceDiagram using a stereotype.
Graphic Editors 199367 / RATLC02507436 PM69492 --- Activity diagram reference created in error when action dragged and dropped in Rhapsody
Graphic Editors 199588 / RATLC01997867 PM69742 --- Custom colors disappear from Stereotype's Format... > Comment > Format selected Metaclass... > Fill Color > Other...
Graphic Editors 204071 / --- --- --- DFT Rhapsody 761 delete objects from SD also deleted the class from model
Harmony 204850 / RATLC02641406 PM76593 --- RHP8 Please select a block to merge the Functional Analysis
Harmony 205333 / RATLC02643465 PM77110 --- RHP8 Please select a block to merge the Functional Analysis
Helpers 200870 / RATLC02507941 PM71162 --- Re: 198218 - Support of relative path in Rhapsody helper file
Helpers 201510 / RATLC02617662 --- 26047 Enhancement: Add a new helper trigger that will run at any change made to existing model elements.
Install 201031 / RATLC02615882 --- 25771 RFE Rhp Name of Real Time OS Setting in installation wizard
Install 204241 / RATLC01542313 PM75952 --- Java 7 not recognized as a development environment during installation of Rhapsody 8.0
Java API (COM) 137526 / RATLC01424581 --- 4978 RPCollection should include remove()
Java API (COM) 183103 / RATLC02498709 PM54137 --- deleteTransition doesn't remove transition from diagram view until project is saved
Java API (COM) 202265 / RATLC02508520 PM73224 --- Unable to set Action display options > show name field to None via API
Java API (COM) 202567 / --- --- --- Using API call 'getDiagramOfSelectedElement()' in Eclipse; results in null pointer exception.
License 175894 / RATLC02571109 PM47652 --- RHP76 crash when license manager goes down or is stopped temporarily.
MARTE 140735 / RATLC01313365 PM11904 --- DFT Rhp 7.5 Export Model to XMI MARTE.profile.uml not available
MicroC CG 205226 / RATLC02642986 PM76974 --- Model Execution Bug for Autosar/MicroC model in Rational Rhapsody
MicroC CG 205351 / --- --- --- Model Execution Bug for Autosar/MicroC model in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling 167558 / RATLC02563057 PM39903 --- Unable to apply a stereotype to Class/Block when making use of SysML profile in Rational Rhapsody project
Modeling 198208 / RATLC02607977 --- 24231 Support of relative path in Rhapsody helper file
Modeling 198584 / RATLC02608773 PM68750 --- it is possible to create an inheritance from multiple reactive interface classes in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling 199950 / RATLC02612159 PM70150 --- Incorrect error message is shown when creating a type of the same name as another element
Modeling 200816 / RATLC02614692 --- 25602 Possibility to set a default component for a project
Modeling 203727 / RATLC01542054 PM75286 --- Migration issue of Harmony models from 7.3 to 8.0
Modeling 203550 / --- --- --- Warning observed even after the event is sent and consumed
Modeling - General 180334 / RATLC02575691 PM51973 --- Rhapsody allows to perform Edit Type Orderoperation for a read-only parts present in a read-only project
Modeling - General 196583 / RATLC02603336 PM66449 --- RHP 761 forces save using SaveBeforeCodeGeneration before code gen
Modeling - General 197263 / RATLC02605217 PM67245 --- Link arrow is in bad direction but generated code is correct but incoherent with arrow
Modeling - General 202127 / --- --- --- interface stereotype at ports in the model in Rational Rhapsody
Object Model Diagram 201812 / RATLC02619576 PM72407 --- RHP 7612: Reqirements disappear from diagram when overlapped
Print 199308 / RATLC02610560 PM69414 --- Print preview in Rhapsody shows overlap of actual activity diagram
Profiles 181860 / RATLC02498253 PM53323 --- Rhapsody crashes adding a UPDM_DODAF20_L1 profile to a default model.
Profiles 202321 / RATLC01630808 PM73313 --- Overridden property value of a Global Profile takes no effect
Profiles - General 129750 / RATLC01411591 PM01662 --- PropertiesPerspectives: Broken for existing profile in model
Reports 203219 / --- --- --- RHP 7611: can freeze when RPE accesses via webserver if certain characters (curly quote is the known character) are used when utilizing the webserver
Repository 201323 / --- --- --- crash when loading/unloading package
Reverse Engineering 189905 / RATLC02587717 PM59896 --- Reverse engineer of template dependency is not generated
Reverse Engineering 201698 / --- --- --- Rhapsody RE doesn't keep the Base class specified in implements keyword
Reverse Engineering 201830 / --- --- --- DFT-Problems when RE for Android SDK Level 10 Applications - ApiDemos using Rhapsody 7621
Roundtrip 199028 / RATLC02507302 PM69121 --- Performing a Code Force Roundtrip caused a crash due to an atypical workflow.
Roundtrip 201588 / RATLC02508176 PM72047 --- The FRIEND dependency class & function disappear during the Roundtrip in Rhapsody.
Roundtrip 202072 / --- --- --- Roundtrip expands macro resulting in un-buildable code
Roundtrip 202007 / --- --- --- DFT-Rhapsody crashes if Korean comments are used in the editor
Search 197215 / --- --- --- The 'Search' functionality does not search inside the constructor(s) and destructor(s).
Sequence Diagram 159525 / RATLC01992838 PM27590 --- Message names between classes in Sequence diagram getting hidden behind Execution occurrences
Sequence Diagram 191028 / RATLC02589818 PM60867 --- Print preview for diagrams disappearing (exhibiting strange behavior) in Rational Rhapsody
Statechart 190274 / RATLC02588365 PM60186 --- Rhapsody allows creation of illegal join connector on statecharts.
SysML 204469 / RATLC02639541 PM76239 --- Object name changed in API
TestConductor 198550 / RATLC02608748 PM68737 --- Test Conductor Prompts Twice for Update Test Package everytime
TestConductor 202117 / RATLC02621201 PM72903 --- RHP 7612: links in coverage reports not working in Internet explorer 9
TestConductor 205144 / RATLC02509548 PM76905 --- Link error using UseProtectedNameAndPublicNameInFile with TestConductor
User Interface 200635 / RATLC01540558 PM70916 --- DFT Rhp ProductLocale set as non-English (JA); About Rhapsody popup windows layout is broken
Variability 188758 / RATLC02502774 PM58895 --- Usage dependency from variation points fails to create includes for variation classes
XMI 199372 / RATLC02610695 PM69504 --- Performing a Automatic merging when importing a XMI file using Sparx Enterprise importer changes the Java files into C++

Iinterim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Category RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
AUTOSAR RATLC01630774 PM72709 --- Rhapsody crashes when trying to import an Arxml file
AUTOSAR RATLC02633383 PM74823 --- Import of AUTOSAR .arxml 4.0 file fails - Rhp 8.0
AUTOMOTIVE RATLC02642007 PM76707 --- l_runnableFunction cannot be created using AUTOSAR 3.1 in Rhapsody 8.0

Initial Release (8.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 8.0
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 140067 / RATLC00421133 PM12451 --- Incorrect warning message displayed relating to references in Read-Only files(diagrams).
Activity Diagram 145176 / RATLC01433845 --- 6325 None in Display Options for several AD elements
Activity Diagram 145177 / RATLC01433847 --- 6324 Label mode for activity diagrams
Activity Diagram 180471 / RATLC02575727 --- 14650 Dragging Triggered Op and Rececption on Activity Diag should auto create related elements.
Activity Diagram 189623 / RATLC02503264 PM59683 --- Activity parameters do not appear on the activity diagram.
Activity Diagram 191978 / RATLC02591353 --- 20874 Converting Analysis Activity Diagrams to Design Activity Diagrams
Activity Diagram 200675 / RATLC02614275 --- 25514 Merge node cannot be followed by decision nodes
Ada Code 148548 / RATLC01437768 PM19640 --- Ada RE tool does not support bringing in code updates into an already populated model
Ada Code 154429 / RATLC01907936 PM25231 --- Template parameter types not generated; types not prefixed and file names of child packages incorrect
Ada Code 154431 / RATLC01907957 PM25232 --- Class type being passed into a template instantiation
Ada Code 154659 / RATLC01515167 PM25441 --- Ada Code generation problems relating to instantiation of a template class
Ada Code 178662 / RATLC02573700 PM50170 --- Rhapsody generates Ada types that cannot hold the return value and can generate exception
Ada Code 185584 / RATLC02581462 --- 16484 Document on usage/information on macro for properties with RiA
Ada Code 185852 / RATLC00432358 PM56299 --- DFT Rhp behavior regarding message of roundtrip
Ada Code 185900 / RATLC02581999 PM56408 --- Reference check box for Types of kind Typedef has no affect for Rhapsody in Ada (RiA)
Ada Code 186634 / RATLC02583119 PM57029 --- With RiA; setting Macro (Name_Type) with property(RiARecordTypeName) effecting RE
Ada Code 189053 / RATLC01538416 PM59202 --- Code not generated for parts of Implicit Type with RiA
Ada Code 191573 / RATLC02590705 --- 20638 Full support of RiA forward Code generation for Ada 2005 - not null access constant
Ada Code 193547 / RATLC02594642 --- 21732 Exploit standard Ada 2005/2012 container libraries instead of Booch components
Ada Code 193779 / RATLC02595159 PM63233 --- Generating code using Rational Rhapsody in Ada does not update the main file correctly
Ada Code 193976 / RATLC02595774 --- 21968 Generating a tagged record directly from a type in Ada RE and CG
Ada Code 195421 / RATLC02599809 PM64935 --- Defect with Ada code generator for call to init_port()
Ada Code 195901 / RATLC02601053 PM65559 --- root_state_Sub_State generated for Analysis only activity diagram
Ada Reverse Engineering 154226 / RATLC01894300 PM25063 --- ADA: Clash when same class name exists multiple times in RE code base
Ada Roundtrip 178808 / RATLC02573976 PM50492 --- RiA: Roundtrip doesnt work with external Editors
Add to Model 192131 / RATLC01346345 PM61728 --- DFT Rhp 7.6.1.x crashed when choose not load option for adding duplicated profile to model
Add to Model 192394 / RATLC02504927 PM61925 --- CRASH: When accepting changes on RTC to Rhapsody (ATM Problem)
Add to Model 193614 / RATLC02505624 PM63047 --- Unresolved dependency casues crash when reloding package
Add to Model 195653 / RATLC02600439 PM65165 --- Rhapsody Crashes on adding as reference a use case with sequence diagrams from another model
Animation 187211 / RATLC00432877 PM57646 --- DFT Rhp Segment Fault of sendMyself() of aomeque.c
Animation 193520 / RATLC02594507 PM62985 --- Rhapsody crashes when user click on Stop Icon to stop the animation
Animation 196694 / RATLC02603704 PM66500 --- TestCases doesnt execute after upgrading to 761 from 753
Animation 198917 / RATLC02507278 PM69039 --- Threads are remaining active after instance is being destroyed.
AUTOMOTIVE 182191 / RATLC02498558 PM53845 --- DFT-Performing function based modeling using MXF causes problem in the animated Statechart
AUTOMOTIVE 186258 / RATLC02582493 --- 17292 Ability to add stereotype(s) through the browser; for AUTOSAR projects.
AUTOMOTIVE 187324 / RATLC02584202 PM57773 --- Calprminterface gets added by default in RiC model with AUTOSAR profile
AUTOMOTIVE 187407 / RATLC02584424 --- 17750 Possibility to add ports with right click on componentprototype in diagram for AUTOSAR profile
AUTOMOTIVE 196513 / RATLC00434637 PM66327 --- DFT RHP AUTOSAR DIABLED-MODE-IREF contains wrong child element
AUTOSAR 187526 / RATLC02584726 PM57999 --- AUTOSAR: Unable to add new interface using the Contract tab.
AUTOSAR 187641 / RATLC02584822 PM58127 --- No option to change an AUTOSAR project to UML project
AUTOSAR 191924 / RATLC02504684 PM61591 --- APAR Request for AUTOSAR
AUTOSAR 196179 / RATLC02601815 --- 22976 ER to include minor AUTOSAR releases in Rhapsody profiles
AUTOSAR 197078 / RATLC01997423 PM67024 --- DFT Rhp problems of AUTOSAR model on diagrams after importing arxml file
Browser 146191 / RATLC01435461 --- 6547 Panel diagram should be part of Animation View
Browser 165808 / RATLC02560349 PM38031 --- Sort-order of operations of an interface class is lost.
Browser 165813 / RATLC02560901 PM38038 --- Multiple Activity Diagrams can't be moved between packages in Rhapsody Libra Beta
Browser 166179 / RATLC02561486 PM38471 --- When a stereotype is applied at the Project level; the stereotype name does not get displayed along with the Project name
Browser 172797 / RATLC02568207 --- 12465 Rename Check to Check Selected Elements in Model Browser
Browser 187081 / RATLC02583776 PM57469 --- Double entries of model elements are seen on context menu when multiple profiles are loaded in RiC project
Browser 188413 / RATLC02585821 PM58648 --- Performing multiple selection of RO attributes results in Parameter is Incorrect message
Browser 191113 / RATLC02589852 --- 20406 Open a diagram with the enter button
Checker 166702 / RATLC01324815 PM25680 --- Defect Rhp Incorrect Warning isolated states are reported via Model Check when using Join Sync Bar
Checker 181485 / RATLC01538039 PM53149 --- Check model complaining when adding Call Operations
CM 190618 / RATLC02588999 --- 20199 Add capability to check-in and deliver to RTC from the tradtional Rhapsody browser
Code 181487 / RATLC02576596 --- 14882 Change MISRA C++ settings so that they are not scoped globally to model
Code 181488 / RATLC02576599 --- 14881 Change MISRA C++ settings so that they are not scoped globally to model
Code 181664 / RATLC02576750 PM53076 --- 'Cannot open include file' compiler error occurs for package being in scope of component
Code 181947 / RATLC02577065 PM53412 --- Association Ends order differs after Reverse Engineering in RiJ
Code 182516 / RATLC02578006 PM54343 --- Subsequent Code Generation takes abnormally long time
Code 182930 / RATLC02578868 PM54921 --- External class under file does not generate namespace
Code 188754 / RATLC00433232 PM58958 --- DFT Rhp Join Sync Bar doesn't synchronize
Code 188955 / RATLC02586552 PM59089 --- Rhapsody 7.6.1 in C may create some incorrect source artifacts
Code 191848 / RATLC02504608 PM61485 --- Statechart code generation does not populate header file with expected C++ implementation code.
Code 192456 / RATLC02592325 --- 21110 LibPrefix to effect the generation of makefiles in Rhapsody
Code 193663 / RATLC01347139 PM63111 --- DFT Rhp 7611 CG won't generate '#include' for dependency defined as external when the component is not under project
Code 194139 / RATLC02596141 PM63642 --- RHP 76: RE a modified STL template changes the code
Code 195311 / RATLC02599504 --- 22563 RFE to enable supression of include to .h file when generate option is set to Implementation
Code 195820 / RATLC02600876 --- 22783 ER to provide a switch to turn off Unused Else from the code
Code 196177 / RATLC02601790 PM65802 --- Rhapsody crashes on CG of a Merged package (after Diffmerge is performed)
Code 196290 / RATLC02602117 PM65991 --- Rhapsody freezes on performing Create Test Architecture / TCS - JLR
Code Editor 189870 / RATLC02503429 PM59875 --- Changing font in Rhp Linux is made difficult by UI design
Code Generation 132222 / RATLC01418788 PM05493 --- Inherited state chart code generation causes conflict
Code Generation 144520 / RATLC01433098 --- 6221 Rhapsody - Links initialized in constructor for multiple constructors to be opimized
Code Generation 146365 / RATLC01435581 --- 6563 Improve the speed of code generation
Code Generation 150555 / RATLC01511552 --- --- Suggestions for code gen performance improvements for Rhapsody
Code Generation 159582 / RATLC01995977 PM30326 --- Incorrect code generated when using Template Classes in Animation mode.
Code Generation 161724 / RATLC01330488 PM33509 --- Code generator does not fully delete Animation code after swiching Instrumentation mode from 'Animation' to 'None'
Code Generation 163954 / RATLC02376064 PM35769 --- Event ignored - Instance has no root state
Code Generation 164590 / RATLC00427591 --- 10352 RFE Rhp Request warning message when a packgage name is the same as an element
Code Generation 165014 / RATLC01333020 PM36964 --- DFT Rhapsody CG won't generate package sourceartifact file when CG::Package::GeneratePackageCode = Never
Code Generation 167536 / RATLC01334818 PM39873 --- DFT Rhp UseProtectedNameAndPublicNameInFile doesn't work properly for auto-created functions@File
Code Generation 167609 / RATLC02563101 PM39948 --- Animation code does not compile for MSVC9
Code Generation 168145 / RATLC02563593 --- 11032 Provide support for much faster; parallelized code generation and also faster builds.
