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Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 Fix Lists

Release notes


A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1.

Note: This list contains Clarity reference ID numbers. This was necessitated to provide a complete list of corrected defects as we continue to transition our internal defects to APARs. Future Fix Lists will only contain APAR references.

If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 Fix List

Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.
Number Description
29734 Report Management –Fix for ‘COMException - PasteSpecial method of Range class failed’ when attempting to open Excel objects with HFM formulas in some environments.
30193 Report Management - Fix for cap type/join type/shading info on charts not retained after saving object.
31066 Report Management - Fix for chart references appearing incorrectly after importing Excel file created in older version of Excel with different color palette.
31293 Report Management - Fix for charts not being generated when exported to PowerPoint with Office 2010.
37306 Report Management - Fix for 'CognosController_Refresh'/CognosController_Logout' related errors when attempting to copy report containing Controller formulas.
29965 Report Management - Fix for 'Excel cannot insert the sheets into the destination workbook' error when attempting to import xlsx file.
31359 Report Management - Fix for 'Excel object mode is in Edit Mode' message blocking user from proceeding if object type is changed from Excel to Word while a cell is in edit-mode.
34110 Report Management - Fix for Excel objects displayed incorrectly after entering/exiting XBRL on machines with Office 2010.
33970 Report Management - Fix for 'HRESULT: 0x800A03EC' when attempting to import Excel files containing invalid named ranges.
36850 Report Management - Fix for inability to copy/cascade report in a localized environment.
35668 Report Management - Fix for inability to restore object level zoom percentage back to 100% after increasing it and saving object.
29951 Report Management - Fix for intermittent 'TargetInvocationException' error when accessing Word objects after copying chart to clipboard.
37130 Report Management - Fix for 'NullReferenceException' error when selecting Excel object containing HFM formulas in non-English environments.
21834 Report Management - Fix for 'OverflowException' error when attempting to add section where last created sort sequence exceeds 32767.
31999 Report Management - Fix for refresh errors when using Global Range Variables on objects that contain TM1 formulas.
30194 Report Management - Fix for Report Summary's 'Assigned to' user column not updating correctly after changes are made within workflow.
31213 Report Management - Fix for 'The incoming tabular data stream (TDS) remote procedure call (RPC) protocol stream is incorrect' when attempting to roll forward with large report.
36738 Report Management - Fix for TM1 formulas not refreshed on machines that have 'Code execution has been interrupted' error.
36471 Report Management - Fix for TM1 formulas not refreshed on machines with Office 2007/2010 installed.
35789 Report Management - Fix for 'Track Changes' causing Word objects to become non-editable.
24090 Report Management - Fix for un-checking 'Show Aliases' in the OLAP data wizard having no effect when retrieved on in the database sheet.
36879 Report Management - Fix for variable not reset at Object Level on Cascaded Report in case of setting 'Reset object level variables'.
30596 Report Management - Fix for variables for 'Link to Original' type shared objects being deleted when one of the linked objects are deleted.
34869 Report Management - Fix to allow all users to be able to add checklists.
36528 Report Management - Fix to ensure bookmarks are retained when adding a Shared Object of type 'Copy of Original'.
35785 Report Management - Fix to ensure chart area does not shrink on objects after report rollover.
35096 Report Management - Fix to ensure object is saved when workflow status is updated (with confirmation prompt)
37119 Report Management - Fix to prevent 'Cognos TM1 Account' window popup when refreshing objects.
36463 Report Management - Fix to prevent HFM formulas from being replaced with resolved values after save.
35911 Report Management - Fix to prevent unnecessary Save prompt window when generating report with Controller formulas in Excel sheets.
35671 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for border being applied to object when generating to Edgar HTML even when no formatting is applied.
32566 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for Edgar HTML document breaking up document into several parts in destination folder when generated with customized groups.
34325 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for Edgar HTML output not generated if any object is set to type 'Exhibit' under Print Options.
35232 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for Edgar preview not working with Office 2010 tables.
37212 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for 'OleDbException' error when attempting to delete report with local conversion options applied.
