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Packaging Jaql modules inside an applications for a Cloudera overlay environment

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When the InfoSphere BigInsights server has been installed over a Cloudera cluster, an application that uses Jaql modules will need to package the module with the application.


When publishing an application, the artifacts for running the application need to be packaged into a zip file. The zip file can be built using the InfoSphere BigInsights Eclipse tooling publish wizard. Usually only custom modules need to be packaged into the application zip file. However, with the Cloudera CDH3 overlay environment, any module needs to be added to the application zip including InfoSphere BigInsights-installed modules like text analytics. Detailed instructions for adding a Jaql module to the application zip is in the publish wizard help.

For the InfoSphere BigInsights-installed modules, you can find all of the files needed to package with the application under the hdfs://host:port/biginsights/oozie/sharedlibraries/jaql/modules directory.

For example if you are using text analytics, you need the files in hdfs://host:port/biginsights/oozie/sharedlibraries/jaql/modules/systemT.

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