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Cognos TM1 10.1 FP1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos TM1 10.1. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: A particular list may contain a combination of APAR references and internal defect numbers. This was necessitated to provide a complete list of corrected defects as we continue to transition our internal defects to APARs. Items with a PK or PM reference are APARs and are searchable on IBM.COM. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos TM1 10.1 FP1 fix list

Issues corrected since Cognos TM1 10.1.
Number Description
PM13378 SAP Process failing on edit
PM27491 Report Studio Time object returns incorrect time when data source is TM1
PM35105 Active form loaded to TM1web looses alias description when exported to excel
PM45554 TM1 Contributor Data Spread > Repeat function won't work if there is a negative value formatted with parentheses e.g. (50)
PM46154 Subset selections are lost after log out after 9.5.2 HF3 is applied
PM46492 Error "Operation Failed" when performing a snapshot to excel in TM1
PM46905 Password more than 27 letters makes TI process disable ODBC connection
PM48692 TI_INTERNAL error in TM1 9.5.2 Contributor when opening node
PM49461 Nodes in the hierarchy appear in wrong parents
PM49653 Sandbox values incorrect
PM49690 Open Tm1 Contributor receive error - PMPSVC/Services/json/pmpservice status:500
PM49801 TM1 ViewConstruct is not working - outOfMemory Exception << >>
PM50120 Non-admin user unable to open Tm1web cube view> New View causes operation failed error
PM50517 ISB: Error message "An invalid argument was encountered"
PM50846 Views with Dynamic Subsets cause server contention, causing users to WAIT
PM51019 Server Stuck in Bulk Load Mode when using TM1Guardian
PM51129 When run multiple instances of a TI Process using tm1runti.exe, one waits for others to complete
PM51181 Function CODE does not return the expected value on 9.5.2
PM52111 Tomcat crashes with user load - multiple times daily
PM52257 TM1WEB Contributor If the horizontal scroll bar is shifted to the middle, the display columns "jump" during the move
PM52579 Rep/Sync performance - 9.5.2 HF7 take twice as long as 9.0
PM53406 Green values are sent to TM1 and turn into black after using the Next Page or Previous Page buttons
PM53440 Blank workflow page in HTML Viewer Portlet running IE Browser
PM53611 TM1Websheet formatting not functioning properly
PM53616 Subset Editor not workng correctly on multiscreen computer
PM53674 MDX Function .siblings returning too much data
PM53886 TM1 contributor Firefox issue with automatic horizontal scroll when using arrow keys after entering data
PM54071 Data loss when working with 2 views
PM54186 Snapshot to Excel not working correctly when exporting from current page
PM54189 Request for hourglass in TM1Web
PM54252 Excessive start up time. CubeProcessFeeders' and 'ViewConstructs' - the duration of the chore is excessive
PM54304 "Not a number:... " for a string cell in Active Form in a Websheet
PM54313 End users would like to change the way groups are shown from TM1 Contributor (grouped names or listed names)
PM54388 With TM1 widget Sub Set Editor dialogs appear off-screen
PM54415 Picklists loose content when fed by DBRW function (or DBR function)
PM54447 Performance Improvement for TM1Web
PM54455 TM1 Web Drill UP Performance Problem
PM54462 Unable to save TM1 Contributor rights if user is not a BI Administrator
PM54894 ISB: Change of copy and Past behaviour of ISB-object
PM54964 In TM1 9.5.2 FP1 a synchronization of a cube is 8 times slower as in TM1 9.4.1 FP3
PM55026 Using an english TI Editor the values of the fields "Action" and "Element Type" are not the same as the original ones selected in a russian TI Editor
PM55031 Action and Attribute Type value fails to map while opening a process created in Russian Turbo Integrator in English version
PM55035 Wrong attributes mapping while opening processes created in English Turbo Integrator in Russian Turbo Integrator
PM55042 The variable type must be specified as 'String'" error while opening RUS TI process in ENG TI
PM55067 Russian TurboIntegrator client requires Numeric Attributes to be string if created in the English TI version