35323 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix for table cells being misplaced when generating to EDGAR HTML.
33757 Report Generation - Edgarization - Fix to ensure headers are removed when 'Display Headers' is unchecked.
32050 Report Generation - Fix for ##D being resolved from wrong report when ##S does not exist in current report.
37041 Report Generation - Fix for ##S/##D variables not refreshing correctly on report generation.
34132 Report Generation - Fix for 'Cannot find bookmark' errors when attempting to generate report.
29394 Report Generation - Fix for cell shading (colour) missing when generating report in certain scenarios.
31901 Report Generation - Fix for charts not generating correctly when populated using TM1 data.
36864 Report Generation - Fix for charts referencing Controller data not retrieving data accurately when generating report.
37007 Report Generation - Fix for charts referencing Controller formulas not refreshing when generating report to PowerPoint.
30128 Report Generation - Fix for checking/un-checking 'Font Size' within Object Enforcement settings has no effect.
34001 Report Generation - Fix for Controller formulas not refreshing on objects that contain ##D variables.
34094 Report Generation - Fix for custom Excel cell formats displayed incorrectly after report generation.
32135 Report Generation - Fix for 'FileCorruptedException' error when attempting to generate report containing charts wrapped within ##IRS/##IRE tags.
36075 Report Generation - Fix for FSR_LTR feature not working on Word tables.
29161 Report Generation - Fix for global variables not resolved on report generation when logged in as different user.
26999 Report Generation - Fix for improved error message when variables that cannot be resolved are found during report generation.
35670 Report Generation - Fix for incorrectly displayed characters when generating report with Thai characters in objects.
36545 Report Generation - Fix for InvalidOperationException when attempting to generate report with all zeros in printable range.
29676 Report Generation – Fix for missing table borders during report generation in
32480 Report Generation - Fix for missing table borders during report generation in FSR
29967 Report Generation - Fix for note numbering variables not resolving during report generation.
33510 Report Generation - Fix for note variables not resolving correctly when generating section where referenced variable is from a different section.
29216 Report Generation - Fix for 'NullReferenceException' when generating report containing Word objects with special characters.
35031 Report Generation - Fix for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error during XML generation to InDesign with tagged table containing empty cells.
36915 Report Generation - Fix for refresh issues when generating to PowerPoint with Excel objects containing Controller formulas.
37006 "Report Generation - Fix for 'Run-time error '1004': Cannot run the macro 'cc.LOGOUT' error when attempting to generate Excel object containing Controller formulas to PowerPoint."
36727 Report Generation - Fix for 'Save As' prompt appearing when generating report containing HFM formulas.
28746 Report Generation - Fix for save prompt appearing when attempting to generate Excel object containing TM1 formulas to PowerPoint.
34293 Report Generation - Fix for spell-checking on generated document defaulting to English(US) regardless of how it has been set up on the object.
34386 Report Generation – Fix for subscript text not rendering correctly during report generation.
25365 Report Generation - Fix for superscript text being generated with incorrect font size in report.
37116 Report Generation - Fix for TM1 formulas not refreshed when generating report for the second time.
29567 Report Generation - Fix for 'Unable to cast object of type' error when attempting to generate object containing grouped text boxes.
37011 Report Generation - Fix for unnecessary external Excel process opened after generating report containing charts.
32479 Report Generation - Fix for various issues when generating objects containing superscript text.
36563 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for dots in Excel tag names being escaped.
35486 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for foreign key db error when attempting to delete reports which have InDesign DTP tags.
28290 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for inability to create Desktop Publishing Tags with Hebrew names.
36146 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for 'NullReferenceException' when attempting to delete multiple styles from within Style editor.
36808 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for 'Remove All Tags' removing user defined named ranges in Excel.
36992 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for 'Style already exists with same name' error when attempting to save Word object with styles that have been renamed to be identical to each other.
35717 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for style name validation with Word and InDesign.
35793 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix for tagged row of all zeros being suppressed even when suppression is turned off.
36328 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix to ensure tags are removed after tagged content is removed.
36072 Report Generation - InDesign - Fix to prevent 'NullReferenceException' error when deleting 'None' style in Style editor.
