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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational System Architect.


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Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 6 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect ID APAR/RFE Category Description
CQPAR00159732 PI50536 SA-DefinitionEditor Pressing the Choices button for Attributes in a Data Entity hangs System Architect.
CQPAR00136148 PI41115 SA-Data Modeling Diagram report does not display keyed definitions.
CQPAR001439871 PI44224 SA-API Adding a keyed definition to a LISTOF property via VBA fails.
CQPAR001443265 PI44892 SA-DefinitionEditor METAPROPERTY attrribute ONDEFINITIONREFERENCEDIN not being set.
CQPAR00146995 PI45588 SA-SAXT Usability Incorrect message displayed in SAXT, when opening a definition in edit mode that has been restricted for edit.
CQPAR00147101 PI45635 SA-Publisher SA Publisher Explorer diagram which contains a Child diagram does not display if Parent diagram is set for Home.
CQPAR00150332 PI47197 SA-DefinitionEditor Edit ARO Definition within Need Line definition clears property values.
CQPAR00155733 PI48936 SA-Publisher "ENTER" in definition removed from the report generated by Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00157668 PI49537 SA-Analytics Analytic report created via the Explorer misses the ""WHERE CURRENT = T"" CLAUSE".
CQPAR00156943 PI49267 SA-Performance Rational System Architect freezes when deleting an attribute.
CQPAR00158796 PI50082 SA-Merge/Extract Merging workspaces does not copy internally stored reference documents.
CQPAR00159721 PI50534 SA-Publisher SA Publisher taking a long time to execute.
CQPAR00147894 RFE 74752 SA-API Enhance existing API with full set of operations for manage workspace and baseline.
CQPAR00149715 RFE 75426 SA-Matrices Naming of new or Saved As Matrix view to avoid overwriting original.
CQPAR00149916 RFE 75453 SA-DefinitionEditor Warn of hidden Data Element change impacts on edit.

Fix Pack 5 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect ID APAR/RFE Category Description
CQPAR00137296 PI41387 SA-Diagramming The Graphic comment dialog box does not come up when editing the properties of the Explorer symbol.
CQPAR00143661 PI43616 SA-SAXT Diagramming Opening a diagram in SAXT results in Security Warning from Java about unsigned.
CQPAR00143845 PI43981 SA-Diagramming Placing an ""embed"" related symbol into another the relationship is not refreshed.
CQPAR00144107 PI44493 SA-Diagramming Selecting Stereotype Depiction for a line from the draw menu is not taken into account in Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00144106 PI44492 SA-Diagramming Changing the Flow Type for a line definition the associated Depiction is not refreshed in Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00144143 PI44554 SA-Report Generator Output of a LISTOF property is not listed on separate lines in the report generator html output.
CQPAR00146180 PI45347 SA-DefinitionEditor Inconsistent default behavior of ""INIT FROM SYMBOL"" property in Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00144395 PI45064 SA-REST Jazz reports are missing from the list in the SA-DM Dashboard widget.
CQPAR00144496 PI45217 SA-UsrProps The non-compliation of the property set on reopening the encyclopedia after importing USRPROPS.txt.
CQPAR00145789 PI45332 SA-SAXT SAXT updater mode doesn't work with a Token License.
CQPAR00148531 PI46275 SA-DODAF 2 DODAF2: When referencing person from person using Part of Performers, you get an incorrect behavior.
CQPAR00149645 PI46926 SA-Workspaces Some users would experience an endless hang while logging to an encyclopedia's workspace.
CQPAR00150129 PI47069 SA-Diagramming If a line definition change STEREOTYPE, the symbol is not changed until the diagram is reopened.
CQPAR00150811 PI47410 SA-Diagramming DIAGFLD_SANAME doesn't work when used in the macro to modify a diagram name.
CQPAR00152379 PI48078 SA-Report Generator Reports with the text length larger than 3,000 will cause System Architect to hang/crash.
CQPAR00104554 RFE 27112 SA-Diagramming Gradient Fill at Symbol level.
CQPAR00005823 RFE 38229 SA-Diagramming There should be an option to bold only the entity names in System Architect.
CQPAR00136200 RFE 71128 SA-API Provide delete object in Object Collection.
CQPAR00141710 RFE 72567 SA-RepresentationalConsistency REPCON reports on diagrams IBM feature request.
CQPAR00149717 RFE 75421 SA-Diagramming Font settings for Symbol Name Distinct from other Properties displayed.

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect ID APAR/RFE Category Description
CQPAR00135422 PI40612 SA-Matrices SA CRUD Matrix does not filter appropriate values based on the search string and comparison values.
CQPAR00112192 PI14334 SA-REST SA xml schema shows minispec values without carriage return in minispec property.
CQPAR00112400 PM95322 SA-Publisher Legend not aligned in published Explorer Diagram in SVG format
CQPAR00126589 PI36772 SA-Catalog Manager Log-In to second Database results in faulty message about permissions in Catalog Manager for System Architect.
CQPAR00133692 PI39837 SA-Merge/Extract Merge/Extract with same GUID does not prompt for Rekey when using use more recent option.
CQPAR00133697 PI39840 SA-SAXT Unable to query ""PERMISSION TO READ"" AND ""PERMISSION TO READ/WRITE"" values using SAXT.
CQPAR00134080 PI39977 SA-Report Generator ORDERBY quotes missing on Report Generator report created in SA V11.4.3.2.
CQPAR00134082 PI39979 SA-SAXT SAXT ignores the message specified in the REPORTEMPTY Attribute in the XML file.
CQPAR00134294 PI40061 SA-Import/Export Importing XML of a diagram with a pasted graphic results in noneof them on the diagram in Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00136136 PI41088 SA-Diagramming System Architect crashes after repeatly creating arrow on OV-05 Node Tree and Balancing Parents.
CQPAR00138427 PI41703 SA-DefinitionEditor Adding custom sub-interface definitions to a custom interface definition freezes Rational System Architect.
CQPAR00141281 PI42460 SA-Diagramming Moving an Identifying Relationship Line between two Entities change other sides Cardinality.
CQPAR00049289 RFE 45057 SA-Diagramming Displayable line symbol properties to reposition like Name.
CQPAR00130262 RFE 69170 SA-Integration System Architect DOOR Interface Update.

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect ID APAR/RFE Category Description
CQPAR00111542 PI29958 SA-Cognos Error when using SA Cognos bridge
CQPAR00111426 PI30159 SA-Explorer In the data model view of the explorer the Index node is empty
CQPAR00114947 PI31684 SA-Documentation Faulty statements in the help regarding catalog export/import
CQPAR00117277 PI32849 SA-OSLC 'Invalid consumer secret' error when adding collaboration link for Rational Requirements Composer
CQPAR00121522 PI34654 SA-Merge/Extract While extracting from one encyclopedia to another, a specific logical data model is not listed
CQPAR00123363 PI35283 SA-Diagramming Font size changes when resizing collection symbol on explorer diagrams
CQPAR00123636 PI35405 SA-Analytics Applying analytic to symbol results in line color not changing
CQPAR00125170 PI36053 SA-Data Modeling Columns in index not showing in table definition when role is changed from Administrator to Data Modeller
CQPAR00126166 PI36426 SA-REST Cannot see incoming System Architect links when the CLM application server uses the default HTTPS port (443)
CQPAR00112381 PI10090 SA-Documentation Unable to find prerequisite information on components for System Architect 11.4.2
CQPAR00126562 PI36725 SA-RepresentationalConsistency Drawing not refreshed and potential crash on 'RepCon' diagrams
CQPAR00096168 RFE 58784 SA-Mirrored Properties Diagrams with HeterogeneousListOf cannot mirror
CQPAR00104233 RFE 9826 SA-Diagramming Change drag-select mechanism for embedded symbols
CQPAR00114137 RFE 63226 SA-Explorer Diagram Allow symbols on explorer diagram to have their name hidden
CQPAR00114406 RFE 63321 SA-Definition Editor Remove the limitation on ASGRID to show properties with more than 400 characters.
CQPAR00116345 RFE 63996 SA-Matrix/SA-Matrix Editor Add support for drag-drop of items into matrix and loading of blank matrix
CQPAR00116344 RFE 63997 SA-Matrix/SA-Matrix Editor Transpose matrix rows and columns
CQPAR00116343 RFE 63998 SA-Matrix/SA-Matrix Editor Matrix rows and columns to be grouped with intermediate 'headers'
CQPAR00116373 RFE 64029 SA-SAXT/XT Login Provide ability to open System Architect XT in writer mode from link received in email
CQPAR00083439 RFE 55521 SA-Data Modeling Preview update foreign keys
CQPAR00004266 RFE 37768 SA-Usability Make the 'Select Action Item' window fully re-sizeable
CQPAR00104329 RFE 13569 SA-Explorer Icon on the explorer toolbar that shows the mode: edit or read-only
CQPAR00104424 RFE 18536 SA-Definition Editor Background color of definition properties shown as grid makes them non-legible when user does not have write permissions
CQPAR00111281 RFE 62620 SA-Diagramming Align a group of symbols centrally within a rectangle
CQPAR00020247 RFE 40789 SA-History Ability to restore a previous version of a definition
CQPAR00104426 RFE 18735 SA-History Roll-back an object change made in a workspace
CQPAR00116374 RFE 64046 SA-Explorer Space allocated for dynamic reports is too small

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Defect ID APAR/RFE Category Description
RFE 21617 SA-Usability Please make the CSV from grid report use the windows registry list separator for region.
RFE 42158 SA-Usability Maximise All capability to show all auto hidden docked windows - opposite to the Auto Hide All
RFE 59020 SA-DoDAF Changing Data Flow arrow direction in the Parent diagram doesn't get updated in the child diagram
RFE 62018 SA-Diagramming Increase System Architect diagram limitation to hold 7296 symbols
75967 PI29916 SA-Report Generator Dynamic view's performance is much longer time than expected
75962 PI29810 SA-DefinitionEditor Filters not function for some definitions when there is value added to the property
75959 PI29699 SA-HTML Reports HTML-report fails with Error Code: 28 - Out of stack space
74739 PI05771 SA-REST DFT Fails to return correct data when perform REST query on encyclopedia
74761 PI05881 SA-Catalog Manager Import XML option is still visible to the users even though the menu permission is disabled from the catalog
75954 PI29494 SA-TOGAF Objects included in the "Technical Component" definitions need removing from the framework
75930 PI28846 SA-Diagramming Symbols are reorganized on hierachical diagrams in System Architect v11.4.3.1
75928 PI28767 SA-Publisher SA Publisher, unable to open and view “internal” Reference Documents
75203 PI12169 SA-API Only first and last occurrence of repeated
75254 PI13099 SA-Explorer Explorer Relationship report not showing second relationship line name.
75833 PI26572 SA-Matrices User defined matrices missing with FEAF2
75388 PI15054 SA-Diagramming Line routing issues when using "Assign Connections" in SA v11.4.2.2
7821 PI26235 SA-DoDAF ABM Data Flow direction changed by using associative is not being correctly updated in SA
75617 PI20191 SA-Import/Export The Object History of elements is broken by XML import case
75723 PI23028 SA-Matrices The entity definitions in the Data Modeling view of the explorer are not sorted in alphabetical order
75786 PI24837 SA-Diagramming Rearranging a simple line drawn through a symbol behaves erratic
75799 PI25229 SA-Publisher Child diagram attached to a flow line/association is not navigable in SA Publisher output
75801 PI25246 SA-Merge/Extract Merge seems to perform the rekey actions and terminates itself when Rekey option is selected
75806 PI25474 SA-Referenced By References Window Extraneous Information,showing more than direct relationships
75807 PI25479 SA-Visualization The attached sequence flow doesn't dissovle with the elements when using the slide

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
75290 RFE 46002 SA-DefinitionEditor Qualifiers field on data element definition should not default to 10
75547 RFE 53992 SA-DODAF 2 Impossible to add the same System Exchanges to different System Resource Flow (DM2rx) definitions
75577 RFE 54185 SA-Explorer View vs. Edit options for opening an object from the explorer
75404 RFE 47121 SA-Explorer View vs. Edit options for opening an object from the explorer
71654 PM69417 SA-Import/Export Message flow lines acrross pools reroute after XML import.
74181 PM94399 SA-OSLC OSLC pop-Up window make it impossible to select option in context menu
74597 PM99226 SA-Documentation Problems with the documentation on installation of Catalog Manager
74802 PI06348 SA-Data Modeling DFT Oracle TIMESTAMP issue in SA data modeling
75185 PI11876 SA-Diagramming DoDAF2 OV-05a activity ordering on auto-decomp diagram not maintained
75420 PI15621 SA-DefinitionEditor Entity definition attribute property not displaying correctly
75444 PI16100 SA-Report Generator Poor performance when running Reports in Report Gen in SA v11.4.2.5
75502 PI175540 SA-UsrProps Error when adding 0 to UserProp Rename Number to more than 1 def in SA v11.4.2.7
75511 PI17762 SA-Catalog Manager 11-4-2-5 test fix to Improve Error handling and logging and add progress bar for the User, Group Import function
75523 PI18088 SA-Matrices SAMatrixAutoSize removed from Matrix in SA v11.4.2.5
75525 PI18112 SA-Merge/Extract Anomaly with merge and attributes are not copied after merge
75567 PI18966 SA-DODAF 2 Creating DoDAF2 encyc gives "Error parsing property set files"
75573 PI18993 SA-Diagramming Model ER diagram not being marked as dirtied when it is updated to reflect underlying model changes
75580 PI19153 SA-SAXT DFT Focal Point Integration Link does not Open SAXT page
75583 PI19226 SA-Catalog Manager 11-4-2-5 test fix to Improve Error handling and logging and add progress bar for the User, Group Import function
75620 PI20293 SA-XSD DFT Schema location is NOT fully populated on XSDschema stereotype packages
75629 PI20526 SA-Import/Export Invalid character exported via XML Export using SA v11.4.2.7
75637 PI20646 SA-Data Modeling Warning message regarding Foreign Key Propagation during update FKs when non-identifying relationship exist between entities
75643 PI20779 SA-SAXT Unable to use greater, less than sign with DATE values in SAXT v11.4.2.6
75689 PI21876 SA-MetaModel Editing List values with depictions contain extra quotes using Meta Model Editor in SA v11.4.2.7
75701 PI22205 SA-Heat Maps Very slow performance working with data centric diagrams
75705 PI22353 SA-OSLC Unable to use "Select Artifact" in SA v11.4.2.6 with DWA 9.5.2
75714 PI22843 SA-TOGAF Parsing errors opening an encyclopedia for TOGAF and SOA using SA v11.4.3
75748 PI23859 SA-Report Generator "The screen report system is busy at this time" err when running reports in rep generator.
75747 PI23779 SA-SAXT Diagramming The icons on the tool bar in SAXT updater in a workspace enable encyclopedia are greyed out
75773 PI24516 SA-Documentation The maximum number of symbols of diagram has to be documented
75522 PI18034 SA-Documentation Help files on OpenLock and CloseUnlock needs to be fixed or removed
75768 PI24442 SA-Documentation Irrelevant setting in SA help online confuses customer
75803 PI25333 SA-OSLC When multiple OSLC lilnks exist then not able to navigate to RTC work items

Mod Pack 3 (11.4.3)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.4.3
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
75214 PI12345 SA-REST DFT Using the SAUser role to get encyclopedia list by access SA REST URL
75252 PI13026 SA-Workspaces Extract is allowed to a Workspace that the user has Read access to in SA v11.4.
75278 PI13351 SA-Visualization Using Diagram compare dates on Explorer diagrams results in "... no date properties ..." error in Rational System Architect
75312 PI13885 SA-DefinitionEditor DFT Referred definition stay in old name after rename in definition grid
75366 PI14627 SA-SAXT Diagramming A specific diagram takes very long time to open in SA/XT
75450 PI16209 SA-LibNet DFT XT Report does not work in XT Reader mode
75453 PI16372 SA-DefinitionEditor Unable to copy DM2 definitions
75463 PI16687 SA-LibNet DFT HTML table does not show in XT Reader
71164 PM66029 SA-Import/Export The reference window does not refresh after an XML import of a custom diagram.
75183 PI11878 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor Labels and their fields separated, leads to confusion
75231 PI12623 SA-Installation SAXT Installer should not attempt to start the IBM Rational System Architect REST Service
75249 PI13002 SA-BPMN Using colon in Diagram name for BPMN export results in "... paths format is not supported" error in Rational System Architect
75302 PI13741 SA-BPMN Renaming to "English + Digit + Hebrew" with "right to left" text results in no properties window in Rational System Architect
75338 PI14272 SA-Matrices Place "X in cell" Bizns Service Logical App Comp results in "Ensure ... correctly defined" error in Rational System Architect
75339 PI14263 SA-TOGAF Creating a TOGAF without default configuration results in 'reference property restriction' error in Rational System Architect
75376 PI14783 SA-BPMN DFT SA freezes when import BPMN model file
75387 PI15041 SA-DefinitionEditor Changing description property one information chapter results in altered order other properties in Rational System Architect
75438 PI16024 SA-DefinitionEditor Setting a custom property to numeric the editor allows 3 characters without error in Rational System Architect
75442 PI16097 SA-Matrices Poor performance when loading Matrices in SA v11.4.2.5
75482 PI17204 SA-TOGAF Unable to draw interface between Application Components using the Application Interface symbol in System Architecture Diagram
75502 PI17554 SA-UsrProps Error when adding 0 to UserProp Rename Number to more than 1 def in SA v11.4.2.7
75122 PI10882 SA-SAXT Using refresh causes mode to change to reader Rational System Architect XT
75530 PI18266 SA-Diagramming Unstable screen with SA diagrams, scroll bar...etc

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
75219 PI12370 SA-UsrProps crashes when opening a DoDAF2 encyclopedia with usrprops.txt
75199 PI12067 SA-DefinitionEditor Multiple entries of a mirrored object in a LISTOF field in SAXT updater and definition properties after Synchronize Mirror
75125 PI10976 SA-SAXT Scroll bar in customized query boxes not always shown as expected
75115 PI10718 SA-SAEM Get an error about "outer join operators" when trying to edit login rights using SAEM
751035 PI10453 SA-SAProps DFT Can not filter out Chinese definition names using VBA API
75102 PI10404 SA-BPMN Using child diagram icon has no affect in the parent symbol in Rational System Architect
75101 PI10391 SA-Encyclopedia Running the sqlRights.sql script on an existing database throws two errors
75096 PI10298 SA-Mamtrices A matrix macro not executed as expected when closing Multi Dimensional Matrices (MDM)
74713 PI05337 SA-SAProps Crash when a usrprops that results in a "stereotyped" set of lines (in a drop down) that represent an explicit relationship
75074 PI09867 SA-Import/Export Importing XML of a diagram results in relationship undefined in Rational System Architect
75040 PI09369 SA-USrProps The WHERE clause in property files is inoperative for DM2 (DoDAF) definitions.
75038 PI093679 SA-Diagramming Bad data format in the Listof RCM property of the diagram. The values aren't delimited with "s
73283 PM83203 SA-Publisher System Architect Default Publication Format not working
73614 PM86876 SA-BPMN2 Empty child diagrams created from BPMN2 Import
75039 PI09347 SA-SAXT Diagramming Change XT diagram properties editor to delimit Listof values containing spaces with " marks
73709 PM88138 SA-RepresentationalConsistency SA 11.4.1 Crashes after adding definitions and hierarchies
73721 PM88431 SA-DOORS Integration 'Update DOORS' deletes the objects if the Identity is sent in SA v11.4.2.2
75031 PI09220 Samples Using "BMM Business Motivation" diagram in certain upgraded encyclopedia might cause SA to crash
75027 PI09152 SA-Explorer Opening Explorer Pane in togaf9 encyclopedia results in addition of System and Operational views in Rational System Architect
74119 PM93620 SA-BPMN2 Using BPMN export results in incorrect XML syntax for text Annotation in Rational System Architect
PPI09124 SA-SAXT Diagramming Error message when trying to open a diagram in SAXT updater mode: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
74987 PI08556 SA-PropertyPane Blank lines displayed in LISTOF property of definition when using the Properties dialog (F4).
74933 PI07875 SA-REST REST API returns duplicate "Diagrams" in URI in SA v11.4.2.1
74232 PM95069 SA-SAXT Usability SAXT Time Dimension option "In Service Date" never sets in browser
74873 PI07088 SA-Installation License location does not get set in the environment variable during the silent install of System Architect
74267 PM95467 SA-Merge/Extract SA crashes as non-admin user while merging workspaces - database error
74322 PM96135 SA-Workspaces In workspace enabled encyclopedia, if SA crashes while user is editing diagrams, the open diagrams are not recovered properly
74859 PI06956 SA-API Updating a HeterogeneousListOf by CSV file import or VBA results in unwanted Data Elements in Rational System Architect
74376 PM96553 SA-MetaModel Editing SA 11424 HIDE DEFINITION stement generated by Metamodel Editor shows up before rename statement
74402 PM96817 SA-UsrProps Using the "External" Depiction for "Page Connector" results in the symbol shape behavior ignored in Rational System Architect
74412 PM96872 SA-Import/Export Using XML transfer simulation diagram results in "no duration values...does not reference" error in Rational System Architect
74858 PI06954 SA-API Using OfCollection.SetProperty on HeterogeneousListOfDiagram results in VBA Type mismatch in Rational System Architect
74835 PI06667 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor SA/XT "Instance Permission" tab for definitions is faulty for users with Read/Write access
74510 PM98155 SA-UsrProps Error described by PM74058 (Unexpected: MIRRORS) is reproducable in FP4
74559 PM98946 SA-DODAF 2 SA DoDAF 2 Node Tree Diagrams can automatically reorganize symbols
74757 PI05870 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor "The screen report system is busy at this time." seen in certain circumstances
74685 PI05027 SA-UsrProps CONTROL Property causing duplicate chapter entries for Model and Entity Name.
74687 PI05049 SA-Data Modeling Spurious entity is created dragging/dropping a entity on a ERD or creating a relationship.
74693 PI05092 SA-Encyclopedia SA Tutorial encyclopedia does not match documentation
74597 PM99226 SA-Documentation Problems with the documentation on installation of Catalog Manager
74721 PI05488 SA- DefinitionEditor The Symbol tab in some instances named "Introduction", sometimes missing and in some instances containing faulty information
74980 RFE 42980 SA-MetaModel Editing Expand the functionality of Meta-Model Objects
69061 RFE 14947 SA-PropertyPane System Architect "Properties" view does not display more than 20 values added to a choices list of a definition property
74139 RFE 37445 SA-MetaModel Editing Renaming Existing Definitions using Meta-Model Objects
74330 RFE 38658 SA-workspaces SA to automatically open relevant Encyclopedia & Workspace where the Diagrams were being edited at the time of crash
74696 RFE 40937 SA-Installation User Ability to specify individual Word.DOT Templates for Word Reporting

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
74833 PI06655 SA-UsrProps Unable to add a button to set the ASGRID properties
74828 PI06570 SA-SAProps WHERE clause in usrprops not working
74767 PI05937 SA-SAProps WHERE clause in usrprops not working
74695 PI05095 SA-SAProps Keyword ##Invisible## does not work in SA XT reader mode
74638 PM99603 SA-SAProps ORDER BY does not work in SA XT reader mode
74464 PM97288 SA-SAProps Using the online help documented steps to set a session timeout by ISS console are incorrect in SA XT
70788 PM63516 SA-SAProps Can not add customized attributes using GROUP command into default TOGAF definitions' tab
70943 PM64560 SA-LibNet Dictionary Update can be unreasonably slow in large databases
74713 PI05337 SA-SAProps Crash when a usrprops that results in a "stereotyped" set of lines (in a drop down) that represent an explicit relationship
74690 PI05074 SA-Analytics Analytic reports not changing color depictions for the arrowhead on line symbols
74691 PI05068 SA-SAProps Warning in principal property file after creating a new encyclopedia
74655 PI04689 SA-HTML Reports HTML Framework Report applet causes runtime exception
72557 PM76206 SA-DOFAF 2 Removing (not purging) an embedded symbol removes relationship even if it exist in other diagram
74654 PI04687 SA-HTML Reports HTML Framework report applet blocked by Firefox
74594 PM99206 SA-Encyclopedia SA freezes and stops responding when trying to run update FKs
74482 PM97553 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor SA XT silently fail to save changes if related definition is locked
73617 PM86878 SA-Diagramminmg Symbol auto resize not correct as property numbers increase
74385 PM96686 SA-Documentation The option 'Other DBMS' is missing when user chooses DB Reverse Engineering
74366 PM96419 SA-Documentation Update SA Information Center for new SA PI installation and release info
74344 PM06289 SA-SAProps Opening an Encyclopedia results in "Duplicate property level browser control clause ..." warning
74317 PM96043 SA-Utilities Running Dictionary Update on large encyclopedia causes SA to stop responding
74273 PM95557 SA-DODAF 2 ActivityResourceOverlap is drawn outside diagram canvas
74208 PM94830 SA-Access Control Import Active Directory users to Catalog Manager results in "size limit code: 2147016669" error
74203 PM94753 SA-SAXT DefintionEditor SA XT cannot edit properties with ASGRID keyword
74128 PM93736 SA-UML1.x Message Lines on Sequence diagram change from straight to segmented when resizing objects

