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The following table displays a list of open APARs as of the last release date for IBM Rational Rhapsody.


The following table displays the current list of open APARs as of the last release date for Rational Rhapsody.

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Category APAR Summary
Ada Code PI12673 Abstract keyword does not get generated for Operations under Interface in Rational Rhapsody
Application Execution PM85721 Difference in idl code generation through configuration and Generate file pop-up-menu-option.
AUTOSAR PM88459 Exporting and Importing back of ARXML files from/to AUTOSAR models creates new model element in Rational Rhapsody
AUTOSAR PI12375 Unable to modify elements of ExtendedTableView in AUTOSAR in Rational Rhapsody
Browser PM37935 DFT Rhapsody 7.5.3 UserDefinedType Couldn't be Selected as Argument/Return Type when ProductLocale=JA
Checker PI11242 Performing a model check results in Rhapsody tool crash
CM PI07086 UndoCheckout creates conflict between model elements and ClearCase repository files.
Code PI10556 DFT Rhp 802 CG on 1 class results different with CG on multi classes
Code PI11482 Using the DescriptionTemplateForImplementation property for requirements under class does not work in Rational Rhapsody.
Code PI12080 Generating code of a specific class in Rational Rhapsody in Ada results in java.lang.ClassCastException.
Code Generation PM72211 Regression: Incorrect Codegeneration for Flowcharts - worked correctly in Rhapsody 7.4
Code Generation PI09655 Changing the property CPP_CG::Port::DummyVariableType in the MISRA C++ profile in Rhapsody has no effect
Code Generation PI10621 REGRESSION: Template class generates redundant scope with generalization and fails compilation
Code Generation PI10897 Code Generation with RhapsodyCL changes the order of #include statements
Code Generation PI10785 DFT Rhp Cannot access error.txt in PostSimplification of CG
Code Generation PI11151 StandardOperations property overrides visibility of other class members
Code Generation PI11373 RiC: Ignores C_CG:Attribute:ImplementationName value for type attributes
Code Generation PI11877 Java exceptions generating code with RhapsodyCL
Code Generation PI11688 Using CPP_CG::Type::ImplementationName results in the incorrect code generated for C++ in IBM Rational Rhapsody
Code Generation PI11663 DFT Rhp 8.0.x duplicated specification files could be generated in specfic scenario
Code Generation PI11858 Overloading the mutator (intentionally) result warning message is not appeared.
Code Generation PI11894 RHP: .cpp file content changes order after a variable is added to a package
DiffMerge PM85981 DFT Rhapsody DiffMerge Crashed when trying to save the merged result on file
DiffMerge PI10807 Empty description fields cause difference in DiffMerge for Rational Rhapsody
DiffMerge PI11301 DiffMerge Reorders Result
DiffMerge PI11122 DiffMerge doesn't automatically resolve trivial differences
DiffMerge PI12447 Parallel state
DiffMerge PI12725 DiffMerge does not give an option to Merge Text for a field with a conflict
Documentation PI09957 New feature has no documentation available to explain usage.
Documentation PI12293 Documentation lacks information regarding the Ravenscar profile
Documentation PI12441 documentation for hep files needs to be updated on use of relative paths
Eclipse Code - Build PI06055 The shortcut Ctrl+F does not work for a Search Window in Eclipse Rhapsody Perspective
Eclipse Rhapsody Plug-in PM85698 DiffMerge doesn't start up from RTC Client in team collaboratoin context
Features Dialog PM99188 Missing Ellipse button [...] in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.x
Features Dialog PI11066 Changing an attribute to Read only fails to show its visibility in Rational Rhapsody 8.0.5.
Features Dialog PI11797 Dropdown box for type selection does not show all types in Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editor - General PM99436 Using AWERTY keyboard layout results in wrong characters on Rhapsody.
Graphic Editor - General PI10891 Using WordPad as an External Editor does not enter the Test to the Description field in Rational Rhapsody
Graphic Editors PM79434 RHP 8 SuSE 11 64 bit Linux slow opening OMDs and Class Diagrams compared to Windows
Graphic Editors PM96599 DFT RHP 804 diagrams' elements can't display as large as necessary to accommodate the contained text in Japanese Edition
Graphic Editors PI10497 Direction not represented correctly as per the diagram element
Harmony PI11842 Duplicate Activity View function in SE-Toolkit does NOT work
Install and Licensing PI11982 Using TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE during silent installation does not update Flexlm registry variable
Java API (COM) PM99267 DFT RHP 802 IRPApplication.forceRoundtripElements() doesn't return error code on failure
Java API (COM) PI05148 INCOMPLETE FIX - IBM Rational Rhapsody Java API method generateReport produces HTML file instead of DOC
Java API (COM) PI09281 Rhapsody Java API: RPCollection.toList() slow to create list
Java API (COM) PI10120 Java API allows user to make ActivityDiagram a unit.
Java API (COM) PI09943 Rhapsody App custom tooltip using platform integration disappears before expanding