32482 Report Generation/XBRL – Fix for various issues with superscript.
34374 XBRL – Fix for ‘Target Role’ validation error when building FSR instance.
31184 XBRL - Fix for default link not removed from database when axis descendants hierarchy containing the default member is deleted.
34952 XBRL - Fix for elements not having enumerated values in XBRL if only present in schema.
30619 XBRL - Fix for extension labels are not written to the database when a taxonomy without extension elements is copied.
29391 XBRL - Fix for footnote objects not included during build instance.
37133 XBRL - Fix for identifier not overridden from report with reference objects.
29420 XBRL - Fix for inability to tag empty merged cell.
33276 XBRL - Fix for inability to view tuple children/tags with Polish taxonomy.
33236 XBRL - Fix for instance generation issues with non-ASCII characters.
26929 XBRL - Fix for 'Invalid index' exception when attempting to checkout again after closing Preview Taxonomy.
36065 XBRL - Fix for issues with field names being cut off when FSR is run in non-English environments.
31214 XBRL - Fix for 'Links deleted, but role is not checked out.' when saving taxonomy. (Stemming from 'Delete' operation not removing the calculation link)
30758 XBRL - Fix for note variables not working when generating XBRL instance document.
26518 XBRL - Fix for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error in log files when attempting to import taxonomies containing tuples.
32131 XBRL - Fix for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' error when attempting to build instance where an element without type was tagged.
33114 XBRL - Fix for 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' when selecting 'Remove All' from 'Show Orphan Tags' window.
30112 XBRL - Fix for performance issues when attempting to generate instance document containing large number of referenced objects.
34245 XBRL - Fix for role sequence truncated to 6 digits.
35197 XBRL - Fix for Role URI not updating after changing Taxonomy Namespace.
36126 XBRL - Fix for save error when attempting to save taxonomy after selecting 'Toggle non-discoverable labels'.
35724 XBRL - Fix for tagged value in Word with monetaryItemType element not displayed after generating instance.
35512 XBRL - Fix for tagging in Word causing the interface to become unresponsive.
31372 XBRL - Fix for 'The schema attribute of the xbrli:identifier element is Other; it must be' error when attempting to generate instance.
35048 XBRL - Fix for 'There was a database problem while saving the taxonomy - DELETE FROM XET_CellRef WHERE CellRefID = -1' when attempting to bind/unbind/rebind a label to cell and then save within XET.
33870 XBRL – Fix for tuple tagging information not saved when copying report.
37244 XBRL - Fix for 'UnauthorizedAccessException' error when attempting to save inline XBRL output to an existing folder location.
29651 XBRL - Fix for untranslated text in Time Periods window.
36905 XBRL - Fix for UTR registry validation errors when the units are custom.
31864 XBRL - Fix for validation errors when tagged value is larger than maximum Int32 value (2,147,483,647).
30557 XBRL - Fix for View Tagging "Time Period Type" listed only once for an element that is tagged multiple times.
33021 XBRL - Fix to allow EFM rule 6.5.3 to catch removed rule 6.12.4.
35768 XBRL - Fix to ensure dimension defaults are replaced when Quickfix is applied to replace deprecated element.
25116 XBRL - Fix to prevent changes to the default format of relationship groups in IFRS taxonomy.
36574 XBRL - Fix to prevent crash when entering XBRL mode after failed loading of taxonomy with complex type choices.
30992 XBRL - Fix to prompt user when multiple line items are associated with a single table.
34417 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix for '0' appearing as '-' in Inline Instance document.
32169 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix for double negated tags located on suppressed rows not generated properly.
28665 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix for empty tag outputs a value of 0 to the instance file.
32523 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix for Table of Content variables not generated correctly during inline instance generation.
29731 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix to allow 8 digit entity identifier to be entered through UI.
36997 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix to prevent application crash when generating inline XBRL if orphan tags are present.
34418 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix to prevent header and footers appearing for each object when generating inline instance document.