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
69873 PM57946 SA-UsrProps CONTROL Property causing duplicate chapter entries for Model and Entity Name.
71164 PM66029 SA-Import/Export The reference window does not refresh after an XML import of a custom diagram.
71673 PM69560 SA-SAProps The TESTPROC command logic is not working as expected.
71675 PM69561 SA-UsrProps A custom chapter for application component does not display as expected.
72272 PM73624 SA-UsrProps Unable to add a new Chapter with properties to System DM2 in SA v11.4.2 (properties are left in wrong chapter).
72370 PM74597 SA-UsrProps Not possible to add properties into a SUBDEFINITIONs Introduction tab.
72371 PM74599 SA-UsrProps Using CHAPTER "Introduction" creates a duplicate tab.
72405 PM74974 SA-SAXT Usability 11.4.2 SAXT reader mode does not support REFERENCES keyword in reports.
72583 PM76384 SA-SAXT Matrix With Spanish locale settings in updater referencing a matrix by DDID results in Matrix definition not found.
72588 PM76432 SA-UsrProps Adding Thing (DM2) compresses properties tabs to pages.
72630 PM76715 SA-Documentation Documentation needs to reflect the default behavior of new depictions symbols and the set style option.
72683 PM77158 SA-UsrProps Not possible to use Align Over in the 'Introduction' Chapter/Tab.
72714 PM77436 SA-Documentation CSV import does not clear properties if it is in the last 'column'.
73108 PM81328 SA-UsrProps Chapters Missing in Definitions when used as a subtype but properties are present.
73153 PM81717 SA-UsrProps Chapters and Properties missing from Definition Window when used with Subtype.
73261 PM82870 SA-DefinitionEditor Incorrect alignment in the Application Interface tab.
73560 PM86075 SA-Diagramming Display mode options on the symbols in the diagrams change after encyclopedia is upgraded from SA v11.4.1.2 to SA v11.4.2.2.
73615 PM86877 SA-BPMN 2 SA: Diagram layout scrambled after BPMN2 imports diagrams.
73637 PM87161 SA-Documentation Documentation is not current for installing Process Integrator for Rational System Architect
73638 PM87167 SA-Documentation Documentation is incorrect for installing saservice component of Process Integrator for Rational System Architect
73640 PM87184 SA-Documentation Documentation is missing the steps to configure Rational Focal Point workspace in Rational System Architect.
73664 PM87536 SA-UsrProps Duplicate 'Access Data' tab added to definitions in SA v11.4.2.2
73676 PM87803 SA-TOGAF Subtype of ToGAF definition get two introduction chapters
73752 PM88848 SA-TOGAF Delay in presenting Dynamic Search window in SAXT updater mode from the time one clicks on Advanced search option.
73806 PM89598 SA-Cognos DB locked when extract data to ODS using SA-Cognos bridge.
73822 PM89717 SA-API VBA password protected macros do not run automatically when SA start.
73833 PM89962 SA-Workspaces Attempts to delete workspace from an encyclopedia in SAEM, results in query timeout expired error,
73857 PM90236 SA-RepresentationalConsistency crash when adding system definition to SV-4.
73859 PM90264 SA-Usability–Symbol Sizing Placement of Sub-Interfaces names on Application Component Interface changes while resizing Application components.
73860 PM90271 SA-TOGAFSA-BPMN "Request for Architecture Work" & "Statement of Architecture Work" not in the TOGAF Explorer tab view.
73866 PM90300 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor SA/XT: Unable to complete creation of new definition with a LISTOF "xxx" REQUIRED property.
73913 PM90812 SA-DODAF 2I SV-7 report in SA is not showing new Measurement type.
73939 PM91115 SA-API Instead of the generalized "SAImfError" message, the client should be prompted to save the diagram and then retry.
74002 PM91855 SA-DefinitionEditor Choices List shows Duplicate Entries.
74049 PM92619 SA-SOASolutions Error when encyclopedia upgraded to
74058 PM92714 SA-Data Modeling DDL file contains no valid data - 'Continue' button disabled.
74084 PM93106 SA-Referenced By References window cause System Architect v11.4.2.4 to be unresponsive and crash.
74145 PM93995 SA-SAXT Need to understand excessive user id creation from SAXT while upgrading GLS reporting tool.
74169 PM94218 SA-Publisher SA Pub output doesn't load tree browser. Message "downloading tree structure" remains.
74193 PM94588 SA-SAP Invalid data imported from SAP in System Architect v11.4.2.2.
74209 PM94842 SA-DoDAF Type Mismatch error when importing ICOM Arrows from IER matrix into System Architect v11.4.2.3
74259 PM95321 SA-Publisher SA HTML Generator result does not compatible with Orcale Java version 7 update 25.
74310 PM95930 SA-Utilities DFT Incorrect description in session options dialog causes warning message.
74376 PM96553 SA-MetaModel Editing HIDE DEFINITION statement generated by Metamodel Editor shows up before rename statement
74382 PM96626 SA-Installation SACM 11424 accesscontrolmap.xml not installed on Windows systems with Portuguese locales

Fix Pack 4 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
68932 PM52265 SA-ExplorerDiagram Explorer diagrams do not use style settings for 'Refresh' after it has been saved. The color of the next level symbols is being overwritten by the one of the container symbol.
69044 PM52834 SA-Publisher The Rational System Architect Publisher output site browser tree file is not escaping characters correctly
70308 PM60634 SA-merge/Extract Merge/Extract between workspaces - Rekey prompt loops
71213 PM66170 SA-DefinitionEditor Editing the column name in a table definition does not follow Windows standards. When editing an Attribute Name or Data (Data Element name) (in a Logical Data Model) or Column Name (in a Physical Data Model) or some other properties in the Grid view of the Attribute List, the highlight and cursor are not Windows standard. The problem is that the text remains all highlighted even when editing the text.
71467 PM68089 SA-TOGAF Displayable Relationship Type and Property Type names are identical on two different line symbols. The problem arises because the Current Objective and Future Objective references are both supported with the same line symbol type.
71748 PM69955 SA_Explorer Unexpected Physical Data Models are deleted from Data Modeling tab. Deleting the Physical Data Models from a Project Data Model causes all Physical Data Models in the encyclopedia to be deleted.
72010 PM71899 SA-Publisher A 'Page Not Found' page is displayed after clicking on a symbol that's underlying definition has "No Report" in Rational System Architect Publisher.
72138 PM72727 SA-MirroredProperties An error occurs because when Rational System Architect processes a mirroring object, it looks into it's mirror property to see if it needs to reflect the mirror. If so, and the property is a OneOf and it does have a value other then the object trying to mirror, Rational System Architect has to edit this third object to reflect the fact that it will no longer be mirrored by the second object (the one with the mirror OneOf property).
72456 and 72457 PM75354 and PM75355 SA-Diagramming Cut or Copy and Paste from a DIV-02 diagram does not capture objects within a bounding box in the diagram
72537 PM75987 SA-Globalization After the first use, diagram windows can open and remain very small when Rational System Architect is used with the French language edition of Windows XP
72629 PM76714 SA-API VBA class OfCollection Add method allows adding of wrong type, creates a faulty definition and leaves object locked
72725 PM77510 SA-DefinitionEditor Clicking the Delete button from within the definition properties, System Architect fails to delete all related definitions. It was observed that deletion of related definitions only happens when you right-click delete in tree-view.
72743 PM77590 SA-Explorer With a user defined dynamic view of the explorer for the context menu on a definition, the copy option is greyed out.
72808 PM78078 SA-DefinitionEditor Adding data element in data structure has resulted error message Duplicate Data Element.
72971 PM79611 SA-DBSync-Oracle Schema generator direct to the database is generating invalid ddl. The code generated for Oracle doesn't contain the carriage return/line feeds and fails to import into Oracle 11.
73139 PM81667 SA-Usability-Menus Option to show all menu items does not persist between sessions when using the French Locale
73157 PM81773 SA-Verify/Repair When Verify and Repair is run on a large encyclopedia, the System Architect application crashes with the error: sadlg failed to create
73201 PM82200 SA-DBSync After specifying a database connection in the sa2001.mst file, attempts to perform DB Reverse Engineering, DB schema generation or DB synchronization in Rational System Architect leads to error "Run Time error 13 , Type Mismatch (Diff Engine).
73221 PM82382 SA-Usability-Symbol Text Display The box 'Place graphic comment outside' is grayed out in the text position window and therefore cannot edit the alignment
73234 PM82569 SA-Publisher System Architect Publisher treats referenced hyperlink as local file (i.e. add prefix file:///) unless the hyperlink contains ".com".
73256 PM82777 SA-SAXT Login Logged in as Reader instead of Updater when TempFolder value set to SAXT Install Path\Temp"
73260 PM82867 SA-SAProps The "Related UOBs" property used to be displayed in the Matrix chapter but is now appearing in the Introduction chapter
73316 PM83602 SA-UsrProps Attempts to mirror from any other definition results empty mirror
73319 PM83652 SA-Diagramming Seeing different types of arrow heads on a Sequence diagram when switching between French and English locales.
73325 PM83688 SA-Publisher When clicking the ‘Refresh’ button on the Internet Explorer 8 in the System Architect Publication, the contents in the main browser window is sometimes duplicated incorrectly into the navigation frame on the left of the browser window.
73359 PM84023 SA-SAXT Login The user gets an "Error opening catalog" error when using SAXT with a username that contains an apostrophe in it.
73376 PM84235 SA-BPMN "Display according to task type" in System Architect will display the Process symbol as the default and not the Task Type stereotype
73451 PM84735 SA-DiagramConversion If the classes in the Class diagram contain a space in the name, then the ER conversion will create Primary Index names with quotes in the middle of the name which is an invalid format.
73469 PM84897 SA-Usability Saving Grid report result in a locked file fails without warning. A "file in use error" was not reported to the user.
73492 PM85209 SA-TOGAF Exception error when drawing an explicit relationship line symbol with a WHERE clause
73509 PM85752 SA-Usability-Menus Additional items seen in the View menu when reopening any encyclopedia
73510 PM86715 SA-MoDAF The transform symbol feature does not work with symbol types configured for representational consistency.
73568 and 73569 PM86163 and PM86164 SA-Merge/Extract Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint error when merging between encyclopedias
73608 PM86751 SA-Data Modeling "Macro T is not defined" error and crash when opening a Physical Data Model in Rational System Architect. For technical reasons, a user-defined data type of "T" or "N" for a column in a table, causes the parser to flash an error message and then issue retries until all resources have been used up. At that point System Architect will crash.
73628 PM86965 SA-Workspaces While trying to upgrade a Workspace enabled encyclopedia with a reserved file named ENCYBROWSERTABS.XML and opening it, System Architect crashes with a database error.
73641 PM87217 SA-DefinitionEditor An old System Function present before the definition type was made instantiable is not appearing in the choices list for a non-instance.
73658 PM87440 SA-BPMN 2 Reversal of pool order at import via BPMN 2 interchange. Business Process diagrams reverse order after export to BPMN and import again into System Architect
73662 PM87505 SA-IAF After installing IAF add on you get a warning message every time you open an encyclopedia: "The specified framework is not support by the current encyclopaedia due its property set restrictions. Use the Framework Editor to set the default framework appropriate for the encyclopaedia."
73666 PM87588 SA-API VBA adds HETEROGENEOUSxxx properties in a faulty way. The OfCollection code is quoting all names whether they need quotes or not.
73670 PM87712 SA-OSLC Using System Architect and Design Management Integration, there is a Cancel button that is not responding.
73681 PM87890 SA-Diagramming Reverse phrases on relationship lines and other displayable properties for lines are sometimes truncated to the point of invisibility.
73693 PM87997 SA-ExplorerDiagram Attempts to display a "Process" symbol defined with a depiction using the "Display Selected/As..." menus or depictions style button fail on an Explorer Diagram in Rational System Architect.
73712 PM88230 SA-BPMN 2 BPMN 2.0 Catch and Throw message event symbols not displaying correctly. Intermediate event symbols are being inappropriately displayed like start or end events.
73715 PM88306 SA-Diagramming Sub-Interface names and other displayable properties are sometimes truncated to the point of invisibility
73743 PM88688 SA-DODAF 2 If using same names for multiple System Resource Flows (more than two), then for one link in the matrix, "From/To Systemname" will be generated as two rows in the report. However if every System Resource Flow has one unique name, then for one link in the matrix, "From/To Systemname" will be generated as one row in the report. (Means "From/To Systemname" are grouped together)
65596 RFE 10177 SA-Diagramming When a user tries to open an already-opened diagram, he is told that the diagram cannot be opened as it is already opened by someone else. Instead, the user should be given a choice to open the diagram for read-only.
73083 RFE 30351 SA-Installation If the "Ask me later" option is selected in the license path setting screen in Rational System Architect installation wizard, both the TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE environment variable and TELELOGIC_LICENSE_FILE registry value are cleared
73096 RFE 30433 SA-Access Control If a user attempts to open a Diagram that is currently 'locked' for editing, and the Explorer is not set to 'open readonly' then the user is replied with only a simple message saying the diagram cannot be opened for editing and is 'locked' (of one form or another) by an audit id.
73471 RFE 32205 SA-TOGAF TOGAF 9 in Rational System Architect does not provide Physical Technology Component to Physical Technology Component Mapping
73665 RFE 33862 SA-SVGViewer When viewing Publisher Output, you are prompted several times because of Security Warnings
73675 RFE 33893 SA-Publisher The Publisher output should be supported by Internet Explorer 10.

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR/RFE Category Description
69409 PM55224 SA-ExplorerDiagram After extracting an explorer diagram that contains different diagram types, the function "Edit represented Object" gives a "Could not find Diagram" error
70090 PM59269 SA-ExplorerDiagram Display as graphic is not always possible particularly when an encyclopedia is first opened
70604 PM62457 SA-Report Generator Add a Boolean property to an existing definition and the report generator will return 'NULL' values when filtering on 'True'
70659 PM62773 SA-SAXT Properties sorted incorrectly using Updater mode
72454 PM75341 SA-Usability-Parent-Child Links Select child diagram navigation while the "Properties Pane" is open results in all menus to fail in Rational System Architect
72476 PM75577 SA-Usability-Symbol Text Display The display mode dialog is not correctly initialized when multiple symbols are selected. Consequently, it appears as if the feature does not work. Even though "Selected Symbols only" option is checked, other symbols of the type are affected too.
72586 PM76518 SA-SAXT SAXT SUBREPORTS are not in the same order specified in RPT file
72687 PM77243 SA-Analytic Wizard The Selected Property "Name" cannot be removed in the analytic report wizard.
72689 PM77251 SA-Simulator SA simulator should not allow invalid values to be entered or should catch the errors on Validation.
72703 PM77333 SA-Diagramming On a network concept diagram the router symbol does not comply with how depictions now work. It has both a depictions and a stereotype, it should be only one and not both.
72715 PM77454 SA-DODAF 2 Ordering of System Function symbols on SV-04 Decomposition diagram is changed when attaching new System Functions to the tree.
72722 PM77495 SA-Usability-Auto Layout Auto-Arrange Left to Right not working as expected: Objects being thrown out of swimlanes.
72733 PM77527 SA-ExplorerDiagram With a large explorer Diagram performing Save Diagram As" causes a hang.
72948 PM79218 SA-RepresentationalConsistency Poor performance when working with SV-01 Systems Interface Description (DM2) diagrams.
73005 PM79931 SA-Matrices On the Matrix Designer "Definition" tab, expected to see properties in the drop-down list but there are none to select.
73037 PM80365 SA-DefinitionEditor Removing relationship leaves inconsistent data on workspace
73041 PM80396 SA-Merge/Extract Objects are missing during the Merge workspaces process in an Oracle encyclopedia..
73081 PM80954 SA-DODAF 2 With a custom USRPROPS file, not all tabs are being displayed in the advanced edit dialog of a System Function (DM2x) definition.
73082 PM80958 SA-DODAF 2 With a custom USRPROPS file, not all properties are being placed in the correct tab/chapter in the Properties Editor.
73108 PM81328 SA-UsrProps Attempts to use a definition as a subtype of another definition causes missing chapters but properties are intact
73152 PM81704 SA-UsrProps Importing USRPROPS containing SUBTYPE OF "Entity" leads Rational System Architect to terminate
73167 PM81873 SA-REST REST service generates different results for the same REST v1 URLs that have the top level field requests in a different order, which results in NULL values printed in a report generated by Rational Publishing Engine.
73241 PM82670 SA-DefinitionEditor Invalid attributes without data elements created after renaming roles
63019 RFE 7997 SA-Analytics Analytic builder wizard should allow users to create reports exploring more than 1 level of the metamodel.
64010 RFE 8986 SA-Encyclopedia Please warn user and give him a chance to back out before upgrading an encyclopedia
71241 RFE 23204 SA-Encyclopedia Improve the message that is displayed when opening an encyclopedia that was already upgraded to a later version.
71799 RFE 25143 SA-DefinitionEditor When dragging definitions from an object list to property field into definition. Rational System Architect should provide an option to create new objects for existing ones automatically. It should have a feature to disable this auto object creation without user to cancel for each object.
72872 RFE 29238 SA-Report Generator Allow Querying against Heterogeneous Properties
73070 RFE 30303 SA-FP Integration Need ability to remove or hide the Focal Point pane in the Explorer
73137 RFE 30654 SA-DefinitionEditor Eliminate creation of duplicate definitions When Dragged into LISTOF Reference Property
72339 RFE (N/A) SA-PropertyPane Show property name beneath property label in Property Details section in addition to help
72868 RFE (N/A) SA-DODAF 2 In a SvcV-10c Services Event Trace diagram there are two options for lifeline symbols, Service and ServiceInterface. The Resource flow symbol is now absent from this diagram (deliberately) and it is not possible to draw a Service Resource Flow from or to a Service symbol. The Service symbol is therefore redundant. This should be either removed or the methodology adjusted.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM62773 Properties aren't sorted correctly as Updater in SAXT
PM75341 Select child diagram navigation while the “Properties Pane” is open results in all menus to fail in Rational System Architect
PM76518 SAXT SUBREPORTS are not in the same order specified in RPT file
PM79218 Poor performance when working with SV1 diagrams in SA
PM80365 Removing relationship leaves inconsistent data on workspace.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Change ID APAR / RFE Category Description
68854 PM51803 SA-Catalog Manager SA/Oracle: The ‘OraCatalogGrant.sql’ and ‘OraCatalogCreate.sql’ script files contain syntax errors
68853 PM51805 SA-Documentation SA/Oracle: The SQL scripts to create a catalog are not documented
69984 PM58638 SA-Word Reports A "Runtime error '9' - subscript out of range" appears while generating entity report for Microsoft Word.
69464 PM55543 SA-Documentation Help Incorrect IC contents about merging workspace while using workspace merge wizard.
71013 PM64896 SA-Catalog Manager The Rational System Architect-Process Integrator creates empty diagrams in Rational System Architect when you have set read-only to the diagrams in SA Catalog Manager
71047 PM65103 SA-Diagramming The ICOM arrow spacing is not correct with ‘Automatic Geometry’ option in Rational System Architect.
71358 PM67356 SA-Report Generator Report generator is not using correct regional list separator for the ORDERBY clause.
71418 PM67825 SA-Workspaces The Manage Workspace option is not working correctly in Rational System Architect.
71758 PM70004 SA-Import/Export The ‘Import’ feature does not translate empty data.
71769 PM70129 SA-Publisher Rational System Architect Publisher displays an error when you use the list separator in the SOA.rpt file in the French locale.
71783 PM70206 SA-Authentication Rational System Architect ends abnormally if a user does not have permission to the default encyclopedia.
71801 PM70310 SA-Workspaces The matrix relationships of DFT definition are lost after a workspace merge.
71852 PM70751 SA-Merge/Extract The merge option 'Select Action Item' window cannot be re size.
71858 PM70837 SA-Documentation The SQL 2000 Reverse engineering option is still present in the help.
71883 PM71007 SA-API The Rational System Architect Simulator VBA project does not have a Save Event.
71962 PM71623 SA-Visualization The Diagram Compare feature does not support Timeline for some diagrams in Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
72022 PM71963 SA-Catalog Manager The Access rights to a child workspace are taken from the base encyclopedia instead of the parent workspace.
72051 PM72107 SA-Representational Consistency Dragging symbols onto ‘Functions’ diagram cause Rational System Architect 11.4.2 OOM to end abnormally.
72122 PM72573 SA-Data Modeling Users are unable to create a Physical Data Model from Logical Data model.
72123 PM72578 SA-Diagramming Unable to word wrap text for displayable properties on the connecting symbols.
72139 PM72731 SA-MirroredProperties Rational System Architect check if mirrored object is already in the locked items list.
72212 PM73298 SA-Documentation Documentation missing for User Relation Specification in the Metamodel Graphical Editor section
72209 PM73289 SA-Representational Consistency System Resource Flows and Data Flows are not auto-drawn on DoDAF 2 diagrams in Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
72232 PM73389 SA-Documentation Silent install of Rational System Architect require restart before usage in order to get the license to work.
72244 PM73459 SA-Import/Export There are missing objects in definition property field.
72248 PM73480 SA-Matrices "Exceeded Limits" errors are raised while opening a matrix with thousands of definitions.
72252 PM73529 SA-DOORS Integration The ‘FindInDOORS’ opens module in ‘Exclusive Edit’ mode when DOORS default has been set to Shareable Edit.
72310 PM73948 SA-Report Generator You cannot resize columns in a grid report using the click and drag technique.
72321 PM74058 SA-MetaModel Editing The Rational System Architect 11.4.2 Metamodel Graphical Editor improperly positions the MIRROR keyword in usrprops.txt file.
72333 PM74257 SA-MetaModel Editing Users are unable to use the 'TESTPROC' keyword in the Metamodel Graphical Editor in Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
72394 PM74868 SA-MetamodelDiagram An abnormal end occurs when creating a meta model from DoDAF 2 diagrams.
72404 PM74971 SA-DODAF 2 In Rational System Architect 11.4.2, copying ‘SV-1 System(DM2)’ symbols into ‘SvcV-1’ changes them to 'Desc' symbols.
72438 PM75202 SA-Data Corruption Invalid relationships are created after deleting symbols in System Architect v11.4.2.
72546 PM76053 SA-DOORS Integration The 'Find in Doors' option is finding the first link and not the link that is selected in the Rational System Architect definition instance.
72576 PM76361 SA-DoDAF ABM SDX Generator 'Log Errors Only' logs additional information in Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
72577 PM76365 SA-SAEM SAEM takes one hour to respond back after clicking the ‘Edit login’ menu option.
72764 PM77719 SA-DODAF 2 The ‘Explicit Relationship’ macro fails if a relationship has an ‘&’ symbol in the name.
71238 RFE23206 SA-SAEM Improve the message displayed when trying to restore a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 backup file on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.
71469 RFE24064 SA-UsrProps Expand the use of the CAUSESAPPLY keyword in Rational System Architect.
72165 RFE26458 SA-HTML Reports Support the use of URLs as Reference Documents via published HTML Reports.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request APAR / RFE Category Description
68768 PM51267 SA-PropertyPane The Properties pane Edit option does not allow you to select and multiple items to a property.
68797 PM51514 SA-Representational Consistency No warning is issued when you use an existing name for an Explicit Relationship. Consequently, existing definitions are deleted and changed.
68890 PM52044 SA-Usability-Menus Certain toolbar icons were not being shown in Rational System Architect 11.4.1 on Microsoft Windows 7.
68895 PM52067 SA-Import/Export The import definitions via CSV files feature improperly allowed the creation of definitions that did not contain required key fields. Consequently, the Verify and Repair Error log contained errors such as the following: ‘Id # (Definition, xyz) is missing key property "yyy" (Definition, zzz).’
68896 PM52068 SA-Import/Export The import definitions via CSV files feature improperly allowed the creation of definitions that did not contain GUIDs. Consequently, the Verify and Repair Error log contained errors such as the following: ‘Error: Id # (Definition, xxxxy) missing GUID).’
69044 PM52834 SA-Publisher The SAPublisher site Browser tree escaped accented characters incorrectly. Therefore, the Browser tree did not expand correctly when viewing websites with accented characters, such as those in French.
69397 PM55148 SA-Encyclopedia A database error was raised while creating new encyclopedia when using Rational System Architect on a machine with the Traditional Chinese version of the operating system. This occurred because support for double-byte characters was not being enabled.
69713 PM56946 SA-Documentation Help The Rational System Architect help copying user-defined views and panes was inaccurate.
69714 PM56948 SA-ExplorerDiagram The 'Show Immediate Relatives' feature freezes Rational System Architect with a specific combination of the USRPROPS and stylesheet files.
69905 PM58223 SA-DODAF 2 Rational System Architect freezes when you open an Organization object on OV_2 diagram.
69968 PM58530 SA-Report Generator Grid reports from Rational System Architect generated as .XLS files return the error "file format is not valid" when you open them in Microsoft Excel.
69991 PM58658 SA-Performance Rational System Architect works 6 times slower with encyclopedias in Oracle than it does with encyclopedias in SQL Server.
70148 PM59662 SA-DoDAF ABM The ‘Change Time’ property of the Capability Object or Dependency Line definitions is updated when you save a diagram.
70281 PM60474 SA-OSLC Rational System Architect/RTC integration via OSLC does not expose encyclopedias with spaces in their names.
70282 PM60478 SA-DOORS Integration Selecting the 'Class' property when creating a Rational DOORS Transfer Unit causes the ‘DOORS –Stage For DOORS’ option to return the message "No items were staged for DOORS, so no items have been sent to DOORS."
70453 PM61453 SA-Publisher The Rational System Architect Publisher report that uses the ‘lists.xsl’ stylesheet produces a ‘matrix’ icon that you cannot click.
70462 PM61477 SA-Explorer The Explorer pane does not display the BIDI characters in a proper format.
70466 PM61495 SA-Globalization Rational System Architect displays BIDI characters in a wrong format on diagram tabs.
70629 PM62605 SA-PropertyPane The Properties window is blank for a ‘DOORS Transfer Unit’ if you select any Properties via the Property Picker.
70662 PM62806 SA-DoDAF ABM When you delete ‘Information Exchanges,’ ‘Need Lines’ that were renamed are also deleted.
70681 PM62950 SA-Data Corruption When you run a dictionary update operation in a stand-alone environment, the following error is shown: 80040e14.
70761 PM63403 SA-Diagramming The ‘Save’ icon is always active when ‘Automatic Geometry’ is enabled in Rational System Architect
70898 PM64268 SA-ERP Rational System Architect gets crashed with Database error “XML Parsing error” exporting data from SA-ERP.
70931 PM64486 SA-SAXT Diagramming Rational System Architect XT lines move on a diagram when you add an object to them.
70947 PM64579 SA-MirroredProperties The Definition appears multiple times in a ListOf property.
71026 PM64982 SA-SAXT The ‘Description’ property is displayed in Rational System Architect XT sub report, when it isn't specified in the report.
71078 PM65353 SA-SAXT The default IP template is not used when you use a Bookmark link in Rational System Architect XT.
71100 PM65583 SA-DBSync-Oracle The Rational System Architect DDL Reverse Engineering function does not show views with the Force option.
71101 PM65601 SA-DBSync-Oracle The Rational System Architect DDL Reverse Engineering parser reports errors on valid Oracle DDL.
71132 PM65823 SA-OSLC The Rational System Architect OSLC integration with Rational Change only works for users who are an Administrator.
71133 PM65843 SA-Installation Side-by-side errors are displayed when trying to start the products. Rational System Architect displays "SADesign.dll not found Code 48." Rational System Architect XT displays "Unknown error. (Unable to load DLL "'SAKeca.dll': The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more detail. Exception from HRESULT: 0x800736B1))".
71168 PM66064 SA-DefinitionEditor Rational System Architect crashes when you drag and drop an Organization onto a Organization definition, page ‘12 of 13’ (SupportedBy).
71211 PM66169 SA-TOGAF Rational System Architect allows you to configure encyclopedias with TOGAF 9 and TOGAF 8.
71244 PM66310 SA-HTML Reports The selected framework is not valid.
71253 PM66332 SA-Search Using wildcard characters when performing Advanced Search in Rational System Architect returns varied results.
71268 PM66419 SA-Catalog Manager Having a ‘Catalog Group’ with a trailing space in the name sometimes causes the group to be unselected in ILAC spec.
71274 PM66447 SA-UsrProps In Rational System Architect, ‘LISTOF WHERE’ keyword with a space does not work.
71291 PM66697 SA-UsrProps If you try renaming a diagram type to "Conceptual Data Model" in the USRPROPS.txt, an error message with the property addendum is displayed.
71304 PM66788 SA-Heat Maps Having many Explorer Object Reports makes diagrams open slowly if Heat Map manager is opened.
71327 PM67015 SA-NAF3 Diagrams created by the NAF utility: "Convert NSV-01 Resource Hierarchy into ...." are not saved properly.
71328 PM67022 SA-Workspaces Merging Workspaces as 'Normal' users creates Views with wrong schema.
71332 PM67109 SA-SAXT Reference Document Hyperlink cannot open in Rational System Architect XT
71349 PM67277 SA-Workspaces Attempting to merge all data across workspaces does not delete from target data that has been deleted from the source.
71352 PM67334 SA-SAXT Object edit icon URL is not correctly formed in Rational System Architect XT
71420 PM67840 SA-Globalization Rational System Architect bidirectional support for Hebrew does not display the Explorer All tab correctly.
71440 PM67914 SA-INI File Editor The ‘SVGForceHiddenLines’ property is grayed out in the Session Options Editor.
71456 PM68022 SA-Heat Maps The Heat Map Manager does not run reports on selected symbols in Rational System Architect
71465 PM68077 SA-Installation When you run a custom installation and exclude the Simulator feature, a Microsoft Forms message is displayed when start Rational System Architect.
71470 PM68132 SA-Usability-Panning, Zooming, Scrolling In Rational System Architect 11.4.2, the mouse-over highlighting feature is not displayed correctly.
71475 PM68164 SA-SAXT Documentation Document the requirement that locale settings for the browser of the System Architect XT client must match the locale settings for the server, or errors occur when saving definitions.
71488 PM68260 SA-Import/Export In Rational System Architect 11.4.2, imported definitions disappear when you close the application.
71495 PM68329 SA-DODAF 2 In Rational System Architect 11.4.2, you are unable to hide or disable the ‘ghostbusters’ symbol in DoDAF2 diagrams.
71502 PM68402 SA-PropertyPane The ‘Choices’ list is empty for a custom definition property from Properties window.
71521 PM68548 SA-Diagramming The ‘Escape’ key does not return the cursor to select mode.
71563 PM68804 SA-Localization Incorrect Japanese name translation about Goal and Objective.
71749 PM69970 SA-DODAF 2 In Rational System Architect 11.4.2, rename existing matrix SV-05a "Activity to Systems" to SV-05b Operational Activity to Systems Traceability Matrix.
71763 PM70084 SA-Report Generator The Rational System Architect HTML Report Generator is unable to print the characters <>.
71778 PM70198 SA-DefinitionEditor Drag large number of definition from object list to definition property field cause Rational System Architect to end abnormally.
71780 PM70200 SA-Workspaces Error that need permission to DROP SASP_WorkspaceBaseline stored procedure to open workspace.
71781 PM70201 SA-PropertyPane Rational System Architect Property window takes extra I/O.
71782 PM70377 SA-DefinitionEditor Deleting definitions shows an empty Preview pane.
71784 PM70207 SA-Licensing License warning message was covered by Rational System Architect start window.
71824 PM70590 SA-Simulator Simulation Distribution button hangs Rational System Architect.
71827 PM70612 SA-Workspaces Definitions imported via CSV disappear after restarting Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
71828 PM70626 SA-HTML Reports 'The selected framework is not valid' when running HTML in Rational System Architect 11.4.2.
71850 PM70735 SA-Encyclopedia Rational System Architect deadlock.
71956 PM71595 SA-Matrices Rational System Architect takes time to import Matrix definition.
72061 PM72136 SA-API Opening an encyclopedia via VBA within an EncyOpen event crashes Rational System Architect.
57547 RFE 5494 SA-Matrices You cannot choose a printer when you print a matrix because the default printer is selected.
60576 RFE 6152 SA-Search The length of the ‘New’ search window in Rational System Architect 11.3 should be increased.
65595 RFE 10180 SA-Catalog Manager Provide support to give access rights to Rational System Architect users through Active Directory (AD) user group membership.
68549 RFE (N/A) SA-Documentation Provide troubleshooting help for common Rational System Architect XT errors.
70368 RFE 20474 SA-SAEM Allow the entire path name or direction path to be viewed.
70862 RFE 22157 SA-Matrices Cannot Print to Scale for Matrices.
71226 RFE 23173 SA-Usability-Menus System Architect: Option to turn on or off Symbol Depictions should be available in the color pane.
71242 RFE 23202 SA-Encyclopedia OPC Client - Can SQL Server stored procedures and functions that are owned by someone other than 'dbo' be changed to 'dbo'?
71336 RFE 23581 SA-SAXT Login Allow logging into Rational System Architect XT as reader using updater license.
71581 RFE 24498 SA-DODAF 2 Make sure all 'Part Of' type properties are mirrored.
71582 RFE 24499 SA-DODAF 2 DoDAF OV-03 and SV-06 to USE Leaf Node indicator.
71761 RFE (N/A) SA-DODAF 2 Rational System Architect create a new matrix for SV-05a