Code Generation 168424 / RATLC02564027 PM40813 --- code not generated for Class in template instantiation; even being in scope
Code Generation 168812 / RATLC02564617 PM41450 --- RHP 753 - 'Action on Exit' code not execting correctly with concurrency
Code Generation 168829 / RATLC02564683 PM41492 --- Avoid forward declaration on Usage for Implementation
Code Generation 168887 / RATLC02564775 --- 11347 allow more than just one Rhapsody instance per user on a Linux server
Code Generation 170867 / RATLC00429100 PM43103 --- Defect: C signature incomaptibility between INTERFACE and SINGLETON classes in realization relationship.
Code Generation 170944 / RATLC00429124 PM43192 --- DFT Rhp File elements can be applied Interface stereotype for classes
Code Generation 172080 / RATLC02567503 PM44075 --- SendAction not working with Interface-ports in RiC
Code Generation 174267 / RATLC02569428 --- 12808 Allow Rhapsody to work on several CPU-cores
Code Generation 174493 / RATLC02569612 --- 12854 Requirements as Comments in Generated Code
Code Generation 176327 / RATLC02571432 PM47997 --- Rhapsody 7.6 CORBA union code not generating correctly
Code Generation 176749 / RATLC02571885 PM48371 --- Model check gets called during code generation; even on un-checking
Code Generation 178509 / RATLC02573365 PM49880 --- Roundtrip not being able to analyse the changes correctly
Code Generation 178511 / RATLC02573370 PM49884 --- Incorrect generatestatechart code - executes the transition from the junction connector with wrong action
Code Generation 179516 / RATLC02574782 PM51280 --- extra semi-colon added when // comment used in type
Code Generation 181486 / RATLC02497986 PM53095 --- random for loop generated in initRelations when multiplicity is constant comparing to number
Code Generation 182481 / RATLC02498813 PM54267 --- Rhapsody 7.5.3 isReadonly property is no logner available for CORBA IDL
Code Generation 182542 / RATLC02578054 PM54361 --- IDL files not getting generated correctly
Code Generation 184933 / RATLC02500014 PM55643 --- No dependency generated for template instantiations in associations
Code Generation 186694 / RATLC02501310 PM57080 --- Changes in diagram attribute not reflected in code.
Code Generation 187239 / RATLC02584070 PM57657 --- Overriding the property CPP_CG::Relation::GetKey for a Qualifiable Association results in an uncompilable code
Code Generation 187440 / RATLC02584470 PM57953 --- OMActivityContext class doesn't inherit from OMReactive virtually
Code Generation 187647 / RATLC02584827 PM58132 --- Code generation defect for property C_CG::Type::Visibility when applied a the class level
Code Generation 188094 / RATLC02502456 PM58445 --- Statechart with multiple transitions going into a junction connector doesn't generate the correct guards
Code Generation 190634 / RATLC02589071 PM60547 --- Incorrect code generation when ClaasessPerCGCall is used
Code Generation 190655 / RATLC02504028 PM60571 --- state names collisions in inherited statecharts
Code Generation 191540 / RATLC02590691 PM61257 --- Error C2671: 'CTest::setM_bTest' : static member functions do not have 'this' pointers
Code Generation 192606 / RATLC02505092 PM62161 --- Duplicate values for an extra enumeration value is being generated.
Code Generation 194051 / RATLC02596031 PM63563 --- Very slow performance issue with 2 java instances calling on the same rhapsody api
Code Generation 195197 / RATLC01538642 PM64658 --- Model and code generation timestamps are not recorded as per machine time on Linux
Code Generation 195199 / RATLC02599057 PM64578 --- Objects with same name as types
Code Generation 195781 / RATLC01348044 PM65397 --- DFT Rhapsody 7.6.x RulePlayer always adding \n at the end of user output message even for System.out.print()
Code Generation 195850 / RATLC02600933 PM65493 --- RHP 7532 Regression changing order of generated code
Code Generation 196931 / RATLC02506722 PM66783 --- Roundtripping in Rhapsody moves elements added by StandardOperations property
Code Generation 197404 / RATLC02506889 PM67471 --- Private operations are being generated in the header file.
Code Generation 197537 / RATLC01630470 PM67562 --- Attribute not declared as Template in generated code
Code Generation 197584 / RATLC01997537 PM67629 --- DFT Rhp RulesSet of RiCWiter does not work in case of the same file name
Code Generation 197685 / RATLC02606262 PM67723 --- Incorrect Syntax generated for Network Port in RiC.
Code Generation 199542 / RATLC02507499 PM69666 --- stereotype does not override protectedName property
Collaborations 182945 / RATLC00432050 --- 16085 RFE Rhp Supporting Java API getSelection() and getSearchManager() in IRPApplication
Collaborations 187188 / RATLC02501784 PM57600 --- Rhapsody moves your cursor to new location after apply button selection.
Collaborations 188547 / RATLC02585970 PM58778 --- Clicking Apply in an implementation view moves cursor to top left corner
Component Diagram 179522 / RATLC02574785 PM51286 --- cannot drag component to component diagram
Controlled Files 179514 / RATLC02574781 PM51238 --- Rhapsody 7.6 Unable to save a model outside of a Clearcase vob
DDS 161286 / RATLC02195108 --- 9529 need to compute the correct order for elements in generated DDS IDL file
DDS 161288 / RATLC02195117 --- 9527 The ability to model enumerated elements for generated DDS IDL file
DiffMerge 144488 / RATLC01317663 --- 6255 RFE Rhp adding new property for DiffMerge Tool RTF report charset
DiffMerge 189961 / RATLC02587821 PM59959 --- Performing diffmerge (in Rhapsody 7.6.1) on Linux corrupts package.
DiffMerge 190579 / RATLC02588935 PM60471 --- Rhapsody Diffmerge crashes upon saving the merged result
DiffMerge 194094 / RATLC02505943 PM63629 --- Unable to merge substates correctly in DM
DiffMerge 194148 / RATLC02596155 PM63654 --- DiffMerge displays only after selecting child
DiffMerge 195208 / RATLC02599288 PM64719 --- RHP 7611 Diffmerge deleting data
DiffMerge 195396 / RATLC02599741 PM64903 --- Diffmerge removes template instantiation value on trivial merge
DiffMerge 197402 / RATLC01630463 PM67464 --- Crash while comparing two packages in Rhapsody Diffmerge
Documentation 192679 / RATLC02593039 PM62236 --- Configuring profile-specific custom help file
Documentation 130132 / RATLC01413216 --- --- Need more extended tutorial on AR3x_BMT that is step by step and leads to code generation
Documentation 147734 / RATLC01437010 --- 6827 Not able to add name and timout to a Control Flow
Documentation 157414 / RATLC01994228 --- 8686 Need Documentation on DoDAF 2.0
Documentation 164551 / RATLC01523722 PM36396 --- Preferences are not available until units are loaded.
Documentation 173683 / RATLC00429887 PM45581 --- DFT Rhp Run time error in original Help system 2.0 and TestFix(PM43763)
Documentation 181976 / RATLC02498371 --- --- RFE-The Target Monitoring limitations documentations is required
Documentation 182530 / RATLC02578037 --- 15432 Documentation for Automotive C and Micro C profiles
Documentation 186474 / RATLC02583039 PM56962 --- Document defect: System border can be renamed
Documentation 187681 / RATLC02584865 --- 17834 Documentation on AUTOSAR Transformation Manager
Documentation 188326 / RATLC00433149 PM58533 --- DFT Rhp Help information for Downloading help content is not correct
Documentation 190275 / RATLC02588355 PM60179 --- Roundtrip has bug with class comments containing rhapsody markers.
Documentation 191470 / RATLC02590562 PM61181 --- 'Feedback' link does not work on help pages reached through the 'Search' utility.
Documentation 195920 / RATLC02506450 PM65579 --- The silent install does not have variables to point to Visual Studio 2010
Documentation Properties 162979 / RATLC01331474 PM34896 --- DFT Rhp Doc Description regarding conditions for CG create pacakge constructor are not correct
Documentation Properties 191721 / RATLC02504547 PM61380 --- Incorrect implementation and documentation of Filled Diamond Scheme in Rhapsody
Documentation Properties 192381 / RATLC02504916 PM61916 --- Change of property description for CG::Attributes::Implementation
Eclipse Code - Build 181357 / RATLC01342204 PM52813 --- DFT Stopwatch sample stopped unexpectedly when set instrumentation to None
Eclipse Code - Build 181944 / RATLC02577113 --- 15077 Eclipse Integration on Linux
Eclipse Code - Build 193051 / RATLC02505319 PM62516 --- CreateIDEProjectForAll fails with ~200 Eclipse Configurations
Eclipse Code - Build 193628 / RATLC02594907 PM63063 --- Import statements for the JAR file in eclipse source code gets lost when saving/regenerating code for Rational Rhapsody model
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 123320 / RATLC01408090 PK97194 --- Navigate > Browse From Here Eclipse/Rhapsody menu option disabled
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 190617 / RATLC02588995 --- 20202 Add allignment tools to Eclipse Rhapsody Perspective
Export-Import Integrations 181204 / RATLC01342078 --- --- Rhapsody 7.6 request support for 64 bit MATLAB/Simulink
Extendibility 182730 / RATLC02578267 PM54554 --- saveAsPrevVersion Java API does not work for string values 7.5 and 7.5.3
External Checks 148417 / RATLC01437730 --- 6937 Ability to select/de-select custom model checks for code generation from within the Rhapsody GUI.
Features Dialog 137545 / RATLC01500946 --- --- Rhp74: Find Oper desired for Initizr unter Gen.Tab
Features Dialog 138174 / RATLC01425377 PM10410 --- Dragging text between implementation windows does not work
Features Dialog 161820 / RATLC02244063 --- 9700 Initializer-box should use the real editor
Features Dialog 166449 / RATLC02561852 PM38780 --- Incorrect signature displayed in the features dialog box of an operation in RiC.
Features Dialog 167933 / RATLC02563463 --- 11002 Profile Capability - Apply Common Types List for Attributes drop down - WHEN profile is scoped at PACKAGE level
Features Dialog 178746 / RATLC02573835 --- 14058 Informative message to prevent data loss
Features Dialog 179476 / RATLC00431128 PM51249 --- DFT RHP int type was set automatically instead of default type in Japanese Edition
Features Dialog 185204 / RATLC02500262 PM55978 --- Ctrl-A doesn't work properly for operations in RiA
Features Dialog 191722 / RATLC02590888 PM61379 --- Changing the order of read-only attributes causes compiler error
Features Dialog 193787 / RATLC02595165 PM63239 --- Impossible to provide Value in Slots
Features Dialog 194564 / RATLC02597912 --- --- RHP 76 Operation Description Tab Ought To Show Function Prototype
Features Dialog 195285 / RATLC02599429 PM64769 --- setting profile tag multiplicty breaks local/global tag values relationship
Features Dialog 195846 / RATLC02506414 PM65455 --- Cursor moves to top of Implementation window after moving back from another window.
Features Dialog 196560 / RATLC02603208 PM66394 --- Operations code editor (Implementation tab) doesn't stay focused on the same line position after copy and paste.
Framework 158086 / RATLC01995211 --- 8881 Rhapsody in C++ QNX Framework
Framework 162124 / RATLC01521745 PM33954 --- Generated code appears to be using old format from RiCReactive_Vtbl
Framework 163327 / RATLC02350033 PM35258 --- OXF is leaking memory in MSVC9
Framework 169005 / RATLC00428872 PM41782 --- DFT Rhp an error occurs in duplicate event id of triggered operation at scope level
Framework 191200 / RATLC02590020 --- 20490 ByValue OMMap qualifier should be delivered by reference
Framework 193922 / RATLC02505864 PM63454 --- DFT-SXF OMOSSpecific::sleep function in Microsoft_NT_Package
Framework 194905 / RATLC02598591 --- 22408 Sometimes Statechart engine in OXF (OMReactive) can behave erroneously
Framework Safety Critical 195647 / RATLC00434437 PM65146 --- SXF makefile doesn't produce the release version of framework libraries.
Framework Safety Critical 196747 / RATLC01348498 PM66569 --- DFT Rhapsody SXF OMOSSpecific::createOSMutex(memPoolGuard) return value hasn't been analyzed
Gateway 125813 / RATLC01410767 --- --- Gateway export to a specific section of a DOORS document
Gateway 129719 / RATLC01412771 --- --- Stereotype deletion when added from documents in doors
Gateway 140485 / RATLC01428320 --- 5488 Q325 - Gateway should transfer formatting info to RTF in Rhapsody
Gateway 162346 / RATLC02276230 --- 9769 DOORS error messages are not available when the Gateway runs in batch mode
Gateway 162758 / RATLC02316936 --- 9927 fromXXXX stereotype in Rhapsody should only be applicable to requirements
Gateway 163750 / RATLC01523070 PM35617 --- Garbled characters in Usecase diagram after export model to DOORS via Gateway
Gateway 166476 / RATLC02561886 PM38805 --- Can't find object error occurs if requirements module is open with a filter that hides the requirements
Gateway 172458 / RATLC02567873 --- 12319 Requirements modified in DOORS module should modify the corresponding Rhapdoy model on synchronization.
Gateway 177724 / RATLC02572832 --- 13755 Automate the deletion of requirements with the tag Deleted_At_High_Level
Gateway 181508 / RATLC02576635 --- 14905 Option to skip texts that are on the left/right zone the page
Gateway 182686 / RATLC02578179 PM54479 --- No error message or warning to user about duplicate GUIDs for links when capturing UML document twice
Gateway 186083 / RATLC02582242 PM56563 --- Modification of Entity type doesn't work properly with a type for added element.
Gateway 187955 / RATLC02502358 PM58337 --- Czech characters are not supported by Gateway
Gateway 190643 / RATLC02589088 PM60555 --- The bidriectional synch fails (Regression - used to work in 753) and leads to data loss
Gateway 191276 / RATLC02504296 PM61080 --- Create covering links sub-menu missing - Regression
Gateway 192148 / RATLC01538527 PM61738 --- Reverse synchronization from Rhapsody does not update the Multi-valued Enumeration Attributes in DOORS
Gateway 195650 / RATLC02600249 PM65062 --- Rhapsody DOORS synchronization doesn't work unless performed twice
Graphic Editor - General 135531 / RATLC01421829 --- --- Complete relations tool does not cover the embed flow
Graphic Editor - General 145661 / RATLC01434664 --- 6422 Auto refresh of diagram elements
Graphic Editor - General 148742 / RATLC01438048 --- 6968 Box Style vs Note Style
Graphic Editor - General 153688 / RATLC01760854 --- 7556 Show ports not effective for all parts selected on IBD
Graphic Editor - General 153960 / RATLC01882501 --- 7752 State chart: Highlight also text on transition
Graphic Editor - General 162756 / RATLC02316792 --- 9911 Display option for stereotype applied on flowport
Graphic Editor - General 163052 / RATLC02330508 --- 9982 Enhancement to show flowport's stereotype in the OMD
Graphic Editor - General 163100 / RATLC02333357 PM35019 --- No difference seen between Realization and Generalization on printing
Graphic Editor - General 165393 / RATLC02468264 --- 10467 Allow Name Field to Wrap on diagrams
Graphic Editor - General 174358 / RATLC02569502 PM46139 --- Reporter Plus failes to load when the values are large for _transform entries in the unit files
Graphic Editor - General 175148 / RATLC02570258 --- 13019 Display Flowport without its name on the diagram
Graphic Editor - General 177826 / RATLC02495476 --- --- Diagram Element labels should have visble relation
Graphic Editor - General 179310 / RATLC02574680 --- 14322 Provide mean to locate labels of a diagram element and restore their location
Graphic Editor - General 185853 / RATLC02581858 PM56321 --- It is not possible to Export diagram image with . in name without specifying the extension in Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editor - General 192262 / RATLC02592024 PM61858 --- Rhapsody crashes occasionally when opening a class menu of a part/object from the diagram editor
Graphic Editor - General 192518 / RATLC02592707 PM62058 --- Complete Ports menu (Show All Ports/Hide All Ports/...) not being displayed for Actor/Part/Object in Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editor - General 194300 / RATLC02597137 PM63803 --- Ports menu unavailable on the context menu of an Object/Part when the Syml profile is applied
Graphic Editor - General 195201 / RATLC02599180 PM64653 --- Defect in complete relation behavior
Graphic Editor - General 195969 / RATLC02601447 PM65624 --- The Complete Relations Layout does not save the format
Graphic Editor - General 197198 / RATLC01630436 PM67134 --- Association role names are hidden after the diagram is Rearranged to hierarchical view
Graphic Editors 181000 / RATLC00431482 PM52557 --- The Image of a copied element shows incomplete after pasted.