36377 XBRL - iXBRL - Fix to prevent iXBRL instance files from being split up if larger than 10MB.
29883 XBRL - Tuple Explorer - Fix for not all tuple child elements presented in 'Add Mode'
31181 XBRL - XET - Descendants of deleted top element are not removed after Save.
35517 XBRL - XET - Fix to ensure primary items in a table are also present in definition links.
29384 XBRL - XET- Fix for application crash when dragging an element over any of its' descendants from another role.
35084 Miscellaneous - Account Hierarchy - Fix for 'Sequence contains more than 1 element" error when Report Level Variables are created having the same value as a member that exists with the same name within different dimensions.
28656 Miscellaneous - Fix for audit trail versions with different object types not being opened with their corresponding application (example: Excel object should open Excel).
34106 Miscellaneous - Fix for Cognos Controller add-in not visible within FSR when launching application with Swedish regional settings.
32969 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'EnableLegacyAccountMapping' being enabled by default within FSR config file.
29566 Miscellaneous - Fix for erroneous extra menu options available in FSR drop down list when running FSR in Greek.
29562 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Export' button missing from FSR toolbar after toggling in and out of XBRL mode.
31911 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Failed to update workflow for object' error when attempting to update workflow using 'Move to Next Status' from Report Summary page.
29231 Miscellaneous - Fix for inability to compare Word snapshots in different languages (non-English).
34315 Miscellaneous - Fix for intermittent ‘Process with an Id of -1 is not running’ error when attempting to launch FSR.
29924 Miscellaneous - Fix for missing database.config file after new installation of FSR Web Service.
34811 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'NullReferenceException' error when attempting to customize User List columns within Administration/Users page.
31394 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'NullReferenceExceptions' error when attempting to expand on group within Administration->Users.
34870 Miscellaneous - Fix for Query builder not saving ODBC/OLEDB connection data.
34629 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Remove Status' button removing all unsaved entries within 'Administration->Workflow'.
34990 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'RPC server is unavailable' error message when Word instance associated with FSR is closed externally.
28241 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'save' button not working within Administration->Users. Previous workaround was to right click->Save.
29616 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'save XBRL changes' appearing when navigating away from Excel objects referring to a path that contains '#REF'.
37015 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Search Object by Name'
33971 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Show Workflow' button not being available to non-administrative users on objects with workflow set up.
29344 Miscellaneous - Fix for TM1 Perspectives Add-in only loaded in the first created report during a session of FSR.
35047 Miscellaneous - Fix for user id field not being editable within Modify OLAP Connection.
33577 Miscellaneous - Fix for User-Defined Attributes for Accounts under Account Hierarchy not refreshing correctly during navigation.
26673 Miscellaneous - Fix for 'Value cannot be null' error when attempting to delete 'No Status' status from Administration/Resources/Workflow.
34382 Miscellaneous - Fix for Workflow icon not updating after changing status icon from Resources menu.
35049 Miscellaneous - Fix to address performance issues when retrieving OLAP data through FSR.
35581 Miscellaneous - Fix to prevent FSR from crashing if Office language pack corresponding to regional settings is not installed on the machine.
36431 Miscellaneous - Fix to prevent installer from crashing if Microsoft Office is not detected on workstation.
36529 Miscellaneous - Fix to prevent multiple Excel instances from being initialized outside of FSR when DefaultExcelInitialization is set to false in Clarity.FSR.UI.exe.config.
30173 Miscellaneous - Fix to prompt user to install .NET framework if missing during installation of FSR.
32022 Miscellaneous - Fixes for various untranslated menu options in French environment.
35640 Miscellaneous - InDesign - Improved error handling when tag names are invalid on Excel objects.
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1.
Number Description
PM61299 Unable to access any workbooks with a 2007 Pivot tablem after imported and saved.
PM61360 Destination variables not populating when selecting "No" to "Report has been changed. Do you want to save before proceeding?"