PM55184 TM1 Cube viewer is rounding values when value format percentage b:#.000000000%\u000cP|9|
PM55300 Performance against TM1 when running fact filter
PM55481 TM1 Perspectives unable to Print report: Save as Excel / as PDF if the report contains a VBA button
PM55625 SpreadingPrecision only successful at 4 decimal places
PM55660 Performance when running aggregate functions against TM1
PM55670 Cancel action in TM1 fails when running large report from Cognos
PM55715 TM1 Cubeviewer, recalculation time is vary where data is entry
PM55927 If the screen resolution is less than 1440 x 900 pixels, there's a misalignment of columns and their header in a tm1web view
PM56254 With TM1 Integrated Login, user can connect as different user without entering password
PM56397 TM1 Perspectives Office 2010 – Using TM1 Recalc1 causes Excel Crash
PM56479 Changing Subset in Active Form crashes Excel/Perspectives
PM56513 TM1 Perspectives - Formatting error in Active Form when using Danish Excel
PM56566 TM1Web 952 - websheet percentage format displays 10,000% instead of 100%
PM56617 Missing My Preferences icon in the Contributor Workflow page
PM56659 TM1 server crash when opening a report (Perspectives or Web)
PM56670 TM1 Rule Consolidated Max does not work as described in documentation
PM56933 Issue on a consolidated node/aggregation cells With arrow key
PM56940 Tm1 Server crashes when executing Rule
PM56941 Issue on aggregation cells with scroll bar When you entered data and use Arrows Keys to move to the next cell
PM56944 Horizontal and Vertical scroll bar loses middle position on window after typing into a cells use arrow key to move
PM57033 TM1 error (APIExecutingUserProgressCallBack): Erreur d'extraction des propriétés de sous-ensemble Tout
PM57063 TM1 Web User hanging/freezing while performing a multi user test
PM57294 loss of data precision (cube view) TM1Web vs. TM1 Client UI
PM57367 TM1 Turbo Integrator Function ‘Unload cube’ does not save correctly within a TI process
PM57794 Rep and Sync leaving behind log files, continue to be locked by tm1s process
PM58188 Delete security node removes the wrong node
PM58231 KEY_ERR occur after apply TM1 9.4.1FP3HF20 to client
PM58307 Different behaviours are observed using auto recalculate function and manually clicking refresh button in TM1 Web
PM58388 Tm1Admin Server - uanble to connect 952 tm1server to 10.1 admin server
PM58431 TM1 10.1.1 Operations console will not work with ClientMinimunVersion parameter in config file
PM58483 Updating "versioned" metadata on a versioned cube does not cause dependency version updates downstream
PM59174 Element Attributes not replicating
PM59260 Import into existing cube with mutiple unmapped sliced dimensions fails
PM59938 Planning service shows errors when the tm1s.cfg file is not in the same folder as the TM1 data files
PM59994 OpsConsole: Unable to use the "Kill Process" feature if the underlying Tm1 server is authenticated against CAM
PM60103 Opening Contributor node in IE 9.0 displays blank screen
PM60242 Excel 2010/Perspectives crashes when using Micrsoft's Solver Add-In
PM60249 Auditstore file not rolling over
PM60577 Ti Process Syskoplan Connector Tm1 loses the cube in Data Source when no action is chosen
PM60604 Tm1 server crash - tm1sd!sv_ViewCreateByExpression
PM61102 [GVT]tm1web: most of foreign folders (language dlls) are missing in tm1 x64 tm1web
PM61392 TM1 Application Web 10.1 drill operation failed
PM61798 Unable to use a period in a cube name
PM61863 tm1pmp.exe exception when running data import in Cognos Insight
PM62066 TM1 10.1 Performance modeler: query builder: metadata exploer does not display views
PM63627 Logs growing with following message CellSecurityCheck - Failed to look up dimension }SecurityOverlay in Security Overlay
PM64133 TM1 server hang 10.1.00000.20166
PM64865 'No permission to perform this action' opening Contributor applications
PM65314 Attempts to use https to access TM1Application Contributor redirects to http when logging off
PM65368 Unable to take away ownership of a node that contains apostrophe
PM65598 TM1 Application Server (Tomcat) crashing
PM65961 Failed to take ownership on consolidated node

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