Graphic Editors 181844 / RATLC02576946 PM53297 --- Applied stereotypes do not appear within the feature dialog window
Graphic Editors 183292 / RATLC02579840 --- 16202 Highlighting an edge and its label together
Graphic Editors 185621 / RATLC02581488 --- 16488 Enhance SequenceDiagram properties for Requirement metaclass to align with other diagrams
Graphic Editors 188493 / RATLC00433203 --- --- Pre76GESkin overloads default fonts to Arial; resulting into corruptions of Japanese characters.
Graphic Editors 190054 / RATLC02588005 PM60083 --- Incorrect display of the stereotype name on the diagram
Graphic Editors 192219 / RATLC02592005 PM61829 --- The Flow gets disconnected from the Connector while doing Complete Relation Among Selected
Graphic Editors 193157 / RATLC02593983 PM62644 --- Diffmerge crashes when performing View All Diagrams
Graphic Editors 193890 / RATLC02505826 PM63385 --- Rhapsody crashes when the arrow of a control flow is brought close to a highly populated fork node
Graphic Editors 193934 / RATLC02505895 PM63484 --- Implicit Object from Directed Composition relation disappears after restarting Rhapsody
Graphic Editors 196174 / RATLC00434513 PM65668 --- DFT Rhp Invalid syntax message pops up when attribute icon is clicked
Harmony 168955 / RATLC01537508 PM41629 --- SE-Toolkit does not warn user when actor pin is not linked to an actor while generating sequence diagram
Harmony 176717 / RATLC02571839 --- 13497 Harmony SE Tool kit Enhancement (synchronous messages)
Helpers 182648 / RATLC02578082 --- 15437 Linux helpers
Helpers 197517 / RATLC01997518 PM67545 --- DFT RHP Helper trigger is changeed automatically
Install 160261 / RATLC02126832 --- 9327 Ability to specify Java location during modify installation.
Install 193001 / RATLC00433989 PM62496 --- Duplicate entries of Microsoft Visual Studio Workflow Integration shown on Add On Page
Install 193354 / RATLC01346925 PM62718 --- DFT Rhp 761;7611 VS integration AddOn entry won't be added/removed from VS automatically
Install 195778 / RATLC01348038 PM65386 --- DFT Rhp 7.6.1.x TestConductor menu is not accessible from Rhapsody after installation on non-English env
Install and Licensing 170862 / RATLC02566504 --- --- IntelliVisor: RFE: RHP Intellivisor should pull from any package that has a dependency link
Install and Licensing 180409 / RATLC02575764 PM52055 --- installation of C++ redistributable files fails
Install and Licensing 180532 / RATLC02497496 PM52169 --- rt_files folder registry entry not correctly removed/added
Install and Licensing 180646 / RATLC01537997 PM52266 --- Silent Installation installs components not mentioned in the script
IntelliVisor 180068 / RATLC02575418 PM51801 --- IntelliVisor: Code completion generates invalid code with qualifiers
IntelliVisor 195915 / RATLC02506442 PM65576 --- IntelliVisor: Auto-complete shows empty Select when unsure.
Java API (COM) 140024 / RATLC01502847 --- --- Java API does not support creating objects out of template instances in Rhapsody 7.4
Java API (COM) 176980 / RATLC02572123 --- 13577 Enhancement on having method to get requirement by Id in Java API
Java API (COM) 190637 / RATLC02589072 PM60549 --- Incorrect behavior of the API call 'save()'.
Java API (COM) 191683 / RATLC02590846 PM61358 --- Using Java API to Change an Activity Action into a CallOperation
Java API (COM) 195651 / RATLC02600288 PM65082 --- Obfuscator plugin not working in; 7.6.1
Java API (COM) 196240 / RATLC02506507 PM65896 --- unable to get full signature from getImplementationSignature
Java API (COM) 198813 / RATLC02507241 PM68925 --- addActivityDiagram to operations fails with error
Java API (COM) 198916 / RATLC02507276 PM69037 --- Cannot add Activity Parameter to activity diagram frame with API
Java API (COM) 199073 / RATLC02609791 --- 24563 Ability to automatically enable/disable checks in Rhapsody via JAVA API.
Localization 179037 / RATLC02574317 PM50828 --- Search operation in Rhapsody does not take existing types into account
Localization 192728 / RATLC02593162 PM62310 --- File option accessible from Change To menu hasn't been translated
Main Window 155487 / RATLC01325184 --- 8254 RFE RhapsodyCL should also recongnize the ProductLocale Setting.
Mainsoft 193359 / RATLC02594143 PM62753 --- Seemingly unnecessary code in Rhapsody environment causes startup error
MicroC CG 190984 / RATLC02589732 --- 20354 On usage on property C_CG::Configuration::FarPointerQualifier enable generation of * before the far keyword
Misc 178961 / RATLC02496563 PM50722 --- Customized menus do not work consistently across the Rhapsody editions.
Misc 180370 / RATLC02575730 PM52024 --- RHP 76 Display options not showing correct data
Misc 181942 / RATLC02577022 --- 15049 Support Linux Suse 11.x 64 bit
Misc 188111 / RATLC02585304 --- 17939 obfuscator improvement
Misc 155237 / RATLC01952154 --- 8038 Enhancement Request for Simulink on linux
Modeling 144002 / RATLC01432324 --- 6097 Ability to have multiple selection of qualifier possibile for association
Modeling 148253 / RATLC01437530 --- 6890 Should allow to have two association with the same name
Modeling 156936 / RATLC01517175 --- 8670 Rhapsody 7.5.2 should allow a shared association between Blocks on an IBD using a referenced property
Modeling 162317 / RATLC02272550 --- 9755 Showing a Referenced part (Aggregation Relationship) on an IBD
Modeling 165673 / RATLC02554170 --- 10545 Usage of global interfaces
Modeling 167615 / RATLC02563108 PM10170 --- Rhpy7.4 TemplateClass creates Red T near class
Modeling 174799 / RATLC02493470 PM46570 --- Flowport Code Generation not performing as expected.
Modeling 178588 / RATLC02573500 --- 13962 Diagram Element labels should have visble relations
Modeling 178867 / RATLC02574095 --- 14126 Option to remove/delete the stub element
Modeling 180648 / RATLC02575997 PM52277 --- Issue with Edit Type Order
Modeling 181075 / RATLC02576301 --- 14803 Extend Java API Listeners with element change functionality
Modeling 181483 / RATLC00431622 PM52965 --- DFT RHP Can't open rpy file from DVD.
Modeling 181960 / RATLC02577165 --- 15111 Warning should be given when creating INTERFACE stereotyped elements with PredefinedTypes unloaded
Modeling 182212 / RATLC02577449 --- 15202 Enhance Rhapsody to have a property which can prevent the creation of mxf_cfg.h file for MicroC framework
Modeling 182249 / RATLC02577472 --- 15217 Enhance Rhapsody to have a Spell Checker
Modeling 189613 / RATLC01345492 PM59648 --- Defect Rhapsody v 7.6.1 On-Demand-Load used; tool crashed when doing CheckOut
Modeling 194359 / RATLC02597273 PM63903 --- Japanese characters used in UC causes RHP crash if the model was loaded without subunits.
Modeling 197057 / RATLC01630424 PM66992 --- Rhapsody performance issue: Set As Active Project
Modeling 197998 / RATLC02607269 --- 24057 Support for SysML 1.3 profile with rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General 183354 / RATLC02499696 PM55237 --- Can not add SysML profile when adding the UPDM_DoDAF20_L1 profile to a model.
Modeling - General 187600 / RATLC00433010 PM58102 --- DFT Rhp name of dependency in Japanese is corrupted on model view
Modeling - General 188298 / RATLC02585634 --- 17977 defaultComponent and activeConfig
Modeling - General 188399 / RATLC02502556 PM58645 --- composite relationships should ignore interfaces when computing required interfaces
Modeling - General 191160 / RATLC02589996 PM60957 --- Issues with changing Multiplicity of a TAG attached to an ST
Modeling - General 191242 / RATLC00433643 PM61037 --- Rhapsody v761 abnormally crashes with all the available memory exhausted
Modeling - General 192274 / RATLC02592058 PM61880 --- RHP 76 Unable to draw dependency from template instantiation
Modeling - General 192775 / RATLC02505211 PM62360 --- Create Unit status on OMD is not saved.
Modeling - General 193660 / RATLC01347137 PM63106 --- DFT Rhp 7611 unnecessary file search dialogue displayed when replace existed autosar profile
Modeling - General 195918 / RATLC02506447 --- --- IntelliVisor: 'const' keyword is appended with auto-complete.
Modeling - General 197264 / RATLC01630450 PM67246 --- Crash while loading a package
Object Model Diagram 124533 / RATLC01492754 PK98557 --- Information inside a file (variables) cannot be conveyed on a flow
Object Model Diagram 143745 / RATLC01432066 --- --- Allow the ordering (alphabetically) of the attribute list in an OMD.
Object Model Diagram 150856 / RATLC01321499 --- 7318 RFE Rhapsody Attribute Multiplicity Shown in OMD directly
Object Model Diagram 164890 / RATLC02433232 PM36780 --- Cancel of Display Options dialog saves changes
PCE 178015 / RATLC02573006 --- 13810 ER for the ability to add tags to UC in Rhapsody SysML
Print 190968 / RATLC02589686 PM60777 --- The print setting radioButton resets the selected option
Print 193032 / RATLC02593809 PM62507 --- Unable to use the option Diagram print settings and Print Preview
Profiles 181864 / RATLC02498275 PM53338 --- Rhapsody profile can not find other profiles when performing an Add Profile to Model.
Profiles - General 182968 / RATLC02579177 --- 16092 ER to add Anchors as a Common element in the diagram toolbar or FunctionalC models
Rational Publishing Engine 190967 / RATLC02589541 PM60681 --- Rhapsody Schema does not provide node for the elements in 'Scope'; for a component.
Rational Publishing Engine 192470 / RATLC02592462 --- 21154 Ability to generate report on selected package using RPE.
Rational Publishing Engine 193378 / RATLC02594237 PM62816 --- RHP 7611 Missing UPDM .dsx file causes report to fail
Rational Publishing Engine 194699 / RATLC02506092 PM64242 --- missing predefined query - AllObjectNodes
RDM 195658 / RATLC02600497 --- 22734 Navigate to referenced model elements in Rhapsody Design Manager
Reporter Plus 195429 / RATLC02506282 PM64948 --- ReporterPLUS fails to load dependencies with duplicated names
Reporter Plus 199199 / RATLC02610025 PM69286 --- ReporterPLUS output is truncating lines in a note symbol.
Reports 192741 / RATLC01346685 PM62312 --- DFT Rhp 7611 RTF Reporter Generation Charset option UI hasn't been provided for DiffMerge users
Reverse Engineering 174435 / RATLC02569558 PM46205 --- Rhapsody crashes while reverse engineering without any proper message
Reverse Engineering 189013 / RATLC02586627 PM59163 --- Reverse Engineering a macro with variable arg list gives err: #define ignored -- formal arg must be an identifier
Reverse Engineering 190516 / RATLC02588847 PM60429 --- Java RE: Associations created for template interface
Reverse Engineering 192619 / RATLC02505102 PM62183 --- Rhapsody loses the mutable keyword during reverse engineering.
Reverse Engineering 197606 / RATLC02606134 PM67637 --- Code RE with switch command gives error on generating code in rhapsody
Roundtrip 150807 / RATLC01662828 PM21604 --- Force Roundtrip makes huge changes in the model
Roundtrip 177719 / RATLC02572831 PM49277 --- Roundtrip adds duplicate packages
Roundtrip 183747 / RATLC02498691 PM54116 --- functions using constant parameters not being RT.
Roundtrip 189040 / RATLC01538415 PM59190 --- Huge difference between two versions of .sbs files with just minor changes
Roundtrip 189938 / RATLC02587760 PM59926 --- Roundtrip doesn't update the class that the association is on.
Roundtrip 191879 / RATLC02504628 PM61515 --- Roundtripping is renaming the variable in the .cpp file when a save is performed.
Roundtrip 192705 / RATLC02593114 PM62284 --- RHP 7.6 incorrect code RE a template
Roundtrip 194329 / RATLC02597159 PM63815 --- Implementation of Template operations contained in outer class cannot be roundtripped
Roundtrip 196792 / RATLC02506669 PM66578 --- Roundtrip remove unit name in code centric mode if the unit is not a package.
SA Integration 181557 / RATLC02576154 PM52455 --- RHP76; SE-Toolkit crashes when generating SD from AD. Run-time error '-2147221495 (800400009)':
Search 163026 / RATLC02330365 --- 9970 Search result doesn't allow to remove more elements ot a single point of time.
Search 164482 / RATLC02405292 PM36366 --- Rhapsody search feature doesn't find all words in models
Search 182893 / RATLC02578724 PM54800 --- 'Only unresolved/unloaded' option in the 'Find Advanced Search and Replace' menu; does not work correctly.
Search 183015 / RATLC02579428 --- 16131 Availability of the IRPSearchManager interface for general purpose use.
Search 187516 / RATLC02502124 PM57986 --- Query ignores new term default tag values
Sequence Diagram 140260 / RATLC01428002 --- 5439 Display Operation Arguments vs. Message Arguments
Sequence Diagram 157335 / RATLC01994162 --- 8588 ER for depiction of Friend classes in the Sequence Diagram
Sequence Diagram 169180 / RATLC02565255 --- 11468 Message Description Field Contents
Sequence Diagram 179981 / RATLC02497250 PM51771 --- DFT-Auto Realize all elements function in SD wrongly transfers Label for Class to the model
Server-Client Platforms 182953 / RATLC02579028 --- 16080 Need support for RHEL 6 64 bit in Rhapsody
Simulink Integration 193039 / RATLC02593823 PM62512 --- Open Model In Simulink Context Menu option doesnt work with Relative paths
Statechart 173512 / RATLC01338149 --- 12670 RFE Rhapsody Request Show Stereotype Label Info for substates belong to Orthogonal State
Statechart 188394 / RATLC01538381 PM58639 --- No message displayed when user tries to delete an orthogonal state.
Statechart 189614 / RATLC02503251 PM59675 --- Can not draw a default transition on a statechart.
Statechart 190966 / RATLC02589519 PM60671 --- Cannot Delete And States in Statechart
SysML 167631 / RATLC02563122 --- --- Increase SysML Compliance in Rational Rhapsody
SysML 181657 / RATLC02576729 PM53070 --- Crash when changing order of enums in SysML model
SysML 187079 / RATLC02583756 PM57458 --- Wrong naming convention for blocks in Rhapsody SysML
SysML 191788 / RATLC02590956 --- 20681 SI Unites in Rhapsody
Table Matrix 165400 / RATLC02468267 --- 10462 Table Rows are only a single line of text
Table Matrix 173610 / RATLC01338211 --- 12673 RFE Rhp Tool New Standard Feature is Required for Generate/Caculate Model Matix Information With Higher Flexibility
Table Matrix 185646 / RATLC02581549 --- 16498 creation of tag in table view
Table Matrix 185648 / RATLC02581553 --- 16495 TableView: Edit Tag in table
Table Matrix 191114 / RATLC02589854 --- 20405 When using a table multiple edit shall be possible
Table Matrix 198462 / RATLC01630550 PM68622 --- Selecting multiple elements for Matrix Cell results in error Please select only one element type
TeamCenter 183293 / RATLC02579842 --- 16201 Rhapsody quality improvement by thorough regression test
TestConductor 174719 / RATLC02569906 --- --- Command-Line; to return a Pass/Fail value (1 or 0) when returning from execution
TestConductor 175749 / RATLC02570996 --- --- TestConductor's portsnooper support for multiple users...
TestConductor 196596 / RATLC02603387 PM66475 --- RHP 7611 warning C4355: 'this' : used in base member initializer list
TestConductor 197202 / RATLC02605030 PM67141 --- Test Conductor doesnt take namespaces properties into account
Toolbars 192760 / RATLC01538561 PM62336 --- Forward and Back Navigation buttons are not enabled on Linux platform
Toolbars 193068 / RATLC01538568 PM62544 --- Favorites toolbar expands all the packages in the tree structure every time Rhapsody is launched
UPDM 130431 / RATLC01306154 --- --- UPDM_L1 profile should support the same helpers as the DoDAF add-on
UPDM 149588 / RATLC01438905 --- 7081 OperationalNode not available on OV-2 diagram toolbar in UPDM project.