Mod Pack 2 (11.4.2)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.4.2
Change Request APAR / RFE Category Description
59908 RFE 5760 Encyclopedia permissions Changed functionality so that when working in a SQL Server-based encyclopedia, and creating schema objects in SQL Server, System Architect sets the owner to dbo instead of current user (for example, uses CREATE PROC dbo. rather than CREATE PROC ). This sets dbo as the owner of stored procedures/tables etc. This is advantageous to users whose rights to the SQL Server are very restricted. These users could have trouble with upgrading as a result. The issue this solves is that if the user who first opens an encyclopedia is not dbo on the database, SA will default the owner to the current user instead of dbo, regardless of whether the user has db_ddladmin rights. Other users will not be able access the encyclopedia until the ownership is manually changed.
60465 RFE 6094 Usability Enacted an enhancement request to improve the imposing of individual Style Settings. See the usability enhancements section above, where copying symbol styles or applying styles individually, is discussed.
62287 RFE 7502 SA/XT Improved the performance of the load time of the Advanced Search window in SA/XT.
62726 PM24774 Simulation Fixed an issue wherein SA Simulator's Optimizer module could not be relaunched. The only way to restart the Optimizer was to close and relaunch the Simulator, then launch the Optimizer.
63115 RFE 8025 Usability added the ability to drag objects onto a diagram from the Referenced By and Search report windows. See description in New Features, at top of document.
63756 PM28562 IAF Fixed an issue wherein, if the matrix.xml file was made read-only or if the user who runs Rational System Architect has insufficient privileges to write to that file, the Rational System Architect for IAF macro project would report the following error: "System Architect for IAF 11.4. An unknown error occurred. Contact your Administrator. Access is denied." The fix makes it possible for a user to launch System Architect without errors without needing write access to the matrix files in the installation directory.
64606 RFE 9548 Analytics Analytics can now be applied to symbols using alternate depictions.
64872 RFE 9688 DoDAF 2.0 Added SV-10 viewpoints to DoDAF 2 support. See enhancements specified, above.
65667 PM36253 Word Reports in Hebrew environment Fixed an issue wherein Word Reports were not accurately depicting diagrams created in a Hebrew environment -- the name field was not being displayed. An option was added to use bitmaps rather than metafiles in report output. This resolves the font issue and also means that the new gradient filled diagrams can be seen in the Word reports. The issue is fixed but the user must know that he has to use the Word Report dialog's "Image Format" combo box to select "Bitmap (BMP)" prior to hitting OK to launch the report.
65803 PM36660 SA/XT Fixed an issue in SA/XT when generating a report that contained a WHERE "Name" like Check* statement -- it worked as an updater but not as reader.
66847 PM40279 Installation Fixed an issue wherein the Custom Silent installation command was installing System Architect with all of its components, instead of just those specified in the command. Specifically SA/Catalog Manager was being installed even though it was purposely left out of the installation command.
67797 RFE 12633 DoDAF 2.0 Added SV-10c in DoDAF 2.0 support. See enhancements, above.
67915 PM46148 Verify and Repair Fixed an issue wherein Verify and Repair was giving faulty errors with a specific usrprops, due to an undefined symbol with a key property. Verify-and-Repair was working as designed, but a fix was made to give the user a better error message explaining the problem.
68729 RFE 14266 Simulation SA Simulator now supports Thai language.
68910 RFE 14604 Workspaces Provided ability to collapse workspaces after merge -- see new functionality described above.
69087 PM53100 Localization; Hebrew language Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was displaying Hebrew with brackets and parentheses differently in the new diagram dialog, versus the diagram tab and Explorer (Browser). Post-processing code was added to handle inverted leading and trailing bracket characters.
69205 PM53991 Localization; Hebrew language Fixed an issue wherein the System Architect properties pane and Dictionary Object (Definition) dialog did not display the BIDI characters in proper format -- a diagram name on the Explorer (Browser) tree, Properties pane, and Dictionary Object dialog were not in sync with the one displayed in the new diagram dialog. Added post-processing code to handle inverted leading and trailing bracket characters.
69206 PM53992 Localization; Hebrew language Fixed an issue wherein the System Architect “Search window “ did not display BIDI characters in proper format -- it was not in sync with the one displayed in the new diagram dialog. Post-processing code was added to handle inverted leading and trailing bracket characters.
69234 PM54256 Usability Fixed an issue that occurred when a user "selects all" symbols in a diagram and then moved a symbol -- some of the connections between the symbols were not maintained, and some of the lines seemed to become broken and detached.
69351 PM54807 Explorer Reports Fixed an issue wherein Explorer Complex Reports were giving an error when combining Explorer Object and Relationship reports. If you had three definitions, AA (containing listof AB's), AB (containing list of AC's), and AC, and created the following reports: Explorer Object Report that reports on all AAs Explorer Relationship Report that report on AA->AB Explorer Relationship Report that report on AB->AC Explorer Complex report that use the reports above in the order they where created Running the Explorer Complex report on an Explorer Diagram resulted in the message "There were no qualifying symbols to parameterize the Explorer Relationship Report "xxxx". No relationships will be added." With the fix, the items produced by the explorer object report will be inserted after the report, which will put the before the relationship report, resulting in proper output.
69376 PM54971 Help in German Fixed an issue with the SA Help in German -- different tutorials, 'Enterprise Architecture' and 'Business Architecture' under the table of contents book 'Lernprogramme', had the same name Unternehmensarchitektur. This has been changed so that 'Enterprise Architecture' = 'Unternehmensarchitektur' and 'Business Architecture' = 'Geschäftsarchitektur' as commonly Business is translated into Geschäft (Business Process -> Geschäftsprozess).
69410 PM55236 Installation Fixed issues with System_Architect_iFIX_1 for System Architect 11.4.1 that is available on Fix Central. The pdf file describing the fix had the wrong title, plus System_Architect_iFIX_1_x32Bit.bat was calling System_Architect_Suite_x64Bit.exe and vice versa. Further the directory paths that the fix installed to were hard coded. The iFIX now has corrected batch files so that the 32bit .bat file calls 32 bit executable and the 64bit .bat file calls 64 bit executable. The registry is now queried in the bat files to find the Installation directory.
69530 PM55959 NAF 3 Fixed an issue with NAF 3. -- the Functions property was incorrectly being placed in the NOV tab. The Functions property is now correctly positioned in the Resource Details tab.
69562 PM56096 Help Improved the help on doing an Encyclopedia Conversion for the SAUser role.
69573 PM56133 Help In the usrprops section of the help, removed some old references to chapters in the old Extensibility manual for usprops -- the material had been kept in two places; in the help and in the manual, and the material copied from the manual into the help. (Example: "Please see Chapter 3 for more information on these keywords.")
69577 PM56167 Help Fixed an issue wherein the French accents and special characters in local help file were not being displayed correctly. If a user downloaded the zipped local help files and configured the help system to use local help content, the contained French help text did not display the accents and French special characters correctly. This problem was resolved by the Infrastructure Team that builds the help application.
69582 PM56239 NAF 3 Fixed an issue in NAF 3 wherein on the NSV-1 view, the "Capability Configuration", "Organisation Type" and "System Resource" dialogs had a tab called "NSOV" which included the Realises Node and Provides Service properties. These should have been in the NOV tab.
69667 PM56724 DoDAF 2, Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue wherein SA's Explorer (Browser) kept flickering in a particular client's encyclopedia, whenever user tried to model in a Capability Taxonomy or Functional Decomposition diagram. The fix now causes SA to repaint the rectangular space representing the selected symbol (instead of the whole tree). If users wish to revert back to old behavior for any reason, they can set the following flag in the sa2001.ini file. SystemArchitect RefreshTreeOnSelect=Y
69673 RFE 17336 Usability Improved the Set Style/ Apply Style functions. See Usability enhancements, described at top of document.
69780 RFE 17552 Help Improved the OSLC help for the SA/DOORS integration.
69793 PM57393 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein clients needed to toggle between the "Reader" and "Updater" buttons on SA/XT's main page in order to login to SAXT -- if client with Reader license "Server Type", "Server Name" and "Encyclopedia Name", then clicked the "Reader" button (client only had Reader licenses) and tried to Login, they got the message "unable to checkout a Updater license." The client needed to toggle between the "Reader" and "Updater" buttons, then click the "LOGIN" button to eventually be able to login.
69828 PM57595 SOA Add in Fixed an issue wherein a non-admin user got the following message when trying to open a SOA encyclopedia: "Cannot modify C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Rational\System Architect Suite\System Architect\matrix.xml" "The user does not have rights to this folder to change this file. SOA Matrices will not be available.""
69831 PM57612 Properties pane Fixed an issue wherein the SA Properties pane was not showing Property Grouping, whereas in the standard "SAEdit" definition dialog (also called SA Object dialog), the properties can be grouped
69841 PM57653 NAF 3 The "System Type" property of a Symbol on a NAF-3 NSV-01 diagram is not displayed. The property is not listed in the list of properties in the "Display Mode" Dialog window for a symbol.
69853 PM57753 Usability Added functionality so that the Properties pane now properly reflects the SAEdit (definition) dialog with the TestPropertyMacro. There are two views of a definition in SA: a) SA Properties pane (F4-Properties Pane) and b) SA Edit Dialog. SA introduced a new facility to control a definitions "tabs" via a new parameter for the TESTPROC keyword (TestPropertyMacro). This was working for SAEdit but not for the F4-Properties Pane. See functionality provided by the new feature, Multi-Property Driven Chapters, described above.
69892 PM58094 Help Fixed an issue wherein the help was not displaying properly in Traditional/Simplified Chinese.
69934 PM58358 NAF 3 Fixed the help documentation which needed to be updated to describe the use of explicit relationship on NOV-05 diagrams. In the default NAF v3 configuration, the NOV-05 Activity Model is a BPMN diagram and within which you place the Operational Activity symbols within the associated node. There is also the Operational Activities property in the Operational Node definition which should be filled in and manually kept in synch with the diagram. The help topic is navigated to as follows: Designing and modeling > Creating models with the NATO Architecture Framework > Creating architecture models with NAF 3.0 > Creating Operational View products for NAF 3 > Creating NOV-5 Activity Models for NAF 3.
69951, Fixed by CR69801 work. PM58463 DoDAF 1.5 Fixed an issue that occurred after clients upgraded to the symbol depictions changed for some of the DoDAF symbols on an SV-01 Systems Interface diagram. For example, the System Entity on the diagram became depicted as a circle with a line under it. Previous versions depicted the symbol as a rectangle (as an IDEF1x Entity symbol). Users could not turn off these depictions -- the "Mona Lisa" / "Symbol Depictions" button was not enabled -- which was intrusive if users wanted to see the displayed attributes within a conventional box. Now users are given the option of not using depictions; depictions are not applied to existing symbols, so they remain as rectangles. The user can employ the Symbol Depictions button to cycle alternative presentations (or right mouse click on a symbol and choose): Display Selected Symbols with Alternate Depiction Display Selected Symbols with Alternate Depiction without Resizing Display Selected Symbols with Adornment Display Selected Symbols with Adornment without Resizing
69972 PM58543 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein using the apostrophe ( ') in a property name was giving a server error in SA/XT Updater mode -- for example the PROPERTY "Won't work" { EDIT TEXT LENGTH 1200}. SA/XT was fixed to handle apostrophes in property names.
70055 PM59069 SA/XT Improved the performance of SA/XT -- previously, when browsing a very big encyclopedia, pressing the “Advanced Search button” was taking several minutes to present the window for specifying the filter criteria to search for.
70067 PM59132 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein, after using the "Remember Selection" choice on a specific workspace while logging into an encyclopedia via SA/XT (click on "Remember Selection" and log in as Reader or Updater), the user was unable to log into SA/XT as a Reader or Updater. The issue was caused when the workspace ID was greater than 9 (double digits; aka 10 or more). User didn't necessarily need to have more than 10 workspaces; for example if user created than deleted workspaces, the workspace ids would not get reused.
70104 PM59341 Help Improved a faulty description regarding Oracle backups in the help. The help was changed to say that Rational System Architect installation provides two executables (Exp1.bat and Imp1.bat) to perform the export and import of Oracle encyclopedias; the help incorrectly stated that SAEM for Oracle can do backups/restore. The help was made to rhyme with a proper description on how to make and restore backups from Oracle in the White Paper "Connecting Rational System Architect to Oracle Database" available on our website:
70111 PM59433 Help Improved the Help, which was missing information on csv import, warning users to add quotes to LISTOF property values when parentheses are used. The help now states: When importing definitions that contain parenthesis in a LISTOF property value, you have to enclose them with quotations. Not doing so causes the import to fail and to show an error in the log panel, for example, “Error message…Unbalanced right).” In the help, navigate to the topic: Designing and modeling > Using Rational System Architect > Importing and Exporting Information > CSV and TXT Format > Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files.
70121 PM59473 NAF 3 Fixed the NAF utility "Convert NSV-01 Resource Hierarchy into NSV-01 Resource Interaction Spec.", which was not working properly -- the diagram was being created but the symbols were not saved nor clickable.
70128 PM59553 SA/XT Fixed an issue with SA/XT wherein user was getting a license error when trying to open a workspace-enabled Oracle encyclopedia as Updater using Microsoft Internet Explorer, and got the message "Unable to check out SAXT Reader license." Reader/updater buttons were disabled when cookies were cleared and therefore reader/updater flags were not set correctly.
70176 PM59799 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein SA/XT was starting sa2001.exe before a user selected a mode for a session in a non-workspace enabled encyclopedia, causing a delay for the user -- for Oracle encyclopedias, users might have to wait 30-40 sec between selecting the encyclopedia and being able to select Reader/Updater. The logic for starting up sa2001.exe was modified.
70208 PM59980 SA/ Publisher Fixed an issue wherein user could not open referenced documents in SA/Publisher output website in Firefox.
70236 PM60177 Data Modeling Fixed an issue in a particular encyclopedia wherein a user was unable to create a Physical Data Model from a Logical Data model -- the issue was with a particular relationship which existed between two Data Entities -- the relationship role name had embedded parentheses (aka the name of the relationship was of the form "xxx(from yyy)"). Fixed the logical-to-physical processing for the case where a relationship role name has embedded parentheses.
70373 PM60987 Reporting Improved the performance when running a Grid report to return a large number of objects. If you had a large number of objects within which you wished to report on multiple properties, the performance was slow when running Grid/HTML reports. The root was the additional IO done to setup SARelatedItem for each reference property. For every row in the report SA is attempting to verify the existence of the reference property value. An improvement in performance is only achievable if you chose to return less properties. Adding even one back in kills performance. A new Report Generator option is provided, "Exclude related items". This will not include the SARelatedItem info in the generated XML. This will eliminate a lot of the database IO. The performance improvement from this will be substantial.
70403 PM61152 Usability Changed functionality so that users can word wrap the text for displayable properties on connecting line symbols. Previously, for a line symbol during resize, the width was controlled by the width required to display the attribute. The affected setting is Text Position, "Word Wrap".
70410 PM61198 DoDAF 2.0 In a particular client's encyclopedia, opening a DoDAF 2.0 SV-1 diagram produced "Out of Stack Space" message. There was an error in a support library which was the cause; a change was made to the way the library was used.
70509 RFE 21010 DoDAF 2.0 Added SV-5 and Svc-5 Matrices for DoDAF 2.0 support. See DoDAF 2.0 enhancements described at top of document.
70652 PM62748 SA HTML and SA Publisher Fixed an issue wherein the System Architect HTML Reports Generator and SA Publisher were delivering an unsigned SVGViewer.jar file. This caused a Security Information dialog pop up window to be displayed in your browser when you tried to access graphics in your published website. An SVGViewer.jar is now provided that is signed with current certificate which expires in 2014.
70709 PM63088 DoDAF 2.0 Fixed an issue in DoDAF 2.0 wherein the SV-06 report was showing the wrong System Data Flows. In an SV-01 Alternative diagram, the System (DM2) A, B and C were modeled, with System Resource (DM2rx) flows going from System A to B and System C to B. In addition System Data Flows (DM2rx) 1,2,3,4 were mapped to Resource Flow 1(A->B) (the mapping is accomplished through the 'Exchanges' tab in the System Resource Flow), and System Data Flows 1 and 3 were mapped to Resource Flow 2 (C->B). The OV-06 report run from the DAF2.rpt file was incorrectly showing System Data Flows 1,2,3,4,1,3 in each of the two Resource Flows reported on in that diagram. The report appeared to be aggregating the data flows for each Resource Flow. With the fix, the OV-06 report now outputs System Data Flows 1,2,3,4 for Resource Flow 1 and System Data Flows 1 and 3 for System Resource Flow 2.
70749 PM63336 DoDAF 2 Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing when dragging and dropping a Resource onto a Resource Flow definition in a particular client encyclopedia.
71095 PM65528 Locking/ Unlocking Fixed an issue where a database error was occurring while renaming a definition. This error was caused when the date properties (LastChangeDate, etc) were not present, usually for undefined entities. Issue was fixed by using the current date when locking/unlocking.

