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This is the support resources home page for the TSAMP product. Each tab contains a collection of information that has been identified as most relevant for the given category. Click a button to see the available resources for a specific topic.



Find answers to common TSAMP questions on "dW Answers". TSAMP Support Engineers participate on "dW Answers". Use the tag "TSA" or "SAMP" to help filter searches or when tagging new TSA related questions.
A must have ! Download a tool to health check a TSAMP managed DB2 HADR or HA Shared Disk environment. This tool will also fix a lot of the problems it finds.
TSAMP 3.2.2.x has reached its end of support as of Sept 2016. Please consider upgrading to a supported version of TSAMP as soon as possible.
After applying AIX 7100-05-01-1731 which includes RSCT, neither IBM.GblResRM nor IBM.RecoveryRM would stay active. Click left to see more details on this topic.
Just upgraded to RHEL 7.4 and all resource groups are shown to be Pending Online but none of the resources are starting, please click here for more information.

Product Deliverables

Latest Fixpacks for each supported release of the Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) product.
All you need to know about collecting diagnostic data, using 'getsadata', so we can help you troubleshoot a problem. The latest copy of 'getsadata' is included here.

IBM Knowledge Center

Formal product documentation for the Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) product.
Formal product documentation for the Reliable Scalable Cluster Technology product.
Formal product documentation for the DB2 for LUW product.


Basic Troubleshooting for TSAMP
Common Problems using Tivoli System Automation for MP

Installation & Migration

Migrating to TSAMP v3.2.1 from any earlier release

Configuration & Customization

Integrating TSAMP v3.2 with DB2 HADR v10.1
Integrating TSAMP v3.2 with DB2 HA Shared Disk v10.1
Integration of Tivoli Automation MP and DB2 v9.5 HADR
TSAMP Specifics in a DB2 Balanced Warehouse Environment

Collect Data Instructions

Instructions for using "getsadata" to collect diagnostic data within all TSAMP environments.
Data collection strategy for all TSAMP environments. Includes details specific to "trace spooling".

Tracing and Logging

How do I setup syslog on AIX in such a way as to capture all relevant messages and errors from TSAMP and RSCT sub-systems, and the DB2 automation scripts ?
How can I setup trace spooling for my RSCT and TSAMP Daemons so I can keep more historical information of the clusters trace, trace_pub and trace_summary logs?
To prevent loss of trace data due to wrapping of standard trace files, use the configuration below to save round-robin trace files for IBM.RecoveryRM and IBM.GblResRM in a separate directory.
Trace Spooling can require a significant amount of storage. Is there a way to take advantage of the multiple round-robin trace files without the actual spooling of trace files to another storage location ?

Common Problems (General)

The "lssam" command is hanging. How can I troubleshoot and resolve this type of problem ?
To force the Master IBM.RecoveryRM (RecRM) daemon hosted by one node to move to another node, the following information is available.
Domain does not come online on both nodes when viewed from the perspective of each individual node. "lsrpnode" from each node shows itself online and the other node as offline.
Issuing lsrpnode command shows that the local node is online but the remote node is offline while the other server shows the reverse. Whichever node the command is issued on shows online, while the other node is always shown as offline. The clustered nodes exist in different subnets.

Common Problems involving Reboots

Within a Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) solution, what would trigger a reboot of the server by the cluster software (RSCT) ?
One of the nodes of a two node cluster is rebooting intermittently
When the primary server in my 2 node cluster goes down, the network adapter on the standby server starts being reported as malfunctioning or offline as well. This often prevents a failover or causes unexpected outages on the standby server.

Common Problems Specific to DB2 Environments

After some maintenance activities on the standby server, the TSAMP managed DB2 instance cannot be restarted. It stays "Offline" and its overall group shows "Failed offline"
HADR Resource Group not coming online on available node even though the resource group is unlocked and Nominal=Online
db2haicu fails to create resource group and db2diag.log shows the error: 2661-011 The command specified for attribute MonitorCommand is NULL, not a absolute path, does not exist or has insufficient permissions to be run.
db2haicu was used to build a HADR automation policy without error but the DB2 instance resources on each node both show Pending online permanently. The underlying DB2 engines are running and the HADR database is currently peer connected.
Performed a controlled HADR takeover which was successful from the perspective of db2pd, but TSAMP's 'lssam' command shows the HADR group locked and Pending online. The ServiceIP remains offline on both nodes and there is a control flag set to SuspendedPropagated.
A network outage affected the public NIC on the primary HADR server but there was no automated failover. The only change in the 'lssam' output was the NIC (on the primary server) within the db2_public_network_0 equivalency changing to Offline.

Upgrade/Migration Mini-Guides (Whitepapers)

Applying a TSAMP fixpack to a v3.2.x.x install. The attached whitepaper is written for a DB2 v9.5/9.7/10.1 Automated Failover HADR environment, however the core upgrade and migration steps apply to any TSAMP v3.2 environment.
Migrating to v3.2 from v2.x or v3.1, without the need to upgrade via any intermediate base level release(s). The attached whitepaper is written for a DB2 v9.5/9.7 Automated Failover HADR environment, however the core upgrade and migration steps apply to any TSAMP migration from an earlier release to a newer release.
Migrating IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) from v2.2 to v3.1 using the Entire Domain Migration method. This whitepaper is written for a DB2 HADR environment, however the core upgrade and migration steps apply to any TSA MP 2.2 to 3.x migration.
Migrating IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) from v2.2 to v3.2 using the Entire Domain Migration method. This applies to a DB2 warehouse environment, however the migration steps apply to any TSA MP 2.2 to 3.2 migration.
This whitepaper is written for a DB2 v9.5/9.7 Automated Failover HADR environment. The goal is to show how to keep the database available on one server while maintenance of any sort is carried out on the other server.
Rolling Upgrade steps for a DB2 Shared Disk environment which is automated by TSAMP.

Hot Technotes

Hot Resources

This is small tool that will streamline the creation of an automation policy (resource model) so as to allow TSAMP to manage a DB2 HADR environment on the Windows platform.
In Version 9.7 Fix Pack 4 and later fix packs, you can use these new scripts to enable automatic management for DB2® servers using DB2 High Availability Disaster Recovery (HADR) and IBM® Tivoli® System Automation for Multiplatforms (SA MP) on Windows operating systems.

Best Practices

Cluster Heartbeat and RSCT Initiated Reboots

Common Configuration Topics

Manual Operation



Formal product documentation for the IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms (TSAMP) product with the Knowledge Center.
Portal dedicated to the support of IBM products. This link will take you to TSAMP's Support Portal.
Portal to BLOG, WIKI, Forum, and many other general resources for the TSAMP product.
This portal allows you to configure how you get information about what happens on the support portal, such as being notified when new technotes are published, or new APARs have been opened. You can receive notifications by subscribing either by email or RSS feed.
Webpage showing the availability and end-of-support dates for the TSAMP product.
You can go directly here to open a new PMR. This also is accessible under the Support Portal.
AOS can be used by IBM to remotely connect to your system to speed up problem determination, data collection, and, ultimately, problem resolution times.
This is the Enhanced Customer Data Repository. When you have files to provide support that are too large to supply in email, use this solution to supply IBM with the data required by support to resolve your issues.
This is for the IBM RFE Community for TSAMP, so that you can see what's the top 20 requests are, and open new ones.

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