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Client self assist - Technical Support Information for IBM BigFix (once known as IBM Endpoint Manager) Administrators


As a valued IBM Endpoint Manager client who has contacted technical support, we hope you find this information useful.  This newsletter contains links to Endpoint Manager technical support documents and information. It is intended to help you be proactive in the support and administration of your software.

Product releases and news
  1. Fix Central for IBM Endpoint Manager
    This page points to the fixes by version for the Endpoint Manager product.
  2. Open Mic Webcast by Endpoint Manager Support: Using BigFix Software Distribution - 7 Oct 2015
    Members of the BigFix Support team shared information on the IBM Software Distribution application. View the replay at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiWHJY1XbeA
  3. Open Mic Webcast: Business Value of IBM License Metric Tool and Sub-capacity Pricing - 6 October 2015
    Members of the Software Asset Management Project Office shared benefits of ILMT and the expectations of using it. This was not a technical presentation. The audience was project leaders, decision makers, and middle management. View the replay at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkzezJigHNc
  4. Open Mic Webcast: Elements for a successful ILMT/SUA deployment - 24 September 2015
    Members of the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) technical support team shared information for optimizing the launch of ILMT or SUA (Software Use Analysis tool).View the replay at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s375y05IOaw
  5. Security patches for IBM BigFix Platform 9.1, 9.0, and 8.2 now available
    The IBM BigFix Platform team is releasing the following patches: 9.1 Patch 7 (9.1.1257.0), 9.0 Patch 8 (9.0.897.0), and 8.2 Patch 12 (8.2.1472.0)
  6. Important information about BigFix 9.2 Patch 5 upgrade
    We would like to highlight some differences in upgrade timing customers will likely experience when upgrading to this versio
  7. BigFix Patch for Windows extends support to include Windows 10
    Announcing support for Windows 10: Windows 10 updates are cumulative and packages contain all the previously released fixes. As most patches are cumulative, the new patches are going to supersede all the earlier patches.
  8. BigFix Patch for Windows to provide all language-independent content in the Patches for Windows site starting December 1, 2015
    BigFix Patch for Windows will stop releasing language-independent patches into the different language sites. To avoid missing updates, including critical security updates, subscribe all the endpoints in your deployment to the Patches for Windows (English) site before December 1, 2015.
  9. BM BigFix Patch releases native tools site for SUSE Linux Enterprise 12
    Announcing the release of the native tools site, named "Patches for SLE 12 Native Tools", for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.
  10. IBM BigFix Patch releases native tools site for CentOS 7
    Announcing the release of the native tools site for CentOS 7, called "Patches for CentOS 7"
  11. IBM BigFix Compliance 1.7 is now available
    Announcing the release of IBM BigFix Compliance version 1.7.30, formerly called IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance Analytics (SCA).
  12. SCM Content UPDATE: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Checklists
    The BigFix Compliance team has updated the content for various Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) checklists.
  13. *NEW* SCM Content: Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Checklists
    IBM is pleased to announce the availability of the new security configuration management checklists for IBM BigFix Compliance (formerly known as IBM Endpoint Manager for Security and Compliance).

Helpful articles
  1. Why is it required to restart Mac endpoints after applying a patch?
    Majority of the Fixlets in the Patches for Mac site and Updates for Mac Applications site require the endpoint to be restarted after applying a patch to ensure the stability of the endpoint’s operating system.
  2. Searching TEM Client computers by IP Address, when the computer has multiple IP Addresses.
    How do I search the computer by IP Address, if the computer has more than one IP Address?
  3. Videos for BigFix (IBM Endpoint Manager)
    Training and tutorial videos for the BigFix product.
  4. What is the BES Client Diagnostics Tool
    This tool can be used to gather detailed technical information for troubleshooting endpoint issues.
  5. Location of the TEM Client logs
    Where can I find the TEM Client log files for each operating system?

Upcoming events
  1. Open Mic: BigFix Relays (Part 1 of 2) November 19, 2015
    Add your questions for the panel at this forum post
  2. Open Mic: BigFix Relays (Part 2 of 2) December 17, 2015
    Subject matter expert Adam McDonald will continue the discussion of IBM BigFix relays
  3. BigFix Events
    Join us at user conferences and more!