Table of Contents:

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM62773 Properties aren't sorted in Updater in System Architect XT v11.4
PM75341 Select child diagram navigation while the 'Properties Pane' is open results in all menus to fail in Rational System Architect
PM79218 Poor performance when working with SV1 diagrams in SA

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request Category Description
69735 SA-SAXT Login Fixed an issue that caused users to be logged off Rational System Architect XT while navigating definitions in a report.
67755 SA-Diagramming Fixed an issue where the symbol comment for a connector symbol was moved to the wrong location, and reverted to the wrong location even after users moved it back to the correct location.
68613 SA-Explorer Fixed an issue where the Rational System Architect Explorer tree did not display the bidirectional characters in the proper format, which is from left to right.
68777 SA-Workspaces Fixed an issue in which Rational System Architect ended abnormally when merging data between workspaces in the same encyclopedia.
69192 SA-SAXT Diagramming Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect XT where users who edited diagrams and tried to add definitions with an ampersand in their names caused an error (for example, “An error occurred while parsing EntityName, Line 1, position 50,” where the line and position numbers might vary). Users can now use definitions with ampersands and angle brackets in their names.
69250 SA-ExplorerDiagram Fixed an issue where Rational System Architect 11.4.1 ended abnormally while running an Explorer Object Report with more than three hundred symbols. Furthermore, after restarting the product, the recovered diagram was empty.
69373 SA-Installation An issue was fixed with the Rational System Architect-SOA add-on installation that prevented users from installing the add-on on a path other than the default installation path for the base product, Rational System Architect. Users could not therefore install the add-on unless the base product was installed in the default path.
69426 SA-NAF3 Fixed an issue where the NAF3 NSV-01 System Interface Description diagram, introduced in Rational System Architect, was not bidirectional. This was an issue because the previous System Interaction diagram definition, which the new definition replaced, was bidirectional.
69438 SA-Explorer Fixed an issue where Rational System Architect ended abnormally when users grabbed and moved down the scroll bar in the ‘My view pane’ partially and then released it.
69518 SA-Representational Consistency Fixed an issue where OV5a diagrams took up to thirteen minutes to open in Rational System Architect 11.4.1.
69695 SA-Representational Consistency Fixed an issue where representational consistency did not work correctly when users added multiple symbols of the same name and type on the same diagram.
69716 SA-Performance Fixed an issue in which Rational System Architect/ArchiMate diagrams opened very slowly when representational consistency was used.
69795 SA-Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue in which Rational System Architect froze while users chose the Show Immediate relatives option.
69796 SA-SAXT Usability Fixed an issue where users who clicked on a link to open a Rational System Architect XT report, and who had the required catalog and workspace permissions, where improperly directed to the application login page instead.
69911 SA-Diagramming Fixed an issue where the Undo capability was suspended after users opened large diagrams (for example 2,000k or more). Consequently, Rational System Architect ended abnormally and displayed the message "Could not open the undo file to extend it the undo/redo capability has been suspended."
69986 SA-Data Modeling Fixed an issue where Rational System Architect ended abnormally when users clicked the Apply button to save changes to the Access Path attributes for Logical Data models.
70019 SA-Encyclopedia For Oracle encyclopedias enabled with workspaces, fixed an issue where users importing files with the File Manager received the following error message: System Architect Provider cannot derive parameter information and SetParameterInfo has not been called. Code: -2147217839.’ The same issue occurred while using the File Manager from Rational System Architect Encyclopedia Manager or Rational System Architect. However, the problem did not occur at all with SQL Server encyclopedias.
70033 SA-Workspaces Fixed an issue where users attempting to merge workspaces in Oracle encyclopedias received the message “You do not have exclusive access to the encyclopedia. You will need other users to log out of the encyclopedia before you able to continue with the workspace merge.”
53689 SA-Usability–Symbol Sizing Fixed an issue where the Style settings did not work properly on symbols with list depictions.
61571 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect XT where the SysArch Update Level definition type was improperly shown as a definition type that users could create. Such definition types cannot be created from Rational System Architect XT.
63699 SA-RPE Fixed an issue where the Defined By property was missing in reports generated by Rational Publishing Engine.
65293 SA-Import/Export Fixed an issue that enabled the CSV import feature to import files with invalid content, such as names exceeding 80 characters, or modified Primary key and Foreign key data. This occurred when a file was exported, edited in an external tool, and then imported. This raised error 726 when users opened definitions that should not have been allowed to be imported with invalid characters.
66474 SA-Usability-Symbol Text Display Fixed the word wrap feature that did not work correctly on line symbols.
66846 SA-Workspaces Fixed an issue with the conversion from a standard to a workspace schema, where the following message was displayed in the Rational System Architect Message Center: SAEMUtil -2147217198 SAImf Error
66976 SA-Publisher Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect Publisher and Rational System Architect XT where dates on the German short date format DD.MM.YYYY failed to be sorted correctly. This problem occurred because the sorting algorithm did not correctly identify these dates as real numbers, resulting in the dates being sorted by day, then by month.
67813 SA-SAXT Fixed an issue in which users who logged into Rational System Architect XT with a URL containing a fully qualified domain name (for example with “.com”) were redirected to the login page when linking from a definition.
67868 SA-Visio Fixed an issue with Sequence lines in Business Process diagrams. When a diagram was opened from Microsoft Visio while connected to an encyclopedia, edited and saved to the encyclopedia, the Sequence lines would not display when the diagram was opened again in Microsoft Visio. This problem occurred after this sequence was repeated several times.
68065 SA-FP Integration For non-English locales, fixed an issue where the Focal Point Profile definition failed to be created successfully when a name separator other than a ‘,’ (for example a ‘;’) was used. Only the first field was found; the others were not.
68773 SA-UsrProps Fixed an inconsistency in the parsing of the USRPROPS.TXT and SAPROPS.CFG files containing erroneous code. A warning was displayed for the former but not the latter. The warning should have been displayed for both files, and the warning message should have provided more information about the error in the USRPROPS.TXT file.
68806 SA-NAF3 Fixed an issue where the NSV-10c diagram was not using the same Resources and Data Elements Objects of NSV-1 diagrams as it should have.
68810 SA-MetaModel Editing Fixed an issue with the Metamodel Generator, which gave faulty results when used with the COMPLETE keyword.
68811 SA-MetaModel Editing Fixed an issue with the Metamodel Generator which gave faulty results when the MIRRORS keyword was used in combination with a WHERE clause.
68818 SA-Matrices Fixed an issue in which user-defined text-in-cell matrices did not save the text in a cell.
68855 SA-Installation Fixed an issue where the unpatched version of the JRE installed to support the help application caused security checks in an environment to fail. The Rational System Architect installation was updated to install IBM Java 1.6 for the help.
69131 SA-Import/Export Fixed a CSV import problem that allowed invalid characters to be imported. When the imported data was used for HTML reports, they were created successfully. However, when the same data was used for Grid Reports, the reports did not display the invalid characters.
69159 SA-Diagramming Fixed an issue that allowed users to create duplicate symbols on diagrams even when the Duplicate check preference was turned on.
69177 SA-Import/Export Fixed an issue where diagrams created with Rational System Architect 11.4.0 that were either imported via xml, or opened after upgrading the encyclopedia to 11.4.1 dropped some line symbols.
69256 SA-Documentation Help Added missing documentation about the new Links tab, which has been added to all definitions and holds important properties for linking to products through OSLC.
69296 SA-Documentation Added missing documentation for using the Configure Service Provider dialog, used to configure OSLC service providers.
69297 SA-SAXT DefinitionEditor Fixed an issue where users were unable to view the drop down menu for a property of a definition type when they were logged into Rational System Architect XT in Updater mode.
69334 SA-Diagramming Fixed a discrepancy in which certain icons to align symbols did not properly represent what happened users clicked on them.
69571 SA-NAF3 Fixed an issue were the Rational System Architect NAF3 NSV-01diagram conversion did not work properly.
65819 SA-Report Generator Fixed an issue in which the ‘None’ option vanishes from reports created with the Report Generator in a Hebrew locale.
69313 SA-Documentation Integrations Fixed an issue with the table of contents in the help where duplicate topic headings linked to different topics. The duplicate headings were removed and the topics that they linked to were merged into a single topic.
69348 SA-Documentation Corrected inaccurate information about the user privilege needed to upgrade an encyclopedia. The ‘db_owner’ database role should have been listed.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request Category Description
59941 NAF3 Made changes to the metamodel of the Service Definition in System Architect's NAF 3 support, wherein a Service now references Resources and all subtypes.
63261 Import/Export Fixed an issue wherein relationship lines were being repositioned and arrowhead directions changed after an XML import.
63611 SA-API Improved the error messages displayed while creating a definition using VBA to be more specific -- for example, "Create Definition Failed (Name Too Long): SAImf Error"; "Create Definition Failed (Name Is Empty): SAImf Error"; and "Create Definition Failed (Duplicate Name): SAImf Error".
63642 Matrices Provided an enhancement to enable users to left-align the column headers in the matrix. Previously, the column headers in the matrix were right-aligned, which made it difficult to differentiate the items in a "Names" column.
64203 Usrprops The Chapters usrprops keyword now works within definition subtypes. In SA 11.4, the SUBTYPE keyword was introduced, so that a definition could be specified as a subtype of another definition, and inherit its properties. However those inherited properties were all thrown within the pages of one Chapter; the Chapter keywords in the parent definition were ignored.
64397 TOGAF Restored the Measure definition properties for TOGAF, to include new tabs introduced for Introduction, Ownership, Units & Frequency and Measurements. Because SA's implementation of TOGAF 9 followed the specs closely, these tabs from prior TOGAFs were omitted. Based on user complaints, they have been reimplemented.
64660 Diagramming Fixed an issue wherein Sequence line symbols were appearing as bold and thick in the Word report generated from System Architect. The issue involved generating Word reports (or any WMF images, such as copy and paste) -- the lines of some specific symbol types could appear in the wrong style (bold, thick, etc), depending on other lines on the diagram.
64862 NAF3 Fixed the inconsistencies in NAF3 implementation of "Organisational Resource" -- on an NOV-04 diagram users created and defined "Actual Organisation" definitions; however the Operational Node definition referenced an "Actual Organisational Resource" definition.
64931 Heat Maps Fixed an issue wherein Explorer Relationship Reports were not functioning properly after doing a 'Save Diagram As'.
65594 TOGAF Fixed an issue wherein having TOGAF selected disabled some BPMN Process properties.
66002 Matrices Fixed an issue with Matrix Filters, wherein using the "=" comparison option was getting back more than exact matches.
66345 NAF3 Fixed an issue with NAF 3, wherein two definitions were available that meant the same thing: "Physical Asset" and "NAF Physical Asset"
66698 Catalog Manager Fixed a performance issue when opening an enterprise encyclopedia with large number of users.
66843 NAF3 Fixed several NAF 3 metamodel issues.
66989 PowerPoint The 'SA2001 Sample.ppt' sample macro provided with the product to output information to PowerPoint was modified to support PowerPoint 2003 and 2007.
67092 NAF3 For NAF 3, added Resource definition to the SV-12, and Resource to the list of things a Service Level (SV) can be connected to.
67341 Globalization Fixed an issue with Hebrew language version, wherein the Diagram tab was not showing the Hebrew letter/word first.
67377 Explorer Fixed an issue wherein the Explorer Landscape Style diagram initially displayed as Network style type in the Explorer browser.
67472 Import/Export Fixed an issue wherein importing XML gave an error that said a certain definition could not be created, yet the definition was created. The error occurred because the encyclopedia being used did not support the type being imported. A more precise error message is now given in this case. All other messages pertaining to creation, opening, and deleting of items have been augmented with the type information of the item to assist in its location.
67753 SA Publisher Fixed an issue with SA Publisher, wherein some records were missing in the website output when using the nested stylesheet. The issue was fixed in a new stylesheet that was created, Nested Tables Updated.xsl. The old Nested Tables.xsl stylesheet remains unchanged.
67805 SA Publisher Fixed an issue with the nested tables stylesheet of SA/Publisher, wherein some columns in the website output were missing headings. Improvements were made in a new stylesheet, Nested Tables Updated.xsl. The old Nested Tables.xsl stylesheet remains unchanged.
67892 Globalization Fixed an issue wherein the context menu 'references' for Definitions wasn't working properly if Korean name was used.
67998 NAF3 Fixed an issue wherein the NAF 3 NSV-02a diagram could not be related to Resources.
67999 History Fixed an issue where it was not possible to see the Files History in a workspaces-enabled encyclopedia.
68084 NAF3 Fixed an issue in the NAF3 NSV-02b diagram wherein adding a relationship called "realises" between "System Port Connection" and "Resource Interaction" couldn’t be done.
68092 Documentation Help Fixed the help to include all the valid "RELATE BY" clauses that can be used in usrprops.
68142 Import/Export Provided an enhancement to the XML import -- the XML Import Completed Confirmation message now includes the file name that was originally imported.
68177 Framework Editor Fixed the TOGAF 9 Enterprise Framework wallpaper to match the underlying cells.
68189 DB Sync-Oracle Fixed an issue wherein the database reverse engineer failed to reverse Oracle function based indexes. The index name was reversed but the list of columns was empty.
68232 Usrprops Fixed an issue wherein the SUBTYPES command in usrprops ignored CHAPTER keywords from the base type.
68236 DODAF 2 Fixed an issue wherein after drawing about 50 symbols in an OV-5a diagram, the line symbols were not drawing automatic orthogonally anymore; rather they were drawing as straight lines.
68243 API Fixed an issue with the API when getting the Meta Property value for the property of a definition, the "Required" Meta Property returns 0 even though property is "Required".
68255 Data Modeling Fixed an issue wherein the Column, Entity, and Relationship definitions were not mapped to a Logical Data Model Diagram that was created from a PDM diagram, due to changes made to the metamodel in the client's usrprops file. The usrprops confused the PDM-to-ER-mapping code as to which property in a table or index contained the list of column names. The mapping code now figures this out. Changes to the mapping code can be backed out by an ini file setting. SystemArchitect OverrideColumnAsDescriptionProp=Y
68256 Explorer Fixed an issue with the Explorer (browser), wherein the Collapse All command only collapsed the parent nodes, not all the child nodes within them. Now all nodes will collapse. this provides ease of use for client who has vast amount of diagrams in certain groups.
68257 Documentation Limitations for ASGRID keyword were not fully documented. The ASGRID keyword has the following limitations: · You cannot use ASGRID in a LISTOF that refers to a definition that is in a COMPLETE ListOf in another definition. For example, you can add a ListOf ‘Attribute’ to a definition but it cannot be displayed ASGRID. · The maximum length of a property that a GRID can display is 400. · Use the COUNT_FIXED keyword with the ASGRID keyword to specify that users cannot delete or insert rows into a GRID. · The ASGRID keyword is usually restricted to the ListsOf property, but you use it with HeteroOneOf and HeteroListOf when you use it with Allow Subtypes. · The ASGRID does not work with ONEOF, PARMONEOF or HETEROGENEOUSONEOF properties. The following properties are not shown within the grid: · Properties for which the length was declared as greater than 400. · GUID · Qualifiable oneof reference properties. · Properties of edit type: BUTTON, URL, COLOR. · Key properties. · Invisible properties. · Reference properties for which the type is invisible (meaning if in the catalog manager you define a role which cannot see certain definition types and this user was assigned this role, if they edit something which refers to a type they are not allowed to see, that property will not be seen in a grid). · A referenced property which mirrors the very ASGRID property
68284 REST Fixed an issue where an SA REST query parsing returned the wrong result.
68305 Performance Fixed an issue with slow performance while saving a diagram after having deleted all symbols on a large diagram
68361 Definition Editor Fixed an issue where the list boxes in the Access Paths tab were distorted for the primary key.
68369 Visualization Fixed an issue where the Diagram Compare feature wasn't rendering the diagram images in Side-By-Side mode in SA 11.4.
68451 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue wherein renaming a node symbol (and its underlying definition) on an Explorer diagram also inadvertently renamed Explorer relationship lines drawn to the node symbol.
68461 Definition Editor Fixed an issue where an error message "Unable to complete the task" popped up after adding a data element to an entity to create an attribute, renaming the attribute, and then drag-and-dropping the same data element into the attribute grid.
68499 Diagramming Fixed an issue where a Child diagram opened from a read-only diagram was not opened as read-only.
68503 Property Pane Fixed an issue when editing a definition using the properties pane, numeric values entered into a text field were removed.
68507 User Props Fixed an issue wherein using the USRPROPS keyword ALL_TYPES caused an error dialog to be thrown at encyclopedia open.
68510 SA XT Login Fixed an issue wherein using SA XT the default page was reloading after logging in with server name and port number. The user had many SQL Servers in their environment and wanted to force users to provide a SQL Server name and port number, not use the default port. The issue was due to URL navigation -- the URL navigation was using commas to parse fields.
68568 SA XT Fixed an issue wherein a user was unable to save changes on SA XT English on OS English Italian (Italy) locale. The time was not being formatted correctly on an Italian (Italy) locale.
68625 Localization Fixed an issue where there was inconsistency between the GUI and VBA when using the French locale. Each heterogenous property name is prefixed by a class name, such as "Definition" (always rendered in English). When creating a new heterogenous property in a foreign language locale, SA also has to know the localized version of the class name -- in this case, the French version of "Definition". This CR was raised when the client wrote a VBA macro to add new heterogenous properties. Code has been added that lets SA obtain the localized class name that it requires during the creation process.
68668 Others Fixed an issue wherein the Tools, Preferences dialog had obsolete or non-working entries: "Auto Options" and "Reposition Flag". The "Auto-Options" check-box is now hidden unless the user insists on enabling the obsolete "Screen Painter" diagram type (he can insist by use of an SA2001.INI setting). The "Auto-Reposition-Flag" check-box is now meaningful again -- on a Structure Chart diagram, a flag symbol will or will not move along with the line symbol it is logically attached to, depending on "Reposition Flag" being set on or off.
68675 Diagramming Fixed an issue wherein the Undo command created an error preventing a symbol from being recognized. On diagram save, the undo chain is now being properly cut.
68698 Encyclopedia Fixed an issue wherein the saprp409.bin was recompiled every time an encyclopedia was opened.
68702 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue wherein right-mouse clicking on a symbol in a Landscape Explorer diagram and selecting Show Immediate Relatives resulted in a message, 'No qualifying relations found' in large encyclopedias.
68708 NAF3 Added the NSV-1 Interface diagram to NAF 3 support, including ability to model System Elements and System Components on this diagram, as well as being able to generate the NSV-7 System Performance Parameters Matrix report.
68717 Localization Fixed an issue wherein users were unable to use a type number when using the COPY PROPERTIES FROM keyword in USRPROPS; they received a warning "Invalid type name: "1290"". The number used in the COPY PROPERTIES FROM statement is now translated into a type name.
68808 NAF3 Fixed an issue related to the Viewpoint in a NAF 3 Service definition -- it was not possible to link a Service to both an Operational Node and a System Resource because the user could only select one option between Strategic or Operational Viewpoint.
68809 NAF3 Provided a NAF 3 specific framework graphic.
68833 Encyclopedia Fixed an issue wherein creating a new encyclopedia displayed the error "Unable to open file proper set\diagram.cfg," on a system which is setting file attributes, such as Encrypted or Compressed; System Architect was not copying a file not deemed 'Normal' or 'Archive' into the encyclopedia.
68834 Representational Consistency Improved implicit and explicit relationship performance. Created a streamlined mechanism to maintain the representational consistency of the diagram.
68855 Installation Updated the SA installer to include latest available IBM JRE, which is used for the help system. Previously the JRE installed to support the Help component was an older, unpatched version of Java 1.6.0.
68861 Referenced By Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing when selecting items in the Explorer (browser) while the references window was open.
68864 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue where, if you right-mouse-clicked on a symbol on an Explorer Landscape diagram and selected Show Immediate Relatives, you received information of other Explorer diagrams the definition was represented on. This functionality was removed, as the Explorer diagram is considered a report.
68865 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue on Explorer Landscape diagrams, when two relationship reports were run for the same symbol, the second report moved the symbols from the first report out of the containing symbol.
68880 Referenced By Fixed an issue wherein the References and Properties panes were not showing a symbol selected in the diagram, if you had Grid view selected for the References pane -- for example, if you opened the Properties pane (View, Properties), opened the References pane (View, References) and selected Grid view, then selected a symbol on a diagram.
68987 Explorer Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was terminating randomly, occurring when a diagram was open and the user was editing symbols on it, or sometimes when they were simply navigating the Explorer (browser). The issue was happening when the auto browser refresh was enabled, which was the root cause of the issue.
69003 Documentation Fixed and updated the documentation to include more information regarding the CSV import. Information was added to specify that when data for key properties of an exported definition are changed and re-imported back to an encyclopedia, the changes are not be reflected in the existing definition (even using the options to "delete all fields then add new data" or "update single fields when data supplied"). A new definition is created with the changed key property.
69094, 69124 SA XT Login Fixed an issue wherein clients could not log in to SA XT as Updater unless an impersonation account was logged in on the SA XT server. User received the error "Unable to create Temp folder" when logging into SA XT 11.4.1 as an updater. The user needed to log in to the SA XT server as the impersonation user; for Windows 2003 the impersonation user had to stay signed on for other users to have access to this folder. SA XT was looking for the My Documents folder for an impersonation user. In the client's case, this folder either did not exist or the current user did not have access to it.
69106 Diagramming Fixed an issue wherein users were no longer able to drag and drop items from the Search result window onto an open diagram. The selection mode of the Grid output of the Search was changed back to flexSelectionListBox, which maintains a selection count and list. The previous mode, flexSelectionByRow (which doesn't allow drag-and-drop onto a diagram), can be reemployed by specifying the following sa2001.ini setting: PreviousReportGridMode=T.
69148 Documentation Help Fixed the SA Help -- the localized German help was incomplete; four tutorials were missing.