PM61528 XBRL stops functioning properly when another user is using XET
PM62155 Zero Value as Dash Alignment Issue
PM62899 Incorrect generation of ampersand
PM63942 The control's value cannot be set outside the range determined by the 'MinValue' and 'MaxValue' properties
PM64023 Formulas on Worksheets containing HFM links are replaced with numbers
PM64950 Object not set to reference when generating a report selecting the SEC/Edgar option
PM65324 Word comment causes FSR to stop rendering text in textblock tag when it reaches the end of a comment.
PM65415 FSR - Workflow images mixed up
PM65852 TCF:FSR6.7:EDGAR: ArgumentException:"The replace string cannot contain special or break characters"
PM65884 Borders Appear for Hidden Columns
PM65989 Extra Section Break generated
PM66196 No criteria can be added from the GUI interface when using the YEAR() SQL function
PM66613 Concurrency Violation error after generating the ##D in Word Document
PM66954 SQLException 'Timeout expired' when deleting a member in Account Hierarchy
PM67205 Unable to export Account Hierarchy 'accounts' due to 'Ignore other applications' setting.
PM67373 Conditional Workflow is not working in the Report Summary screen
PM67538 Report Generation: FSR crashes with NullReferenceException error during full report generation.
PM67645 Charts in Office 2010 do not respect the original width
PM67715 Highlighted & Colored Text Changes the Font Style/Type
PM67718 Spacing goes from single to multiple when generating.
PM67755 Multiple Winword.exe Processes running
PM67809 After generating some formatting is removed on object
PM67952 Destination variable in Excel appears empty for Source variable containg Date with formula
PM68066 Any User Can Modify Editable Checklist
PM68320 TOC Variables Incorrect In Generated Report
PM68442 Inconsistencies with Copy Report functionaility
PM68520 Olap causes the FSR ui to crash
PM68529 Word hidden text formatting spread to the following Excel object
PM68648 Incorrect Output in Generated Report for Cell Format
PM68966 Errors Generating report
PM69137 Destination variables not displayed correctly in FSR 6.6.1
PM69302 Cannot load Excel object
PM69508 FSR Stops Responding due to uncaught Exception when EDGARizing reports
PM69635 Block Variables not refreshing the values on other sheets
PM69823 Note variables not working when used in formulas
PM69914 Cannot generate to PPTX template
PM69928 FSR - Report instance missing tags for two sections
PM70061 Corrupted Excel Objects
PM70114 Error loading Nodes List elements
PM70323 Section with TOC variables not generating
PM70551 Unable to export view tagging report
PM70673 Text does not align with negative numbers between brackets
PM70679 Concurrency violation: the delete command effected 0 of the selected 1 record(s)
PM71213 Unable to Export Excel Objects to One Workbook
PM71301 Data Wizard Checkmarks gone after 6.6.1 upgrade
PM71726 When attempting to select an object, ArgumentException crashes FSR
PM71796 FSR crashes if you don't insert the TM1 credentials
PM71811 Alignment of Dashes with numbers in Report
PM71829 Invalid row index error when using function "Export All excel objects" from Report Summary pane.
PM71907 Generated PDF report alignment not respected after upgrade to FSR 6.6.1
PM71910 XET Taxonomy Copy Not Working
PM72276 Issues with Hidden columns containing XBRL tags in 6.6.1 (6.7.0)
PM72298 FSR 6.7.0 Database Upgrade Creating Orphan Tags on LinkedToOriginal Word Objects
PM72733 InvalidCastException thrown while switching workflow statuses
PM72848 Columns with different size are not generating correctly
PM72849 Negated tags with 0 values and custom formatting not generating correctly in the iXBRL report
PM72904 Specific Report Generates Blank
PM72951 Generating XBRL causes SQL Exception - Timeout Expired Crash
PM73042 Message: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '1026' Key being added: '1026'
PM73069 Track Changes of the MOVE type are being recognized as two separate, valid, lines of text during report Generation
PM73404 Unable to format date variables in destination cells in Hot fix 5
PM73653 Orphan tag utility in FSR 6.7.0 (aka 6.6.1) removes valid tags
PM73693 Users are able to edit objects to which they are not assigned
PM73972 NullReferenceException Crash When Generating Report on FSR 6.6.1
PM74106 FSR user can delete object and section
PM74582 After applying FSR 6.7 HF6, the numbers are appearing as text
PM74635 Image range Output Larger in 6.6.1
PM74964 Terse Labels Changed to Standard Labels for Members After Upgrade
PM75024 FSR prompt to save Word object although nothing changed
PM75716 Charts do not generate when Conserve memory key is enabled in FSR
PM75965 ALT+255 har coded space creates additional \ in iXBRL report
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 FP1.