Java API (COM) PI11165 When using the Java API; any change of a derived class is not properly updated in Rhapsody
Java API (COM) PI12099 Internal transition for derived state is not updated using the Java API for IBM Rational Rhapsody
Java API (COM) PI12658 RHP crash invoking a user created Java Plugin
Metrics PI12065 How table sorting works in IBM Rational Rhapsody is not correctly documented
Modeling PM90071 Cannot create a connector between referenced part and diagram edge
Modeling PM90066 Cannot create a connector between referenced part and diagram edge
Modeling PI10967 DFT Rhapsody 8.0.x Add Stereotype in any Package including CGSimplifiedModelPackage; project would be marked as modified
Modeling PI12172 Unable to type ports as packages are missing using select for Rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General PI05726 Flows do not behave as expected with inheritance
Modeling - General PI08956 Duplication of Model element when Change to is applied on Package in Rational Rhapsody
Modeling - General PI10219 Tag returns to model after being deleted
Modeling - General PI11783 Copying elements from one Timing Diagram to another results in the loss of time information in IBM Rational Rhapsody for C
Modeling - General PI11993 Unable to apply permanent change to the rpl file path
Modeling - General PI12088 Action metaclass should be listed in metaclasses or Action new term stereotypre should be listed in PredefinedType profile
Modeling - General PI12490 adding stereotypes and deleting stereotypes
Profiles - General PI12461 RHP Mismatch between Rhapsody Model Organization and RPE Schema
Rational Publishing Engine PI05715 INCOMPLETE FIX - IBM Rational Rhapsody Application Server cannot handle angle brackets
Reporter Plus PM85689 Reporter on selected package... generated document does not include dependent activity diagrams.
Reporter Plus PM99559 Java 7u45/1.6.0_65 update breaks ReporterPlus
Reporter Plus PI09973 Can't insert a read-only subtemplate in ReporterPLUS for Rational Rhapsody 8.0.5
Reporter Plus PI09976 When saving a subtemplate in ReporterPLUS for Rational Rhapsody; comments are not copied into the description field
Reports PM93752 RHP/R+ Java navigation fails to load after Java 6 upgraded to most recent update
Reports PM96598 activity diagram from use case can not be extracted to RPE in Rhapsody 8.0.2 with default RPE template
Reports PI10710 Word ReporterPLUS export does not display tables correctly
Reverse Engineering PM94474 Unable to Reverse Engineer C file due to profile
Reverse Engineering PM99798 DFT Rhp Redundant packages are created in RE
Reverse Engineering PI05579 DFT Rhapsody 761 inline template specialization operation can't be reversed into model
Roundtrip --- DFT Rhp Roundtrip does not take attribute with array into a model as Use existing type
Roundtrip --- DFT Rhp Roundtrip does not take attribute with array into a model as Use existing type
Roundtrip PM86918 roundtrip of macro as function argument removes function
Roundtrip PM89621 RT: Round-tripping doesn't work with files generated for template specialization
Roundtrip PM96243 DFT Rhp 802 RT(Forced RT) unexpected delete some elements from model when CG::[MetaClass]::Generate is disabled
Roundtrip PI08714 DFT Rhp Operations are removed after RT
Roundtrip PI08640 Performing Roundtrip leads to Rational Rhapsody crash
Roundtrip PI10091 DFT Rhp Direction of argument which has C++ Declaration type is changed 'In' to 'InOut' after RT
Roundtrip PI11332 Roundtripping a template class that refers to a template parameter of template class results into UNKNOWN CLASS
Sequence Diagram PI11899 CRASH: When Editing Sequence Diagram with a generalization.
Sequence Diagram PI12487 RHP: error there are unsaved changes in your workspace
Simulink Integration PM85576 RHP: Cannot execute Parametric model with PCE & Matlab.
Support Request Form PI12454 ICN cannot be entered in Support Request form in Rational Rhapsody
Synergy PI08949 Synergy does not pass parallel warning messages to Rhapsody
SysML PI12453 SysML profile breaks ports ability to be linked in UML profile
Table Matrix PI10501 Regression- Multi selection option in table view
Toolbars PI10908 Back button does not work; when navigation is from the tooltip in the diagram.
UPDM PM82275 RPE UPDM2 template not finding funtions in a package in a Rhapsody project
UPDM PI11841 Unable to create 'realizingActivityEdge' in a OV3 in UPDM
User Interface PI10571 DFT Rhapsody 804 Rhapsody dumped when opening the video 'Control systems desigh with Rhapsody and Simulink' twice
User Interface PI11285 Display Options are inconsistent when selecting multiple elements.
User Interface PI11668 DFT Rhapsody 805 'Browser Display Options' appears in Rhapsody's Welcome Page
User Interface PI12716 DFT Rhapsody 805 The labels in feature dialog of graphic elements in Panel Diagram cannot be seen completely
Visual Studio Integration PM74348 New classes are not added to Solution Explorer in Visual Studio 2010 after creation in Rhapsody
XMI PI06458 Unable to do Manual Merge while importing XMI.
XMI PI12554 MagicDraw to Rhapsody -> no model artifacts were created
XMI PI12560 MagicDraw to Rhapsody -> no diagrams are created

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