Mod Pack 1 (11.4.1)
Link Date Released Status
Download 11.4.1
Change Request Category Description
24657 BPMN The compensate process indicator now appears inside a process symbol. When you are defining processes in BPMN Business Process Modeling, according to the On Line Help, if you specify Compensation as the stereotype to a process (and press the Apply button), an Execution (Abstract Task) tab will appear in the process definition dialog. That is not happening. Also the process symbol should change into one containing a compensation symbol, neither this is happening.
43258 Encyclopedia Open Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was not caching/saving the list of encyclopedias. In the Open encyclopedia window, when selecting an existing encyclopedia the list of the encyclopedia was not coming up instantly when the connection was selected. It took some time to load the list.
49198 SA-Usability-Section 508 Fixed an issue wherein keyboard navigation in the Explorer tab failed after editing a definition. if you navigated through the definitions in the Explorer tab via the up and down arrows on the keyboard, then edited a definition, either by double clicking or pressing return on the keyboard, upon closure the focus was not returned to the Explorer tab. But to the user it looked like it had, as the last opened definition was still highlighted in blue. There didn't appear to be any way via the keyboard to get the focus back.
51075 Security Updated the following two files to their latest version to comply with security vulnerability safety procedures: 1. MSO.DLL in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE10 2. c1sizer.ocx in C:\WINDOWS\System32
54707 Fixed an issue wherein wildcard search in Choices window was not properly returning results -- a *m should have returned only the diagram names ending with an m, but instead the search returned all the diagrams available regardless of the ending letter.
55276 Diagramming Fixed an issue wherein, when importing an XML file of a OV-07 Logical Data model into SA (that had been generated from SA), the fill colors of certain symbols which were filled in the original diagram were disappearing.
57671 Usability; line routing Fixed a bug wherein Undo Line Adjustment was doing more than just undoing the line adjustment -- it was also undoing a rename of symbols that had been performed just before the line adjustment.
58503 Usability; line routing Fixed a bug so that lines now remain anchored in same position after moving function/activity.
60470 Fixed an issue wherein the "Hide Symbol Name" function was revealing a black box where the name was when you clicked on its line.
61870 SA/Simulator and Documentation Fixed an issue with the documentation of SA/Simulator, which referred to the Meteor Trail option, but it wasn't available in the product. The information on the Meteor Trail has been removed from the help. However, a new report has been added to the SA/Simulator SA/Viewer window, called Activity Logging, which is activated by the RED button on the toolbar. This report provides a ‘trace history’ for each entity detailing which activities it has been through and the times at which these started and finished. Potentially this could be a huge amount of data. Also, a new button has been provided on the tool bar ….., this button acts as a ‘toggle’ to turn the reporting on or off. When the reporting is turned on the user is prompted to supply a file name with full path where the details will be recorded. This file does not have any headings, however the fields are: Entity Activity Start Time Finish time The names output are the full names of the objects. This report is designed to be used for detailed validation of the model and provides the raw data for a Gantt chart to be prepared. The ability to turn it on and off means that data can be stored for selected periods and if required in different files. This report will mean the model will run a little slower, if it is turned on.
62429 Documentation Fixed the UML tutorial in the documentation, which was instructing users to create a package via the Explorer (Browser) but was referring to functionality in the Classic Explorer (since replaced by the new Explorer).
62972 Usability; Auto Layout Fixed an issue wherein the “Horizontal Center” and “Vertical Center” menu functions were not working as per the intended name.
63014 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Enabled an enhancement request to launch explorer complex reports from the heat map manager -- a separate tab has been added in the Heat Map Manger to launch Complex Explorer Reports.
63015 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Enabled an enhancement request that an Explorer Relationship/Object Wizard be available in Heat Map Manager. Users can build Explorer Object and Explorer Relationship reports through this new wizard.
63083 Explorer (Browser) Fixed a performance issue with the Explorer (browser) wherein, if a user expanded a definition type with hundreds of entries, selected the first entry, and then pressed a key on the keyboard that would lead them to an object at the end of the list, the process would take minutes to navigate. It is now instantaneous. This issue was actually fixed in response to TLOG#57618.
63261 XML Import/Export Fixed an issue wherein relationship lines were being repositioned and arrow head directions changed after XML export-import. The issue was fixed by enhancing functionalities of both XML Export and XML Import. In the XML, a tag named "SAConnection" has been introduced. Each relationship line possess zero, one or two such tags.
63516 Explorer Diagram Fixed a bug wherein Explorer Object Reports were not locating items that had been filtered to find values that had spaces in the name -- for example, if you specified a report to output all objects of a certain definition and specified a filter (via Select Objects Where) wherein PropertyX = "X Y", then the report would not find definitions that had such a property value set because of the embedded space between X and Y. When running the Explorer Object report on an Explorer diagram, the message "No qualifying object was found" was reported, even if there were such objects available in the encyclopedia. The same was happening if #Name# was entered into this field.
63695 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue wherein client was seeing inconsistent behavior when pasting ICOM arrows on child OV-05 diagram. The situation occurred with anOV-05 diagram that had a child diagram created from one of the operational activities, and ICOM arrows attached to the parent operational activity. If you selected two or more ICOM arrows that were attached to the operational activity and selected Copy, then opened the Child diagram and pasted them onto it, the ICOM arrows would not paste down. However, if the child diagram was previously opened, you would be able to paste the copied arrows down.
63706 Line Routing Fixed an issue wherein line routing was not working as expected for a customized diagram when using the Route Lines - Assign Connections feature. The line was rerouted in a strange way and no new connections were made.
63817 SYSTEM ARCHITECT XT Fixed an issue wherein user was unable to checkout the SAXT Reader/Updater License in a particular environment.
63872 Data Centricity Fixed an issue wherein dropping node symbols onto representationally consistent diagrams (which use Explicit or Implicit relationships) which cause the creation of line symbols, the Last Changed Date, and Last Changed Time of the node symbols was being updated.
64127 DoDAF and BPMN Fixed an issue wherein, if BPMN was selected in the configuration for a DoDAF encyclopedia, the OV-3 report would open the BPMN report dialog rather than the OV-3 report dialog.
64155 USRPROPS Metamodel Customization Fixed an issue with usrprops concerning the following situation -- for the following usrprops: RENAME DIAGRAM "User 1" TO "S" RENAME SYMBOL "User 1" TO "S" RENAME DEFINITION "User 1" TO "S" SYMBOL "S" { DEFINED BY "S" ASSIGN TO "S" } DEFINITION "S" { PROPERTY "Some ID" { EDIT Text LENGTH 10 READONLY INITIAL USER REQUIRED } } If you created a new Definition of Type "S", it worked fine, but if you created a Diagram of type "S" and a symbol of type "S", when the definition dialog appeared, the user could only give one character in the "Some ID" property field. The code was changed to take into consideration the fact that the user is in the process of entering a required property.
64197 SA/Cognos Fixed an issue with the SA/Cognos integration, wherein the ODS database generated did not show the tables created for custom definitions for properties to which there was no label.
64240 and 64267 XMI Import Import from XMI exported from Sparx EA via Rose Export has been improved with identified field name differences being checked for and better reporting of file errors.
64243 Documentation of SA Catalog Manager Fixed an issue with documentation wherein the rights needed to import SQL users into Catalog Manager not correctly documented -- if you created a new user and gave him the minimum rights to the TelelogicEnterpriseCatalog, then with this user account tried to import users, it would not work -- the new user needed sysadmin rights.
64245 Workspaces Fixed an issue that occurred in an encyclopedia with workspaces invoked -- the Audit and Update date were not being reset if no changes were made while an object was locked.
64253 Usability Enabled an enhancement to implement indicators, like time-glasses, swirling circles, percentage meters etc, in order to indicate to the user that progress is being made when a new page, a matrix, a diagram, etc is opened.
64505 UML Fixed an issue where an automatically generated Word report was not showing the Graphic Comment of a class displayed as stereotype. The report run was the Use Case diagram report.
64521 Verify and Repair Fixed an issue with Verify and Repair run in 11.4 against a legacy encyclopedia -- the Verify and Repair run was crashing the encyclopedia not on the first run, but on subsequent runs. The problem was traced to an array governed by an errant index-counter. The index-counter should be zeroed at the start of each Verify-and-Repair run. Instead it was zeroed just once when SA first comes up. Thus the first V&R run would go smoothly, but subsequent runs were at risk of running off the end of the array.
64552 SYSTEM ARCHITECT XT Bookmarks and links in Rational System Architect XT were getting a number of leading spaces, making them not flush left -- in Internet Explorer only (they were flush left in Firefox). The number of spaces was the length of previous link minus 6 spaces.
64572 Documentation of System Architect XT Fixed the documentation for Rational System Architect XT, which incorrectly described how to create your own Rational System Architect XT Question/Query.
64602 Usability Made more modern the look of symbols on the Enterprise Direction diagram and some of the symbols on the Network Concept diagram.
64637 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Heat Map Manager had a button for adding an analytic, but it wasn't obvious to users, so the tooltip for the button was changed to be more clear -- it now says "Click to create new analytic (Analytic Builder Wizard".
64643 Search Fixed an issue that occurred when performing a Search in System Architect -- pressing the Enter key on an advanced search used to show a blank pane whereas clicking on the "Search" button would show correct results. Now you may hit the Enter key on an advanced search to get results.
64650 Removal of Old Features Removed the "IDEF0 Import IDL" and "IDEF0 Export IDL" functions from System Architect.
64659 Analytics Fixed an issue wherein analytics were not getting executed when dragging and dropping them onto an Application Landscape diagram.
64687 System Architect XT In Rational System Architect XT, the name "Browser" has been changed to "Explorer" on the Home page and the Explorer Page, so that it is consistently named with what is in core System Architect.
64691 RPE Fixed an issue wherein, when the artifacts of an encyclopedia were in “Hebrew” and the System locale was set to “Hebrew”, the xsd file generated using “Report Server Manager” of the SA-RPE integration was in “English” instead of “Hebrew”.
64792 References Pane Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was crashing or freezing when you opened an encyclopedia with only the References pane left open, and not the Explorer (browser).
64842, 64901 Removal of Old Features Removed the options to reverse engineer a DTD, or generate a DTD from an XML architect diagram.
64867 General Usage Fixed an issue wherein a user was having difficulty creating definitions in an encyclopedia due to date formatting. The code parsing the date had a problem with a date separator different from the one that was used in the original formatting. The date parsing function was fixed.
64902 Documentation Fixed an issue with the help, wherein it referenced a page number in the Extensibility Guide rather than a hyperlink to additional information on another help page -- the issue concerned Designing and modeling > Using Rational System Architect > Customizing Rational System Architect > Extending Metamodel with USRPROPS > Keywords for USRPROPS -> PLACEMENT.
64903 Documentation Fixed an issue with the help, wherein it referenced a page number in the new defunct Extensibility Guide rather than a hyperlink to additional information on another help page. The information concerned usrprops general placement and sizing tips.
64931 Analytics Fixed an issue wherein Explorer Relationship Reports would stop functioning properly after doing a 'Save Diagram As' -- sometimes you would get no results; sometimes the analytic reports would work on one level; sometimes the reports would work on both levels but symbols were colored. Saving the diagram was not resetting variables.
64975 Matrices Fixed an issue wherein upgrading matrices from 11.4 to was failing to account for missing information in the older matrices -- for example, color-coded matrices in 11.4 SA and Rational System Architect XT were becoming plain x-in-cell matrices in Rational System Architect XT (they were still color-coded matrices in SA). Fixed the matrix loading functionality when the "Description" attribute is not present in
64976 Turkish Operating System Fixed an issue wherein SA was failing on SQL server with Turkish Collation with the following error when creating new encyclopedias or upgrading existing: "A database error has occurred in Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server: Must declare the scalar variable "@Pid". The reason for was that in Turkish, "I" was not a capital "i" and in the script @pId was later used as @Pid
64977 Customization of metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing when relating a definition to itself via usrprops using the HeterogeneousListOf Mirrored Property. A change in the usrprops was needed as well as code changes to prevent a crash when such props were presented including extra checking of mirrored heterogeneous properties.
64999 Documentation Fixed an issue with the documentation so that it now makes it clear that SA does not support .WMF files with enhanced metafile records. User was reporting that color depth of enhanced metafiles were not showing properly in Rational System Architect XT.
65001 Search Fixed an issue wherein, if you searched for a symbol or diagram, and then clicked on it in the Search results -- and the diagram was already open -- clicking on the search result did not bring the diagram/symbol to the forefront and in focus.
65059 Matrices Fixed an issue wherein, on trying to open a user defined matrix, users were getting an error “Unable to show matrix window due to error”. It had to do with a problem opening Explorer Report Definitions -- SA was asking for ReadWrite permissions and was refused, and the error message was not specifying this. The matrices now open fine for non-Administrator users.
65072 Powerpoint Integration -- Presentation Integration Fixed an issue wherein the Presentation Integration installer was hanging if an unsupported version of Office was installed. Now a message box will be shown to the user if there is an unsupported flavor of Office present on the machine.
65119 VBA Fixed an issue with VBA wherein if you assigned a value to symbol.PenStyle using the VBA API, the attribute took the wrong value. There was a decimal to hexadecimal conversion before the value is assigned - except the assignment only handled the first decimal component of any hexadecimal values (so it stoped parsing at any occurrence of 'a' through 'f').
65185 NAF 3 and French Locale Fixed an issue wherein two different words were being used in NAF3 French locale to translate "Capability", causing confusion
65277 Mirrors properties in Customized Metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue wherein the MIRROR keyword was not working between definition property and diagram property. For example, the following usrprops now works: RENAME DIAGRAM "User 1" TO "MyDgm" RENAME SYMBOL "User 1" TO "MySym" RENAME DEFINITION "User 1" TO "MyDef" DIAGRAM "MyDgm" { PROPERTY "Def" { EDIT ListOf Definition "MyDef" MIRRORS "Dgm" } } SYMBOL "MySym" { DEFINED BY "MyDef" ASSIGN TO "MyDgm" } DEFINITION "MyDef" { PROPERTY "Dgm" { EDIT ListOf Diagram "MyDgm" MIRRORS "Def" } }
65288 Documentationof NAF 3 The help topic "Generating NOV-3 Information Exchange Matrix reports for NAF 3" was updated to include information that if BPMN is enabled, additional NOV-3 options are not available -- a NAF 3 Operational Information Exchange report (NOV-3) on a per definition or per NOV-2 diagram basis is not available; instead, SA can only generate this report on a per NOV-5 diagram basis.
65291 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect XT wherein a "Server Error" was occuring after clicking on the Advanced Search option when in updater mode.
65325 Customized Metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue wherein, if an error was encountered in a user's usprops upon opening an encyclopedia, and then the user tried to open another encyclopedia nothing happened -- you had to first close and reopen the Open Encyclopedia dialog.
65333 Analytics Fixed an issue wherein after adding analytics to a collection, opening a diagram, then running the analytic from Heat Map Manager, the analytic would fail. If the user closed and reopened the diagram, ran a different analytic in the same collection, and then went back to the first analytic and ran it, it would run fine.
65350 Views Explorer -- Dynamic Views Provided an enhancement so that Dynamic view reports now display related symbols and their data. Previously, a dynamic view report result contained symbol information and a dynamic view did not show any result which had symbol information. For example, this report will now show data flow symbols and their data: SELECT "Name" WHERE Class = Diagram WHERE "Type Number" = 1 WHERE "Name" = "test PMR" JOIN WHERE RELATION = "contains" JOIN SELECT "Name" WHERE Class = Symbol WHERE "Type Number" = 13 JOIN WHERE RELATION = "defined by" JOIN WHERE Class = Definition }
65372 VBA Fixed an issue with the metamodel API wherein, when a user selected the ‘defined by’ condition to report on DoDAF 2 symbols, it did not return any result, i.e. DefinedByMetaItem returns nothing for DoDAF2. Now, when reporting on DoDAF2 symbols the ‘defined by’ condition works with DoDAF2 symbols. A new section to the object model has been added to support a list of types from a symbol type. With DEFINED BY relationship, one symbol is defined by one definition. With the REPRESENTS relationship, one symbol can have many definitions. The API can now handle this; a new property has been added for the symbol that is an SAObjects collection to handle the many definitions. The report generator UI also now supports the defined by relationship for representationally consistent symbols.
65408 Workspaces Fixed an issue wherein customer was getting a message, "SAAdoIOvb: Error from GetParentofWorkspace" when opening a workspace -- fixed the error handling and circular references when a workspace name is same as the encyclopedia name.
65420 SA Catalog Manager; Access Control Fixed an issue with SA Catalog Manager, when user connected to the Catalog and used the option to "Save login information", it didn't save the password; user had to constantly add it.
65458 Documentation of VBA Fixed an issue in the help, wherein the link "Intercepting an SA Edit Session Event" did not link to anything.
65495 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to edit customized "EDIT URLS" properties in Rational System Architect XT -- for example, if the user added the following usrprops: RENAME DEFINITION "User 1" TO "A URL Test" DEFINITION "A URL Test" { PROPERTY "Test" { EDIT URLS } } they were not able to add anything in the 'Test' property in Rational System Architect XT in Writer mode.
65523 Mouseover Highlighting Mouseover highlighting function was not highlighting all of the flows in a large diagram. Added a session option MaxConnectedObjectsToHighlight (which can vary between 2- 500) ; set by default to 100. For diagrams with very high number of connected lines users may increase it to a higher value to highlight all the connected lines.
65555 Usability Fixed an issue wherein symbols were moved outside Pools/Lanes when doing "Auto-Arrange Left to Right" -- "Auto-Arrange Left to Right" was ruining the layout of the diagram instead of helping. Part of Auto-Arrange is to line up the Pool symbols, one below the other but with a 50 point spacing between them. This fix ensures that the symbols within the Pools all receive the same 50 point adjustment.
65571 Matrices Fixed an issue wherein the Saved Matrix Filter was lost after reopening the matrix and resizing it. After resizing and closing the matrix, the user was prompted with a dialog to SAVE the matrix. If the user clicked on YES, the Filter that was set was removed.
65604 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue wherein creating an Explorer diagram by running a number of Explorer Object reports and indicating the property the user wanted the result to be ordered by (in this case "Name") the symbols dropped onto the Explorer diagram were not ordered by Name; instead they seemed ordered by Identity. This feature woreked in Rational System Architect v11.3.x. This blocked the client to generate Explorer diagrams that contaiedn large number of symbols because the symbols in the groups or collections were not presented in order and were difficult to find and use by the users of those views.
65697 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect XT wherein definition properties were shown in different order when logged in as Updater versus logged in as Reader. The definition properties should have been shown in the same order as in the Report (this was only happening in Reader mode).
65774 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue in Rational System Architect XT wherein Sub Reports were shown in different order when logged in as Updater versus logged in as Reader. The Sub Reports should have been shown in the same order as in the Report (this was only happening in Reader mode).
65781 Documentation of Powerpoint Integration -- Presentation Integration Fixed an issue wherein the help was referring to code names of the Presentation Integration -- it was referring to "Hatch" for file and directory names.
65785 VBA Provided an enhancement to throw a VBA event when Saving a definition after a Cancel. When you have edited a definition in Rational System Architect the following two Events previously existed: EditDefinitionPostOk EditDefinitionPostApply However, if you used the cancel button in Rational System Architect it would ask you if you want to save the changes to the definition. If the user picked Yes, Rational System Architect did not raise an event. Now it does.
65804 Documentation of FEA Reference Models Fixed inaccuracies in the documentation regarding "Using the Business Reference Model (BRM)"
65843 FEA Reference Models Fixed an issue when reverse engineering the latest version of the FEA Reference Model file -- FEA_XML_Doc_Rev_2.3.xml resulted in error messages -- " SAIMFError, "Cannot save as definition was opened read-only". After import, all SRM Service Component and PRM Measurement Grouping definitions were missing all properties except a name (should have the Description property and various relationships populated). Note: the latest file is available at Also download the FEA document.
65854 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue that occurred due to the property set reorganization in 11.4 -- the System Function definition only had 6 tabs in 11.4; in 11.3 there were 7 tabs. The Introduction tab was missing in 11.4, and the properties that were in it were moved to the Standards tab. The properties were moved back to the proper chapter titled Properties.
65926 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue wherein, after upgrading Rational System Architect XT from 11.3.1 to, the text field height when editing a definition was smaller than in the older version. If the text was long Rational System Architect XT only showed half of the text unless you extended the field. The problem was occurring due to mismatched styling which is now corrected.
65946 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Fixed an issue wherein running an analytic from Heat Map Manager generated an error message: "The diagram could not be opened. The record for it was not found in the encyclopedia. Another user may have deleted the diagram." The Analytic Report given in the encyclopedia had the keyword "Current = T" due to which the report fails to execute. On removing the keyword "Current=T" manually the report works fine.
65966 Matrices Fixed an issue wherein the “Technology to Application” matrix could not load, due to a missing set of mirrored properties linking a "Physical Application Component" to a "Physical Technology Component".
65987 Metamodel Graphical Editor Fixed an issue that occurred using the meta model graphical editor to generate USRPROPS. The generated USRPROPS with compiling error due to KEYED BY and WHERE statements are revered while using 'ListOf'. The metamodel editor was generating the USRPROPS file with the incorrect order of the WHERE clause and the KEYED BY clause. Same problem existed with RELATED BY clause as well. This resulted in the import of the USRPROPS failing. Code needed to be modified to generate the file with the WHERE clause in the first clause.
66004 DB Synchronize to SQL Server DDL Fixed an issue with wherein a database error occurred when using DB Synchronize to compare a data model to a SQL DDL file, when using an Oracle-based encyclopedia. A new session option was introduced, SystemArchitect OracleUpdateUseClientCursor=Y
66005 Merge/Extract Fixed an issue that occurred when doing a database merge in Rational System Architect v., by selecting a lower version database as source -- the operation completed successfully, however, it automatically upgraded the source encyclopedia, and it could no longer be opened in the lower Rational System Architect version where it was created, throwing an error about the database having been upgraded to a higher version. Now, Rational System Architect will prompt you when doing merge/extract, or enterprise merge/extract, whenever an old encyclopedia is involved. The extract is only allowed if you select to upgrade the older encyclopedia. The message says, "It may not be possible to open the source encyclopedia which was created in an older version of System Architect. Would you like to upgrade the source encyclopedia? Click 'Yes' to upgrade (recommended). Click 'No' if you want System Architect to try and open the source encyclopedia without upgrading."
66014 Explorer tabs Fixed an issue wherein duplicate Organizations were appearing in the Classic Explorer view when placed on OV-06 diagram using DoDAF 2. This was due to a customization via usrprops, where 'symbol DEFINED BY definition' syntax was used instead of REPRESENTS NODE syntax. A new warning has been added to the product that comes up when checking the usprops syntax (upon encyclopedia load), as follows: "You have used the DEFINED BY syntax to refer to a definition type with an ASGUID key property. This will result in duplicate instances of the definition being created during diagramming. The REPRESENTS syntax should be used instead of DEFINED BY."
66085 SA/Compare Enacted an enhancement to enable users to select the folder within which to generate SA/Compare output files. Previously the output was automatically generated to
66094 Usability; Stylesheets Fixed an issue wherein Rational System Architect was errantly applying a style-sheet to previously saved diagrams, changing their layout. This was an issue when the default size for the symbols was made bigger then the earlier symbol size. On diagram open the default size was applied and the diagram layout was changed.
66133 SOA Add-In Fixed an issue wherein the Build Landscape from Template feature for the SOA add-in was not working properly in the Windows Chinese environment.
66335, 67695 SA/Cognos Reporting Fixed an issue with the SA/Cognos bridge, wherein the Rational System Architect Data Retriever function was not functioning. (This function is run after the Rational System Architect Cognos schema generation function, which generates an ODS data source -- the Rational System Architect Data Retriever then populates the data sources with encyclopedia data.) The issue was due to customizations in usrprops were labels were blank. An updated usrprops temporarily fixed the issue, and in 11.4.1, changes were made to the REST service (CR 67695) to automatically accommodate for such customizations.
66420 Metamodel Diagram Fixed an issue so that the MetaModel diagram creation now copes with new representationally consistent symbol types. Previously, the Meta Model diagram could not be used to show relationships from symbols to definitions where symbols represented definitions instead of being defined by them.
66434 Reporting Enabled an enhancement that now makes it possible to report on the change request (CRID), WorkspaceFlags (WSFlags), Version (SAVersion) & WorkspaceID (WSID) fields via the reporting system.
66439 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Fixed an issue wherein Heat Map Manager was not working correctly when 2 definitions had the same name but different definition types -- a particular analytic was giving the same color to all symbols of the same name.
66460, 66563 SA/Catalog Manager; Access Control Fixed an issue with SA/Catalog Manager wherein users were unable to import domain users from a Windows domain controller of another country; a message appeared that said "'There were no users found on the domain."
66586 VBA Fixed an issue wherein using VBA, and using the sym.GetRelatedObjects(RELEMBEDS) function in a particular scenario could return faulty results. An error was fixed in the rules, where line symbols could be found to "contain" other symbols.
66594 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue wherein a report that used the PARTIAL keyword at level 5 or higher in the report, generated a valid report when run from System Architect, but didn't work in Rational System Architect XT.
66623 Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue wherein the Rational System Architect XT login page could only handle 9 work spaces correctly. If you tried to open up the 10th or later workspace, you got an error message that the wrong workspace was opened.
66668 General Usage Fixed an issue wherein the product was crashing when user tried to edit a particular class diagram in a particular encyclopedia, due to the date of the diagram getting corrupted.
66713 Customization of Metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue that occurred when Rational System Architect encountered an error in a usrprops (an invalid type name), and the encyclopedia crashed instead of reporting the error.
66723 Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue wherein opening the Classic Explorer for the first time in an encyclopedia and then choosing Views, References led to a crash.
66730 Usability Fixed an issue wherein default styles were not being kept by the coloring style icons. For example, when Rational System Architect starts, the default values are set to the following items: text color = black; fill color = white; line style = no pen; and pen color = black. If you then set the fill color of a symbol to red using the Fill Colors button on the toolbar and restarted Rational System Architect, the fill color button would still be showing red, but if you selected a symbol and clicked on the fill color button, the symbol fill color would be set to white. :
66765 Reporting System Fixed an issue with the reporting system wherein the isNULL operator chosen in the GUI was not working as expected -- is NULL was being converted to " " (string with a space) instead of "" (empty string). You needed to text edit the report and replace " " by "", to have the report work properly.
66792 NAF 3 Fixed an issue with the help wherein the page Design and Modeling > Frameworks > Creating models with the NATO Architecture Framework > Creating Systems-Oriented View products for NAF 3 was renamed to Creating Service-Oriented View products for NAF 3.
66804 VBA Fixed an issue wherein Rational System Architect was crashing when running a VBA-macro-based Analytic Macro off the Heatmap Manager which was closing the diagram when the macro was run, and the analytic was trying to apply the macro to the open diagram.
66805 SA/Publisher Fixed an issue wherein if a shallow file directory was used to house the logo file, SA/Publisher's output website was popping up the following message everytime a user clicked on something: "Error: SAReportAssembler(91)- Object variable or With block variable not set C:\xxxx\xx.gif". The workaround was to put the logo file in a directory structure more than 2 levels deep. With the fix, users may put a logo file in a directory path any levels deep.
66905 DB Synchronize of Oracle Fixed an issue wherein reverse engineering of an Oracle Column with a colon in the name did not work properly -- it produced two columns -- ie "00:00 - 00:10" produced columns 00 and 00:10.
66925 Rational System Architect Publisher Fixed an issue wherein you could not navigate definitions when you clicked on the symbol for an Rational System Architect Publisher generated diagram and definitions report. The stylesheet that created the reference from a symbol on a diagram to a definition was not working when the Rational System Architect Publisher template had a start report for specific instances of an object. The stylesheet was fixed to deal with this.
67080 SA/Publisher Fixed an issue wherein, when publishing via SA/Publisher, a symbol with no fill color placed on top of a picture/image in Rational System Architect, was getting published with white color.
67115 DoDAF 1.5 Fixed an issue wherein needline names were being truncated when importing a CSV file -- when parsing a reference property containing parents the names were getting truncated sometimes.
67138 Analytics and Heat Map Manager Fixed an issue wherein Heat Map Manager could not close and open a very large diagram. This was due to a variable in the code declared as int, causing Heat Map manager to not be able to hold the large number of symbols in some diagrams. The variable was changed to long.
67150 Rational System Architect-RTC Integration Enacted an Request for Enhancement (RFE) for an integration between Rational System Architect and Rational Team Concert (RTC). The reasoning for the enhancement was that Rational Team Concert offers lifecycle management capabilities for various objects and provides a mechanism to inform specific users by email about changes on particular diagrams and definitions, and a more sophisticated audit trail track changes. The integration is provided via OSLC linking technology.
67190 Workspaces Improvements were made to the Workspaces History and Entity History sections of the History pane. The goal of the request for enhancement was to be able to see a) who has modified the data, b) At what time/date the data has been modified, c) name of the specific property that has undergone change, and so forth.
67198 Reporting Fixed an issue with the reporting system output, wherein "HTML View" was handling the "Partial" view correctly (for example, BPMN Processes that did not have Applications associated were shown as NULL) but the "Grid View" showed Applications from the previous row filled into the cell. This made the Grid view confusing for Outer Join reporting. If there was an empty cell in the grid then data from the above cell was being copied in blindly. Now empty cells are filled only if there is data in the cells to the right.
67235 Hebrew Language Fixed an issue wherein a Word report was generating a diagram report with the wrong text format in Hebrew. When the text direction in the encyclopedia was set to "Right-Left direction" for the diagram type, names which contained a combination of English and Hebrew words were being output with a different text direction
67241 XMI export; French operating system Fixed an issue wherein XMI export was failing on French operating systems.
67285 BPMN Fixed an issue wherein running the Format, Auto-Arrange Left to Right command on a BPMN diagram that had a pool symbol but no swimlane symbols, Rational System Architect would crash.
67291 Analytics and Rational System Architect XT Fixed an issue wherein analytics displayed in Rational System Architect were not showing properly in Rational System Architect XT. The Rational System Architect XT installer now automatically gives the impersonation account write access to the temp folder used for storing images, for Rational System Architect XT writer mode licenses.
67298 Metamodel Customization via USRPROPS Fixed an issue with usrprops wherein copying the derived properties of a subtype the mirroring "qualities" were not being copied.
67318 Turkish Operating System Locale Fixed an issue in Turkish operating system on an Oracle database-based encyclopedia, wherein symbols were not being deleted from the database when they were deleted from a diagram; they still existed in the database.
67322 Turkish Operating System Locale Fixed an issue with the Turkish operating system, wherein a default font was being set that was not compatible with Turkish locale, causing diagrams to appear illegible. The fix was to add Turkish-specific code similar to the existing code for Czech and Vietnamese -- two other languages that use the basic western alphabet but with lots of diacritics.
67355 Diagram Compare Fixed an issue wherein gradient colors of symbols were not showing on Diagram Compare.
67379 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue wherein stereotyped customized definitions were not available in an Explorer diagram when first opened.
67393 Vietnamese Operating System Locale Fixed an issue wherein on Vietnamese locale where definitions' Vietnamese charactes were not showing correctly in the Explorer (browser). They were showing properly in the diagram.
67456 Framework Editor Fixed an issue with the Framework Editor, wherein the first diagram type of three types kept opening for a particular framework cell.
67459 Documentation of Encyclopedia Upgrading Fixed an issue with the help, which did not make it clear that when attempting to upgrade an encyclopedia you need to be db_owner. Users were not expecting that they needed to have the db_owner role doing encyclopedia conversion from 10.8 to 11.4. So when they tried to convert, errors occurred during the XT Optimization Conversion.
67490 SA-RPE Integration Fixed an issue with the System Architect- Rational Publisher Engine (RPE) integration, wherein the RPE output was converting "&" to "& " in Word documents created. The situation was happening when using a template that navigates from a symbol, to the definition that defines the symbol, and if the definition name had "&" in Rational System Architect -- when the word document was generated the "&" was converted to "&".
67559 Merge/Extract Fixed an issue with Merge/Extract, wherein doing a merge using a "LST" file did not bring in all the tables in the target encyclopedia.
67589 Documentation Fixed an issue with the readme file in that it did not specify the latest Office products supported. The structure and content of the readme file were changed so that it now serves as a pointer to latest supported products and requirements, housed on the Support Center.
67635 Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue with the Classic Explorer wherein a customized browser tabs configuration (ENCYBROWSERTABS.xml) was not being applied after re-opening an encyclopedia. When the user applied the custom file setting by "configuring tabs", the changes took place. However the moment they re-opened the encyclopedia the settings disappeared and the Classic Browser just showed the "All Methods" tab instead of the custom tabs. With the fix, configuring the Classic Explorer will cause Rational System Architect to close all Explorer's open, and reopen one instance of both the Classic Explorer and the more modern (and default) 'Views' Explorer, with the configuration getting effected in both Classic and Views Explorers. Also, if any out-of-the-box tabs on the Classic Explorer are removed, the change will also effect the Views Explorer. For example if the Data Modeling tab is removed from the Classic Explorer, the Views Explorer also will not display the Data Modeling tab.
67696 Explorer Relationship Report Fixed an issue wherein an Explorer Relationship report was creating an unconnected relationship, outside the boundaries of the diagram. Consequently, when user generated an RPE report on the diagram, it became unreadable as it was too large to fit on a page.
67737 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue with DoDAF ABM with the "Operational Node to Operational Activity (Leaf Only) matrix -- if a user closed it by clicking the right top cross mark, a log of errors was produced that said "Could not open matrix definition MatrixCell (ID xxxx)." "-2147213298 Cannot save as definition was opened read-only."
67764 Customization of Metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue wherein Rational System Architect was crashing while creating duplicate entries when modifying "Sub Interface" definition. The reason was that when parsing a reference property containing parenthesis the names were getting truncated sometimes, creating an uninitialized variable.
67771 Customization of Metamodel via USRPROPS Fixed an issue wherein when user was adding a keyed definition to a ListOf property, the user got an error that "An invalid value has been entered". The issue was that the code was trying to reformat an already formatted date, m/d/yyy to mm/dd/yyy; if a date property value is already formatted then Rational System Architect no longer tries to format it again.
67774 Documentation of REST Services Fixed an issue with the help for "Customizing the Rational System Architect REST Service" -- in the help, the configuration file was errantly named SARESTService.exe.config. The correct configuration file name is SARESTWebService.exe.config.
67828 VBA Fixed an issue with the VBA object model, when adding objects to a list/one-of via a VBA macro, where the object's name began with a number; the name of the referenced definition contained a hyphen, the name was truncated, and an extra referenced definition was being created. After the fix, ListOf field entries are being added correctly using the Add method from OffCollection. This change can be reverted using the ini entry SystemArchitect RevertQuotingChange=Y This switch will be removed in a future release.
67892 Korean Operating System Locale Fixed an issue with the Korean operating system wherein the View, References window was not showing all references for certain objects.
67893 Korean Operating System Locale Fixed an issue with the Korean operating system wherein Rational System Architect was not correctly fetching Objects in 'Object History Search' if a user input Korean characters for 'All or Part of the Name' field.
68008 SA-RPE Fixed an issue wherein, when extracting Hebrew diagram/definition types in Rational System Architect, RPE was not encoding the Hebrew characters in the REST call.