Number Description
PM62705 Some Tables Column Widths in Edgarization HTML do not match Word Report Width
PM70773 TOC variables not working with Section break as Blank Rows
PM73477 Row height not consistent when using Note Variables
PM73606 Performance Issue In FSR 6.6.1
PM74754 Table borders disappear when generated
PM74768 FSR crashes when generating exhibits and Save snapshot is enabled
PM74779 FSR 6.7.0 unable to open snapshot saved as PDF.
PM74877 Excel cell formuli disappear when ConserveMemory enabled
PM74906 Excel Borders made from dots do not display in the generated report
PM74914 Workflows can be assigned to disabled users
PM74935 Error when loading data from Excel(xlsx)
PM75018 Deleting Elements in Role Causes Save Error
PM75227 Export All Excel objects
PM75390 Unable to Generate View Tagging in 6.6.1 HF5 due to HFM Error
PM75451 PDF Documents create blank pages in the generated report
PM75455 Top border disappearing when generating Excel object
PM75609 Tables with ##SL do not retain row height
PM75611 CellsException Invalid Formula error when accessing objects
PM75678 "Set Objects to this status" in "Copy Report" does not work
PM76112 FSR Performance issue after upgrading to FSR 6.6.1
PM76319 FSR - Two documents generated on compare snapshots
PM76740 Note variables in Excel objects hardcoded with ConserveMemory set to true
PM76750 FSR Core - Exporting Excel Objects to 1 Workbook Does Not Follow Object Ordering
PM76814 ##S variables appearing as duplicate when assigning a user to the workflow status
PM76866 Taxonomy Generation Error
PM77209 NullReferenceException: Unable to build instance on selected section
PM77229 Query variables used in external Excel file path not working during report rollover
PM77296 Changing FSR Excel Data Load Location from Server 1 to Server 2
PM77382 Sequence contains more than one matching element error when saving a taxonomy.
PM77435 Table formatting resets when generating
PM77643 Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_XbrlContextDimension' error when Rolling Forward Report + Taxonomy
PM77659 PDF Exhibits Do Not Open Automatically
PM77779 Horizontal Scroll bar incorrectly placed in the New Report wizard
PM77874 Excel issues after upgrading to 6.6.1
PM78105 Break Type New Page ads to points at the start of the object.
PM78416 Save Error on Particular Objects (MS)
PM78829 Excel objects slow after upgrade to 6.6.1
PM78940 Variables from linked objects in copied reports not refreshing
PM79880 Space added when applying SuperScriptLeft (##SL) to a number value
PM79908 Variable Exist Warning Popup Issue in FSR6.7FP1
PM79921 Report generated excel tables in FSR are not fitting to page after upgrade to 6.7.0.
PM80064 Gridlines in generated html report
PM80174 PowerPoint Chart Generation Issue
PM80310 FSR - Duplicated DTP tags
PM80362 EDGARization crashes (Clarity.FSR.UI.exe stops responding and Event for faulting module word2sec.dll created)
PM80563 Unable to generate EDGAR report
PM80668 Date Variables showing up as Excel Date Serial numbers in Hot fix 9
PM80770 EDGAR generation degrades charts (specifically text applied to the titles/legends)
PM80945 EDGAR Output Table Underlines Issue
PM80951 FSR throws InvalidCastException when Saving an object modified by another user
PM81059 Missing underscore in html report versus Word report
PM81248 Deleting sections doesn't remove variables
PM81383 Objects Corruption in FSR6.6.1
PM81395 FSR Report Generation: TOC and Page Numbering are Out-of-Sync
PM81710 OleDb exception when rolling forward a report.