New Technotes
  1. MDT bundle versions
    Which are the MDT bundle verstions supported by IEMfOSD
  2. Relay downloads patch from Internet directly instead of gathering from IEM Server
    Why patch is downloaded to Server as well, even set Relay download directly from Internet, instead of gathering from IEM Server?
  3. Why do some actions not execute immediately after selecting Take Action from the IEM Support Center pop-up?
    After clicking the 'Take Action' button in the action message pop-up window or waiting until the message deadline, the action does not run at once on client, but changes status to 'Waiting for processing...' Several minutes later, the action starts and the status changes to 'Running.' What is IEM doing during this time?
  4. New Site version couldn't be gathered
    From the IEM Diagnostic Tool, "Test failed" errors are shown.
  5. A Connection to the BES_bfenterprise database could not be established 9.2.3 & above
    A connection to the BES_bfenterprise database could not be established when running the BES Admin Tool, and Besrelay.log has error
  6. Why action results reported from client to server might get delayed
    After running an action on a client, the action status will be always reported back after 20 minutes.
  7. Evaluate relevance through QnA on Red Hat Enterprise/ Solaris / AIX
    How to evaluate each relevance of the fixlet through QnA on Linux or AIX
  8. The method to show the IE version for the windows server on the console.
    IEM administrator wants to have a property to show on the IEM console to get the IE version on the clients.
  9. OSD Server Unable to Complete Sync.
    Is there something that could prevent the OSD Server Synchronization?
  10. Migrate Custom Web Reports to new server
    Is there a way to retain my present Custom Web Reports when I move to a new Web Reports server?
  11. Four Eyes Authentication on a Linux BigFix server
    How do I set Four Eyes Authentication on a Linux BigFix server?
  12. Tivoli Remote Control Admin Password Change for MS SQL Database
    How to reset admin password in Tivoli Remote Control for MSSQL Database?
  13. Minimum database user privileges
    We have made the installation user member of sysadm. When the database is created using the stuff below is it still required that the installation user is a member of the sysadm group?
  14. Evaluate relevance through the Fixlet Debugger on Windows
    How to evaluate each relevance of the fixlet through the Fixlet Debugger tool on Windows
  15. Manually uninstall IEM Client on Linux
    Commands to manually uninstall IEM Client on Linux using the built in package manager.
  16. BESClient process is not started after installation on AIX
    AIX Agent is not listed in IEM Console -> All Content -> Computers, after installing BESAgent. Check the process, BESClient service is not started.
  17. Fixlet false relevant troubleshooting under 'Patches for Windows' site
    The fixlet is relevant to client, however, it maybe false. For example, run fixlet under 'Patches for Windows', action failed with non-zero Exit Code, such as 17028, 17025, 17031 and 17034.
  18. Prompted to change SA password during the installation or upgrade of the BigFix server
    What to do when prompted to change the SA password during the installation or upgrade of the BigFix server

Community links
  1. IBM BigFix Forum
    The message board on the internet for discussions between IBM Endpoint Manager users, administrators, and supporters
  2. IBM developerWorks BigFix wiki
    This wiki contains primarily customization scenarios, edge cases, FAQs, and best practices. It is intended to cater to both beginner and advanced users.
  3. IBM developerWorks BigFix blog
    This blog provides insights into the endpoint management solution, as well as technical details about specific IBM products. You can read the perspectives from network and service assurance experts.

Social media
  1. BigFix Mailing Lists
    To receive notifications from our BigFix engineers please join the BigFix Mailing Lists. Note that this is not the Support mailing list that you already might be on that gets this newsletter sent to you.

Contact Support
  1. How to contact IBM Security Support
    Remote technical support is available electronically via the web or by telephone. The IBM Software Support team is available to help troubleshoot and resolve your software problems or answer your questions related to the installation or operation of supported IBM Security Systems products.
  2. Service Request
    Allows you to create, update and monitor PMRs form our online web portal.
  3. My Notifications
    This feature will email you when new technotes, flashes, and docs are create about a specific product.
  4. Fix Central
    Fix Central provides fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system.
  5. IBM Support Portal
    Provides a wealth of content for IBM products.

Product Alias/Synonym

Tivoli Endpoint Manager
Endpoint Manager
BigFix Endpoint Manager
IBM BigFix

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