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Open Mic Replay: Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 - 14 August 2012 [slides attached]



IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. The topic was "Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 - High Availability & Failover and more new features."

Slides and Audio Replay are attached.


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Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 Open Mic Aug 14 2012 (edited).mp3Lotus Notes Traveler 8.5.3 Upgrade Pack 1 Open Mic Aug 14 2012 (edited).mp3


Q: We just migrated our Traveler server from 32-bit OS/32-bit Domino to 64-bit Win2k8R2.64-bit Domino this
past weekend and it could NOT have gone more smoothly. VERY impressed. Just wanted to share.... Is 8.5.3 UP1 a fixpack for 8.5.3?

A: No, you can go to 8.5.3 FP3 which is the maintenance on 8.5.3 or you can go to 8.5.3 UP1 which is a new release and contains new features. UP1 has the fixes from 8.5.3 FP3 along with the new features. Keep in mind that the UP1 is a "next release" and not just a "fixpack".

Q: With the loader balancer out front, do all of the traveler servers in the HA pool share the same keyfile.kyr SSL cert file?

A: Yes, use a wildcard in your SSL cert, such as *

Q: What will happen if we switch all users that are running on Traveler and connect them to a new infrastructure based on SQL instead of Derby? Will it work?

A: Yes. There may be some outage time as you install the new code (as with any fixpack), but that should be it as long as the IP name or address that the device uses to connect to HTTP or HTTPS is not changed.

Q: MRs are separate from UP1... is there a recommended MR/Fix Pack that should be installed along with UP1?

A: UP1 only has APARs as maintenance so far - no fixpacks or interim fixes have been needed. There will be recommended maintenance for UP1 - but none currently available. Please see this technote for latest maintenance levels:

Q: Will all devicesl resync after move?

A: No resync. There is migration.

Q: So the user will stay with all data on their devices and synchronization with mail server will continue ?

A: Yes.

Q: What happens to the existing data, do you just scrap that and connect to the new database?

A: Migration is done for the data.

Q: Earlier we had only device password enabled in policy. We upgraded to UP1 and removed device password and enabled Application password but now no users are prompted for any passwords anymore (Android Users). Has anyone experienced similar issues?

A: We have not heard that at all; that would render the application password ineffective. We probably need a PMR.

Q: What if we want HA across 2 data centers? Does the DB2 DB synch/replicate across the WAN to 2nd Data Center? Can it be a Netscaler for Load Balancing?

A: No. It is recommended for the DB2 be very near the Traveler servers. You can use any HTTP load balancer you choose.

Q: So basically, we are looking at 2 separate HA sites.

A: Yes, that would be recommended.

Q: Does IP Sprayer = LMC?

A: Lotus Mobile Connect (LMC) is looking to add an IP Sprayer function in a future release, but it is not available in LMC version 6.1.4.

Q: When will Microsoft Windows Phone support be available for customers?

A: WP7.5 is in a managed beta. The Windows Phone information is still in this Technote:

Q: Should DB2 be installed on the same machine running Domino OR should it be on ANOTHER Machine?

A: Different server.

Q: Web administration - using port 443 or another port?

A: Normally 443 port for SSL or 80 if not using SSL - configured ports for HTTP.

Q: So no additional ports are required?

A: Correct

Q: We've had a few issues with calendar entries that have been rescheduled not showing up correctly on the iPhone. Entries are correct in notes. Wondering if this is a known problem and if a fix is available?

A: I suggest you open a PMR on the Apple calendar issue. We would need more info to see if it is something we have fixed or not.

Q: Can we configure Traveler to take advantage of mirrored SQL servers? I've been unable to find documentation about this.

A: Traveler supports mirrored SQL servers as along they are in the same data center.

Q: LMC can be used with traveler but it will not recognize HA. Is there another product that can recognize IP Sprayer or load balancing?

A: LMC managed beta is available today for the HA pool/balancing you're looking for.

Q: Two questions -
1. Are there any recommendations/best practices with regards to Traveler and running defrag on the server/database files?
2. Java Memory settings - What are your recommendations on Java memory side in regards to recommended average number of users?

A1: If standalone derby mode, recommend monthly – see the following documentation:

With non-derby, it should require fewer defrags.

A2: The Java memory is a parameter. Normally the default works until you get to a large number of users such as greater than 1000 Users per Traveler. You should not increase memory to be more than 1/2 of your physical memory.