PM81903 Performance of FSR 6.6.1 much slower then 6.5.1 with no changes
PM82223 TOC page # do not match to report page #
PM82409 NullReferenceException when validating report
PM82653 XBRL UTR Validation Error
PM82697 Font is changed on report generation
PM82713 Query not refreshing on Roll over (6.6.1.x)
PM82945 Message: Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute.
PM83197 Page number on TOC does not match page number on report
PM83198 Unable to build clean instance file
PM83206 TOC Page Numbers are Incorrect
PM83461 Row height inconsistencies with Edgar report generation
PM83550 Audit Trail not accurate
PM83981 FSR Installation: Updating Permissions
PM84010 Unable to generate EDGAR report
PM84126 FSR - Query builder cannot retrieve more than 65536 rows
PM84319 Charts Generated from word don't have the same number of DPI as in
PM84396 ContentException when setting Data Points to "Automatic"
PM84418 Track changes with FSRWordToPdfConverter.exe
PM84628 Report Load and Access times increased in reports rolled forward with hot fix 3
PM84658 EDGAR: TOC and Page numbering issue
PM84746 Table border partially not generated
PM84814 FSR Charts legend changing format
PM84901 Validation report not shown when validation failed
PM85138 Error Initializing XBRL
PM85140 external data load: .xlsx files take longer to refresh than .xls files (in spite of a reduction in file size)
PM85343 Font size not being maintained when Excel object generated to Word Document
PM86111 Object reference not set to an instance of an object error when linking excel files
PM86732 Report Management: Changing Workflow Status freezes FSR if Email notification is closed
PM86794 ##D Variables Cannot Be Replaced
PM86856 Too many parameters were provided in this RPC request sql exception in FSR
PM87105 XET Performance: Load, Save, and Generate Take Long
PM87372 Left border not generated for some cells
PM87717 FSR - InDesign XML files include word comments.
PM87821 FSR - Pilcrow causes FSR to crash when generating to powerpoint
PM87838 FSR Duplicate Variables Popup
PM87957 EDGAR generation fails
PM88018 Charts do not scale correctly on Windows XP with "UseEnhancedMetafileForCharts" enabled
PM88112 Long customized group name pushes screen out of bounds on Hebrew environment
PM88153 Long dashes and the RenderExcelWithTrailingSpace key
PM88196 User appears in workflow even tough it's not an FSR enabled user
PM88966 SQL Exception - Collation Error occurs when opening an object
PM90234 TOC is incorrect in FSR 6.6.1FP2
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 FP2.
Number Description
PI05875 FSR - Filte by Visibility Export All -> Exports unseen objects
PI06587 FSR - Combine Hebrew and English words in footnotes
PI07100 FSR Attribute 'name' is not allowed to appear in element 'a'.
PI08071 FSR - Extraline added after report generation
PI08125 Edgar: HTML - Bullets have extra spacing in some cases
PI08582 FSR XET: changing taxonomy prefix changes ElementID String
PI10413 FSR- iXBRL File Invalid
PI10968 Image quality of gif logo degraded when generating EDGAR Report in FSR
PI11979 FSR - Excel Cell Format Adds Apostrophe After Number
PI12326 XBRL formatting issue on Previewer
PI12932 After upgrade, Smartview does not refresh for all users
PI13572 FSR - Support for Hyperion Retrieve
PI13970 Footnote issue
PI14610 FSR - Report rollforward with case sensitive server collation
PI15286 Footnotes not printing in FSR 6612HF14
PI16794 Superscript not displaying after FSR672HF10 upgrade
PI16804 Performance Issues When Generating Entire Report or Opening Objects
PM80131 Environment path is changed due to Essbase Excel addins causing connection to fail in FSR
PM82535 Canceling email send using MS Outlook blocks FSR UI
PM88293 FSR - modifying the data connection causes the FSR UI to crash
PM88432 FSR crashing when deleting orphan tags
PM89771 Image ranges randomly missing in generation
PM89922 Excel object crashes FSR
PM90109 FSR - Exporting Excel Objects for Custom Groups
PM90113 FSR - Autogenerate _GoBack bookmark causes report generation delay
PM91566 Cannot disable e-mail notifications
PM91703 Invalid link when generating XBRL instance
PM91765 Customized Group Drop Down Doesn't Allow Blank Selection
PM91883 Block variables do not remove old content before updating
PM92096 FSR - Report Summary sort order when using Move to this status
PM92335 Fix Pack 2 No longer has option to Replace deprecated elements automatically
PM92603 FSR - Data Wizard Selections Being Removed on Edit
PM92751 FSR - Break Type: New Page does not work for Word objects
PM92756 FSR - Save Prompts for Excel objects appear when they should not
PM92868 FSR - Task Permissions - Print Option default value
PM92932 FSR - AR Query Based Pivot Table Shows Values and Sum as Zero
PM93140 FSR - Various Interactions with Email Notifications Freezes FSR
PM93181 Section sort sequence not respected when exporting all Excel objects
PM93766 Unable to Access/View Object
PM93974 Table Format Issue After Upgrade
PM94152 XBRL Textblock tags that are tagged to “##RS” show “RS” as value
PM94303 Essbase causes FSR to Crash
PM95031 FSR - False Positive - Validation Error 'Instance filename is not as expected...'