Table of Contents:

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM34157 Not consistent case on script variables causes SA to fail on SQL server with Turkish Collation
PM30645 OV-3 Report opens BPMN report dialog
PM31417 The association ends of the association are not being imported from EA XMI to SA
PM31317 'Attribute xmi.value has an invalid value ...' error when trying to use the xml with the generated dtd file
PM43502 System Architect does not display Vietnamese characters consistently

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request Category Description
64428 Documentation of Locally Installed Help Corrected the help instructions on how to download and enable locally installed help (versus internet-based help).
64976 Localized product on Turkish Collation Fixed an issue wherein SA was failing on SQL Server using Turkish Collation, when creating new or upgrading existing encyclopedias, due to an issue with inconsistent cases on script variables for Turkish Collation.
65065 Documentation Corrected the installation document, which described how much memory was needed on a C drive, but failed to take into account the situation where System Architect was installed to a different drive (D, say), and how much minimal memory was still necessary on a computer’s C drive.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request Category Description
59241 Documentation of VBA Corrected an issue wherein clients generating a report using the Report Generator in System Architect were getting an option to save the report file to “Matrix.rpt”
60392, 62325 Native Report Generator Grid output of a report generated by the native report generator could not be returned to its original order once a user sorted it by column. There is now a new button on the Grid Report output, called "Merge/unmerge" cells, which allows the user to change the format of the output so it is more like a nested table report, a much nicer format.
61187 Definition Editor Corrected an issue with grids in the ‘SAEdit’ definition dialog, so that the “ASGRID” column width is now expandable beyond the ASGRID area, and the scroll bar is working fine.
62362 Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue with UML support, wherein the package name of an “Is Subclass” relationship was being incorrectly displayed twice in the Explorer (Browser). Now, when the definition type "Is Subclass" is expanded in the Explorer, the list format correctly displays.
62479 Documentation Fixed an issue wherein when someone opened the help, and selected File, Download Help Content in the Help dialog, it was not possible to use the Browse button in the Help Download dialog.
62480 Documentation Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to properly create an Internal Help site by opening the help and selecting File, Download Help content. You could push the Local radio button but could not manually type in a location for the text.
62752 Explorer Landscape Diagram Fixed an issue wherein Explorer Complex Reports corrupted Landscape-style Explorer diagrams. In this diagram, symbols should fit inside other symbols; however when running Explorer Complex reports, the second-level symbols became distorted because their parent symbol was too small.
63073 Documentation Have provided installation instructions for SA/Process Integrator.
63076 API (VBA) Corrected an issue wherein the VBA event EditDefinitionPostOK was not returning the definition's DDID, when opening the definition through the symbol (Model Object). (The DDID was returning correctly when accessing the Definition from the Explorer (Definition Object)).
63096 Heat Maps Corrected an issue wherein the Heat Map Manager was taking too long to refresh when opening and swapping between open diagrams with the Heat Map Manager open.
63141 Heat Maps Fixed an issue wherein Explorer relationship lines were not getting created when collections were far from each other on the diagram.
63267 Heat Maps Fixed an issue wherein reports created using the Heat Map Manager’s Analytic Builder wizard did not initially work with Explorer diagrams because by default the keyword "Current=T" was getting added to the report; you needed to remove the keyword to successfully run the report on an Explorer diagram.
63320 Workspaces Corrected an issue where it was not possible to remove the access of a user from a workspace in an encyclopedia in Catalog Manager.
63338 TOGAF 9 Corrected an issue wherein deselecting the TOGAF 9 framework from the Encyclopedia Configuration dialog caused a warning message to pop up that said TOGAF 9 was a military framework.
63392 Explorer Landscape Diagram Corrected an issue wherein symbol positions, sizes, and colors were not restored correctly upon reopening a Landscape style Explorer diagram.
63427 Explorer Landscape diagram Corrected an issue wherein symbols drawn inside symbols in an Explorer Landscape diagram were getting distorted because the parent symbol was too small. There are now options in the diagram properties of the Explorer diagram to adjust the size of the symbols – "Parent according to children" or "Child according to parent". On selecting "Parent according to children", the parent symbol's size will be adjusted so that the child symbols will fit in nicely.
63441 General Fixed an issue wherein the product was crashing on Italian and Spanish Windows XP operating systems due to the GDI32.dll. Applied missing GDI declarations to fix the issue.
63495, 63047 Oracle 10g Repository Improved the performance of the matrix editors with Oracle 10g as an underlying repository on large encyclopedias.
63502 Documentation of SOA Add-On Provided a topic in the help for the Auto Build Landscape feature in the SOA Add-on Solution.
63529 SA-Catalog Manager Corrected an issue with Instance Level Access Control, wherein if you had two group names, where one name is a left-most substring or suffix of another name (example AB and B), if you granted the longer name (AB) access to a definition, the shorter name (B) would also gain access.
63577 Workspaces Fixed an issue wherein workspace-level permissions given in SA Catalog Manager did not work properly for a ‘Restricted’ role that was a clone of the administrator role. The ‘Restricted’ role could only access definitions in read-only mode, even though it had full access permissions like the administrator role.
63603 Reference View Fixed an issue wherein the Reference View window was not updating properly when a user selected a symbol on a diagram that did not have an underlying definition, and then selected View, References – the reference information about the previously viewed definition was displayed.
63604 Reference View Fixed an issue wherein the Reference View window was showing information of a previously selected definition, if the user closed the Reference View window, unselected all symbols, and then selected View, References. Now, the message “There are no items currently selected' is displayed.
63609 TOGAF 9 Fixed an issue with the TOGAF 9 metamodel implementation – the Technology tab in Application Component, which is visible in a Logical Application Component, was not visible in a Physical Application Component. The Technology tab contains relations to Physical Technology Component and Location. It is now visible in the Physical Application Component definition type.
63615, 63056 Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue wherein turning on the “BrowserLockedIcon” and "AutoRefresh" (of Explorer browser) SA2001.ini session options caused an automation error when opening a diagram. The refresh was happening while the tool was processing reports; now the Explorer refresh waits until the reports are finished.
63646 RPE Fixed an issue wherein user was unable to use Rational Publishing Engine (RPE) to generate text as well as the image of a Use Case diagram, without making use of a Paragraph from the Dynamic Data Source in RPE.
63669 SAEM backing up encyclopedias Fixed an issue in SAEM, wherein the ‘Restore from File’ command was throwing an error message when the user created a backup file, created a second backup of the same database on the same .bak file (creating two files of the same name with different time stamps), and then tried to restore one of these files. The error was occurring because the latest backup set was selected by default during restoration; now the correct backup set ordinal is used during restoration.
63689 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein SA/XT was showing data under the wrong heading if some customized data was left blank – SA/XT showed the next "non-empty" data in its column. An xsl file was modified so that a data is now put under the correct heading.
63714 Access Control Fixed an issue wherein a certain combination of permissions – allowing a user to use existing instances of a particular definition on a diagram, but to prevent the user from creating new instances – resulted in an error. The problem occurred on diagrams that could contain undefined symbols – when the user did not have the right to create instances of the underlying definition type, but tried to edit one of the undefined symbols, SA attempted to connect to an existing definition but could not find one, then attempted to create a new definition, which user didn’t have rights to create, so SA issued an error. The permission error return is now properly handled with a message to the user that they cannot edit the definition.
63733 Explorer Properties Window Fixed an issue wherein the properties dialog (View, Properties) was not showing properties of a selected item in the Explorer (Browser) if the user selected the icon besides the name of an item, rather than the name itself.
63741 BPMN Enacted an enhancement request to have the "Hatch" sign (a slash at the beginning of the flow line) visible on a default sequence flow on a BPMN Business Process diagram. Now, setting the "Default" property in the Execution tab of the Sequence flow will turn on the "Hatch" sign on the Sequence flow line.
63756 IAF Corrected an issue with the IAF add-on wherein users were getting an error message that said IAF matrices would not be available, if they did not have write permissions to the C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\System Architect Suite\System Architect directory, where the matrix.xml is stored. Users are now able to launch the IAF add-on without errors and without having to have write access to various files in the installation directory.
63763 RPE Using Rational Publishing Engine (RPE), a user was unable to generate a complete report (multiple layers) of System Architect objects in hierarchy fashion. For example, a report that was to output Encyclopedia Name/Definitions/Organization/Programs/Program- Accountabilities/ Programs/Program/Name did not return the final “Programs/Program/Name” objects.
63789 TOGAF 9 Fixed an issue wherein selecting a pure TOGAF 9 configuration caused warning messages upon opening the encyclopedia (and parsing the saprops.cfg file) because BPMN needed to be turned on as well – the TOGAF9.CFG file needed to access to a LIST named "Event Stereotypes which was only available when BPMN was selected.
63813 Spanish Version Fixed an issue wherein a report was failing for properties with Spanish characters when logged into SA/XT as a Reader. SA/XT ‘optimized reader’ functionality now supports international characters.
63853 Explorer (Browser) Fixed an issue on Windows Vista operating system, wherein attempting to delete multiple definitions from the Explorer (browser) caused a crash.
63861 Menu appearance under Windows Vista Fixed an issue on the Windows Vista operating system – when user selected the settings for the inactive title bar or the active title bar, the text within the grid report output from the native report generator was not clearly visible due to the settings selected. New functionality is enabled that allows users to directly control the color of the alternate row shading of the grid output, including a way to turn off the shading completely. In the sa2001.ini file (Tools, Session Options), setting “ShowAlternateRows=N" under the “User Interface” section generates the report with alternate rows not shaded (report is in white format). Setting “SetAlternateRowColorRGB=135,206,235” and “ShowAlternateRows=Y” generates a grid report with alternate rows shaded in blue. Commenting out “ShowAlternateRows=Y” generates a report with alternate rows shaded in blue.
63871 SA Publisher Fixed an issue wherein generating a website via SA Publisher for an encyclopedia containing reference documents with long names (exceeding 256 characters) generated an error message, and in generated html pages, although the definition was included, there was no content. The problem was fixed by increasing the memory for the referenced documents link.
63886, 63328 Documentation of Data Modeling in SA/XT Reader Mode Changed the documentation to specify that users are not able to view attributes on Entity symbols in the Updater mode of SA/XT, even though you can see them in reader mode (via Libnet). The reason is that reader mode uses a saved SVG image while updater mode constructs the SVG image when requested. The saved SVG image in reader mode shows the attributes (but may not show the latest, live properties), while the updater mode shows live data but is missing the attributes as displayable properties.
63892 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue with DoDAF ABM, wherein two Systems related by a System Interface line where not shown as related in the SV-3 matrix output report, due to the fact that the System Interface line was not defined. Now SA makes sure that the System Interface line is defined before running the report.
63898 SOA Solution Fixed an issue with the SOA Add-On solution, wherein running analytics against an automatically built Landscape diagram (by selecting Tools, Application Landscape tools, Auto build landscape) did not run.
63916, 64198 DoDAF 2 and DoDAF 2 Documentation Fixed an issue with DoDAF 2, wherein the Rule and Function definition properties are no longer presented for instances because the keyword requesting the property be presented for an instance is not present. Also, improved the documentation of the new Instances feature of DoDAF 2, to say that the instance of an object DOES NOT inherit property values from the object it instantiates.
63921 Documentation of References View Adjusted the help to specify that the Referenced By window (View, References) does not bring up the name of the diagram or definition selected; only its reference diagram and definition names are. The name of the diagram or definition that you have selected appears within the caption of the Referenced By window.
64009 and 63883 RPE Improved functionality of Rational Publisher Engine (RPE) to support fourth-level reporting via REST interface to SA. Client was trying to generate report to get: package1 -> class1 -> method1 -> formal parameter1. The formal parameter name, class name, and method name were coming in fine, but there had been an issue while querying for the package name.
64023 German version of SA/XT Fixed a translation issue with the SA/XT logon page on a German locale, wherein a radio button was named "Update Component" instead of "Updater".
64094 SA/XT Fixed an issue in SA/XT wherein usage of an ‘@’ symbol in the name of a definition caused it to display as a link to the next page, instead of the name of the definition. Modified the 'updateURLs.js' file to resolve.
64140 SA/XT Reader Mode Fixed an issue wherein duplicate Data Elements were being created when creating ERD from PDM. The collision option in the PDM to ERD creation process was being ignored and overwriting the Data Elements with the same name, type, and qualifier.
64179 Verify & Repair Fixed an issue with the Verify and Repair utility, wherein references were getting deleted from an encyclopedia, but re-added to the encyclopedia on running Dictionary Update.
64223 Documentation of Data Modeling Added documentation to the help concerning behavior of data elements and attributes. An attribute is tightly coupled to its data element. Therefore, a change to the value of the datatype, type qualifier, default value, or data domain of either the attribute or the data element changes that value in all attributes coupled to that data element. Deleting a data element deletes all attributes which instantiate it. The following was added to the help: “When a Data Element definition name is changed, the name of the Attribute with which it is coupled also changes. This is because an Attribute is an instance of a Data Element, so when the Data Element name changes, the Attribute name also changes.
64232 VBA Documentation Added documentation that specifies the GetFilteredSymbols function of the API requires that a diagram be open to work properly.
64270, 61685 SA/XT Reader Mode Fixed an issue wherein SA/XT was giving an error, "SAXT: Request Timed out", when trying to update a definition that had mirrored properties. SA/XT now checks to see if the mirrored property is a OneOf and if so will prompt the user with an appropriate message.
64419 SA/XT Fixed an issue in SA/XT, wherein placing a number into a Text Property, then clicking OK to the definition, caused the number to be converted to date format.
64429 SA/XT Documentation Added to the help the folder permissions required to run SA/XT on Windows 2008.
64432 Documentation Fixed the help to correctly state the maximum number of user-provided definitions, which is 300.
64521 Verify & Repair Fixed an issue with the Verify and Repair utility, which returned db errors and then crashed after running Verify and Repair several times in a row. The problem was traced to an array governed by an errant index-counter. The index-counter should be zeroed at the start of each Verify-and-Repair run; instead it was zeroed just once when SA first came up. Thus the first Verify and Repair would run smoothly, but subsequent runs were at risk of running off the end of the array.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
Change Request Category Description
48698 Documentation of VBA Corrected a faulty description of ConnectTo and ConnectFrom VBA functions in the Extensibility_VBA.pdf document; description was opposite of what functions do
49310 Documentation of Licensing Documentation was updated to specify that some System Architect add-on’s such as SA Compare, SA ERP, SA Simulator, etc, require that the version of License server be equal or greater than the FLEXNet client component. (System Architect doesn't have this requirement.) For this reason you must upgrade the license server to the version of the FLEXNet client component used in the System Architect add-on. A user had run into issue when running SA Compare wjth Telelogic License Server Version 1.3 – they got error message “.. code 508 There is a version mismatch between this application's FLEXNet library and the license server version.
49829 Documentation The help page describing Reverse Engineering was updated to reflect specific versions of databases that are supported.
49901 Access Control/SA Catalog Manager Provided a SQL Server script to create an SAUSER role. The file sqlRights.sql has been included in the installer. The file can be found at :\Program Files\IBM\Rational\System Architect Suite\System Architect\SQLServer\sqlRights.sql . Previously, the catalog sql scripts in the installation were not complete -- no user was created in the catalog which rendered it unusable.
50838 Documentation of VBA Documented the relation types found in rels.bas in the 'Extensibility_VBA.pdf' manual, on page 16-6. This will help the users to understand the relationship types while writing reports in text mode.
51030 XML Export Corrected an issue wherein the XML export was failing with "Out of memory XML Export Incomplete" message when exporting a very large physical data model. A fix has been added for large amounts of data in the xml. An ini file setting XMLExportMaxWrite has been added so the client can control the size of the buffer. The default setting is 100000. (In this case, fix was achieved when setting was changed to 200000.) SystemArchitect] XMLExportMaxWriter=200000 (NOTE: not XMLExportMaxWriter) Note that another ini file setting exists for exporting large amounts of data over a network: SystemArchitect Enable Large Export=Y
52027 Documentation of Installation Documented a workaround to a known issue concerning the need to kill the msiexec.exe process during the installation of SA v11.2.15.
54603 Documentation of USRPROPS UNORDERED keyword documented in the help.
55140 Documentation of FEA Reference Models Documentation was added to state what properties were being used to generate reports for the FEA Reference Model add-on (formerly named Integrated Reference Model Architect, or iRMA). Previously the help only described how to generate the reports, not on what info they were getting from what properties.
56335 DoDAF standard and DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue wherein the System Function name was overlapped by displayable properties when the "Nodes with Entities" and/or the "Nodes without Entities" properties were displayed on the System Function.
56757 MODAF 1.2 A new SOV-5 diagram has been added to MODAF, to enable users to model Functions and Service Functions. The new SOV-5 implements data centric behavior.
56838 MODAF 1.2 A new SV-3 matrix – named SV-3 Resource Interaction - Resource Type and subtypes, has been added to enable better usage of Resources for MoDAF1.2. In MODAF, a Resource (Capability Configuration, Organization Type, Physical Asset, Platform, Post Type, Role Type, Software, System Resource) can be related to any other resource via the Resource Interaction explicit relationship. The new SV-3 matrix enables any kind of resource to be related via the explicit relationship, invoking data centricity. The original SV-3 matrix has not been changed, but renamed to SV-3 Resource Interaction – Resource.
57339 MODAF 1.2 In MODAF 1.2, on an SOV-1 diagram properties, a list of Service definitions (on the MoDAF tab page 2) provided a list of Resources. These were not the same ones defined on the SV1 – the property provided a list of Resource (the old System Entity renamed) rather than System Resource. In, inheritance in the metamodel has been implemented, and a new Resources property provided to allow reference of Resource Type and its subtypes, which include the concrete resource types like Post Type present on the SV-1.
57343 MODAF 1.2 The SV-12 diagram has been reworked. In effect a new SV-12 diagram is provided which allows Resource Type and subtypes (which includes System Resource) to be placed on the diagram in addition to Services. Representational consistency has been enabled on the new SV-12 diagram. A Service Level line can be drawn in either direction between a Resource and a Service. Previously, the diagram only supported modeling of Services and Service levels.
57388 MODAF 1.2 The MoDAF SV-1, SV-2a, SV-2b, and SV-2c diagrams have been reworked – with new diagram types supplied to enact representational consistency. The metamodel in this area has also been cleaned up. Inheritance has been implemented for Resource and its subtypes, and usage of UML types has been deprecated. Using UML for lower-level SV-2 systems modeling caused users to model high-level and low-level systems and services, which made modeling, reporting, and analysis more difficult.
57389 MODAF 1.2 The metamodel between Resource and Service has been tightened up. Resource Type now has concrete resources like System Resource as subtypes. The new SV-12 diagram enables users to link Resource Type (and subtypes) to Service via the Service Level line (in any direction). This can also be done through the relationship definition. Previously, Services were linked to an older System Resource definition (actually System Entity renamed). This property has been deprecated. Also previously, you had to link Service Class to the Service. Use of UML for describing Services has been deprecated. The metamodel implementation in this area is now cleaner and tighter and more inline with the MODAF 1.2 metamodel (M3).
57417 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein some of a user’s diagrams were not opening in SA/XT Reader Mode (while they were visible in Updater Mode). The issue was introduced if user ran the 11.3.1 Optimized XT conversion (which runs when a user opened up an encyclopedia with that version of System Architect). The fix is that the conversion now runs correctly. So an older encyclopedia, converted with will not have the problem. However, if a user converted the encyclopedia with 11.3.1, then they may still not see the diagrams in SA/XT Reader mode in; they will need to rerun the conversion with