Q: Why is it that we need to add the role Administrator to the lotustraveler.nsf ACL database? If not, the Traveler task won't load. Shouldn't the setup process add that automatically?

A: Admin help for Traveler indicates Lotus Notes® Traveler server and the HTTP server will automatically start, if you accepted the default settings during installation. So if all default settings were used during the setup process, then the ACL should have had Administrator Role added. If not, then a PMR with reproducible steps would be needed.

Q: Is this supported in a VM environment?

A: VMs are supported, but may effect total capacity.

Q: Is there any documentation for configuring Traveler to recognize the SQL configuration?

A: Follow the instructions for using TravelerUtil to configure for enterprise databases. The fact that SQL is mirrored should be transparent to Traveler. For mirrored SQL Servers, the only thing you have to do is specify the standard JDBC DB URL for identifying the failover partner - for example -

Q: Does Upgrade Pack 1 also apply to users that are not planning to implement HA?

A: UP1 can be used in non-HA mode if you want to have the other new features that were covered already in the presentation. It is not "maintenance" for 8.5.3 but rather a "new release" because of the new features, so it is up to you.

Q: We are using a VM, but disk contention on SAN can impact performance. IBM Traveler technotes say 'dedicated hardware recommended'.

A: Correct - VMs will work fine, but will effect overall performance. Recommend separate physical systems whenever possible.

Q: Some of our settings weren't migrated from NTSConfig.xml to the Notes.ini. Is that expected? <PROPERTY NAME="RemoveContentWhenPreventCopying" VALUE="1"/> for example.

A: Other customers have old/incorrect settings so we only migrate the ones that we decided were "important enough". That wasn't one, so that is why it wasn't migrated. It cleaned up many customers problems, but we knew it could hit some (like you) on some of the rarely used settings. You will need to set the appropriate notes.ini variable.

Q: How long do you think Traveler will have to be unavailable to complete the migration to steps?

A: Rule of thumb is about 2 or 3 times the defrag times to do the migration of the user meta data to the new database.
Just a heads up to all, one of our servers with roughly 3000 devices took almost 2 hours to start for the first time right after the upgrade to UP1. That's due to the upgrade of the local Derby DB.

Q: Does Lotus Notes Traveler now require 64-bit Domino?

A: Yes, recommend 64 bit Domino on supported platforms. There is nothing technical that will prevent 32 bit from working, but the capacity limits of 32 bit make it not applicable for large, HA systems anyway.

Q: Is it possible to configure HA with one Windows and one Linux server?

A: Yes.

Q: Can it be installed with OpenNTF Extension Lib instead of Upgrade Pack 1 on Domino?

A: Yes - OpenNTF should work, you can choose not to install the Domino UP1. Note that if problems seen we may recommend trying with Domino UP1 to see if problem is resolved.

Q: For the HA-aware commands... do the responses indicate which server is acting on the command?

A: Yes

Q: The Servers view shows number of users on a server which is not the same as number of devices. If a user has multiple devices, do they always stay on the same server, or is it a quirk in the UI? Number of devices would make more sense on the server view as opposed to number of users.

A: Yes, the load balancing logic will route all the devices for a user to the same server where the master monitor is running.

Q: Will Traveler 854, due out in November, support Traveler 853 UP1?

A: 8.5.4 will include all of the functions in 8.5.3 up1

Q: What about integration with Tivoli MDM? Are the new settings/security options also configurable over Tivoli MDM Console?

A: That is a work in progress between Traveler and the Tivoli teams. The new settings are not there now.

Q: Am I correct that DB2 is not required if you do not use the HA feature?

A: Correct

Q: Is automated failover required with the DB2 HADR implementation? If so, does the TravelerUtil tool perform that?

A: Traveler's HA is independent of DB HA. If you want to configure DB2 for HA, you must follow the DB2 HA installation and configuration instructions.

Q: In my tests I migrated 1700 users from derby to DB2 in 45 minutes. Should this be expected?

A: Thanks for the real data. That is about what we would expect.

Q: Can I install the Upgrade Pack 1 to get the new Android features and not do the HA setup?

A: Yes. You can up grade to UP1 and still run with derby as 853x does today.

Q: So UP 1 can be installed in an existing environment without change to how it currently runs today? We are preparing for an eventual move to the HA solution.

