Limitations for shared Eclipse 3.6.x-based IBM product installations

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Problems can occur when you install Eclipse 3.6.x-based products into a shared package group (shell sharing) using Installation Manager.


For information about which products can share a package group, see the following technote:

Cannot shell-share IBM Data Studio with other 64 bit products

IBM Data Studio is only available as a 32 bit application and cannot be shell-shared other 64 bit products. For example, if you install the 64 bit version of IBM Rational Application Developer 8.0, you cannot install and shell-share it with Data Studio 3.1.1.

You must run the -clean option after uninstalling a product from a package group

For all shell-shared Eclipse products, after you uninstall a product from a package group, you must use the - clean option to start any of the remaining products in that package group.
For example, if you uninstall Data Studio 3.1.1 from a package group where Rational Application Developer 8.0 is also installed, then you must start Rational Application Developer 8.0 with the -clean option.

For more information about using the -clean option to start Data Studio, see Starting the product in the IBM Data Studio Information Center.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Information Management InfoSphere Data Architect Linux, Windows 8.1
Information Management InfoSphere Warehouse DWE - Design Studio Linux, Windows 10.1

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