57514 SA/XT Fixed an issue that occurred when a user tried to expand the list of Definitions in the SA/XT Browser, and nothing was displayed. The tree expanded but nothing was listed under "Definitions" because of one bad definition name that had a special character in the name, which looks like a vertical line |. SA/XT now better deals with any undesirable characters in all XML strings provided from SA (such as those used in the Explorer/browser).
57616 Documentation of SA/Publisher Documentation was adjusted so that information concerning publishing a matrix from SA/Publisher was removed. The feature is not currently supported.
58238 Documentation of Access Control Fixed an issue wherein the steps mentioned "Assign Groups to ILAC Encyclopedias" in the SACM help was misleading.
58694 Line Drawing Behavior Changed the behavior of how lines are drawn into a symbol that is being resized. The reported issue was that resizing a symbol introduced a line segment in connected lines (both sides connected) in SV-4 Data Flow and OV-5 diagrams. Previously in System Architect, when a symbol was resized, the lines drawn into and out of it were rerouted to "honor the ports" (or attachment points where the line was connected to the symbol). SA would try to keep the line attached to the symbol exactly where it is – it would move the port a bit but always in proportion to the resize. Thus, if the "port" was one third down from the top, the line attachment would stay at one third after the symbol was resized. The problem was that resizing of a symbol added segments to lines connected to that symbol. This caused time consuming manual labor for the user if he or she wished to adjust any of those lines – they would have to select them and choose the “reduce line segments” choice, or move all segments of the line. With the new behavior introduced in this release, after a user resizes a symbol, System Architect automatically reduces any unnecessary line segments on the lines attached to the symbol, unless the user themselves have at some point manually introduced a segment into the line (for bending purpose), in which case, that segment(s) is honored. If users want to revert back to original behavior, they may set the following in the Sa2001.ini file: SystemArchitect IgnoreReduceSegWhileResize=Y
59222 SAEM SAEM was modified so that it uses DefaultData and DefaultLog values from the registry.
59257 Documentation A correction was made to the readme file, which stated an incorrect version of ESX supported. System Architect v11.3 has been tested on ESX v4.0 (4.x), not on ESX v4.5 as described in ReadMe.
59465 Documentation of SA/XT issue Documented a known issue with SA/XT installed on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition 64 bit, wherein it provides an ‘Unable to create Temp folder’ error message after selecting the server name in the SA\XT homepage. The issue and workaround has been provided in the 'Rational System Architect' section of the 'Known Issues.'
59706 MODAF 1.2 Fixed an issue wherein the “Generate OV2 from OV5” feature did not recognize the 'space character' in Operational Activity Definition Names, thus represented different OV5 operational activities as the same one when performing the mapping.
59810 Documentation of Access Control Documented the DELETEBYIDS rights command, in the installation guide. This command enables you to specify ability (or access) to delete a symbol from a diagram (and save that diagram) by the user’s ID. The documentation is found under Installing and upgrading, Installing SA Catalog Manager, Set up User Rights to Encyclopedias, Set up User Rights to Encyclopedias for SQL Server, Grant Database Rights, under the section Rights for `SA User' Group.
59896 and 59741 User Access The creation of users in the SQL Server has now been more clearly documented. System Architect creates certificates for use with the following stored procedures SASP_XTReadCreateProfViews SASP_XTReaderCreateViews SASP_WorkspacesViewsUpdate In each case these are used to allow the creation of views based on information calculated at run time. In addition to the certificate a user, required to make use of the certificate, is generated and given a name matching the certificate with 'CertUser' appended. A random password is generated for these user and is either a GUID or based on the following SA2001.ini Settings: Database PasswordFormat PermittedSymbols This is documented in a new topic 'Opening older or creating new encyclopedias’ in the help by navigating to: Rational System Architect – General, Using System Architect, Creating/Opening Project Encyclopedias, SQL Server, Opening older or creating new encyclopedias.
59952 BPMN In BPMN, the transaction process symbol now has a double border as specified in the BPMN 1.1, 1.2, and 2.0 specifications.
60494 SA Publisher SA Publisher now produces a log file for the generated output. In an environment running Citrix one may need to run SA Publisher overnight on a disconnected Citrix session and needs a log file to keep a track of the progress and errors.
60503 DoDAF 1.5 Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing when importing CSV files containing methods that had been export to CSV from the DoDAF Tutorial encyclopedia, and the methods had been modified to return the int data type/class from the 'Java Types' package.
60597 Definition Editor Fixed an issue that occurred when a ListOf property was Mirrored with a HeterogeneousOneOf property; if the ListOf was updated from two different definitions, the second would concatenate the reference and generate an error.
60726 MODAF 1.2 Fixed an issue wherein SA appeared to stop responding after a user ran Reports, MoDAF Reports, System Information Exchange Matrix (SV/SV-6), and SA was maximized on the screen. The report would complete, and a MoDAF-Report Completed dialog would launch, but it would launch behind the SA maximized window so could not be seen or accessed. The workaround was to run this report without SA being maximized. Now users may run the report with or without SA maximized.
60756 Data Modeling – Reversing Oracle 10g Fixed some issues that occurred when a user tried to synchronize a Physical Data Model with a database – the ‘Synonyms’ property of the Table definitions did not get synchronized, and also corrupted the existing ‘Synonyms’ data in the Physical Data Model of the source encyclopedia at clients end. The error occurred when DBSync was run twice, updating SA each time. Reversing from DDL did not work correctly either – only one synonym was reversed. All issued have been fixed.
60880 MODAF 1.2 Fixed a reporting issue that occurred when BPMN was turned on for MODAF – the MODAF System Information Exchange Matrix Reports were still looking for System Interface definitions, rather than resource interactions for definitions, and SV-01 resource interaction specs for diagrams.
61224 Data Modeling – Reverse Engineering SQL Server 2005 Fixed an issue where SA was crashing while performing reverse engineering of SQL Server 2005 DDL. The user was using an SA encyclopedia as the database to reverse. The problem is data specific and it is something in SA encyclopedia's stored procedures. But not something likely to be found in a client's database. The problem was caused by bracket character strings in the stored procedures and functions. SA looks for these strings to have special meaning.
61226 DoDAF 1.5 Fixed the System Information Exchange Matrix OV/SV-6 report, whose output was not yielding all the property values for System Data Exchanges in the tabular format. For example: The value of properties like ‘Frequency’, ‘Timeliness’, ‘Language’, ‘Protocols’, ‘Content’ etc. were not seen in the generated report and the columns referring to those properties in the Excel sheet were empty. The report was tweaked to include the metadata even when other information was not available.
61260 Explorer (Browser) Performance The Explorer (browser) was performing extremely slowly while accessing definitions under the Data Modeling view of a particular user’s encyclopedia which contained thousands of objects. Views are driven by the reporting engine and the reporting engine was not returning result sets in chunks or ‘pages’. If the view had 10000 objects, when you expanded it all 10000 objects would be returned and this would take some time. ‘Pages’ have now been introduced into the Explorer for the Data Modeling and All views.
61289 SA-RAM Integration While publishing diagrams and definitions to RAM, SA now also publishes jpg images of the diagrams (and and html information of the definitions represented on the diagrams) for the RAM user to review. The default is set to off – to set this feature on, specify InludeJPEGinRAM=T in the sa2001.ini file, or within the tool, select Tools, Session Options, and set IncludeJPEGinRAM to T.
61385 Metamodeling Feature Fixed an issue wherein user was specifying the order of properties and controls in the Metamodel editing feature, and generating usprops from it, but that ordering was not being honored in the ‘SAEdit’ definition editor.
61392 MODAF 1.2 Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing when purging multiple capabilities from a large hierarchy with certain client data.
61409 Data Modeling System Architect previously ignored the presence of special characters (for example, underscore “_”) in the ‘data type’ property name of a Data Element definition, when user defined data types were in use. When the same data type property was re-used in another data object, System Architect ignored the special character and any letters following the special character in the data type property name. For example, a data type property name like ‘TIMESTAMP_XXX’ was considered and re-used as ‘TIMESTAMP’.
61412 Documentation of NAF 3 Fixed an issue in NAF3, within the SV-5C Capability\Operational Activity to Service Matrix, wherein the row Function\Activity\Capability values were not being displayed. Also added help on the SV-5C Capability\Operational Activity to Service matrix in both the NAF help and the MoDAF help.
61452 SA/Catalog Manager Fixed an issue where a "Method '~' of object '~' failed" error was coming up when trying to create an encyclopedia using SA Catalog Manager on Oracle Express
61489 General Usage Fixed an issue with copying a definition in the Explorer – the copy did not contain the values of mirrored properties.
61521 Data Modeling Fixed an issue that occurred after deleting the data elements or attributes from the Attribute list of an Entity definition, which was then saved via "Apply" button – the data elements became available in SA in a locked state.
61530 General Usage Fixed an issue that occurred when using a large Numeric property in System Architect (containing 10 characters). A value over 2,147,483,647 (2147483647), which is acceptable to System Architect's ‘SAEDIT’ dialog interface, failed when the definition was accessed in the Explorer (browser). For example, a Cost Centre definition of value 2147483648 or higher would be accepted (and in fact up to 15 characters are accepted), but if you tried to access the Cost Centre definition in the Explorer, you would receive an error: “mscorlib - Exception Caught".
61571 SA/XT 'SysArch Update Level' definition type is seen in SA/XT v11.3.1. The definition type list includes a definition type named "SysArch Update Level" as a definition type that the user can create.
61604 DB Synchronize for SQL server 2008 Fixed an issue wherein after reverse engineering a DDL file, there were more than 1300 table symbols generated in a diagram, but only around 500 tables listed in the Explorer tree. The Explorer was not displaying more than 500 records at the relation level. A new session option MaxRelatedItemsinExplorer (default = 500) has been introduced which will enable a user to modify the number of items displayed in the Explorer at the relation level. To change it from the default of 500, select Tools, Session Options and modify the MaxRelatedItemsinExplorer entry.
61683 Workspaces Fixed an issue that occurred when configuring an Oracle 10g-based encyclopedia for Workspaces. When running the Workspace Schema function in SAEM against an Oracle 10g encyclopedia, a database error would occur, with the following error message (hidden behind SAEMO):
61685 Property Editor, Mirrored Properties Fixed an issue wherein SA was issuing a warning message when a Mirrored OneOf property was being updated, and the property it was mirrored with was a ListOf. The message said “Property "XXXX": The object you are attempting to mirror is already being mirrored by "YYY". Do you want to continue?” The message was deemed redundant and potentially confusing. Now, the code checks to see if the mirrored property is a OneOf and only then will prompt the user with the message.
61702 Framework Editor Fixed an issue wherein using the Framework Editor (File, Edit Framework), and displaying two Frameworks caused Code 242 error, if the previous framework was used.
61710 SA/Publisher Fixed an issue wherein SA Publisher was throwing the error “(42) Out of Global Memory, 29204480 Bytes Free“ while trying to publish a website for a particular client’s Oracle 10G encyclopedia.
61832 Workspaces Fixed a typographical error in a message box – when attempting to baseline a workspace, the following information dialog popped up: “You do not have exclusive access to the XXXX database. A workspace can only be changed to a baseline when it’s owning encyclopedia in not in use” The use of "it's" was incorrect; replaced by the correct form of the possessive object pronoun: its.
61859 Property Editor, Mirrored Properties SA now issues a warning message when parsing a USRPROPS wherein user has tried to mirror a definition property with a diagram property. The warning message states that mirrored properties are ONLY supported in definitions. Also removed a reference in the Extensibility guide to make it clear that mirroring only works with Definitions, not Diagrams.
61881 Property Editor, Mirrored Properties Fixed an issue wherein SA was treating OneOf and ListOf mirrored properties the same, thus removing a reference by clearing a value rather than removing just the one reference.
61908 Enterprise Merge/Extract Fixed an issue with Enterprise Merge/Extract wherein not all selected objects to be checked out were actually being checked out, and those not checked out were getting locked.
61976 Workspaces Fixed an issue wherein SA was crashing while attempting to perform workspace Extract after renaming Definition or Diagrams. This was fixed in CR# 53333 for, but was reintroduced in and beyond. Now fixed for and
62012 Dynamic Views in Explorer Fixed an issue wherein Dynamic Views were extremely slow to update when they contained a combination of several Dynamic View reports for which some were reporting on large amount of data – the Dynamic view was taking a long time (several minutes) to update. Customer was looking for a refresh rate similar to the old Classic Explorer.
62023 TOGAF 9 Fixed an issue wherein the TOGAF Word Report Solution Building Block (SBB) was not showing linked definitions. All seven TOGAF Word reports make use of a common utility function to handle linked-to objects. There was a conflict between the SBB report and the utility function as to the format of one of the variables passed between them. The utility function did not get what it expected and returned back "none".
62088 Enterprise Merge Extract Fixed an issue wherein some definitions were locked but not Extracted when doing a second Extract with Enterprise Merge Extract. The utility did not make the distinction between an object in the project (target) encyclopedia being frozen and being checked-out.
62146 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein a user was unable to see a diagram in SA/XT Reader mode when a child diagram was attached to it.
62148 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein the Description field for a particular definition was being duplicated (shown twice) in SA/XT Reader mode.
62168 Property Editor Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was crashing periodically while users were working with grid property lists and sometimes non-grid property lists in the property editor.
62269 Documentation of VBA Corrected an issue with the Extensibility_VBA.pdf documentation, wherein the VBA Command 'GetXML' was incorrectly documented – the Function GetXML(strXMLTextOut As String) As Boolean will populate the variable with an XML buffer not save it to a file.
62312 Property Editor Fixed an issue wherein clicking in the name field of any property in a list of a definition, the “physical” location of the cursor would remain at the extreme left of the Name field, but the “logical" position of the cursor might be at a different location within the name. For example, if you clicked in the middle of the name of an Entity’s Attribute (or Column Name, or Type Qualifiers, or Application Components, etc) the cursor would display at the beginning of the name. If the user then pressed the backspace key or delete key, a character in the middle of the name would disappear. This issue cropped up when SA introduced support for BIDI (support for Arabic languages, which are read right to left). It is now fixed.
62316 BPMN and Documentation BPMN enforces a tight metamodel and rules checking on what element can be connected to what other element. However, some flexibility was previously introduced to allow users to work around the rules checks in some areas. If they do so, they may check validity of the diagram against BPMN rules by toggling on a property in the diagram property page, called "Check connections". This property was previously undocumented, and in is has now been documented in the help. The issue came up because a user felt the ‘Timer’ event symbol was behaving inconsistently. The help said that a ‘Timer’ event cannot be connected to a Message Flow line. However, if the user drew a Timer event, then changed the trigger type in its definition from ‘Timer’ to, say, ‘multiple’, he/she would then be able to connect a Message Flow to the event symbol; they could then change back the trigger type to ‘Timer’ and it would stay connected. With “Check connections” property of the diagram toggled on, SA will throw an error warning message as soon as one closes the changed event definition, telling the user they have modeled something incorrect against the rules of BPMN, but allowing them to continue.
62364 SA Publisher Fixed an issue wherein SA/Publisher was generating errors when trying to publish a website from an encyclopedia containing objects with id's greater than 2,100,00. The errors were: “run time error code 6 overflow “ and “SAReportAssembler (440) - Automation error.” The code has been fixed so that large id's will not cause an overflow error.
62436 SA running on Korean operating system Fixed an issue with SA running on the Korean time format on English Windows. SA could not recognize the time format: tt hh:mm:ss. An error was reported: " An invalid value had been entered. Property: initial Time. Value: AM 10:36:28". The problem was that Korean has a space between the AMP\PM markers and the text; wherein Chinese does not.
62495 TOGAF 9 and Simulator Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to use TOGAF 9 and the SA Simulator in the same encyclopedia. When trying to open an encyclopedia with both selected, user received an error message “An unexpected error has occurred: The error returned is: Object variable or With block variable not set.” The reason for this was that the new Core.cfg file and the TOGAF9.cfg file both had definitions for a Process and for an Event – but they were mutually exclusive. When the user selected TOGAF 9, the TOGAF version of the definitions were swapped in, and the Core versions were swapped out. Also swapped out along with the Core version of the definitions were chunks of property-set code specific to the Simulation property set, found in the definitions for both BPMN Process and BPMN Event. The fix was to simply copy-and-paste the two "Simulation (Witness)” chunks from Core.cfg into TOGAF9.cfg.
62496 SA/XT Diagram Drawing Fixed an issue wherein SA/XT was failing to load diagrams for editing/drawing that had a parent/child link. SA/XT was returning an empty page after selecting such a diagram for draw editing. The editor was running a report that failed to find its parents.
62498 Documentation The help on how to download and install the help locally did not describe the actual situation, and therefore could not be used.
62535 Documentation The Keyword section for USRPROPS was missing from the new help system.
62544 SA Publisher Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting to view an SVG diagram published using SA Publisher – a warning error was received regarding “SVG viewer applet signing Error”.
62595 Microsoft Powerpoint – Presentation Integration Fixed issues with the Microsoft Powerpoint synchronization integration (a new no-extra-charge add-on introduced in 11.4 and named Presentation Integration) – clients with European local (dateformat = dd/mm/yyyy) were 1) not able to synchronize (between Powerpoint and SA’s repository) part of the diagrams (when the diagram's last update date (dd) > 12 of a month) – the user received an "Internet Error" message, and 2) got wrong sync status. The reason for this was that in deployment situations were the REST server was installed on a computer with European locale, the dates associated with the diagrams were not returned correctly causing inconsistencies in the synchronization pane of the Presentation Integration.
62716 Error Logging Fixed an issue wherein error logs were not being updated for encyclopedias using SA 11.3.1 on MS SQL Server 2008. A new column in the log file has been added named Build, which now contains the build number for the application. This reduces the length of the Version field. The issued was occurring because the Version field for the ERROR_LOG table only accepted 8 characters.
62728 Documentation SA Simulator’s optimizer help file was not included in the installation.
62749 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue wherein depictions of TOGAF 9 symbols were not presenting themselves on Landscape-style Explorer Diagrams.
62766 Explorer Diagram Fixed an issue that occurred on both the Landscape-style and Network-style Explorer diagram – if one dropped an Explorer Complex Report on a very big symbol (almost covering the collection symbol), then SA would crash.
62827 Documentation Network bandwidth requirements for System Architect were removed from the readme but errantly not added to the help. They have been re-added to the help, under Hardware Requirements.
62862 Explorer (Browser) Performance Fixed a performance issue with the Explorer browser, wherein it was taking a long time to update a dynamic view after the user selected a large amount of items and right-mouse clicked to open the pop-up menu. A new session option (sa2001.ini file) has been introduced called called "MaxSelItemsToUpdateMenu". Its default value is 200. If the option is set to 200, and the user selects more than 200 items in the Explorer, then the bulk operations such as Open, Delete, Remove, Access control, Matrix Viewer and Open commands will be enabled without verifying the selected items’ properties. Access control will display all the allowed actions in this scenario.
62918 Merge-Extract Fixed an issue wherein not all entities for a Diagram were being extracted during a Merge/Extract. This bug is another manifestation of the original fix for CR #30103 – the "uncle" problem, wherein the original fix was building a list of objects to be extracted but sometimes skipping past certain objects thinking that they had already been processed earlier. The new fix CR #30103 has been introduced into and
63419 SA Publisher Fixed an issue that caused a Report Engine busy error while generating a report using SA Publisher on a specific encyclopedia.
62956 SA with Vietnamese Language Fixed an issue wherein System Architect was not displaying Vietnamese characters correctly unless the user manually changed the SA2001.ini setting to "SADialogCharset=163". Windows is capable of handling the Vietnamese alphabet as a special case, and now SA dialogs are automatically initialized to let Windows know that it has to do so.
63325 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein SA/XT was throwing an error message (“Index and length must refer to a location within the string. Parameter name: length') when user was attempting to view an Entity definition with a Reader license.
63445 DoDAF 2 and MODAF 1.2 Heterogeneous properties are now used in DoDAF2 and MoDAF1.2 matrix.
63478 and 63350 Data Modeling Fixed several issues that had cropped up recently in foreign key (FK) propagation of a logical data model, as follows: 1) FK propagation failing on a non-identifying recursive relationship, 2) FK propagation not using role names so it appeared that only one FK was generated, and 3) FK propagation removing the PK in the child for non-identifying relationship. This problem was introduced in 11.4 by changes for representational consistency, and has now been fixed.