UPDM 161125 / RATLC02185888 --- --- No SV-4 Functional Decomposition diagram in RHP 7.5.3
UPDM 178787 / RATLC02573465 PM49965 --- Remove actualprojectmilestones_1 and 0 from Milestones tag on CapabilityConfiguration in UPDM profile.
UPDM 192581 / RATLC01538546 PM62136 --- In a UPDM profile a KnownResource cannot be added to a LogicalArchtiecture
UPDM 192587 / RATLC01538548 PM62138 --- In the UPDM profile service channels cannot be created internally to SystemParts
User Interface 181746 / RATLC02576832 PM53199 --- Cannot rename enumeration literal
User Interface 182230 / RATLC01815753 PM53864 --- Rhapsody switches from MicroC to General tab in properties when new values entered
User Interface 183276 / RATLC01343526 PM55358 --- DFT Rhapsody property description doesn't show on property dialog to each operation argument since v 7.5.3
User Interface 184951 / RATLC02580360 PM55658 --- Text description under the Callbehavior object element appears in mirror fashion
User Interface 190122 / RATLC02588131 --- 20008 Feature set of modeling should be consistent in different views of the tool
User Interface 196400 / RATLC01348348 PM66155 --- DFT Rhp 7611 won't add double quotations surrounding the source file full path when launching external editor
Visual Studio Integration 162903 / RATLC02327118 PM34796 --- VSWFI: CPP_CG::MSVC9::UpdateBuildSettingsInIDE gets automatically enabled
Visual Studio Integration 166705 / RATLC01329383 PM31835 --- VSWFI: DFT Rhp Additional Sources doesn't support relative path when using VS integration
XMI 173192 / RATLC02568493 --- 12539 RFE Rhp Information regarding UML model between Rhapsody and Enterprise Architect
XMI 193207 / RATLC02594039 PM62687 --- RHP76: xmi import not bringing op implementation code
XMI 193355 / RATLC02505484 PM62765 --- Incorrect import of EA XMI types
XMI 198339 / RATLC02608345 PM68465 --- RHP 7611 Multiplicity * not well imported from EA

Table of Contents:

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1.5
Filed Against External Id Summary
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI21047 ARXML document Export throws an error "[error] [13]Illegal value '4294967295' value of 'value' (IntegerLiteral)..."
Code/RHP Code Generation PI46207 unexpected annotation due to blank description in action of flowchart
Code/RHP Code Generation PI52134 wrong statechart code generated for deep history connector
Code/RHP Code Generation PI53193 code generation modifies model
Code/RHP Code Generation PI53511 _CG::Type::DefaultValue property is missing in RhapsodyInC
Code/RHP Code Generation PI53596 Using both $Name and $NameWithTemplateParams in standard operations property returns the full template name
Code/RHP Code Generation PI53597 Standard Operations definition code is always prefixed with template name
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI52618 Reverse Engineering in Code-Centric mode, deletes Activity Diagrams from the model.
Code/Roundtrip Roundtrip of new include statement create dependency to new file in the component instead of dependency to the modeled class
Code/Roundtrip PI57382 Source artifact files added to Component while round tripping.
Collaborations PI49123 Confirmation dialog often disappears when accepting changes from RTC into a non active project.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI30898 Not all elements of a component's scope appear in DiffMerge
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI31397 DiffMerge does not flag graphical differences when "Ignore Graphical Differences" is unchecked.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI36649 DFT Rhapsody DiffMerge base aware comparation generated RTF report content incorrect
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI39592 DiffMerge shows wrong differences in Rational Rhapsody
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI40351 The association line between "specification" and "configuration item" is re-targeted.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI41174 Merged values not updated for state attributes, during graphical merge.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI48202 Unexpected Timestamps in Model file after merge
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI53197 Base aware merge ignores conflicting merge in component scope
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway PI54087 Extract objects from variable in Gateway does not work
Extendibility/Java API (COM) Java API setGraphicalProperty("Position"/"Height"/"Width") not working as expected
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI50169 api method addinteractionoperator creates duplicate "combined fragment" model element
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI50186 API ignores multiple system borders in sequence diagrams
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI52517 Java API scripts written for Rhapsody 8.0.3 crashes for Rhapsody 8.1.2
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI52828 Unable to access overridden associated image with API IRPGraphElement.getAssociatedImage()
IDE Integrations/Visual Studio Integration PI57644 Rhapsody does not remove old makefile hyperlink from component after adding visual studio stereotype to config
Install and Licensing/RHP Install PI55638 .rpy file does not get associated to rhapsody.exe by default.
Modeling/Modeling - General PI31718 Incorrect mouse pointer when dragging portType on a Software Component Diagram for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling/Modeling - General PI45344 block->part: complete relations does not work in Rational Rhapsody
Profiles/SysML PI37565 Conjugated (reversed) proxy port does not allow realization of message in Sequence Diagram
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI50475 Instance Specification and Create Slot Documentation
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI52725 CollaborationEvent/MessagePoint is not documented
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI57835 Error "-file command not found" - AUTOSAR Command line arguments require enclosing speech marks
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI57852 Docs should remind users that OMThread::startDispatching() should be used instead of OMThread::start()
RHP Graphic Editors PI53897 Load time increase after migrating to RHP 8.1.x when remote profile uses General::Graphics::AssociatedImageFile property
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI51379 'Complete-Relations' does not work for flows from a part to itself.
RHP Graphic Editors/Object Model Diagram PI51041 Rhapsody data flow arrows going wrong way
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI53103 Converting Actions to Call Behaviors results in loss of dependency data
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI55205 Executing "Update/Create Activity pins" results in updating label info with an unexpected value
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Sequence Diagram PI54562 Sequence diagram causes CRASH when closing Rhapsody
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Sequence Diagram PI55415 DataFlow not renamed when using the Features dialog in IBM Rational Rhapsody
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI40636 property EnableCriteriaCheck not working properly for Queries in Rational Rhapsody
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI53070 not possible to show target of hyperlink in table
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI53354 Depends On to Dependency shows only 1 dependency in a table
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI54601 Table: Wrong drawing when resizing collapsable row height
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI49451 no hyperlink of internal block diagrams possible
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI51885 Rhapsody crashes when changing tags on multiselect
RHP User Interface/Main Window PI49392 Unusable diagram tab bar - drop down tab bar
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser PI47908 Keyboard multi-select is not working
RHP User Interface/RHP Search PI51899 A query for tags and value does not work.
RHP User Interface/RHP Search PI52708 Duplicate Link element type is listed in Element Types Tab

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1.4
Filed Against External Id Summary
AUTOMOTIVE PI48587 Second import of CSV file causes name change of existing elements in IBM Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE PI40063 Dependencies from Autosar to SysML model elements cannot be created.
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI47321 Wrong order of elements of a ImplementationDataType of category STRUCTURE in exported ARXML using Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI47013 Inconsistent value of isService boolean tags post ARXML import in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI43677 Wrong order of arguments in exported ARXML using Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI40943 Context pattern table not working for dependencies in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI28274 renaming portType target in model cause duplication of portType when ARXML is re-imported
Application Execution PI42359 Activity with a loop blocks other activity from being executed
Application Execution/RHP Framework PI47604 SMXF framework implementation of timedActionImplementedByOS
Application Execution/RHP Framework PI43511 OMREGISTER_REACTIVE_CLASS incorrectly formed.
Code PI45011 No STL functions for vector::getCount() or list::getCount().
Code/Ada Code PI41621 Conversion of Limited Type in Initialize using Rational Rhapsody in Ada
Code/Ada Code PI40831 This parameter generated to Init_Ports call in Initialize using Rational Rhapsody in Ada
Code/Ada Code PI40616 This parameter to Get_Its_Reactive in Initialize using Rational Rhapsody in Ada
Code/RHP Code Generation PI50948 Crash with isolated state model check warning
Code/RHP Code Generation PI50716 Property CPP_CG::File::Generate -> Specification does not work
Code/RHP Code Generation PI47068 Blank line generated at end of Description of State in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation PI44074 Generating single file (DMCA scenario) create different code.
Code/RHP Code Generation PI41178 problematic activity diagram should be handled in checks and give errors on problem that prevent code generation
Code/RHP Code Generation PI35584 Generating multiple packages in one file - incremental code gen fails in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation PI31122 Crash during code generation when StatechartImplementation property is set to OptimizedTopDown for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI37538 DFT Rhapsody CG failed to understand dependency info and create duplicated include from REed model
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PM99798 DFT Rhp Redundant packages are created in RE
Code/Roundtrip PI50919 Use of property 'C_CG::Operation::PublicName' incorrectly modify s operation name, upon Roundtrip.
Code/Roundtrip PI47955 Roundtrip ignores property C_CG::Operation::PublicName
Code/Roundtrip PI45913 Empty packages generated after forced roundtrip in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Collaborations/CM PI41886 DFT Rhp 812 'SaveOnCheckOut' properties doesn't work if check out option 'Descendants' isn't checked.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI49246 DiffMerge.exe returns success if a non-existing merge tool is used in diffmerge.ini
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI42319 Need to synchronize the Zoom and Scroll of the three windows.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI42318 Need to open the same substate in Left, Right and Base files and stay in diffmerge mode with differences highlighted.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI42315 Need a visual way to tell on the diagram that there is no change.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI41199 Flows missing from OMD after including them in the merge
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway PI49442 REGRESSION: PDF files no longer read by gateway
Extendibility/External Checks PI25976 External Check running twice for action in activity diagrams.
Framework Safety Critical PI40913 Timeout pool in RiCTimeout_getMemory() not correctly initialized in SMXF for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Hosted Simulations/Simulink Integration PI48960 S-Function generated from < > has non-deterministic behavior at start-up in Simulink simulation.
Hosted Simulations/Simulink Integration PI45544 Simulink integration hangs when running a Simulink S-Function with animation for IBM Rational Rhapsody
IDE Integrations PI46213 Eclipse Plugin Update not working with Rhapsody 8.1.3.
IDE Integrations/Eclipse Code - Build PI41023 Open Main Diagram' for use case is not working in Rhapsody Eclipse Client.
Modeling PI47447 Adding the SysML profile to Rhapsody model causes a crash when closing.
Modeling PI40226 Refactor -> Rename doesn't work for New Term elements like Test Conductor elements
Modeling PI38936 Editing action on a transition results in error "Cannot Add event to this class" in Rhapsody
Modeling PI38337 Flows can be in an unmovable state
Modeling PI32141 DFT Rhp 811 Changing descriptiong of class or its operation results ohter Package is changed too
Modeling/Checker PI46846 Model Check throws warning message Isolated states in Rational Rhapsody though Actions are connected using Object Flows
Modeling/Checker PI45593 Model Checker generates incorrect warning for timeout transition
Modeling/Checker PI43801 CRASH: Project crashes when selecting Check Model.
Modeling/Modeling - General PI48120 Absolute path is saved within unit files
Modeling/Modeling - General PI43153 References within stereotypes get duplicated after upgrade of model.
Modeling/Modeling - General PI40010 MFC Crash error using Rhapsody 64 bit
Modeling/Modeling - General PI31990 Crash when changing the type on a combo box for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling/Modeling - General PI31718 Incorrect mouse pointer when dragging portType on a Software Component Diagram for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling/RHP Repository PI42011 CRASH: Loading a model that has references in the .sbs files from two other models.
Profiles/Harmony PI45533 DesignSynthesisPkg package is duplicated when you create a Harmony project for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Profiles/Harmony PI44672 Harmony SE - Add Actor Pin fails if regular pins are present on action
Profiles/SysML PI48628 Losing allocation with change of Operation Type
Profiles/SysML PI42740 Graphical errors (incorrect location + disappearing on mouse over) for nested proxy ports within full ports
Profiles/SysML PI26181 Default Display option does not show relative display name in SysML
RDM Client extension PI41334 Not picking up realized messages
RHP Documentation PI41543 Property General.Message.DataFlowElementPattern needs a description
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI49403 Cannot add a term to the spell check dictionary
RHP Graphic Editors PI47326 unable to export diagram with transparency
RHP Graphic Editors PI15907 DFT Rhp Douuble byte characters can be set to name field in requirement
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI41809 Crash when connecting SysML part with proxy port nested in a full port on an IBD
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI35749 diagram tabs are reordered after reopening of project
RHP Graphic Editors/Object Model Diagram PI47708 Graphical corruption when resizing model elements
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI48011 Moving or resizing swimlanes moves rectilinear flows
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI47860 Diagram corruption in Activity Diagram with Swimlanes
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI46055 Call Behavior label not shown
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI39106 Associated image for CallOperation disappears, when change is made to the 'Display Options...' for the CallOperation.
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI32609 Cannot add Swimlane to Subactivity Diagram
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Sequence Diagram PI42361 Cannot change the color of an interaction operator with the format option
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Sequence Diagram PI37044 DFT TimeInterval defined in SD scenario being mistakenly converted to invalid characters when label mode is "ON"
RHP Graphic Editors/Statechart PI49303 Using "LabelMode" destroys derived statecharts with entry-exit points.
RHP Graphic Editors/Statechart PI35754 overridden statechart cannot be restored to base statechart
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI45479 if first column in table is collapsed - model elements not shown
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI44569 showing tags in context table is incorrect
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix PI44572 showing tags in context table is incorrect
RHP Reports/Reporter Plus PI47325 ReporterPlus: Value of $description missing for TableView
RHP User Interface PI28460 Notation Style do not show any difference for Requirements if Image is associated in Rational Rhapsody
RHP User Interface PI20640 DFT Rhp change requirement label ondiagram cause name updated unexpectedly even GenerateNameFromLabelInLabelMode diabled
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI41190 Implementation field of operation cannot be modified after displaying an abstract implementation.
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI40082 Value of "Store in Separate Directory" is not always displayed correctly
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI24117 Rhapsody does not remove redundant argument data from .sbs file
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI22048 Rhapsody dialogs (Features window, etc) are no longer visible after closing them with Alt+F4 and re-opening them
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI11841 Unable to create 'realizingActivityEdge' in a OV3 in UPDM
RHP User Interface/Print PI29109 When printing a Matrix View, rows are missing/truncated.
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser PI42217 Refactor -> Rename does not work consistently for Fork / Join Nodes in IBM Rational Rhapsody
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser PI32206 Set Stereotype from context menu works incorrectly in Rational Rhapsody

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1.3
Filed Against Id APAR # Summary
AUTOMOTIVE 246213 PI40063 Dependencies from Autosar to SysML model elements cannot be created.
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR 245234 PI37382 Performing an ARXML Export keeps focus on the Export dialog in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Application Execution/Animation 245764 PI38997 Variables not updated in token oriented AD
Application Execution/RHP Framework 234797 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to enable Build Framework on 64 bit Compilers
Code 240330 PI26893 Indentation is not proper In FlowChart sample model
Code 244801 PI35465 DFT Rhapsody not generate NOTIFY_OPERATION macro to REed class in some specific scenario
Code 245227 PI37331 Makefiles not generated in RHP Architect for Software
Code/Ada Code 201190 Support for GNAT 2012 with RiA
Code/Ada Code 236002 Product Line Development for RiA
Code/RHP Code Generation 240512 PI27593 DFT Rhapsody creates wrong implement in Java after RE
Code/RHP Code Generation 240680 PI28073 DFT Rhapsody in J is failed to generate required implicit dependency info from REed model
Code/RHP Code Generation 242026 PI29740 Header file does not order associations correctly
Code/RHP Code Generation 243615 PI32527 DFT RIC 811 destroyed and re-created instances can't been showed on browser again in Animation mode
Code/RHP Code Generation 244422 PI34813 RiJ: Vararg constructor argument always roundtripped with endless [] array brackets
Code/RHP Code Generation 244555 PI35184 event to interface deletes code line in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation 244562 PI35223 Sub-states terminating prematurely
Code/RHP Code Generation 244620 PI35380 Property _CG::State::DescriptionTemplate generates different codes depending on model elements in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation 244797 PI35928 "Fatal error occurred while performing Code Generation."
Code/RHP Code Generation 244811 PI36283 Fatal Error occurs during code generation
Code/RHP Code Generation 245230 PI37179 There are differences in the default declaration order in the Rhapsody dialog and code.
