APAR/PTF table for WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Version v7.0 for z/OS

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This table includes information about APAR and PTF downloads for IBM WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Version 7.0 for z/OS that are available for download from the WebSphere Virtual Enterprise support site.


Note: Fix Pack PTFs are not cumulative service deliveries based on the general availability (GA) of the product. Fix Pack PTF deliveries either require a previous Fix Pack PTF delivery as a prerequisite or supersede a previous Fix Pack PTF delivery.

To locate WebSphere Network Deployment PTF numbers, see:
APAR/PTF Table for WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V7.0
APAR/PTF table for WebSphere Application Server V8.0 for z/OS

Ship Date Fixpack Function Modification ID WebSphere Virtual Enterprise PTF WebSphere Application Server v7.0 PREREQ/APAR
07/24/2011 HEJO700 UK69872 PM39543
10/01/2011 HEJO700 UK72633
10/01/2011 HEJO700 UK72641
11/01/2011 HEJO700 UK73641
12/07/2012 HEJO700 UK83882
12/07/2012 HEJO700 UK83883
11/15/2013 HEJO700 UI12365
07/22/2014 HEJO700 UI19596

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