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Cognos Series 7 Version 5 FP1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos Series 7 Version 5.

Details of the APARs listed below can be accessed by clicking the link for the APAR number. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos Series 7.5 FP1 Fix List

Issues corrected since IBM Cognos Series 7 version 5.
Number Description
PK91295 Zero suppression doesn’t work in Excel report when summary rows were hidden.
PK95468 PRS-REQ-0760 - Error when entering a new password that is not different and Password history is set in Access Manager
PK95653 Excel output from Impromptu Web Report contains incorrect count of rows
PK99015 Cannot copy and paste user classes into users
PM00094 N/A values are unexpectedly displayed in Power Play Web
PM01754 Unknown error when saving and opening the PowerPlay Web report
PM04156 VBA Macros in Microsoft Excel, which launch PowerPlay to call SETMDCACCE SSINFO to set an explicit userclss to the user, is not prompted
PM05669 Calculation is changed after undo a cell height change
PM06071 OSVERIFYDB finds errors on new Impromptu Web Report Database file
PM07778 Windows error message on Vista when saving PPR report as excel from scheduler.
PM09949 Although different file name is typed, ""the file already exists..."" in Power Play Windows installed on Vista when saving a report
PM11519 Report layout is changed unintentionally after undoing a process of changing cell size on Reporter.
PM16150 Copy or paste does not work for userclass in 7.4MR4 Access Manager
PM17335 Run report in Windows fails on Vista install.
PM20854 Unable to Send report from Series 7 Scheduler with Outlook 2007
PM23300 Second and Subsequent Rows Will Not Print Correctly with a Chart in a List Column of an Impromptu Report
PM23821 Impromptu Administrator French version does not return data when joined fields have different length in French (Canada) locale
PM26859 On Time Based Partitioned Cubes : Suppress Zeros does not work for ""denied"" data
PM26908 Incorrect minus sign with calculated category and Time Based Partitioned cube
PM27113 LAE created from Access Manager crashes Access manager when accessed
PM29654 List Header not correct when saving as Excel 2002 and Higher
PM29869 PowerPlay Report with a percent of base calculation shows NA on Powerplay Enterprise Server 7.4 MR4 on SUN Solaris
PM30510 Nested categories don't appear when saving as Excel
PM31118 IWR schedules run at incorrect time in Brisbane Time Zone GMT+10
PM31995 OpenReportExA does not pass prompt values to sub reports correctly
PM32294 Numeric data format is changed to text after saving the report as xlsx in PowerPlay Client 7.5
PM33335 PowerPlay Client formatting is lost when switching from a crosstab to a graph
PM33714 PowerPlay report exported to Excel 2007 formatting incorrect
PM34321 PowerPlay Client Excel 2007 export does not use the local decimal separator (comma), but the default decimal separator (point)
PM35706 A record has been rejected. An arithmetic overflow has occurred
PM36603 Product cores due to
PM37437 Hidden category is shown in Excel report
PM37823 Connection error message in Impromptu 7.5 while using Sybase 12.5.1 client
PM38925 PPES 7.5 show wrong values for calculations between 0 and -1 - negative sign is missing
PM39019 Different product behavior on hidden summary in Excel output report for Power Play User 7.5 and 7.4.
PM39046 Category names in columns are missing in Power Play 7.5 Excel export if zero suppression is used
PM39884 Description of icons being displayed on status bar of browser is incorrect in PowerPlay Web.
PM41340 Categories at the highest level of the Row disappear in Excel if applying zero suppression in PowerPlay client 7.5
PM42044 Extra Columns Created When Exporting Impromptu 7.5 Report to Excel
PM42244 Portal Integration with Power Play Enterprise Server 7 and Cognos 10 is not working consistently
PM42658 PowerPlay for Excel is unable to update the crosstab when using Essbase data source
PM42793 PowerPlay client. Hidden items are displayed when exported to Excel
PM43036 Export to Excel format from Impromptu/IWR outputs incorrect date
PM43344 Additional columns added to excel output after upgrading from 7.4 MR4 to 7.5 GA
PM44575 Unable to Build Cube from Impromptu report when IMR path contains . (dot) in path
PM44989 ""Save as"" overwrites existing .ppx reports
PM47940 Customized Toolbar in PowerPlay Client aren't saved when it's installed on Windows 7
PM48138 Page generation error while preparing a page based on template: iwr_modifyprompts.utml
PM50389 Impromptu Web Reports Server Administrator hangs sporadically
PM50468 Run-time error when replace a worksheet from Navigator in PowerPlay for Excel
PM51833 Impromptu 7.5 RTM save as xlsx with a period in the file name will not save
PM53225 Network down during importing text data causes incomplete cube created without error
PM54456 Impromptu Web Report Drill Through not working when catalog filter contains Umlaut

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