A: Correct, unless you are running on 32bit; 64 bit Domino is needed. Starting in 8.5.3 release 32 bit OS's were not recommended for memory addressability limitations.

Q: I was wondering about my 2000 users, as Traveler documentation says it is a limit. One Traveler running on Linux.

A: Yes, 2000 per Traveler server starts to approach Traveler server limits ... LMC server guideline is closer to 4000 Traveler session limit (depending on hardware)

Q: Do I add users to distributions before upgrade? And when I remove user from older distribution client will be upgraded?

A: The client will be upgraded to whatever version is currently assigned (old, new, etc.) so you need them to be assigned whenever the device connects. If you want to do that ahead of time, you would need to keep the devices from connecting while you did that.

Q: Will there ever be a sync to the Lotus Notes Journal to Apple iOS devices. I miss that option coming from Blackberry.

A: We have journals as a future requirement that is being evaluated Journals continue to be on our requirements list.

Q: Is the Notes Link Handling enhancement just in the Upgrade Pack code stream or both at this point?

A: It is only in the UP1 release, not in previous releases.

Q: If you click on the notes database link, will it launch the VPN connection on it's own or will the user have to do it on their own first?

A: The user would have to handle the VPN.

Q: Assuming the auto sync option times are local to the device...?

A: Yes. so 8AM means 8AM regardless of users' timezones.

Q: Is the 'connect with roaming' option enforceable regardless of carrier?

A: Yes, is it carrier independent.

Q: Our ntraveler.exe task keeps taking more and more memory. The disk was moved to SSD hard drive, 350 users, 16GB memory. Set HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize=256M, but when the server starts it says Starting JVM with Maximum Memory = 1024.

A: You should not set HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize unless you have had Java OutOfMemory errors on the servlet side. HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize only controls the HTTP JVM. The Lotus Notes Traveler JVM is controlled separately (see the wiki doc, but the main settings are on the Lotus Traveler tab in the server document).

Q: If I remove HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize from the Notes.ini the server puts it back and sets it to 1024. Why? Our ntraveler.exe task keeps taking more and more memory. The disk was moved to SSD hard drive, 350 users, 16GB memory. Set HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize=256M, but when the server starts it says Starting JVM with Maximum Memory = 1024.

A: HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize is for HTTP and the memory you are talking about is nTraveler task. These are two different JVMs. If you want to increase the Traveler memory can be done via notes.ini parameters. HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize Is for HTTP not nTraveler. See the following technote:

You should not set HTTPJVMMaxHeapSize unless you have had Java OutOfMemory errors on the servlet side.

Q: So the 8.5.3 UP1 makes changes to the directory design?

A: Yes. The client files have been moved to /travelerclients so that /traveler can be used as the main servlet entry point.

Q: To utilize HA, does the pool of Traveler servers need to be x64?

A: Yes, HA requires the Traveler server to be 64 bit.

Q: Are the ToDo tasks now synchronized and supported for iOS native, and the Android Traveler App?

A: Not yet. To-dos are in progress for both iOS and Android.

Q: Will I be able to use face recognition with wink or pattern? Such as Jelly Bean password options.

A: Unrestricted would allow those other password options.

Q: Are there plans to support facial unlock on Android? The option is disabled when pushing an unrestricted password policy with UP1.

A: Face unlock is supported in 853 UP1.

Q: I am trying to understand if DB2 needs to be configured with HADR and auto-failover for Traveler.

A: No, that is not a requirement for Traveler HA to work.

Q: Will it work with auto-failover?

A: If the auto-failover is transparent to the JDBC clients (which is the Traveler server in this case), it should work.

Q: Is it true that if you have LDAP authentication in LMC and if you put the wrong password in a few times it locks your access?

A: Yes, that is standard behavior. You can configure the number of incorrect password entries before lock out.

Q: Will iOS6 be supported?

A: OS updates (Android, Apple, etc.) are supported. Therefore, iOS6 will be supported when it becomes publicly available.

Q: Is there support for local contact groups?

A: No, personal groups are synched. You can look up corporate groups, but not personal groups. Devices do not currently have contact groups.

Q: Is there any fix for Android native browser issues? We cannot connect to Traveler using the Android browser. We have to install other browsers to access Traveler on an Android device.

