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This document contains links to publications and information about the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio. The latest version of the Intelligence Analysis Portfolio documentation is available in the IBM Knowledge Center. In addition, to support customers on earlier versions, information is also provided in PDF documents.


The IBM Knowledge Center contains the latest information on how to configure and use the products in the IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio:

In addition to the latest information hosted in the IBM Knowledge Center, the online help that is packaged with the product provides information that is specific to the version that you have installed. For other information, such as deployment or configuration advice, version specific information is available:

Knowledge Center content


Understanding IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis

Understanding IBM i2 Analyze

Installing and Deploying



Other PDFs

IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio

IBM i2 iBase

IBM i2 iBase IntelliShare

IBM i2 Information Exchange for Analyst's Notebook Client

Retired guides

The following documents no longer apply to the latest version of IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis Portfolio:

IBM provides software developers with documentation and other support for customizing and extending the IBM i2 Analyze enterprise intelligence analysis capability used by IBM i2 Enterprise Insight Analysis.

For information about installing and using a development environment for i2 Analyze, see the IBM i2 Analyze Developer Essentials website.

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