Code/RHP Code Generation 245547 PI37960 REGRESSION: Port multiplicity with constant variable doesn't generate correct code
Code/RHP Code Generation 245772 PI38537 Call Operation Index field does not generate the index in the code
Code/RHP Code Generation 245777 PI38619 alloperation does not generate me pointer argument
Code/RHP Code Generation 246226 PI40352 Incomplete code generation using parallel code generation and RhapsodyCL.
Export-Import Integrations 244799 PI35518 Cannot add actions with CSV import
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway 243894 PI33186 Gateway export to DOORS parser error
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway 244520 PI35057 DFT Rhapsody Gateway not working well with Actively-Managed model
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway 244537 PI35139 Package names incorrect in RHP, after adding high level requirements from Gateway
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway 245896 PI39327 Value of the attribute from Gateway not getting updated in the decription of the tag.
Export-Import Integrations/RHP XMI 239848 PI25864 DFT RHP Can not correctly import a XMI file exported by EA
Extendibility/Callback API 245062 PI36862 StandAloneApplicationListener sample onElementsChanged method should return false instead of true
Extendibility/Java API (COM) 243694 Please support "Send to Back" and "Bring to Front" in Java API
Extendibility/Java API (COM) 244787 PI35747 Code added to state entry action via API cannot be manually edited
Extendibility/Java API (COM) 244809 PI35735 API returns non-existent project level Cmp and Config when only package level component exists in model.
Extendibility/VBA 245357 PI37386 Rhapsody 8.1.2: setGraphicalProperty "TextPosition" does not work for the position of a pin's text
Framework Safety Critical 245364 PI37547 Association between 2 classes with mutiplicity > 1 leads to uncompilable code in Rational Rhapsody
Hosted Simulations/Simulink Integration 245992 PI39920 Linker error when building Simulink project for IBM Rational Rhapsody
IDE Integrations 245456 PI37839 Pressing the 'Del' key while renaming an element in the browser also tries to delete the element.
Misc 240847 Request SD TestCase result also include extra message info only appear on resulting SD
Misc 245360 Enable Rational Rhapsody to throw an appropriate error pop up message when RulesComposer license is not available
Misc 245766 Enhance Rational Rhapsody to allow exporting AUTOSAR references with absolute path & ignoring any reference base definition
Misc 245776 Show Only Linked OSLC Requirements
Modeling 239973 PI26173 DFT Rhapsody 811 Animated sequence diagram returns a strange output in lable mode
Modeling 240560 Not displaying nested ports in diagrams
Modeling 240599 SAAB Aero need support for NestedPorts notation in Rhpy this is to support migration of Enterprise Architect model to Rhpy
Modeling 243197 PI31751 Rhp 811 Save multi-bytes label name of an unit results '' file and new .sbs files are created endlessly
Modeling/Modeling - General 240558 PI27707 Performance overhead with large number of hyperlinks in diagram
Modeling/Modeling - General 242790 PI31417 Comment changes display when stereotype with associated bitmap is assigned to package.
Modeling/Modeling - General 243176 PI31718 Incorrect mouse pointer when dragging portType on a Software Component Diagram for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling/Modeling - General 243770 PI32927 Panel-diagram LED element bound to substate not lighting during animation
Modeling/Modeling - General 245546 PI37943 Port accessors are generated with invalid index values
Modeling/Modeling - General 245988 PI39621 Applying Stereotypes having Dependencies with StandardContent throws "Links differ in role name" in Rational Rhapsody
Platforms/Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 244906 PI36444 elem.getOfMetaClass(); function does not retrieve the applied to information of specific sysml stereotypes.
Platforms/Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 245783 PI38853 Rhapsody platform integration does not install Rhapsody Intro/Overview correctly in Eclipse / RTC Welcome Page.
Profiles 245362 PI37542 Format infomation (e.g. color) will get lost after upgrading a model from v7.5.3.x to v8.x
Profiles 245363 PI37546 Compartments settings gets lost after upgrading a model from 753x to v8x
Profiles/Harmony 239835 PI25839 SE-Toolkit - Create TestBench doesn't work for an actor, no "Generation Complete" message displayed
Profiles/Harmony 244095 PI33875 "Create System Model from Use Case" creates class instead of block for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Profiles/Harmony 245990 PI39724 SE Toolkit CreatePortsAndInterfaces does not deal with requested blank interface name correctly
Profiles/Profiles - General 243949 PI33383 Added profile does not get reloaded once the model is saved and closed.
Profiles/SysML 209225 Rhapsody request to support SysML 1.3 "Nested Ports"
Profiles/SysML 242439 SysML Full Port - Represent Embedded Ports on Diagrams
RHP Documentation 243688 PI32678 DFT Usage of "preconditions" in Rhapsody TestConductor is not well presented in user guide
RHP Documentation/Documentation Properties 239305 Need documentation on Rhasody 8.1 new properties.
RHP Graphic Editors 240381 PI27129 DFT Rhp 811 RTC Sample CppTestingExternalFiles can't generate a correct '*_show' sequence diagram after executation
RHP Graphic Editors 245217 PI37048 Rhapsody crashes when loading Activity Diagram, due to illegal characters/values in unit file(s).
RHP Graphic Editors 245219 PI37049 Rhapsody crashes when loading a package, containing a Sequence Diagram with stereotyped comment.
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General 242168 PI29950 Forward / Back diagam navigation buttons inconsistent with Activity Diagrams
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General 245538 PI37963 unload and then again "load with subunits" a unit : Rhapsody crashes
RHP Graphic Editors/Object Model Diagram 239200 Display SysML 1.3 nested ports in the diagram
RHP Graphic Editors/Statechart 245064 PI36898 Unable to modify inherited transitions in state
RHP Graphic Editors/Statechart 245220 PI37060 Unable to modify manually added transition in state (but can delete)
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix 245068 PI37028 Opening a MatrixView takes a long time (25-60 mins).
RHP Graphic Editors/Table Matrix 245987 PI39695 Relation Table: element type selection does not work in Rational Rhapsody
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog 239799 PI25732 Dragging an object from the browser to the description of a use case causes everything after the hyperlink to get underlined.
RHP User Interface/Main Window 245545 PI38059 crash when switching to bak project
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser 245233 PI37188 Load on Demand not working with New Term stereotypes
RHP User Interface/RHP Toolbars 244363 PI34615 Rhapsody becomes unusable due to an inactive message.
Testing/TestConductor 232839 Enhance Rhapsody Test Conductor to be able to generate test results on a specific location
Testing/TestConductor 236129 Destination Path for TestConductor Reports
Testing/TestConductor 243364 Request SD TestCase result also include extra message info only appear on resulting SD
Testing/TestConductor 245548 PI38049 Incomplete / insufficient calling of rootState_dispatchEvent at the end of processEvent in RiC.
Link Date Released Status
Filed Against APAR # RATLC ID Id Summary
AUTOMOTIVE/AR BMT PI26796 RATLC03457052 240286 Defining an enum type to use as parameter type in IBM Rational Rhapsody leads to umcompilable code
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI20329 RATLC03175462 237269 Importing ARXML creates irremovable refs to MergerTempPackageName package
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI28464 RATLC03457460 240841 Re-Importing ARXML deletes existing model elements from diagram in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI29312 RATLC03457821 241877 Performing an ARXML Document Export leads to changing of direction for the Argument
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI29828 RATLC02520418 242086 AUTOSAR Import creates redundant l_operation and l_port references for IBM Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI31393 RATLC03459197 242789 arxml file fails to load in Rational Rhapsody due to variation point type
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI32960 RATLC02520760 243804 AR Blueprint: Wrong check result for Bludeprinted Ports
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PM89516 RATLC03456916 240142 Changing the Port Type in Browser of AUTOSAR model does not update/change the icon in Diagram Workspace in Rational Rhaps
Application Execution/Animation PI30139 RATLC03458122 242219 Rhapsody 8.1 not allowing multiple animation sessions with Cygwin complier
Application Execution/Animation PI31368 RATLC03459179 242788 Full build in Rhapsody Designer for System engineer results in Crash
Application Execution/RHP Framework PI26471 RATLC01554004 240103 TESTFIX Required : Performance implications of changing the ticktime in Rational Rhapsody.
Application Execution/RHP Framework PI32421 RATLC03460801 243583 Cannot send Hex arguments in Animation Toolbar
Code PI29196 RATLC03457740 241283 Unable to compile a variant code if Variation Point owns a flow port due to lack of SetValue in Super class
Code PI29296 RATLC03457801 241823 DFT Rhapsody in Java is failed to generate comments from requirement specification field
Code PI29745 RATLC03457930 241993 Code not generated for 'Action on Exit' for a state with EntryExit point.
Code PI29938 RATLC03458052 242123 Roundtripping the code results in the deletion of model elements like typedef.
Code PI33487 RATLC03461465 244004 Usecase Diagram Generates Errors
Code/RHP Code Generation PI25394 RATLC03419696 239649 DFT Rhp value of flowport on parent block can not pass to its child block
Code/RHP Code Generation PI29234 RATLC02520358 243625 SendAction generating wrong RiCGEN_PORT macro
Code/RHP Code Generation PI29234 RATLC02520358 241408 SendAction generating wrong RiCGEN_PORT macro
Code/RHP Code Generation PI29391 RATLC01554153 241894 DFT Rhapsody in Java DescriptionTemplate doesn't work at all when using requirement as comments
Code/RHP Code Generation PI29918 RATLC03458045 242113 DFT : Rhp Simulink Integration doStep() not calling step() func generatd by simulink if having inports or outports only
Code/RHP Code Generation PI30415 RATLC03458267 242379 Multiple Inheritance generates wrong code in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation PI31766 RATLC02520676 243254 Incorrect IDL files created when CPP_CG:GenerateDirectory set to true in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Code Generation PI34038 RATLC02520829 244193 null transition infinitely increments with sub state chart
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI17103 RATLC01553566 235832 DFT Rhapsody in Java RE couldn't take the whole throws line back to JAVA_CG::Operation::ThrowsExceptions property
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI22049 RATLC03257487 238229 wrong message that .cg_info file cannot be created in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI28444 RATLC01554095 240840 DFT Rhapsody in Java Reverse Engineer not create import info if using "Merge existing package"
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PM94474 RATLC02515019 218485 Unable to Reverse Engineer C file due to profile
Code/Roundtrip PI10091 RATLC02905408 226344 DFT Rhp Direction of argument which has C++ Declaration type is changed 'In' to 'InOut' after RT
Code/Roundtrip PI30240 RATLC02520458 242272 CodeCentric prevents turning asssociation end into attribute via RT
Collaborations PI32142 RATLC03460487 243473 DFT Rhp 811 save multi-character label name unit in SVN environment results unexpectable warning
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI24884 RATLC03392257 239380 DiffMerge : “dependency renames” are not merged automatically
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI28734 RATLC01554075 240563 Merging models with diff merge results in empty scope for table view elements
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI30780 RATLC02520518 242641 CRASH duing command line DiffMerge with non-standard file extensions instead of .rpy
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI33144 RATLC01554338 243867 DiffMerge changes multiplicity of links.
Collaborations/DiffMerge PM76900 RATLC03456914 240141 Performing Graphical Merge in Rational Rhapsody Diffemerge results it to crash
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway PI30996 RATLC03458898 242636 Gateway - Wrong conversion for excel file created in Japanese default language
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway PI33544 RATLC03461486 244032 Performance drop while exporting to DOORS after migration from 8.0.5 to 8.1.1.
Export-Import Integrations/RHP XMI PI25864 RATLC03436588 239848 DFT RHP Can not correctly import a XMI file exported by EA
Export-Import Integrations/RHP XMI PI29763 RATLC02520327 241041 Element descriptions from EA are not brought into Rhapsody when using the EA XMI toolkit
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI21038 RATLC03212644 237674 Using 'Get Apps' Results in 'java.lang.NullPointerException'
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI30672 RATLC02520507 242631 Setting width/height graphical properties of Activity Decision Nodes also updates Position graphical property
Framework OSAL PI33035 RATLC02520772 243823 UseDirectReactiveDeletion property defect breaks RiCReactive Vtbl backwards-compatibility for users of external frameworks
Framework Safety Critical PI23675 RATLC02519836 239007 RiCEvent_getMemory may not return correct mem allocation in SMXF
IDE Integrations/Eclipse Code - Build PI29830 RATLC02520419 242091 Crash switching focus back to eclipse w/platform integration
IDE Integrations/Eclipse Code - Build PI29869 RATLC02520423 242104 New term stereotype icon images are not loaded when opening a project in Eclipse for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling PI23416 RATLC03322997 238902 TableView dropdown does not have selected packages
Modeling PI28203 RATLC03457274 240582 Inconsistency while drawing links between ports
Modeling PI29760 RATLC03457334 240729 Inconsistency while drawing links between ports
Modeling/Modeling - General PI27384 RATLC03457191 240475 DFT RHP A folder name of replicated package is not changed to different name
Modeling/RHP Repository PI29733 RATLC02520396 242020 RHP: Needs to have a mode where save doesn't work.
Platforms/Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in PI30503 RATLC03458329 242433 Statechart and Activity Diagram names are not shown in tabs in the Eclipse Platform Integration for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Platforms/Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in PI30883 RATLC03458860 242635 Rhapsody creates a project folder automatically while using Eclipse Client
Profiles/Harmony PI27786 RATLC03457270 240568 Typo in Harmony Profile
Profiles/Harmony PI30398 RATLC03458260 242378 Type Error in spelling of Table Layout of HarmonySE profile in Rational Rhapsody
RHP Graphic Editors PI29482 RATLC03457871 241928 Blank Feature window shows when double-clicking on an attribute with a value set
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI29571 RATLC02520381 241971 Regression in AutoSelectControlOrObjectFlow property
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI32643 RATLC03461135 243695 Printing to larger paper size causes small diagram to appear in the top left hand corner
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI29151 RATLC03457698 241087 DFT Rhp Extra pin is added when copy&paste call operation which has a pin and its argument
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI31320 RATLC01554247 242759 Rhapsody 8.1.1: Hyperlink underline in description field of an action continues to all text after the hyperlink
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Activity Diagram PI33495 RATLC03461466 244005 RHP crash when doing a "Merge Back Sub Activity", linux only
RHP Graphic Editors/RHP Class Diagram PI34051 RATLC03461598 244196 Description compartment is not being displayed on a part/block when it is nested
RHP Reports PI32653 RATLC02520746 243690 Multi-page images are squashed into a single page when generating Word documents for IBM Rational Rhapsody
RHP Reports/Rational Publishing Engine PI22867 RATLC03300170 238676 DFT Rhp Garbled multi bytes characters of RPE wizard
RHP Reports/Reporter Plus PI23767 RATLC03344866 239029 Unable to fetch the communication diagram details in the report.
RHP Reports/Reporter Plus PI30469 RATLC03458307 242393 Displaying R+ output, gives certificate expired messages
RHP User Interface PI32202 RATLC03460529 243485 Table Text is unreadable
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI22048 RATLC02519673 238227 Rhapsody dialogs (Features window, etc) are no longer visible after closing them with Alt+F4 and re-opening them
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser PI26740 RATLC02520102 240274 Poor performance in model browser when scrolling under RHEL 6.4 / XFCE
Testing/TestConductor PI32638 RATLC02520743 243689 Crash when using the "Merge Code Coverage Reports" feature in a TestConductor project for IBM Rational Rhapsody

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1.2
Category APAR # Id RATLC ID Summary
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI19398 236886 RATLC03136465 Missing links after ARXML import of EcuSwComposition
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI21047 237675 RATLC03213131 ARXML document Export throws an error "[error] [13]Illegal value '4294967295' value of 'value' (IntegerLiteral)..."
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI23354 238884 RATLC03320558 Importing ARXML document to Rational Rhapsody with property MergeElementsAPIPolicy set as All leads to its CRASH
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI23783 239030 RATLC03345651 When trying to convert the SysML-Model to AUTOSAR some ports do not get converted correctly
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI23865 239035 RATLC03348091 Unable to re size first column of the Matrix view.
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI24122 239126 RATLC03365695 When converting the SysML-Model to AUTOSAR using Modelsynchronizer freezes Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI24465 239245 RATLC02519920 When importing ARXML with Import Policy "PreferFile", GUIDs of existing model elements are changed.
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI24938 239435 RATLC02519954 Setting value of property General::Model::MergeElementsAPIPolicy set as All deletes all exisiting model elements from project
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI25342 239648 RATLC02519998 Mode tag of ModeSwitchEvent is not exported
AUTOMOTIVE/AUTOSAR PI26891 240329 RATLC02520113 Component scope doesn't work on sub-packages for ARXML Export
Code PI23608 239008 RATLC03338852 CPP_CG::Event::EventIdAsDefine does not work when unchecked for Triggered Operations
Code PI24624 239298 RATLC02519937 GenerateEntryAndExitOnStateContainingEnterExitPoint property effected by sub-statechart.
