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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Automation Framework.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI17739 im_common_install_uninstall_im fails to uninstall IBM IM on Windows (7 / 2008) - installc.exe missing PI14566 - New IM_DATA_LOCATION command not working correctly
PI14566 Install Application in WebSphere 8.5 Base Install Fails Verification
PI16957 Install Application in WebSphere 8.5 Base Install Fails Verification (CQPAR00070687)
PI16715 was_common_deploy_install_app fails when changing the 'initial parameter of a Web module'
PI12430 RAF301 RTC SCM integrations fails if environment name contains MBCS
PI11936 RAF fails to transfer log & trace when contains MBCS characters
PM96516 RAF 3.0.1 can not create plan or library if defined class name is unicode in
PM68472 was_common_deploy_install_app missing Application options for Special subjects in MapRolesToUsers
PM87886 AppDeploymentOption.No/.Yes used instead of false/true in the file

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
RAF: non-root user lacks permission
PI09756 Not able to install fixes to an existing WAS 8.0 environment.
PI11094 Application Deployment always maps to 'server1'
PM82130 WebSphere Application Server servers fail to start after Advanced Middleware Configuration promotion
PM82141 AMC integration fails during migration of application.
PM85844 Eclipse plugin not showing running jobs
PM96516 RAF 3.0.1 can not create plan or library if defined class name is unicode in
PM99794 RAF rafwEnvBuild interactive encounter JAXB exception after reading/importing from WAS 8.0 target system

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
Doc Defect: RAF 3.0.1 supported WebSphere Application Server is incorrect
PM91112 'Test the Database Configuration' options disappear / blank after clicking 'Database type'
PM91558 RAF 3.0.1 client receives http 403 error if you don't select ""keep password"" during connection
PM92850 RAF 3.0.1 launchpad doesn't work - welcome links
PM93286 Unable to install web services FEP fp45 onto WAS esb install
PM93514 Error when installing Websphere 85 with BASE binaries
PM93519 Document Defect for WAS_PATCHES
PM93722 Read an Existing Cell Through an Administrative Agent
PM93992 RAF fails to install IBM IM 1.6.3 if a plan environment name contains MBCS character
PM95525 RAF 3.0.1 can't handle 'MapJaspiProvider' when WebSphere runs in multi-byte Windows (CJK)
PM95864 RAFClient does not allow LDAP users to log in: Error CRWCC0006E Authorization failed
PM95865 RAF 3.0.1: New RAF UI does not allow LDAP accounts / has no LDAP Domain selection option

Mod Pack 1 (3.0.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 3.0.1
APAR Description
PM76543 RAF cannot delete port from target using promoted environment
PM77534 was80_install_standAlone_response.txt gets generated with ND feature line: ''
PM76331 was_common_configure_server_java_def not importing Environment Entries in correct XML node type
PM76413 Graphical Diff inconsistencies with SIB actions
PM78083 Pushing changes from the EUI Conf Workspace to the FW Server: root does not have access to fetch file information
PM78311 was_common_configure_web_server compare at the Cell scope finds inconsistencies even without Webservers in the cell
PM78422 RAF EUI does not allow the multiple logins for same user via EUI and RAF Console at the same time
PM79358 was_common_configure_core_groups in execute mode fails to update Preferred Coordinator Servers
PM79364 RAF action was_common_configure_server_classloader fails to update classloader configuration for target system
PM79420 RAF action was_common_install_create_profile displays password info when executed against target
PM80057 Threading multiple steps running (short) actions can cause RAF to attempt to copy log from another node. (And fail)
PM81831 RAF Environment Generation Wizard Reading Existing Portal 70/80 Cells
PM82255 RTC 28730: RAF was_common_configure_server_all fails with "Unable to find object ID"
PM84510 RTC 29158: RAF script does not updated build.xml from older RAF environments with new
PM84741 was_common_configure_console_members does not recognize audit roles
PM85430 wve_common_configure_dyncluster not updating cluster attributes on execute
PM85555 Dynamic outbound endpoint SSL configurations is part of security_all but not security_ssl
PM87533 Windows RAF Client fails to load environment with "A resource already exists on disk"
PM87639 Action wp_common_deploy_xmlaccess changes Chinese characters to question marks
PM87774 was_common_configure_server_application_server: 'Dynamic cache service' dependencies not taken into account
PM87886 AppDeploymentOption.No/.Yes used instead of false/true in the file
PM87935 Transfer re-transfers 2000+ files in jython lib every time
PM88163 RAF is unable to deploy the apps in the apps.war web.xml env-entry tag description element not set