A: That is an Android device issue with SSL in the browser. There is no known change to that issue yet. You still need to use a different browser, HTTP instead of HTTPS, etc...

Q: Anyone tested new Traveler version with RIM's Mobile Fusion?

A: RIM would be the best to contact about the latest Traveler revision with Fusion.

Q: I have 64bit OS and 32bit domino 8.5.3FP1. I have a Sametime entry on this server. Can I install Traveler on this server?

A: Yes, but it is recommended to use a separate system if you are going to handle any significant load - more than 50-100 users for example.

Q: In the month view... do entries earlier in the day appear towards the left, and later towards the right?

A: Yes, proportional to time of day.

Q: Do we have journals or to-do's yet?

A: To Dos will be coming soon.

Q: If someone has a list of Traveler users can he/she lock all accounts?

A: They could lock the accounts if they have admin access. You need to trust your admins. :)

Q: So users cannot lock their accounts by themselves?

A: Users can lock there devices using Manage Security in the servlet page as before (that has not changed).

Q: What is the easiest and the most transparent way for end users to connect one standalone Traveler server to the HA infrastructure?

A: Moving one server to HA is in the Wiki doc:

Users should not see any difference between stand alone and HA except for better reliability.

Q: But what if you want to have one infrastructure instead of 2? We have 2 URLs and we want to make it possible for users to use only 1 (traveler HA infrastructure).

A: From a user's perspective, they connect to a URL. They don't care if it goes through a sprayer to multiple Traveler servers. If you have 2 URLs today you can IP map them to the single IP address for the HA pool without causing the devices to have to be reconfigured.

Q: Is there a release that fully supports devices without hardware buttons on Android (Nexus 7 for example?)

A: I have an ACER Tablet - iOS 3.2.1 - that doesn't have any hardware buttons and traveler 8.5.3+ works fine. The latest release supports Nexus 7, although a few known issues are being worked on.

Q: We have issues with no menu button on 201202200939.

A: The most efficient path for resolution will be to open a PMR, let us work directly via Lotus Support.

Q: Any news on Out of Office, To Do and Journal?

A: To Dos coming soon in beta form. Journal and OOO are on the requirements list but not in a committed plan at this time. We will note your interest.

Q: What is the lowest version of Traveler, Fixpack or Release, that will support iOS6?

A: 8.5.3

Q: DB2 HADR is an extra cost item, correct? Entitlement only for one DB2 server?

A: DB2 entitlement is very complicated, so you should ask your rep to get all the details specific to you.

Q: To deploy HA... do all the mail servers need to be x64?

A: No

Q: Is there an ETA on booking rooms/resources?

A: No ETA. It is on the requirements list.

Q: Domino server version for Traveler 852 UP1, should it be Domino 853 FP2, or FP3 ?

A: It is recommended to be on the latest Domino maintenance release.

Q: If we use UP1 in standalone mode, can I still use web based administrator?

A: Web admin is there whether you use HA or not.

Q: Does UP1 have all the features of

A: The fixes in are available in UP1

Q: Any enhancement to prolonging battery life for Androids?

A: Some common practices to improve Android battery include using scheduled sync, manual sync, or SMS (note: recommend SMS if on unlimited plan. You can also change Android settings for 'Always Connect' to every 15 minutes or higher frequency, or change your off peak sync option to something else, like Manual, and change the peak start and end times. This has not changed in the HA release from previous releases.

Q: Is it possible to downgrade Traveler if Android devices cannot sync after the upgrade?

A: Yes, through the Web Administrator. However, this should not be necessary and you will need to upgrade to get any fixes going forward, so you should work with support to resolve the issue. But if needed, you can backlevel a client while the PMR process is working to a resolution.

Q: Do we have a date for 8.5.4 release?

A: 8.5.4 release planning in progress... no ship date to share at this time, but it is the next maintenance release in the queue.

Q: Is there a guide to upgrade Traveler v8.5.2 to v8.5.3 UP1?

A:Yes - see this link for steps:

Q: Is there DDM monitoring of Traveler?

A: No, Traveler is not generating DDM data

Q: Thanks for the continued work on Traveler, especially since it seems we will be required to use Traveler for Blackberry 10, any comment on this?

A: RIM remains a valued IBM partner, but no comments at this time on BB10.

Q: What is your recommendation? I don't need HA right now... Do I install or UP1?