Code PI26363 240056 RATLC02520070 DFT Rhapsody 811 property C_CG::Framework::DefaultReactivePortBase doesn't work
Code/Ada Code PI25157 239586 RATLC03407214 Unable to build ADA project if there is an attribute that is a reference in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code/Ada Code PI26791 240283 RATLC03457050 Name of class written in Upper Case with IntelliVisor::General::ActivateOnCode set to Checked leads to CRASH
Code/RHP Code Generation PI25014 239479 RATLC02519962 Description for "else" transition not in generated C code
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI22041 238202 RATLC03257273 wrong info message appears 3 times in Rational Rhapsody
Code/RHP Reverse Engineering PI26737 240273 RATLC03457031 Reverse engineering struct scope
Code/Roundtrip PM96243 220846 RATLC01550729 DFT Rhp 802 RT(Forced RT) unexpected delete some elements from model when CG::[MetaClass]::Generate is disabled
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI23284 238837 RATLC01553897 Rhapsody can crash using 'DisableAsIsMergeSave=TRUE' in DiffMerge.ini
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI24544 239273 RATLC03381844 Crash running graphical DiffMerge
Collaborations/DiffMerge PI25528 239695 RATLC03422551 DiffMerge hangs/not responding on comparing two files
Export-Import Integrations/Gateway PI22868 238677 RATLC01553884 DFT Rhp 8.1 Gateway Related Windows shown garbled Japanese characters
Export-Import Integrations/RHP Rose PI24053 239112 RATLC02519879 Rose properties are no longer available in Rhapsody 8.0.x
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI07382 224463 RATLC02859830 Dependencies are recognized different by the Rhapsody Java API
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI23854 239033 RATLC03347316 DFT Rhp can't use Java API to adjust the length of Instance Line in Sequence Diagram
Extendibility/Java API (COM) PI27036 240359 RATLC03457118 Duplicate[RATLC02859830]: Dependencies are recognized different by the Rhapsody Java API
Modeling PI23269 238814 RATLC02519797 DFT Rhp 8.1 Tag name of stereotype is displayed after changed in label mode
Modeling PI24630 239300 RATLC03383977 Rhapsody crashes when loading Activity Diagram from an earlier release
Modeling PI24931 239429 RATLC03400932 Selecting model element categories and right clicking on it crashes the Rhapsody tool.
Modeling/Modeling - General PI24321 239184 RATLC02519900 Inconsistency with Locate on Diagram function in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling/Modeling - General PI24329 239195 RATLC02519902 Unable to change a modeled objects' type within Features dialog.
Modeling/Modeling - General PI25186 239587 RATLC03408456 Inconsistency while drawing two links between two ports
Modeling/Modeling - General PI25883 239890 RATLC02520038 Saving in 8.0.4 format causes loss of SD under UC
RHP Documentation PI19766 237032 RATLC03153691 DFT Rhp Cannot remove content name and does not show help information when use double byte in internal site name
RHP Documentation PI24142 239132 RATLC02519887 Information on RE/RT cg_info use is missing from documentation
RHP Documentation PI28069 240671 RATLC03457325 DFT Rhapsody Doc Topic "Syntax for interfaces and ports" having some incorrect info
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI09957 226398 RATLC02517687 New feature has no documentation available to explain usage.
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI16912 235797 RATLC03044030 DFT Rhp806 64bit Crash help system when browse help data
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI23912 239059 RATLC03349332 Discrepancy between Rhapsody documentation and actual Rhapsody tool
RHP Documentation/RHP Documentation PI26560 240133 RATLC02520092 Update documentation to notify non-support of API with multi-threads
RHP Graphic Editors PI15907 235293 RATLC03016719 DFT Rhp Douuble byte characters can be set to name field in requirement
RHP Graphic Editors/Graphic Editor - General PI24542 239272 RATLC03381839 Setting the Notation style for Requirements linked to AppSWComponent does not provide Compartment tab in Display Options
RHP Graphic Editors/Object Model Diagram PI24928 239428 RATLC03400930 CRASH Rhapsody crashes the first time when opening a model
RHP Graphic Editors/Object Model Diagram PI26460 240088 RATLC03454731 Layout of links changes from straight to broken line in Rational Rhapsody
RHP Graphic Editors/Structure Diagram PI23516 238940 RATLC03327873 RHP 804 crashes deleting an empty structure diagram
RHP Reports/Reporter Plus Install PI25607 239704 RATLC03423978 Rational Rhapsody ReporterPLUS available with 64 bit installation of IBM Rational Rhapsody
RHP User Interface PI24314 239170 RATLC03369538 DFT Rhp Douuble byte characters can be set to name field in file element
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI17272 235861 RATLC03056222 Comment does not show the Allocation details of the ObjectFlow.
RHP User Interface/Features Dialog PI26635 240234 RATLC03456997 Unable to open the editor for an initial value of an attribute for a referenced class. Option (...) is Greyed out.
RHP User Interface/IntelliVisor PI23678 239006 RATLC02519837 Intellivisor adds incorrect code for RiC
RHP User Interface/RHP Browser PI25751 239829 RATLC03432797 Improve MWClean script to solve bold fonts problem in Rhapsody browser
Testing/ATG PI14577 234650 RATLC02518716 DFT Rhapsody 806 The labels in Test Generation Configuration of ATG cannot be seen completely
Testing/TestConductor PI20949 237557 RATLC03202315 DFT Rhp 81 TC test executation returns a ERROR result if SDTestScenario*_show subwindow is opened
Testing/TestConductor PI22402 238437 RATLC03275609 Erroneous TC warning messages in Rhapsody 8.1

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1.1
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
AUTOSAR 234921 / RATLC02994799 PI15022 --- Importing an ARXML file into Rational Rhapsody AUTOSAR model changes the UnitFilename
Activity Diagram 236278 / RATLC03082039 PI17991 --- Flows in swimlane aren't copied
Activity Diagram 237714 / RATLC03214148 PI21097 --- Subactivity is renamed after pasting a ObjectNode in an AD.
Activity Diagram 237912 / RATLC02519615 PI21540 --- Decision Node does not show on Activity Diagram Toolbar
Activity Diagram 238924 / RATLC03325240 PI23470 --- RHP 7612 odd string getting introduced into projects after undo in an activity diagram
Ada Code 236070 / RATLC03076024 PI17715 --- Rational Rhapsody in Ada initialisation code generation issue
Ada Reverse Engineering 237461 / RATLC03196588 PI20728 --- Building reverse engineered code in RiA results in Dependency not found Error
Ada Reverse Engineering 237462 / RATLC03196590 PI20729 --- RiA unable to create template parameter after reverse engineering Ada code
Add to Model 236885 / RATLC01553704 PI19404 --- CRASH: Rhapsody Crash while loading a package to the model
Application Execution 235394 / RATLC03024449 --- 50996 Deletion of event in method OMReactive::handleEventNotQueued() in OXF for IBM Rational Rhapsody
ATG 234650 / RATLC02518716 PI14577 --- DFT Rhapsody 806 The labels in Test Generation Configuration of ATG cannot be seen completely
AUTOSAR 236277 / RATLC03080442 --- 53444 Unit information should be preserved after ARXML import
AUTOSAR 236375 / RATLC01553644 PI18189 --- Importing AUTOSAR Datatypes in ARXML destroys elements in the Rational Rhapsody model
AUTOSAR 236456 / RATLC03096990 PI18381 --- Import of AUTOSAR XML Document using List (*.lst) file does not update SplitableFileName Tag for all AUTOSAR Model elements
AUTOSAR 236511 / RATLC03100014 PI18514 --- Import of AUTOSAR XML Document ignores the value of AUTOSAR property MergeImportPolicy in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 236512 / RATLC03100015 PI18515 --- Clicking on Save post deleting all the ARPAckages leads to Rational Rhapsody crash
AUTOSAR 236631 / RATLC02519267 PI18724 --- ARXML Filter Export Generates empty tags for PhysConstrs lower and upper limit.
AUTOSAR 236716 / RATLC02519284 PI18844 --- While attempting an ARXML merge import; excessive memory consumption causes the application to hang
AUTOSAR 236818 / RATLC03131204 PI19190 --- ARMXL exporter capatalizes when it shouldn't
AUTOSAR 236819 / RATLC03131206 PI19195 --- All existing data / information (model elements) present in Internal Behavior Diagram gets deleted if an ARXML is imported
AUTOSAR 237050 / RATLC03156665 PI19904 --- Using dataSenderPort and dataReceiverPort unable to link the ports to NvDataInterface using the portType link
AUTOSAR 237316 / RATLC02519490 PI20494 --- Port prototype missing/operation arg direction switched after ARXML export
AUTOSAR 237549 / RATLC03199962 PI20872 --- Unable to import an ARXML Document into IBM Rational Rhapsody AUTOSAR_32 profile
AUTOSAR 237673 / RATLC03212638 PI21037 --- ARXML document Export adds XMLSPACE to the CompuMethod in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 237879 / RATLC03237124 PI21500 --- All Datatypes are not included as a part of EcuExtract package in Rationla Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 238201 / RATLC03257269 PI22038 --- SplitableFileName tag is missing for second EcuExtract ARPackage in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 238534 / RATLC02519744 PI22587 --- Merge ARXML Import removes Layout/Scope from Extended Table view
Code 227240 / RATLC02518034 PI11482 --- Using the DescriptionTemplateForImplementation property for requirements under class does not work in Rational Rhapsody.
Code 236503 / RATLC03102585 PI18599 --- Code generation crashes using Rhapsody 8.0.3
Code 237014 / RATLC02519394 PI19711 --- Editing Action in Activity Diagram causes crash for IBM Rational Rhapsody in C
Code 237054 / RATLC03156908 PI19912 --- Wrong code generated in Rational RHapsody 8.1 when the attribute is renamed.
Code 237174 / RATLC01553742 PI20108 --- Rhapsody 8.1 can crash when attempting to generate code
Code 237397 / RATLC01553771 PI20604 --- RHP 81: Attribute order in generated code not what is specified
Code Generation 140475 / RATLC01428298 --- 5470 Selex Sensors and Airborne
Code Generation 218092 / RATLC02773167 --- 37398 Allow operation calls in Flowcharts
Code Generation 224314 / RATLC02855800 PI07233 --- DFT Rhapsody 802 order of predefined and include statement are exchanged when CG a single cls and defaultConfig(all classes)
Code Generation 237870 / RATLC03235603 PI21481 --- Using template instantiations as operation arguments creates new type definition
Code Generation 238454 / RATLC03276807 PI22458 --- Initializer with templates in constructor causes uncompilable code in IBM Rational Rhapsody
DDS 237396 / RATLC01553770 PI20594 --- RHP 8.1: idlConst includes ConstructedTypes.h in generated idl file
DiffMerge 236746 / RATLC03120394 PI18982 --- 'Internal Transition In State' lost when performing a merge using DiffMerge.
DiffMerge 237060 / RATLC03156996 PI19913 --- Diffmerge not merging the text if in the RFF format.
Eclipse Code - Build 234793 / RATLC02985408 PI14703 --- Not able to select multiple model elements in the browser of Rational Rhapsody in Eclipse.
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in 236600 / RATLC03111200 PI18673 --- Wrong behavior of custom check when 2 packages are selected.
Extendibility 237399 / RATLC01553772 PI20616 --- Model::TableLayout:ShowContainerElementForPorts Property Functionality
Features Dialog 232062 / RATLC02947905 PI12848 --- DFT Rhp Input data is alternately disappeared in guard field
Features Dialog 236717 / RATLC02519286 PI18846 --- Using external editor does not modify information in Implementation tab of Initializer in Rational Rhapsody
Features Dialog 237630 / RATLC03211825 PI21026 --- DFT Rhp A illegal error occurs when enter double byte characters into label field
Framework OSAL 222714 / RATLC02516328 PM99604 --- DFT Rhp 803 an IndexOutOfBoundsException happened when running state transition of multi-threads
Gateway 218719 / RATLC02782542 --- 37887 Gateway Message
Gateway 235989 / RATLC03065072 PI17510 --- CRASH: Gateway crashes when wrong characters entered in Display field
Gateway 236753 / RATLC03121634 --- 54167 Support for CScanAUTOSAR converter out-of-the-box in Rhapsody Gateway
Graphic Editor - General 235990 / RATLC03065065 PI17505 --- IBD connectors disappear when parts on an IBD that refer to the same block are connected and then duplicated.
Graphic Editor - General 238253 / RATLC03260103 PI22114 --- Copying & Pasting Timing diagram in Rational Rhapsody leads to CRASH
Graphic Editor - General 238646 / RATLC03297167 PI22782 --- Duration Observation loses connection to its State Invariant if a Role is inserted in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editors 220635 / RATLC02515565 PM96599 --- DFT RHP 804 diagrams' elements can't display as large as necessary to accommodate the contained text in Japanese Edition
Graphic Editors 226971 / RATLC02912708 --- 44336 Timing Diagram; provide copy/paste of real state
Graphic Editors 235060 / RATLC03004903 PI15376 --- Auto Save project folder is deleted post a pop up stating No write permission for auto save directory / Auto save-disabled
Graphic Editors 235881 / RATLC03046280 PI17021 --- DFT Rhp Label name of dependency created on matrixview with label mode is not changed
Graphic Editors 235999 / RATLC03067452 --- 53234 Visibility icon is not displayed for Type on diagrams
Graphic Editors 237298 / RATLC03178949 --- 55000 More Robust Sequence Diagram creation in Design mode
Harmony 235052 / RATLC02518841 PI15381 --- The SE-Toolkit function Duplicate View does not work.
Harmony 236889 / RATLC03137328 PI19432 --- Harmony Sequence Diagram Fails when decision and merge nodes are combined
Install 236506 / RATLC02519233 PI18438 --- Setting for LAPAGREE is not working for Silent Installations.
Java API (COM) 218274 / RATLC02777608 --- 37566 RFE Rhp Enhanced Java/COM API to get the information what is ouptputted in Rhapsody Output Window
Java API (COM) 226383 / RATLC02517720 PI10120 --- Java API allows user to make ActivityDiagram a unit.
Java API (COM) 226406 / RATLC02517679 PI09943 --- Rhapsody App custom tooltip using platform integration disappears before expanding
Java API (COM) 231613 / RATLC02518168 PI12099 --- Internal transition for derived state is not updated using the Java API for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 235474 / RATLC02518998 PI16512 --- Not possible to synchronize elements through the Java API for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 235840 / RATLC02519080 PI17055 --- Adding links to collaboration diagrams using the Java API results Rhapsody Runtime Exception
Java API (COM) 237131 / RATLC03168783 PI20066 --- DFT Rhapsody 806 fails to react on afterAddElement call-back event if deleteFromProject is called within
Java API (COM) 237674 / RATLC03212644 PI21038 --- Using 'Get Apps' Results in 'java.lang.NullPointerException'
Java API (COM) 237909 / RATLC02519614 PI21527 --- IRPTableLayout.getToElementTypes() returns Elements rather than ToElements
Main Window 237270 / RATLC03176381 PI20361 --- silentMode.log errors for .rpw file in 8.1
Mainsoft 212022 / RATLC02512122 PM84998 --- More memory leaks in Rhp801 under Linux
Misc 238228 / RATLC01553856 PI22084 --- Rhapsody 8.1 Save As to older versions saving wrong version
Modeling 235125 / RATLC02992580 PI15530 --- Incorrect dependency names for elements with Russian names.
Modeling 236419 / RATLC02519211 PI18271 --- DFT 806 multi 'new term' stereotypes can be set to multi selected elements
Modeling 236960 / RATLC03148760 --- 54544 Need property to force users to check out dependencies
Modeling 237715 / RATLC03215488 PI21118 --- Model won't open in Rhapsody 8.1 on Linux
Modeling 238199 / RATLC02519666 PI21948 --- Docs should state that regenerate still runs disabled checks by default
Modeling - General 232540 / RATLC02950356 PI13037 --- Running RhapsodyCL.exe created a folder called ?
Modeling - General 235998 / RATLC02519149 PI17654 --- Rhapsody prompts to save on CG if .rpy is read only
Modeling - General 236128 / RATLC03077730 PI17810 --- Deleting a port from a read-write Class unit returns the error Cannot modify element with read-only owner
Modeling - General 237455 / RATLC01553777 PI20666 --- RHP 8.1 when loading model initial value of idlConst reverts
Modeling - General 237523 / RATLC03199025 PI20840 --- Attempts to create a File model element in SysML profile (either in Project or SysML model) fails as the same is not listed
Modeling - General 237716 / RATLC02519566 PI21127 --- Slow performance when selecting different diagram elements
Object Model Diagram 237550 / RATLC03200136 PI20884 --- class gets deleted in read only diagram in Rational Rhapsody
Object Model Diagram 237800 / RATLC01553823 PI21323 --- Incorrect behavior of Make Default in Rational Rhapsody.