Initial Release (11.4)
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Change Request Category Description
25154 Explorer Diagram If a Collection symbol on an Explorer diagram is set to Allow Duplicate Checking, and the Preferences are set to Duplicate check, then the symbol should not allow symbols with the same name to appear on the same diagram. This had not been the case for Collection symbols on Explorer diagrams. The expected result with Duplicate Check on was that Collection symbols in the Explorer diagram should have different names. The actual result was that the same name was seen for all the Collection symbols in the Explorer diagram. This has been fixed.
26793 Explorer Diagram Explorer relationship report has been enhanced so that the direction is taken into account and arrows will become bidirectional (arrows at both ends of the line) when there are relationships encountered in both directions.
26952 BPMN 2.0 As per the BPMN 1.1 and 2.0 specification, in a task symbol, out of the 3 types of Task Markers (Loop, Multiple Instance and Compensation), System Architect did not previously support the 'Compensation' type marker for a Task. It now does.
26955 BPMN 2.0 System Architect now provides a graphical indicator for each of the different types of tasks, namely: • Service • Receive • Send • User • Script • Manual • Reference • None
26956 Explorer Diagram A new definition type, "Explorer Complex Report" has been added. It has a heterogeneous list of "Explorer Object Report" and "Explorer Relationship Report" definitions, named "Explorer Reports". When one of these complex report definitions is dropped in an Explorer diagram, the reports listed in its "Explorer Reports" property will be executed in order. This functionality makes it easy to build a diagram (instead of, for example, reporting what databases there are, then what applications there are, then what applications are related to what databases, you can build one report and run it), and remember what reports were run to build a diagram.
27201 Access Control System Architect now has the ability in SA/Catalog Manager to restrict users from making Global Style changes. There were many RFE’s in the system from different clients requesting this change. For example, it previously was not possible to restrict users from saving style changes, etc.
29555 Explorer Diagram This RFE was for the Explorer diagram to allow duplicate definitions on the Explorer diagram, controlled by the Duplicate Choice property in the Preferences dialog. With Duplicate Check turned off, user can show as-is applications and to-be applications that are present in the same building block in the Explorer Diagram
33183 SA/Publisher Enhancement request was enabled to enable the 'line hiding/showing' feature in SA/Publisher generated SVG files may now be toggled on/off. With the feature turned on, mouse-ing over an SVG-file node makes all lines invisible except for the lines connected to the node. This feature is not suitable to certain diagrams where you wish the lines to always show (for example on a process flow diagram).
33998 Access Control Enhancement request was enacted to be able to restrict "Save Diagram As" functionality access by role via SA/Catalog Manager.
33999 Access Control Enhancement request was enacted to be able to restrict the "Startup Wizard" menu (found under the Help menu) by role via SA/Catalog Manager.
34000 Access Control Enhancement request was enacted to be able to restrict the access to the Symbol Format options by role via SA/Catalog Manager.
42933 Referenced By Issue was fixed wherein the "Referenced By" choice in the Explorer (Browser) only recognized "Uses" relationships for the artifacts. For example, if you opened a BPMN Process definition and related a BPMN Category to it, then right-mouse clicked on the BPMN Category definition in the Explorer and chose Referenced by, you would get a message "There are no references to the selected object.” The Referenced By function now finds all places that the object is referenced no matter what relationship is used.
43026 Data Model Reverse Engineering Issue was fixed wherein an Entity attribute with a name containing a period followed by a slash (xxx./) caused incorrect entries in the repository -- for example, after entering an attribute named Test./, the Explorer would show an Entity that had an Attribute called Test./ and an Entity named "Test".
45020 SA-DOORS Fixed an issue wherein when a surrogate module was restored from an archive in DOORS, it was not possible to retain the SA to DOORS links because the module ID changed when restoring the module (the integration used Module ID for the link).
45042 Properties Editor Enacted an enhancement request that if the format of the date entered in the date field is incorrect under the definition dialog window, then a pop-up dialog window should comment on the correct date format. Previously, the error message in the popup window simply said “An invalid value has been entered.”
45685 Properties Editor While using the dot (period) along with the wildcard character ( *), the SA API code did not display the definition names containing dot ( period) within it. This issue was reported fixed in SA 10.5 under CR 18471, but was reproducible in SA 11.1 SP1. It is now fixed. The SA API code now displays the definition names containing dots (periods), when you use the code along with the wildcard character ( * ).
46432 DoDAF ABM DoDAF-ABM SV-4 diagrams did not draw lines to ‘AND’ symbols orthogonally; the lines were only drawn as 'Straight - Any direction'.
47494 SA/XT In the SA/XT editor for BPMN and Organization Chart diagrams, you could not undo or redo drawing. This functionality, invoked by Undo and Redo buttons, has now been added.
48740 BPMN On manually defining the System Use Case property (in the BPMN Process definition under the Analysis tab), SA did not accept or adhere to the Format specified in the bottom of the window (Format: Package.Name).
49455 SA/Process Integrator The alignment of line symbols was changed when editing a diagram in SA/Process Integrator. The alignment no longer varies.
51289 Explorer browser When opening a definition by double clicking it, then saving it, the definition remained highlighted in the Explorer tree. However on opening the definition using the right click and "Open" option, it did not remain highlighted in the explorer tree once saved. It should. It does now.
51887 SA/XT Request was to have functionality which would allow the users to edit the property “Reference Documents” for definitions using SA/XT.
52429 Explorer Diagram When you dropped an Explorer Object Report into an Explorer diagram, the collection was named after the definition name and not the report name. Request was to have the collection named for the report.
52523 Explorer Diagram Request to auto-refresh the Explorer diagram by running all associated Explorer Object and Explorer Relationship reports. Also, a new object model method, SARefreshExplorerDiagram(DDIDENTITY ddId), was added which given an Explorer diagram ddId will refresh all its collections.
53446 References window Enacted an enhancement request to enable the References window (View, References) to have the option of sorting entries alphabetically under their respective groups. This feature is enabled by the new Grid option of the References window. The References window previously only grouped related items under their definition or diagram types.
54425 SA Catalog Manager Fixed an issue wherein the Platform definition in MODAF showed up only for the users who were granted the Administrator role in the Catalog. Platform definition now shows up (in other words, is available if one right clicks on the definition node in the Explorer/browser and selects New) for users granted other roles in the catalog other than the Administrator role.
54526 Display Mode of Symbols Enacted enhancement request to access the "Display Mode" option by right-mouse clicking on picture symbols on the diagram, like you can for other types of symbols.
54538 Reference Documents property SA now allows 2048 characters per URL under the Reference Documents property, so that references to URL’s and Sharepoint documents could be more easily accommodated. IE 6 supports a total of 2047 characters and FireFox doesn't really seem to have a limit. Sharepoint also offers URL’s that are mostly very lengthy.
54547 SA/Process Integrator Symbol alignments varied when the diagram was exported from SA/Process Integrator and then imported into SA. The diagram now appears the same in both tools after importing the diagram XML file from SA/Process Integrator to SA.
54858 Data Modeling After renaming an existing Project Data Model in an encyclopedia, the user was able to see a new Project Data Model getting created along with the already existing Project Data Model (comprising a few artifacts under it). SA now renames the Project Data Model without retaining the already existing Project Data Model.
54898 RPE Enacted an enhancement request to be able to generate a Word report such that a single report shows the diagram image along with the definition, diagram, and symbol properties based on the selections made by the user in the report wizard. The RPE integration now allows this.
54982 Compare Diagrams Indirectly enacted an enhancement request for the "Compare Diagrams" function by redoing the user interface to this feature (see New Features section of 11.4, above). The request was to offer a slider to move between diagrams. This is equivalent to operations that you use the "diagram name" and "opacity" dropdowns for today, but now provides: • A simpler interface to move between diagrams • A fancier presentation out of the box - making it easier to reuse the Compare Diagrams option for presentations.
55190 BPMN 1.1 and 2.0 BPMN support now provides Terminating Event as a type of event.
55227 Compare Diagrams Enacted an enhancement request for the expansion of the concept of "Effective Date" and "In Service Date" into all business process components – for example: Sequence Flow symbol and Event symbol etc – to increase usefulness of the Time Dimension Slider of the Compare function.
55233 Database Reversal Enacted an enhancement request to set an error limit before database reverse engineering stops. Previously, Reverse Engineering of databases stops when it has reached 33 errors. In earlier versions of the product (pre 10.4) you could change this limit. Ability to change the limit has been reintroduced so that users can force reversal of unsupported databases, and deal with the high error count.
55254 BPMN Enabled functionality to be able to easily add a new Pool to the top of a BPMN diagram. Previously, after adding a new Pool to the top of a Business Process diagram, the Lanes in the existing Pool would overlap each other and shift on the diagram.
55351 SA-Focal Point When a Focal Point Profile is created, a Workspace and a Data View is required. The next dialog allows the user to select the report that will generate the Data list. The final dialog then expects the mapping of SA Properties to FP Attributes. But... the mapping cannot be completed until the GUID Attribute has been mapped. If there is no GUID Attribute then the user cannot continue. The dialog that allows the selection of a View should only accept those Views with a GUID Attribute. There is a limitation with Focal Point webservices1.0, which does not return any information on the accessibility (Read-only/Editable) of an attribute. So while exporting if GUID (or any other attribute) is Read-only, it is not possible to let the user know. We have documented this in the troubleshooting section for all the attributes:” If the attributes are mapped and still not getting values then you need to check the access type of the attribute in Rational Focal Point and make sure all the attributes are editable."
55607 Explorer Diagram Provided documentation to explain that arrowheads can be removed from Explorer Relationship Lines by selecting Format, Diagram Format, Notation, and in the Display group de-selecting the option to show Flow/Sequence. In the Explorer diagram, sometimes you want arrowheads -- for example in a "uses" relation, you want to know which object uses which object (and which object is used by the other one). Sometimes it is preferable that arrowheads do not get shown; for example if you want to only show that two entities are related.
55942, 53625 Windows 7 Enacted enhancement request for System Architect to be supported on Windows 7 operating system.
56335 DoDAF ABM When the "Nodes with Entities" and/or the "Nodes without Entities" were enabled to be displayed on the System Function, the names were overlapped. The System Function name was overlapped by the displayable properties. The name and prefix for this symbol has been fixed.
56368 MODAF help If the MoDAF Samples encyclopedia was opened with the IDEF option turned on in the encyclopedia’s configuration, the menu items present under Tools, MoDAF Utilities did not correspond with those in the MoDAF Help file under MoDAF Utilities.
56399 Heatmap Manager Issue was fixed wherein running and then re-running the Heat Map manager under certain circumstances caused Heat Map Manager to fail and lock the encyclopedia.
56534 Documentation Fixed documentation issue wherein neither the Installation Guide for SA and SA/XT, nor the SA help had any information about the SA2001.ini file that needs to be created under the following path: "C:\WINDOWS\system32\config\systemprofile\Local Settings\Application Data" Information has now been added to the new Information Center.
56644 SA/XT Enacted enhancement request for Optimized SA/XT Reader to support saqualifiedname reporting metric.
56707 Merge Extract Fixed an issue wherein not all diagrams included in a .LST file were getting merged into the destination encyclopedia during a Merge/Extract procedure. One such situation was that diagrams that existed at the 5th-level of a parent/child decomposition chain had two parent symbols. A logic error caused processing to stop after it exported the two parent diagrams; Merge/Extract thought it had exhausted its search chain. Merge/Extract is now fixed to logically say, in effect, "There may be more to go -- don't stop now." This issue was introduced into SA three years ago when CR #30103 was fixed. That prior fix (for CR #30103) eliminated a bug wherein exporting diagrams to XML with six levels of child did not export the 6th level. A better fix was applied to that issue, by adding an extra check to the XML Export function. SA creates a CSV file for the XML exporter to use as its source data. As each object is written to the CSV file, its ddId is added to a link-list in order to ensure that no duplicates are written to the file. The presence of an object in the link-list also tells SA not to bother going deeper for related objects. This latter logic was the cause of CR #30103. The extra check added was to make the check against the link-list more precise.
56739 Workspaces Documentation issue concerning information on editing the baseline of a Workspace in order to properly support concurrent development of as-is and to-be enterprise architectures. This issue was addressed by the Workspaces Whitepaper that is being released on the IBM website.
56814 SA/Publisher Enacted enhancement request to provide an option for SA/Publisher to have 'Referenced Documents' opened in a separate window.
56912 Installation, SA/Simulator Fixed an issue where errors were coming up when users were logging in as normal user (UAC active) after SA has been installed as administrator without UAC. This was due to an issue in the SA/Simulator installation.
57384 Data Modeling/Database Schema Gen Fixed an issue wherein the schema generation script for oracle 10g includes syntax 'PARALLEL DEFAULT'. This is rejected by oracle as invalid option. This has been replaced with correct syntax for Oracle 10g.
57507 References Window Enacted an enhancement request for the References window to display linked/associated ICOM Arrows for a specific ICOM arrow. The References window previously only displayed existing ICOM arrows but did not display associated ICOM arrows.
57740 Matrices Opening of a user defined matrix caused an error when the Matrix browser automatically started. Function was changed so that temporary files are not deleted on opening encyclopedia
57842 Localization – Spanish Language When SA was set to Spanish language (SA2001.ini file specifying Locale=C0A), some definitions types were not displayed according to stereotypes, such as Server Definition type.
57855 Access Control User can still view definition even though no rights given using ILAC. Corrected an erroneous ILAC check that was allowing access.
57867 SA-Focal Point Fixed an issue with the SA-Focal Point integration – if an SA report that was used to output the properties was multi-leveled (two or more joins) and had included the ‘Name’ property at more than one level, then only one FocalPoint Mapping definition was created for the unmapped Property. The FocalPoint Profile definition was referring to 'both' definitions, but only the last definition will have been created. The SA-Focal Point integration now restricts multi-level reporting as this is a limitation from the Focal Point webservices. If you choose a multi level query report, SA-Focal Point will now warn you that multilevel reports are not supported and in the mapping screen SA-Focal Point restricts the UI to only show single level in the tree.
57893 SA/Process Integrator For SA Process Integration, the user was getting an incorrect message that the user login did not have sufficient permissions for an offline folder; despite the message, the integration was working fine. The message was misleading for the user. The user now gets a message saying "You have sufficient permission on the "
58014 Reference window The Reference window (View, References) was not showing all Operational Activity references on an OV-05 Node Tree Diagram. Now, regardless of which operational activity is selected in a diagram, the user sees all other Operational Activtites on the Node Tree in the Reference window.
58063 SA/Process Integrator Fixed an issue wherein upon transfer of diagrams from SA to Visio 2003 with the help of SA/Process Integrator (using “Import/Export” and “Open from SA” functionality), the names of the symbols were not appearing within the symbol boundaries in Visio.
58257 SA-Merge/Extract For Merge/Extract, the 'Select Action Item' window has been made resizable, to allow you to see the full name of items being selected for merge or extract. This window had been resizeable in versions of the product prior to 11.3.1, and has been made resizable again.
58258 Definition Editor An issue was fixed wherein users were unable to edit long name fields in the property list to, for example, correct spelling mistakes – because the cursor disappeared off the screen (to the far right) and the text did not scroll with it to show where the cursor was. So users could edit the field but not see where their cursor was in the field. Users were forced to delete the whole item and then recreate it if they wanted to edit it. This problem was introduced by the BIDI changes (ability to enter text from right to left, for Arabic languages), and is now fixed.
58265 Data Modeling Indirectly fixed an issue wherein an attribute were not being deleted from repository when it was deleted from an Entity.
58431 DoDAF 1.5 ABM Fixed an issue wherein the SV-4 Auto balance parent functionality was not handling multiple parents. For example, in a situation where you had two SV-4 diagrams – "Diag X" and "Diag Y" – and in "Diag X", the function "Common in X" has the child diagram "Common Diag", and in "Diag Y", the function "Common in Y" has the same child diagram "Common Diag" – if you added an incoming data flow to the "Common Diag" function from the child diagram, and then from this child diagram, launched Reports, Auto Balance Parent – the additional data flow was added only to the first parent (Diag X).
58452 SA-Visio Fixed an issue wherein the free SA-Visio Mapper macro (available for download at was not showing a definition flag (“Y”) on the mapping page. After the fix the product works as described in its help – if a Definition is required to support the mapped symbol then double-clicking on the appropriate row of the Visio Shape list will display a ‘Y’ to the right of the Symbol type.
58488 Localization; French language Fixed an issue wherein "Organization Chart" was listed in English while creating a new diagram in System Architect installed on a French locale.
58490 TOGAF 9 Fixed an issue in TOGAF 9 support, wherein the default matrix “Application to Application Interface” available under “Application Methodology” actually provided a matrix between “Application” to “Application” definitions instead of “Application” to “Application Interface”.
58579 References window Fixed an issue wherein the References window was not showing the correct information for an OV-5 ICOM arrow symbol.
58607 SA-Publisher Fixed an issue wherein SA/Publisher was complaining about a missing stylesheet (issuing the error "217 ##Missing stylesheet!##" when publishing the site) when a stylesheet was specified using a UNC-path (a TEMP directory, for example \\l234n5\Temp where l234n5 is the machine name).
58651 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue wherein you could not copy and paste ICOM arrows from one OV-5 (IDEF0 style) diagram to another in SA 11.3.1, as had previously been possible. The copy/paste and cut/paste operations can now be performed for an ICOM Arrow on IDEF0 Diagram. Copy-and-paste processing for IDEF0/OV-5 ICOM lines is now being treated differently from ERD Relation lines. A single ICOM line may now be selected for copy-and-paste even without its bounding Activity symbols. Left unchanged is the rule that a single ERD Relation line must be accompanied by its bounding Entity symbols.
58769 Matrices Fixed an issue where a warning message popped up when closing color-coded matrices, which stated that the “layout had been changed” and asking the user if they wished to save the changes. This was confusing, especially since user had not consciously changed any layout.
58798 Documentation Enacted an enhancement request to provide more explicit information about the Optimized SA/XT Reader feature. The request was for the documentation to explain in detail about the processes that run in the background when the Optimized XT Reader is in progress. Also if the Optimized XT Reader process fails on an encyclopedia at a stage of Populate Entity/XML, the documentation should explain what the user needs to do in such scenarios.
59172 SA-Simulator Enacted an enhancement request for SA/Simulator. Previously, for BPMN diagrams used for simulation, it was not possible to define for a sequence flow that is a 'Time in Model' one, a time value less than one second (e.g. 0.1s i.e. 100ms). This restriction is caused by the fact that the time property is defined as following in the saprops.cfg : Symbol "Sequence Flow" { .... PROPERTY "Time" { Edit Numeric Length 5 Default "0" }.... } This was a strange and strong restriction and is even inconsistent with other simulation definition. For a BPMN event, the min and max time values can be less than a second (they can be defined as float numbers) : Definition "BPMN Event" { ..... PROPERTY "Min Time" { Edit TEXT Length 5 Default "0.00" } PROPERTY "Max Time" { Edit TEXT Length 5 Default "0.00" } ..... } As a workaround, the Time property of the Sequence Flow symbol can be defined as following in a USRPROPS.TXT. Symbol "Sequence Flow" { .... PROPERTY "Time" { Edit TEXT Length 5 Default "0.00" } .... } . This modification has been applied in the standard saprops.cfg file. This will avoid the annoying warning indicating a potential conflict caused by a property redefinition every new new upgrade of SA.
59190, 59390 SA/XT New IIS support feature has been added. The SAXT Installer has been upgraded to handle Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 operating systems.
59228 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue wherein users were unable to see the contents of the Capability to Operational Mapping matrix after saving it as a default matrix in SA. Upon reopening the now-default matrix, it appeared to be blank.
59255 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein a custom report in SA/XT was not sorting the date field as expected. The client worked around this issue by declaring the date as MMDDYYY in the report file. The dates were being sorted as character strings not as dates. The sort was looking for dates with two digit month and day. The report was generating month and day without a leading zero. The code has been modified to look for one digit month and day.
59366 Merge Extract Fixed an issue wherein creation of Lists for Extract/Merge failed without a warning or error message. A fix was made so that you can now see the bad data that needs. This bug and one other (CR 56707) were fixed by backing out and then applying a better fix to a prior fix from 3 years ago (CR 30103).
59388 Framework Editor, TOGAF Fixed a typographical error in the TOGAF Enterprise framework editor, wherein the word “Principle” was spelled incorrectly as “Principals” in the Preliminary Phase of the framework editor.
59411 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue wherein the "Capability Cluster diagram to Capability Taxonomy" menu item was missing in System Architect V11.3. This menu command existed in 11.2, but went missing in 11.3.
59451 SAEM Fixed an issue wherein the permissions given in SAEM for users was getting automatically unchecked when user logged off and then logged back in
59648 SAEM Fixed an issue in SAEM wherein an SAUser role that had been assigned didn’t stick – when user went back into SAEM to check that the role has been assigned to a user, the SAUser role was unchecked. The reason was that incorrect database roles are used when updating database privileges.
59653 Heat Map Manager Fixed an issue with Heat Map Manager wherein an error message was not being generated when an analytic did not return any object. Now, if an analytic is run that does not return an object, a proper error message is provided, so you can understand what has happened.
59945 Reporting Fixed an issue with the "Matrix Report - OV3 Operational Information Exchanges" in the DAF.rpt report file. This report, when run, only showed you the IER Name and Description, all other information (such as Valid, Classification, Branch Join Names, From Op Activity, From Op Node, To Op Activity, and To Op Node) was omitted. This was actually an out of date report which has been removed. Up to date reports are now provided which can produce all the content referred to.
60034 Heat Map Manager Fixed an issue wherein it was not possible to generate a report from the Analytic Wizard in Heat Map Manager using custom definitions and properties. The report generator was not showing the custom definitions or the custom properties. The problem was that Definitions without symbols were not included in the list of definition types when the current diagram was selected. The heat map manager defaulted to current diagram. Explorer diagrams now ignore this rule and show all active definitions.
60037 Licensing Provided documentation in response to an enhancement request that user was unable to track the details of the borrowed license on license server machine. The answer is to use a tool we ship called "License Borrower" which provides the requested functionality. Select Start, All Programs, IBM Rational, IBM Rational Tools, IBM Rational License Server TL 2.1, License Borrower. You will be able to see a list of borrowed features, as well as borrow features.
60061 DoDAF ABM Fixed an issue and enacted an enhancement request for better icons in the Explorer browser to represent MODAF symbols: · System Nodes are ovals · System Entities are boxes · Data flows are arrows In addition, special icons have been provided for the following diagram types: · OV-06c Operation Event/Trace · SV-01 Systems Interface · SV-02 Systems Communication · SV-10B State Transition · SV-10C System Event/Trace
60092 Data Modeling Fixed an issue wherein inconsistent behavior was observed with three specific data elements in a customer's encyclopedia. The data elements had become corrupted with attribute properties, such as model and data element. This was making inheritance between attributes and data elements not work. The code was changed to be smarter about recognizing corrupted data
60177 SAEM Provided documentation to user who was using SAEM to change the password for a SQL Server user, but SAEM was reporting an error (Code: -2147206353). Error was occurring because the user was attempting to change password in SAEM without SAAdmin role. SAEM is intended to be used by admins. Documentation provided is that user can change their password by running the following query: ALTER LOGIN loginname WITH PASSWORD='newPassword' OLD_PASSWORD='oldPassword'
60182 SAEM Enacted an enhancement request wherein using SAEM, a user with "securityadmin" role can now create a new login. Previously, when user created a new login with SAEM, an error message was provided because SAEM failed to remove the “sysadmin" rights.
60272 CSV Import and Mirrored Keyword Fixed an issue wherein performing a CSV import into an encyclopedia whose metamodel had been customized and the Mirrored keyword had been used incorrectly, System Architect did not emit a warning message on import – instead inconsistent data was imported.
60302 SAEDIT Dialog Choices List Enacted an enhancement request wherein the choices list should display the objects in alphabetically sorted order and should also allow filtering those objects. When a reference property in a definition is declared as a heterogeneouslistof property, all instances of the named definition types appear when a user clicks Choices. This list shows all the definitions grouped by their type and the definitions within a group is alphabetically sorted. in 11.4 in the new Properties Window editor, you will see the Heterogeneous list choices can be sorted by name, or by type, and there is a filter.
60308 Explorer Diagram Enacted an enhancement request to be able to decide, when running an Explorer Object Report, if the objects returned by the report that are already present in the diagram should be dropped or not. Normally, when you run an Explorer Object Report onto an Explorer diagram, the objects in the report's result which are already present in the explorer diagram are not dropped into the diagram. SA shows a message like: "The following were already present on the diagram and so were not dropped: ...."
60431 SA-COGNOS Reporting Fixed an issue wherein the SA-Cognos Schema Generator was not connecting to the local server from the SA Repository tab. User was getting “Invalid SQL Server Name/Encyclopedia” error message.
60434 NAF 3 Fixed an issue wherein the report "System Information Exchange Matrix (NSV/NSV-6)" should not have been showing up in NAF 3 support.
60460 Metamodel Language (SAPROPS) Fixed an issue with mirrored heterogeneous oneofs. When a ListOf property was Mirrored with a HeterogeneousOneOf property, if the ListOf was updated from two different definitions, the second would concatenate the reference and generate an error. Also the error message was not informative.
60509 DODAF 2 Enacted an enhancement request to support DoDAF 2.
60544 Matrices Fixed an issue wherein matrices that were part of a group that were saved as another name, were displaying as blank when reopened. For example, when you opened the SV5 System Function to Operational Activity matrix, and then saved it as another name, then reloaded the new matrix, it would be blank.
60650 Oracle repository Creating users and encyclopedias via System Architect/Oracle-based encyclopedia scripts was not working properly – users could not connect to databases created by the default scripts.
60728 MODAF Fixed an issue wherein diagram type called SV-01 Resource Interaction Spec. (with a final period) in MODAF was causing issues because of that final period in the name. User was using SA/Publisher to generate a website, and then taking a generated diagram xml file named diagram_sv-01_resource_interaction_spec..xml (double periods), and then trying to store a reference to that file on Sharepoint, which saw it as invalid. The diagram type has been renamed to remove the period a the end of the diagram type name.
60778 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein the expansion of the Definition node in SA/XT’s Explorer tree (in either Reader or Updater mode) was taking longer than two minutes on a client encyclopedia. Expanding the definition node was running a report which returned every definition in the encyclopedia, which wasn’t necessary; algorithm has been changed to make it substantially faster.
60831 Documentation, Installation Guide Fixed a documentation issue wherein the Installation Guide for SA and incorrectly stated that the SA Catalog Manager license is an option in the license file. SA Catalog Manager does not require any separate license feature.
60887 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein after applying the patch that was provided in CR # 59645, the CPU utilization was almost 100% while SA/XT populated all the definitions in the choices list.
60930 SA/XT Fixed an issue wherein user was intermittently unable to access the active server page functionality such as clicking on buttons like "Commercial Questions" or "Compare diagrams" under SAXT.
61027 Localization, French Fixed an issue wherein the term "Requirement" was badly translated as "Condition requise" in the metamodel (and SAREN40C.cfg) file. It is now translated as "Exigence".
61116 Localization, French The term "Report" was badly translated as "Etats" in the Report Generator. It is now translated as "Rapports".
61129 SAEM Fixed an issue wherein the Microsoft SQL Server Transaction log Backups caused an error when user tried to view DB properties in SAEM.
61177 SA-DOORS Fixed an issue with the SA-DOORS integration wherein client was unable to perform an "Update from DOORS" and have all of the linked requirements get imported as new DOORS Objects. Instead, numerous error messages were being reported, due to the names of the items being too long. Issue was fixed, wherein SA-DOORS integration now truncates long names to the SA limit of 80 characters (actually to 77 characters and adding an ellipsis "..." to show the truncation).
61213 SAEM Fixed an issue wherein after assigning the SAUser role (using SA/Catalog Manager) to a user for an encyclopedia, then going back to check that the role had been assigned to a user, the SAUser role was unchecked.
61246 Merge Extract Fixed an issue wherein diagrams were not being checked back in at the same time as definitions, after check out to another encyclopedia. Definitions were checked back in but diagrams were not. You needed to go through the whole check-in process again for diagrams to be checked in.
61365 DBSync-SQL Server Fixed an issue wherein there was a SQL Error when synchronizing a physical model in System Architect when collation = Latin1_General_CS_AS.
61589 and 61547 Explorer browser Fixed an issue wherein after simultaneously selecting several hundreds of column definitions in Explorer browser, SA would abend under certain circumstances, without any error message.
61759 BPMN Fixed an issue wherein user was not able to correctly define a message flow between two pools on a BPMN Business Process Diagram.

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