A: It depends on if you want the new features or not. There are some minor performance improvements in the UP1 as well, but the new features are the main decision point for you.

Q: Which has more features?

A: UP1 has the new features are outlined in this presentation

Q: How long does defrag take?

A: It depends on database size - longest I have seen is about 45 minutes, but it can be as fast as a few minutes. There is a notes.ini parameter to defrag at startup: NTS_INTERNAL_DEFRAG_DB_ON_STARTUP=true

Q: Looking for a way to monitor the traveler task....

A: There is no new function for monitoring Traveler server other than Traveler TELL commands. See the following wiki document for more details on the tell commands that may be of use to you for monitoring:

Q: How can we get some Traveler task monitoring in place? This is the Achilles Heel of HA.

A: You can make some changes in DDM do do that. The best is issuing Tell Traveler Status periodically to see if the task is alive.

Q: On the iPhone, is there any way to keep the address books separate for Traveler vs personal mail (gmail etc)? We would want our users to only search our corporate address book when they are sending through Traveler and not have access to their personal address book.

A: The address books are separate. The UI in the mail/contacts apps controls which ones are searched (via separate calls). There is also a local cache of addresses that the device maintains.

Q: IIRC Traveler doesn't have Event Generators... ETA for Traveler task on Events4? I have it monitoring all Domino tasks, but Traveler isn't available in events4.nsf.

A: You can issue a status command from command line: nserver.exe -c "tell traveler -f C:\tmp\out.txt status". Open Events4.nsf, select "Event Generators" from the left, then click on "New Task Status Monitor". Traveler task name should be in the list.

There is a navigator option in events4.nsf: "Event Generators" \ "Task Status". However, Traveler itself does not post any DDM events. There are many requests for "monitoring" Traveler, but how that is implemented is TBD.

You can monitor the events, but it may not have all the events you want in all cases as crashes often bring down the whole server. You could try adding a port probe (in events4) for port 8642.

Q: Can you install Domino 8.5.3 FP2 on top of server already running Traveler 8.5.3 UP1?

A: Traveler does not support downgrading the server. So this is not supported.

Q: It seems you cannot have multiple ActiveSync configs on an iOS device that point to the same ActiveSync server (or Traveler URL). Is this true?

A: Not true - it just has to have a different user ID (as it normally would be different user IDs anyway). If you Apple.xml is old, you may need to merge it with the AppleTemplate.xml to pick up the changes that have been made in subsequent releases as this file is not migrated to avoid overwriting admin customizations which are hard to detect.

Q: When is the gold release of traveler 854 due - will it be required when we go to lotus domino server 854

A: We can't comment on 8.5.4 here as that is a future release.

Q: In a geographic environment with region data centers (and mail servers), should we build a Traveler pool in each region or can we centralize? Ping times between data centers would be 400Ms or less

A: We recommend a pool in each region, but one pool in central location may be sufficient for your needs. It depends a lot on the latency to the mail servers and to the devices. It is also very dependent on how slow the connections are between Traveler servers and the mail servers. You could have a central Traveler server but could have some performance issue.

Q: Is there a way to configure the iPhone to only make address book calls based on which email address you are sending from? For example: Personal mail to personal mail address book, and Traveler to corporate address book?

A: That is completely controlled by the apps on the device. There is no control externalized by the device for Traveler to control that.

Q: I was not aware of an IBM Sametime client for the iPhone. Can you provide more info?

A: The Sametime client for iOS is available in the Apple App Store - you should be able to access it from there. Search for 'IBM Sametime' in the App Store.

Q: Is there an index anywhere of all of the different chats that have been offered in the past? Sametime, etc. as well as Traveler?

A: Not in my list.

Q: Is HA available with Domino Express?

A: No, only for Domino Enterprise and Domino Utility.

Q: Will Traveler work on the new Microsoft Tablet device?

A: MSFT tablet support for Windows 8 Pro/RT is a current requirement in evaluation. Stay tuned.

Q: We tried several times to install Sametime on the same server as email/Traveler. It failed miserably. Then we could not back out with Sametime uninstall, causing manual intervention.

A: Sorry to hear that - it is intended to work. Would be worth opening a PMR.

Q: Will traveler synch with contacts stored inside the mailfile only or can it also synch with an address book stored on a separate domino server?

A: Contacts are only synched with the copies in the user's mailfile on the server.

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