Output Window 236142 / RATLC03080122 PI17917 --- Ports with empty description are missing in the configuration check.
Profiles 236453 / RATLC01553656 PI18372 --- DFT Rhapsody HarmonySE Toolkit create redundant local op for Message Action in some scenario
Profiles - General 235798 / RATLC03044032 PI16921 --- DDS Profile: Incorrect ordering of topicStruct and idlTypes.
Rational Publishing Engine 236455 / RATLC01553657 PI18393 --- Template Comment element prevents generation of Publishing Engine documents within IBM Rational Rhapsody
Rational Publishing Engine 236743 / RATLC03119517 --- 54157 Add functions to the Rhapsody/RPE UPDM2_DoDAF20 data source schema
Reporter Plus 218371 / RATLC02778318 --- 37694 Upgrade to Java 7 update 25 breaks the output from the ReporterPLUS HTML Exporter template
Reports 234363 / RATLC02518593 PI14015 --- DFT Rhapsody 806 the character garbles appear in the Heading or Body section of ReporterPLUS template
Reverse Engineering 235939 / RATLC02519125 PI17466 --- mis-matched include path in cpp file causes RE crash
Reverse Engineering 237265 / RATLC03175411 PI20308 --- AUTOSAR keywords are not reverse engineered into Rhapsody
Reverse Engineering 238200 / RATLC03254940 PI21952 --- wrong roundtrip settings are chosen for component in Rational Rhapsody
Roundtrip 220629 / RATLC02795430 PM95838 --- DFT Rhp Operation which has subclass type causes parsing error in RT
Roundtrip 236509 / RATLC03098022 PI18446 --- Dependencies are removed during a roundtrip
Roundtrip 237053 / RATLC02519412 PI19909 --- Source/header files with different capitalization causes roundtrip problems
Roundtrip 237676 / RATLC03213289 PI21064 --- Attempts to perform a Roundtrip in IBM Rational Rhapsody leads to its CRASH
Rule Composer and Player 237677 / RATLC03213292 PI21076 --- Rhapsody 8.0.6 sometimes fails to install for SYSTEM account with ole32.dll error
Search 221502 / RATLC02825801 --- 39890 Enhance Rational Rhapsody such that a Search can be performed on Field types such as Events
Table Matrix 234796 / RATLC02985416 --- 46713 Request feature to open diagrams listed in table.
Table Matrix 236073 / RATLC03076032 --- 53321 Rational Rhapsody Modeling Enhancement for Dependencies and Requirements
TestConductor 226647 / RATLC02908916 --- 44061 Enhance Rational Rhapsody TestConductor such that it supports integration with CORBA
User Interface 222709 / RATLC02837112 --- 40852 Scope tab on component's features dialog needs a search field
User Interface 232061 / RATLC01553163 PI12846 --- DFT : Rhapsody 753 label info of tableview is always shown as tab name even label mode is disabled
User Interface 235585 / RATLC03041078 PI16764 --- UI: Display Option for Activity's actions is confusing for new customers....
User Interface 236508 / RATLC02519234 PI18477 --- DFT Rhapsody 806 Rhapsody crashed when right-clicked on multi-selected folders
User Interface 236961 / RATLC03118591 PI18918 --- Rhapsody version 7.6.1 does not properly switch the Features Window between State Oriented & Token Oriented call Operations
User Interface 237400 / RATLC03192882 PI20637 --- DFT Rhapsody Sequence Diagram Message changes to show name info in feature dialogue even Label Mode is on
User Interface 237990 / RATLC01553838 PI21702 --- DFT Rhapsody 8.1 show rft code in flow label info after importing model from xmi file
XMI 235795 / RATLC03044029 PI16911 --- RHP 805 - cannot import statecharts from EA 10
XMI 236293 / RATLC01553640 PI18101 --- DFT Rhapsody XMI Toolkit updated wrong model when using automatic merge option and multiple models are loaded in browser
XMI 236731 / RATLC01553679 PI18905 --- DFT Rhp XMI Toolkit has problem to import Vertical Swimlane Frame From EA model

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.1
Category RTC ID / RATLC ID APAR RFE ID Summary
Activity Diagram 233638 / RATLC02960530 PI13545 --- Image associated with Action on Activity Diagram lost if you Display Options is set to Name or Label
Ada Code 231586 / RATLC02933542 PI12080 --- Generating code of a specific class in Rational Rhapsody in Ada results in java.lang.ClassCastException.
Ada Code 231828 / RATLC02518206 PI12293 --- Documentation lacks information regarding the Ravenscar profile
Ada Code 231973 / RATLC02943266 PI12673 --- Abstract keyword does not get generated for Operations under Interface in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOMOTIVE 234906 / RATLC02518799 PI15056 --- ModeSwitchEvent mode tags are not available in AR3.x profile
AUTOSAR 217920 / RATLC02769497 --- 37242 Autosar model elements helpers
AUTOSAR 231827 / RATLC02939762 PI12375 --- Unable to modify elements of ExtendedTableView in AUTOSAR in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR 232831 / RATLC02518423 PI13171 --- Instance lines get removed in a Sequence Diagram after importing an ARXML generated by EB tresos
AUTOSAR 233337 / RATLC02958189 PI13353 --- Base type that is generated has 2 additional entries at the end.
AUTOSAR 233617 / RATLC02960489 PI13539 --- Exporting an ARXML out of AUTOSAR 4.0 model results in Exception
Browser 169925 / RATLC02566355 --- 11818 Windows copy/paste commands doesn't work in most windows in Rhapsody.
Browser 232835 / RATLC02951608 PI13154 --- Cannot move tabs in Rhapsody 8.0.6
Browser 233390 / RATLC02518462 PI13387 --- Crash when adding a reception to a file in IBM Rational Rhapsody for C
Checker 227179 / RATLC01552943 PI11242 --- Performing a model check results in Rhapsody tool crash
CM 224297 / RATLC02855129 PI07086 --- UndoCheckout creates conflict between model elements and ClearCase repository files.
Code 223838 / RATLC02851403 --- 41812 Generating for-loops in the C code generation
Code 225140 / RATLC02867966 --- 42764 Generate no return statement for void operation
Code 225868 / RATLC02894510 --- 43496 Enhance Rational Rhaposdy such that the Deprecated Value warning is not thrown when using GCC compiler
Code 226702 / RATLC02911488 PI10556 --- DFT Rhp 802 CG on 1 class results different with CG on multi classes
Code 227240 / RATLC02518034 PI11482 --- Using the DescriptionTemplateForImplementation property for requirements under class does not work in Rational Rhapsody.
Code 234923 / RATLC02994813 PI15044 --- Ports that return object value don't compile in Rhapsody 8.0.4
Code 234955 / RATLC02996621 PI15162 --- Implementing the mutator result code is not compliable.
Code Generation 145135 / RATLC01433781 --- 6314 Enhancement to have the help document corrected for code generation of dependencies to external elements
Code Generation 208140 / RATLC02664031 PM80547 --- Description template of Requirement not generated correctly in code as macro keywords are not expanded
Code Generation 226404 / RATLC02517619 PI09655 --- Changing the property CPP_CG::Port::DummyVariableType in the MISRA C++ profile in Rhapsody has no effect
Code Generation 226750 / RATLC02517836 PI10621 --- REGRESSION: Template class generates redundant scope with generalization and fails compilation
Code Generation 226884 / RATLC02517911 PI10897 --- Code Generation with RhapsodyCL changes the order of #include statements
Code Generation 226965 / RATLC02911614 PI10785 --- DFT Rhp Cannot access error.txt in PostSimplification of CG
Code Generation 227187 / RATLC02518013 PI11373 --- RiC: Ignores C_CG:Attribute:ImplementationName value for type attributes
Code Generation 229301 / RATLC02931434 PI11877 --- Java exceptions generating code with RhapsodyCL
Code Generation 229311 / RATLC02518090 PI11688 --- Using CPP_CG::Type::ImplementationName results in the incorrect code generated for C++ in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation 229319 / RATLC01553001 PI11663 --- DFT Rhp 8.0.x duplicated specification files could be generated in specfic scenario
Code Generation 229622 / RATLC01553033 PI11894 --- RHP: .cpp file content changes order after a variable is added to a package
Code Generation 232836 / RATLC02952021 PI13170 --- Running a GMR to build a model in VS doesn't work for 64 bit version of RHP.
Code Generation 232985 / RATLC02953871 PI13301 --- RHP805: C++ template code is incorrectly generated from RHP which causes compiler errors
Code Generation 234187 / RATLC02968152 PI13821 --- Rhapsody generates code with diamond and hence hinders the usage of flow ports
Code Generation 234514 / RATLC02972576 PI14142 --- Cannot create link between association port and object port
Code Generation 234618 / RATLC02980393 PI14393 --- mw.8.0.3 gets corrupted causing the RhapsodyCL command to get confused.
Component Diagram 233372 / RATLC02958301 PI13379 --- Rational Rhapsody crashes when in the deployment diagram the component file is selected to display its full path
Component Diagram 235438 / RATLC03033452 PI16425 --- CRASH: Embedding component diagrams in other diagrams
DiffMerge 146936 / RATLC00422544 --- 6750 RFE Rhp displaying compared itsBodies on operation of class in DiffMerge
DiffMerge 167599 / RATLC02563093 --- 10946 User settings in DiffMerge are lost after restarting the application
DiffMerge 182723 / RATLC02578241 --- 15532 Rhapsody DiffMerge Menu Default Setting
DiffMerge 226963 / RATLC02517889 PI10807 --- Empty description fields cause difference in DiffMerge for Rational Rhapsody
DiffMerge 227178 / RATLC02919924 PI11301 --- DiffMerge Reorders Result
DiffMerge 227182 / RATLC02917864 PI11122 --- DiffMerge doesn't automatically resolve trivial differences
DiffMerge 231868 / RATLC02518260 PI12447 --- Parallel state
DiffMerge 231978 / RATLC02944043 PI12725 --- DiffMerge does not give an option to Merge Text for a field with a conflict
DiffMerge 234795 / RATLC02518746 PI14778 --- Properties field does not allow merging in DiffMerge when one side is empty.
DiffMerge 234915 / RATLC02993533 PI14963 --- DiffMerge crash saving base-aware merge
Documentation 232837 / RATLC02952032 --- 45798 Clearly document that Eclipse Platform integration is not available for Linux.
Documentation 226975 / RATLC02911549 --- 44190 Diffmerge should have an option to ignore filename differences
Eclipse Code - Build 223606 / RATLC01552008 PI06055 --- The shortcut Ctrl+F does not work for a Search Window in Eclipse Rhapsody Perspective
Eclipse Code - Build 236068 / RATLC03075543 PI17705 --- IRPFlow::getEnd1SysMLPort() and IRPFlow::getEnd2SysMLPort() always returns null.
Export-Import Integrations 213521 / RATLC02715625 --- 33751 Save Doors modules id instead of doors name in the gateway configuration
Export-Import Integrations 225150 / RATLC02860815 --- 42429 Improved mapping in Gateway when adding high level requirements from DOORS
Features Dialog 226978 / RATLC02917486 PI11066 --- Changing an attribute to Read only fails to show its visibility in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.5.
Features Dialog 234517 / RATLC02979515 PI14345 --- Subsequent message selection in SD with open feature dialog changes Realization
Features Dialog 234910 / RATLC02518801 PI15122 --- [Crash] Rhapsody crashes if Korean comments are used in ‘Implementation’ tab on the Feature dialogue
Framework 229315 / RATLC02925709 --- 44936 Removal of the 2 second sleep command from the RiCOSOXFInitEpilog function in RiCOSLinux.c
Framework OSAL 235905 / RATLC02519108 PI17369 --- Rhapsody framework uses no longer-existent Cygwin/gcc distribution
Framework OSAL 236071 / RATLC03076027 PI17716 --- Compiling with Cygwin 64bit results in error cast from 'void*' to 'DWORD {aka unsigned int}'
Gateway 213581 / RATLC02717902 --- 33751 Save Doors modules id instead of doors name in the gateway configuration
Gateway 224466 / RATLC02859837 --- 42325 Enhance Rational Rhapsody Gateway such that selective requirements can be generated in XML file
Gateway 235397 / RATLC03024637 PI16274 --- Ampersand (&) in a RHP model causes Analysis error error in Gateway
Graphic Editor - General 175411 / RATLC02570537 --- 13135 ER for displaying only the name of ports in an OMD
Graphic Editor - General 222207 / RATLC02830549 PM99436 --- Using AWERTY keyboard layout results in wrong characters on Rhapsody.
Graphic Editor - General 234619 / RATLC02982661 PI14527 --- Deleting a State Invariant from Timing Diagram leads to Rational Rhapsody Crash
Graphic Editors 185209 / RATLC02580832 --- 16412 need < > dependency in statechart
Graphic Editors 226683 / RATLC02911454 PI10497 --- Direction not represented correctly as per the diagram element
Graphic Editors 227170 / RATLC02922439 --- 44713 None display option for multiple selection of ports
Graphic Editors 231994 / RATLC02945629 --- 45650 Display existing dependencies in activity diagrams
Graphic Editors 232539 / RATLC02949816 PI12982 --- CRASH: Rational Rhapsody crash caused by rhapsody.ini
Graphic Editors 234620 / RATLC02983207 --- 46630 Flows ? Need to be able to multi-select items to put on a Flow
Graphic Editors 235190 / RATLC02518873 PI15542 --- DFT Rhapsody 806 non-English Specification of requirement garbled in preview floating dialogue of Table View
Harmony 229337 / RATLC02928390 PI11842 --- Duplicate Activity View function in SE-Toolkit does NOT work
Harmony 232842 / RATLC02952437 PI13202 --- Merge Functional Analysis on Block results in Rhapsody Crash
Install and Licensing 231422 / RATLC02932510 PI11982 --- Using TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE during silent installation does not update Flexlm registry variable
Java API (COM) 215236 / RATLC02735129 --- 35161 RHP Request API parameters to create free shapes
Java API (COM) 222066 / RATLC02772771 PM99267 --- DFT RHP 802 IRPApplication.forceRoundtripElements() doesn't return error code on failure
Java API (COM) 227183 / RATLC01552925 PI11165 --- INCOMPLETE FIX - When using the Java API; any change of a derived class is not properly updated in Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 231841 / RATLC02940002 PI12658 --- RHP crash invoking a user created Java Plugin
Java API (COM) 231984 / RATLC02518344 PI12780 --- Using PluginMethodToRunOnApply property with customized toolbar return unexpected selected element
Java API (COM) 234617 / RATLC02518704 PI14516 --- Graphical Property 'Format.PartitionLine.Line.Transparent' has no effect on line elements in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Java API (COM) 235528 / RATLC03037413 PI16623 --- getEnd1SysMLPort() or getEnd2SysMLPort() methods return null for IRPFlow.
Localization 235469 / RATLC03035474 PI16697 --- Label mode not supported in Russian language for Rational Rhapsody
Misc 225114 / RATLC02871243 --- 42844 ExtendedTableCapabilities features for SysML project
Modeling 224465 / RATLC02859835 --- 42313 Deletion of state machine should list of assigned states
Modeling 225436 / RATLC02873711 --- 43025 Format Stereotype Apply to sub elements does not work
Modeling 226958 / RATLC01552895 PI10967 --- DFT Rhapsody 8.0.x Add Stereotype in any Package including CGSimplifiedModelPackage; project would be marked as modified
Modeling 226970 / RATLC02911593 --- 44227 Ability to add information to states in Timing Diagrams for Rational Rhapsody
Modeling 233438 / RATLC01553214 PI13434 --- DFT:Rhapsody 8.0.x arrow of Full⪻oxy Port(SysMl) is invisible when ProductLocale is not set as EN
Modeling 234961 / RATLC02518807 PI15185 --- Data lost when spelling mistake made after tabs in comments for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Modeling 235442 / RATLC03034783 PI16467 --- DFT Rhp GenerateNameFromLabelInLabelMode property does not work
Modeling - General 223206 / RATLC02516640 PI05726 --- Flows do not behave as expected with inheritance
Modeling - General 226651 / RATLC02517734 PI10219 --- Tag returns to model after being deleted
Modeling - General 229308 / RATLC02518112 PI11783 --- Copying elements from one Timing Diagram to another results in the loss of time information in IBM Rational Rhapsody for C
Modeling - General 235058 / RATLC03004784 PI15362 --- Moving multiple Operation downwards under Display Options of Class scrambles the order in Rational Rhapsody
Object Model Diagram 233951 / RATLC02963882 --- 46150 Allow not showing Interface for ports in Structure diagram
Rational Publishing Engine 223193 / RATLC02516639 PI05715 --- INCOMPLETE FIX - IBM Rational Rhapsody Application Server cannot handle angle brackets
Rational Publishing Engine 226695 / RATLC02911468 --- 44111 Rhapsody Support For RPE Templates With Embedded Comments
Rational Publishing Engine 231985 / RATLC02518345 PI12782 --- REST Server trauncates xml output at specific element
Rational Publishing Engine 234801 / RATLC02986168 PI14742 --- RPE Predefined AllVariables query not working
Reporter Plus 226405 / RATLC02517698 PI09976 --- When saving a subtemplate in ReporterPLUS for Rational Rhapsody; comments are not copied into the description field
Repository 231996 / RATLC02946391 PI12842 --- Unable to open a specific package(.sbs) in Rhapsody 8.0.5 on RHEL 6.4.