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM70390 RAF EnvGen Wizard fails CTGRI0003E File Not Found
PM71132 was_common_deploy_install_app searchs for application EAR file at incorrect scope
PM71376 RAF 3.0.X fails to compare configuration files containing unknown XML characters
PM71722 Setting "UsePrivilegeSeparation=no" on z/OS target systems is no longer required
PM71929 Compare displays differences against WAS 80 for action was_common_configure_security_federated_all after import
PM74053 WAS 8.0 deployment against Solaris tries to use the IBM IM option "-Xquickstart"
PM76911 New WAS 80 cell with cluster fails: 'OVERLAY_UDP_LISTENER_ADDRESS' is not found
PM81398 Error creating WAS Portal cluster via RAF

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM67290 Installation of Web 2.0 and Mobile Feature Pack shows as fails
PM67798 Updated error message for editing non RAF projects in RAF eUI.
PM68472 was_common_deploy_install_app missing Application options for Special subjects in MapRolesToUsers
PM68693 RAF Environment Generation Wizard does not import multiple application servers reading existing Standalone Cell
PM69053 RAF action wve_common_configure_all in import mode fails with jython exception
PM69837 SSH no-pty option causing failure
PM69929 RAF was_common_configure_start_dmgr action fail marked as BUILD SUCCESSFUL

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM63424 Issue configuring WebSphere Portal cluster on RAF with JCRSeedBus
PM64077 RAF Client fails to authenticate LDAP users
PM64232 was_common_configure_create_ssl_certs action does not encrypt the password
PM64720 Automation including wps_common_configure_add_sibus_member fails due to conflicting argument with global ACTION prop
PM65351 WESB and WPS installations via RAF need to have better handling of return codes 1 or 2
PM65867 RAF default project for import/execute/compare WVE configuration
PM65868 Failed to import WVE work classes for object type "Default_IIOP_WC"
PM66024 EUI to use rbf-services port
PM66096 RAF Client returns error while synchronizing workspace if file name contains a space
PM66349 RAF Eclipse client "refresh" does not see WAS env changes

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM56714 RAF Exception when importing applications in WAS 6.0
PM56972 was_common_configure_jms_destinations during import/compare mode defaults attribute CCSID=0
PM59665 Info Center should state how to silently upgrade, even if it is only referring to the silent install section.
PM59854 Eclipse UI throws CRWEB0001E Invalid value has been passed for the parameter '' when running Env Gen Wizard
PM60428 RAF EUI creating conditional control parameters with enclosing () resulting in incorrect logical result

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM34268 RAFW sibus target deleting ME definitions
PM44043 Custom properties are not imported for Web container transport chains
PM45792 was_common_configure_synch_node does not decrypt password.
PM46086 RAFW Compare mode: attributes differences are truncated and only show first 100 characters
PM47249 RAF was_common_configure_server_java_def action in Execute mode fails on Z/OS targets
PM47797 RAFW is setting the access group of the selector during the environment generation wizard
PM48057 wp_xx_install_with_all_patches action to use a variable for patch level
PM48577 Error:null when trying to generate a new standalone environment with a user template.
PM48902 ./migrateSysConfig always tries to authenticate with the password "root"
PM49681 Buttons are grayed out on the Server Editor for the Custom Service Configuration. Unable to add anything.
PM49699 Eclipse client connect generates CRRBF0789I errors/log entries on the RAF host.
PM50189 WAS_PATCHES: ignores it, leads to "Remote Access can not be connected..."
PM52518 RAFW_WVE_61_ND_Configure in import mode fails on multiple composite actions at the cell scope
PM53016 RAF 3.0 was_common_configure_create_ssl_certs action is failing to locate jython script

Initial Release (3.0)
Link Date Released Status
Download 3.0
APAR Description
PM32807 Importing dmgr associated with WebSphere Portal node by using "was_common_configure_server_all" and then executing it fails.
PM34739 Actions fail with "Class not found:" after upgrade to
PM37493 Actions fail against application with whitespace in the Application ID
PM37729 WebSphere Process Server Environment Generation Wizard applies the three server clusters to every node in the cell
PM39219 Initial java transfer fails to geographically remote targets
PM39696 ihs_common_install_fix_ihs action fails to install due to incorrect syntax for VAR PATCHNAME
PM41189 SIBUS import from WebSphere Process Server/WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus cell with MQ Link fails
PM41312 Calling was_common_configure_all fails with message saying CSIv2 data missing
PM43160 was_common_configure_create_server fails on z/os when using "default" template
PM44366 User action for WebSphere Portal common as the custom_install_wp_common.xml file does not get imported
PM44624 Custom action: RAFW_lib.xml isn't being loaded first
PM36751 was_common_configure_console_members does not add accessID

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