PM95077 FSR - Imported XSLM doesn't save
PM95793 Font Changing within report when generated
PM96185 Pivot Tables Are Lost in FP2
PM97095 Unable to upgrade FSR database from 6.3x on SQL 2005
PM97300 Negative and Positive numbers not aligning correctly in FP2 with Cell format Accounting
PM97566 FSR - AR Queries fail at object-level after upgrade
PM98168 FSR - ##SL and ##NL on columns side-by-side cause column on right to not generate
PM98207 FSR - SQL Query Error
PM98914 FSR - Problem when generating after HF7 upgrade
PM99118 Error with graphic (.jpg file) after validating EDGAR document to SEC website for filing
PM99137 Account Hierarchy data sources unable to be modified
PM99588 Excel processes in background when DefaultExcelInitialization = false
PM99594 Unable to export excel objects to 1 workbook - fails with ArgumentOutOfRangeException
PM99768 FSR - EDGAR Generation - Report contains a non-breaking space in header
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 FP3.
Number Description
PI21351 FSR - All "Show Alias" checkboxes unchecked for Essbase Data Pulls
PI21599 FSR variables not being recognised
PI22015 FSR - Office Upgrade Utility changes Print Type to Report
PI22077 Hanging brackets in ##SL column
PI23510 Migration fails if checking schema mapping for certain schemas
PI25145 Inaccurate validation of EFM rule 6.10.09
PI26523 FSR - Upgrade from Hyperion 9 to Hyperion 11 causes queries to stop working
PI27844 FSR - ERTC - Hyperion 11.1.2.x 64-bit is giving protected memory error messages
PI29007 FSR - Performance for excel objects off a Shared Drive/Folder is Slower
PI29857 FSR validator Enhancement Request
PI30954 XBRL - Duration inconsistent with document type validation error missing
PI31118 FSR - Supporting multiple datasources for FSR utility
PI32807 XET: Import that cannot be mapped
PI33030 FSR - Paragraph Missing From iXBRL Report
PI35400 FSR iXBRL - Attributes Cannot Appear in Elements
PI37168 FSR - Hierarchy issue: account dissapearing if it is made his own parent
PM70301 FSR - Edgar HTML document rendering headers incorrect order
Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Financial Statement Reporting 6.6.1 FP4.
Number Description
PI13255 Overlapping Chart labels
PI13772 FSR Excel tables randomly disappear during report generation
PI43861 Unable to copy objects when report opened under custom group
PI47727 FSR would crash when trying to access XBRL areas when a query variable time period is used within XBRL tags
PI53146 In a filtered users list, changing the group association for a user will crash FSR with a "NullReferenceException"
PI54080 When trying to "Export All Excel Objects" in FSR, the application crashes with an "InvalidOperationException"
PI55416 XBRL instance cannot be built due to timeout
PI58674 Issue generating cells with conditional formatting
PI60399 Audit Report Missing in HTML ixbrl file

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