Reverse Engineering 207173 / RATLC02654811 --- 29758 Improve Reverse Engineering flow for new user
Reverse Engineering 229286 / RATLC02927300 --- 45036 RFE Rhp Enhance Rhapsody to provide an RE option to adjust criteria of Struct to be imported as Class
Roundtrip 212364 / RATLC02512243 PM86918 --- roundtrip of macro as function argument removes function
Roundtrip 225437 / RATLC02876365 PI08640 --- Performing Roundtrip leads to Rational Rhapsody crash
Roundtrip 227180 / RATLC02922610 PI11332 --- Roundtripping a template class that refers to a template parameter of template class results into UNKNOWN CLASS
Search 216706 / RATLC02750230 --- 36169 Feature to export search results to text or excel
Search 217042 / RATLC02754817 --- 36624 RFE enhance GUI search feature to search SourceArtifact inidividul element
Search 223839 / RATLC02851181 --- 41800 Option to search all Source Artifacts in IBM Rational Rhapsody model.
Sequence Diagram 229692 / RATLC02931727 PI11899 --- CRASH: When Editing Sequence Diagram with a generalization.
Statechart 215380 / RATLC02737788 --- 35209 Possibility to get the numbers displayed with transition in state chart
SysML 231870 / RATLC02518262 PI12453 --- SysML profile breaks ports ability to be linked in UML profile
SysML 235127 / RATLC03006734 PI15477 --- Adding SysML profile to a UML model breaks the Link element in UML
Table Matrix 226684 / RATLC02911456 PI10501 --- Regression- Multi selection option in table view
TestConductor 223319 / RATLC02845324 --- 41385 Need to have a way to query model to see if the test architecture and model are out of sync
TestConductor 224079 / RATLC01552178 --- --- Easier work flow when updating test code when using multiple CG Configurations
TestConductor 231988 / RATLC02944657 --- 45617 Enhance Rhapsody Test conductor to create test cases for models build using DDS profile
Toolbars 226885 / RATLC02915597 PI10908 --- Back button does not work; when navigation is from the tooltip in the diagram.
Use Case Diagram 234509 / RATLC02972062 PI14260 --- Enable Image View property does not maintain its setting for Embedded Use case diagrams
User Interface 158990 / RATLC01995954 --- 9012 The Shift + Insert keyboard shortcut should allow an user to paste text in Rational Rhapsody
User Interface 216315 / RATLC02746795 --- 35881 Features Dialog for Full Ports and Parts should be same as Block
User Interface 226706 / RATLC02517813 PI10571 --- DFT Rhapsody 804 Rhapsody dumped when opening the video 'Control systems desigh with Rhapsody and Simulink' twice
User Interface 226969 / RATLC02911533 --- 44168 Possibility to see the whole string while selecting the direction
User Interface 227107 / RATLC02517992 PI11285 --- Display Options are inconsistent when selecting multiple elements.
User Interface 229353 / RATLC02518078 PI11668 --- DFT Rhapsody 805 'Browser Display Options' appears in Rhapsody's Welcome Page
User Interface 234155 / RATLC01553256 PI13809 --- DFT:Rhapsody 806 Compartment Titles (operations/attributes) are Shown in Garbled Character on Diagram
User Interface 234512 / RATLC02518656 PI14326 --- Properties set in one version are not maintained when upgrading.
User Interface 235369 / RATLC03022114 --- 50939 Requirement Table: Feature option is greyed out when selecting multiple Requirments items.
User Interface 235414 / RATLC03025645 --- 51066 RFE Rhp Enhance Rhapsody to filter 'Depends on' lists when adding a dependency
XMI 225435 / RATLC02879511 --- 43168 Ability to import XMI files written based on OMG SysML 1.3 Beta format
XMI 231928 / RATLC02941999 PI12554 --- MagicDraw to Rhapsody -> no model artifacts were created
XMI 231930 / RATLC02942055 PI12560 --- MagicDraw to Rhapsody -> no diagrams are created

Table of Contents:

Link Date Released Status
Download 8.2
Category APAR or RFE ID Summary
AUTOSAR PI62909 Wrong order of SwComponentPrototypes in VariableDataPrototypeInSystemInstanceRef
AUTOSAR PI63099 Contexttags are deleted when model element ApplicationSwComponentTypes is moved from one ARPackage to another.
AUTOSAR PI64690 CLIENT-SERVER-OPERATIONs order is not retained after arxml export
AUTOSAR PI64895 Re-Import of ARXML causes element duplication
AUTOSAR PI65130 After performing ECUExtract operation only few software component types and component prototypes are generated
Activity Diagram PI51576 Call behavior: references to activities in another activity chart is not possible
Activity Diagram PI52110 Call Behavior name shown on Activity Diagram is failed to be synchronized with the updated name/label info
Activity Diagram PI61014 Display not refreshing when activity parameter's name changed
Activity Diagram PI65009 Rhapsody Designer incorrectly calls animated Activity Diagram a Statechart
Activity Diagram PI70106 Flow Final node not deleted from diagram when it is deleted from Browser.
Add to Model PI62596 Contents of reference package gets lost when another reference package is added.
Animation PI72338 DFT :  Rhapsody model can animate operation within lib(static library) and show animation result on animated SD diagram but same thing can't be realized for dll(dynamic library)
Browser PI49478 Cannot copy Activity Diagram contents in Browser
Callback API PI46419 Sample com.telelogic.rhapsody.wfi.rhapsodyListenersExample is out of date
Checker PI72339 Stereotype Variation Point and Variant are accessible by Part/Object
Code 76803 Ability to statically analyse auto generated Ada code.
Code 81895 RiA SXF ports
Code 93617 CORBA idl Generation: Rhapsody is generating code that references exceptions and types before they are declared
Code Generation PI58572 SXF doesn't support static events with parameters'; as it works fine for static events without parameters
Code Generation PI59233 Event passing over proxy ports not working as expected.
Code Generation PI60160 Triggered Operation call is missing in the generated code of the flowchart of class in Rhapsody.
Code Generation PI60586 The code was slightly different between generations when nothing else had changed.
Code Generation PI62552 The code is generated differently between generations when nothing else had changed.
Code Generation PI62777 Attribute initialization missing in code
Code Generation PI63472 Sample model does not build when compiling with Cygwin.
Code Generation PI64530 Files being generated differently caused by Dependencies on Dependencies
Code Generation PI64884 Property CPP_CG::Framework::OperationGuard does not work for triggered operation.
Code Generation PI65322 REGRESSION: VariationPoint stereotype assigned to object no longer compiles
Code Generation PI66964 Improve SXF and Microsoft Adapter to comply with MISRA C++ 2008
Code Generation PI67875 Adding whitespace to flowchart condition causes unrequired goto statements in provided examples
Code Generation PI68180 Guarded stereotyped operation doesn't generate description for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation PI68558 Problem with a stereotype for attribute and argument for volatile
Code Generation PI69050 Type Visibility Incorrect after Model Upgrade
Collaborations PI25770 DFT Rhp 81 HarmonySE Can't automatical checkout the ReadOnly package managed by SVN(PushOK)
Corba PI67865 CORBA idl generation: Generates exception declarations wrong
Corba PI69613 DiagDevice generalization on Device has the modifier virtual which causes the virtual key word to  be generated to the .idl file
Corba PI69617 The POA_* namespace is generated for the skeleton header files by the IDL files and should not appear in the IDL files themselves.
DM Documentation PI66887 Stream field in DM Settings is not documented
DiffMerge PI58131 DiffMerge: Unable to show the conflict for the attribute type
DiffMerge PI58190 DiffMerge: base aware comparation generated RTF report content incorrect (second one : DiffMerge GUI )
Documentation PI39601 Rhapsody documentation does not describe all limitations of Eclipse plugin
Documentation PI66861 Search & Replace (Advanced Find) does not replace on Note/Text
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in PI65488 Eclipse 4.5.2 (Mars) process fails to terminate or restart when Platform plugin is installed.
Features Dialog PI47597 Implementation tab of an operation becomes read only if an interface operation is opened before that.
Features Dialog PI64921 Cannot change the event associated with an event reception.
Features Dialog PI64925 Cannot apply stereotypes to multiple model elements at once
Framework PI43511 OMREGISTER_REACTIVE_CLASS incorrectly formed.
Gateway PI33730 Non-aligned unclear Table views in DOORS after Rhapsody export
Gateway PI57375 Gateway crashes while moving the elements during synchronization from Rhapsody to DOORS
Gateway PI57377 Description of requirement gets updated in Rhapsody instead of specification after synchronization from its Doors mirror.
Gateway PI59700 Gateway not possible to export values of enumerations to Rhapsody
Gateway PI61616 Unable to import all substates from Simulink Stateflow diagram
Gateway PI63421 Improper / Missing model elements lead to RuleCheck errors in Gateway.
Gateway PI65068 REGRESSIION : New requirements are incorrectly added as Modified_At_High_Level
Gateway PI66034 elements with tagged value always shown as modified when exporting to DOORS
Graphic Editor - General PI37684 Difference in speed of selecting a model element in Type filed of the model element in Rhapsody 8.1.2 as compared to 8.0.5.
Graphic Editor - General PI41177 Automatic resize of frame not happening.
Graphic Editor - General PI52048 image data are not deleted in .rpy file
Graphic Editor - General PI52632 associated image not updated when modifying extern
Graphic Editor - General PI59614 Unable to rename a flowport on a part
Graphic Editor - General PI65611 Size of Internal Block Diagram (IBD) increases every time you add a connector between a proxy port and a nested proxy port.
Graphic Editor - General PI65861 Incorrect positioning of nested port on ibd diagram frame.
Graphic Editor - General PI65865 Unable to connect a Subproxyport of a Nestedproxyport to another proxyport.
Graphic Editor - General PI67686 'ObjectModelGe::proxyPort::ShowName' property for Flow/Proxy ports does not work correctly for 'Label'.
Graphic Editor - General PI70355 Diagrams loaded from Design manger are  corrupted.
Graphic Editors 30677 Support for alignment guide on diagram drawing
Graphic Editors 70133 Allocate Activity Partition
Graphic Editors 76097 GUI freezes during code generation Load etc
Graphic Editors 77639 Missing Shortcut to navigate to Main Diagram
Graphic Editors 83253 Nested port arrows do not change direction with parent port when conjugated for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editors 89645 Highlighting selected connection or component while viewing diagrams
Graphic Editors 89961 Unable to efficiently reference a sequence diagram
Graphic Editors PI34503 Tool tip appears on Primary monitor when Rhapsody GUI is on extended monitor
Graphic Editors PI61105 Strange behavior of ports in diagrams
Graphic Editors PI66915 Refresh connections on Arrange Ports on diagram corrupting the diagram.
Harmony PI67446 Harmony Trade Excel Sheet will not open from the Browser
Helpers PI60860 isPluginCommand causes hep menu item to be invisible in 814
Install PI65744 QuickFood sample model does not have animate operations enabled
Install and Licensing PI71234 Version 8.1.5 contain vulnerable packages which contain MS Office 2003 and VBA6.
Java API (COM) PI48751 Constraint name not correctly set in Rhapsody Sequence Diagram.
Java API (COM) PI60081 Local tag is duplicated endlessly after using API
Java API (COM) PI63324 Decision Node on the swimlane is not recognized by API
Java API (COM) PI63885 Textual elements on diagrams such as multiplicity and role name are not accessible through the API.
Java API (COM) PI65583 Rhapsody API Reports Incorrect Co-Ordinates for Ports
Java API (COM) PI70682 Crash when using the setTagContextValue method
License PI65807 Rhapsody crash if connection to license server is lost.
Main Window PI69908 Rhaposody Designer shows both Code and Simulation menu
Mainsoft PI32174 Rhapsody Failed to register as active the COM root object when run Rhapsody as a non-root user on RHEL 6.4 64 bit
Misc 76915 Enhance Rhapsody FixList to add a hyperlink of RFE community onto 'ID' column
Misc 80538 Add additional callbacks to the Java API for Rhapsody
Misc 83159 Ability to dynamically select helpers/plugins on startup (today done in .ini file)
Misc 92591 Rhapsody - RTC SCM Integration: Support for read-only units & locking
Modeling 67707 Component / library based development in Rhapsody and RTC SCM
Modeling 91417 Allow configuration of default model element names
Modeling - General PI63198 Cannot drag operation under block within Swimlane.
Modeling - General PI68567 Updating missing units ignores ReferenceUnitPath=Relative and sets absolute path
Modeling - General PI68856 Crash when removing attribute from display options in 64bit Rhapsody
Object Model Diagram PI60834 Nested Port stereotype formatting results in removal of flows between nested ports
Object Model Diagram PI62741 Associations reverse directions when copied and pasted
Object Model Diagram PI64207 Rhapsody select line trouble
Object Model Diagram PI68936 losing connectors in diagrams
Object Model Diagram PI69021 flow ports show incorrect icon
Output Window PI67155 Focus switches when scrolling search results (Tooltips problem)
Processes PI60373 Instances of Rhapsody missing from the AppServer
Repository PI58783 associated images are not removed from sbs files
Reverse Engineering PI65408 REing Java code removes realizations from sequence diagram messages
Rhapsody Design Manager PI56405 Element History dialog Ordering:  FLOWPORT DIFFERENCES NOT FLAGGED CORRECTLY IN DIFFMERGE
Runtime Target& RTOS& Adaptors PI51697 Unable to set BSP for NEHALEMgnu_LP64_KERNEL_SMP
Sequence Diagram 8275 Enhancement Request to control Rhapsody Sequence Diagram Auto message rearrangement
Sequence Diagram 9138 UML: Time Periods and Timeouts in Sequence Diagrams.
Sequence Diagram PI62093 Sometimes execution occurance lines don't merge in sequence diagrams
Sequence Diagram PI63038 renaming message in sequence diagram changes operation in browser
Sequence Diagram PI67219 Rhapsody hangs when trying to access lifeline in sequence diagram
Simulink Integration PI59395 S-Functions won't compile with enum types as input
Simulink Integration PI64464 Invalid number of parameter arguments for Model block error when co-simulating Rhapsody model with Simulink
Simulink Integration PI64732 Rhapsody simulink doesn't generate separate events pkg
Simulink Integration PI68997 S-function scheduling issue with rhapsody timers
Statechart PI65578 Substatemachine arrows get rerouted
SysML PI69102 not possible to add tags to SysML elements
Table Matrix 78544 Tables: not possible to search e.g. via ctrl+f
Table Matrix PI54601 table: cell layout incorrect
Table Matrix PI67925 DFT : Java exception is thrown when open copied table layout and table view
Table Matrix PI69598 table does not show arguments of reception
TestConductor PI57104 TestConductor fails to build correctly in Rhapsody on Ada on RHEL6.
TestConductor PI64042 extreme performance problems when executing test architectures
TestConductor PI68411 Referenced interfaces generate incorrect operation signature in test component
Toolbars PI67197 customizing drawing toolbar does not work
User Interface 43708 Navigational ICONs are greyed out when there are linked entities in a model that has been fetched (?get? thus RO) from a CM t
User Interface 86328 Double-click to navigate to decomposing diagram
User Interface 86815 Main Diagram cannot be defined for parts
User Interface 94067 Editing in table cells
User Interface PI57493 Rhapsody 8.1.3 64-bit crashing while working with search
XMI PI56851 Installation problem with XMI toolkit
XMI PI58252 Missing Notes from Sparx model when importing

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