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This document contains links to WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration technical support documents and information. It is intended to help you to be proactive in the support and administration of your software. This document includes:

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  1. Join this technical exchange webcast on June 12 and find out what's new in WebSphere Cast Iron v7
    This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange is designed to explore the latest release's new features and updates to existing components. A replay will be available.
  2. See this announcement about Cast Iron Live 7.0
    This announcement letter provides details about the new features and functions in version 7.0
  3. OpenSSL Heartbleed bug impact on Cast Iron Appliance
    This support flash provides information on the appliance versions impacted by the Heartbleed bug and details on how to resolve the issue.
  4. See this YouTube video on developing a Cast Iron Cloud integration orchestration
    See how to develop an orchestration using HTTP receive request and HTTP send response activities and deploy it on the integration appliance.
  5. See another YouTube video on developing Cast Iron orchestrations
    See how to develop an orchestration that extracts a customer record from a CSV file located on an FTP server, then create the corresponding Account object in Salesforce.com
  6. Webcast replay: WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration Overview
    This WebSphere Support Technical Exchange provides an overview of WebSphere Cast Iron and covers different business integration scenarios for WebSphere Cast Iron.
  7. Top 3 Tweets for WebSphere Cast iron Cloud integration
    Follow us on Twitter to receive timely updates
  8. See this Cast Iron video on empowering managed service providers to offer integration services
    This YouTube video provides a demo of SAP to salesforce.com using TIPs.
  9. Creating an HTTP Endpoint with HTTPS Connection for Cast Iron Studio
    Where can I find more information about creating or editing an HTTP endpoint to create an HTTPS connection?
  10. IBM Knowledge Center is now Generally Available!
    IBM Knowledge Center brings together over 800 individual Information Centers into a single application. Through July 2014, IBM will be redirecting Information Center pages that you might have bookmarked directly to the corresponding pages in Knowledge Center.
  11. MQ connection is terminating with error code 2009
    Use this Cast Iron technote when receiving this error code indicating that something prevented a successful connection to the Queue Manager.
  12. Modifying Cast Iron web management console script for LDAP fix to avoid LDAP server binding
    LDAP server binds due to a large number of calls by the Cast Iron appliance
  13. The singleton condition for mapping a recurring to non-recurring node does not get updated when mapping is present under Map input in WebSphere Cast Iron Studio
    Unable to update/change the value of the singleton condition/index of the node under the Select Occurrence window, (Select One Occurrence and Select Occurrence When), when the mapping is done from a recurring to a non-recurring node.


  1. WebSphere Cast Iron planned maintenance release dates
    The purpose of this document is to publish the planned maintenance availability dates for the WebSphere Cast Iron products. These dates are guidelines highlighting when future maintenance should be released to enable customers to plan maintenance upgrades to their machines
  2. WebSphere Cast Iron Detailed System Requirements
    The detailed system requirements information provides the complete lists of hardware requirements, supported operating systems, prerequisites and optional supported software, with component-level details and operating system restrictions.
  3. MustGather: Read first for WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration
    Collecting troubleshooting data for WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud Integration before contacting IBM Support will help expedite the resolution.
  4. WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration fix packs are available
    Fix packs for WebSphere Cast Iron Cloud integration are now available for download.
  5. WebSphere Cast Iron Support Lifecycle
    This document provides information on the Support Lifecycle for WebSphere Cast Iron offerings.


  1. Build Cast Iron skills.
    Use the training path on this site to build skills and become certified.
  2. developerWorks
    An IBM resource for developers and IT professionals.
  3. Technical Exchange webcasts
    Join us as technical experts share their knowledge and then answer your questions. Visit this site often to see upcoming topics.
  4. IBM Software Redbooks
    Hundreds of IBM Redbooks publications are available for downloading.

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