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Open Mic Webcast replay: Ensuring a smooth upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 IFR 1 - 29 February 2012



A replay is available for "Ensuring a smooth upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 IFR 1," an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers hosted on 29 February 2012.


This document includes a summary of questions and answers from the session, as well as the presentation and recording of the call. Advanced questions and other discussions for this Webcast can be found in this Sametime forum post.




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Time Question & answer summary
00:00 Introduction & overview
02:15 Presentation
33:00 As part of our upgrade, we are using a policy to push out managed settings to clients. The propagation isn't working for Meeting Server settings only. Other polices work fine. Any ideas?

The procedure you outlined should work. The initial troubleshooting you did is sound. First, determine whether the managed setting policy is getting to the clients correctly. If it is, a next step is to determine which settings are not being applied correctly and if those are ones that are manageable. For some settings, you have to reset the client for settings to take effect. Please continue your work with IBM Support to troubleshoot.
36:30 Do the same steps and instructions covered in the presentation apply when upgrading from 7.0 to 8.5.2?

In that case, consider building a new Sametime 8.5.2 environment, and then migrate users over to it, for example, by forcing them to the new server through DNS. That is often a simpler upgrade path for 7.0 environments. Other paths are more entailed. Once you have your 8.5.2 setup, you migrate by copying the vpuserinfo over (that file is generally forward compatible), running the name change utility if necessary, and testing. The impact to users can be kept minimal.
37:30 We are upgrading the servers from 8.5.1 to 8.5.2 IFR 1. At this time, we will not be updating the Sametime embedded clients in Notes 8.5.1. New users will get the embedded in Notes 8.5.2. We will be using video & voice in the browser for meetings with external people. Any problems?

As a general rule, no problems are expected with those client versions and an 8.5.2 IFR 1 server. There are some cases where problems can occur with TLS certificates or the media portion for the embedded client. If you experience problems with those cases, technotes and fixes exist to help you resolve them. Normal client activity is fine.
39:00 When using a web browser to access a Sametime meeting room, I get a message that Java is not installed. Suggestions?

That problem could occur if the Java applet for application sharing cannot detect or find the local JRE. Security settings could also be a factor. The next step would be to collect diagnostic (debug) information, including the Java console, and review that for more details.
40:15 Is there any matrix explaining the Lotus products tested and validated with Sametime 8.5.2?

There is no specific matrix. Try IBM's Software Product Compatibility Reports web site, specifically the "Products that use a specific prerequisite" report, to check compatibility for multiple products at once. You'll also find the information about what other products work with 8.5.2, the products and versions tested, in the System Requirements for the respective products. For example, check the IBM Connections requirements to see what Sametime versions that Connections supports.
What is the supported Sametime Gateway version with Sametime 8.5.2?

Sametime Gateway 8.0.x and 8.5.x versions are supported with Sametime 8.5.2.
42:25 Can you comment on the learning curve for WebSphere technology as it applies to Sametime 8.5? What classes can you take?

A way to get comfortable and start learning is by setting up a Sametime System Console on a test server and walking through the user interface. The System Console is a web-based administration interface, designed to be intuitive, with in-line help links for every page you might go to. The Sametime product documentation steps you through anything you might need to do within that process. Plus, the development team has taken steps with functionality like Guided Activities to minimize the complexity of the WebSphere technology. However, the more you learn WebSphere, the easier certain concepts come to be, like cells, node, or node agent.

The panel shared the following resources for getting started:
46:15 To prepare for our upgrade, we've been testing audio and video in the Meeting server. Within a meeting room, audio works, but video fails. We get an "unspecified dial failures" when adding video into a meeting. Suggestions?

That message usually indicates a problem either resolving the IP address of the user trying to join or getting to the packet switcher for video streams with an n-way setup. As a first step, find more specific errors by checking logs for a timeout type of condition, which presents itself to a user as "unspecified dial." In a meeting, it's all considered n-way, so all going to the packet switcher.
A way to see what might be happening is the Conference Manager page at the following URL: http://machinea:9083/ConferenceFocus/ConferenceFocusStatus. Check the port in the URL, and match it to your Conference Manager node. That page shows the status of the different conferences and calls that are happening and their negotiations, so it can be useful for problem determination.
48:30 How do you upgrade Sametime entry on an IBM i platform? For a Community Server, the instructions say to use the restore license program. Are there any other steps?

The panelists have limited familiarity with the IBM i platform, but they are not aware of any special steps being required. Follow the product documentation.
49:15 Have the browser versions supported been updated for IFR 1? For audio/video too?

Sametime 8.5.2 Interim Feature Release 1 (IFR 1), as noted in the system requirements, adds support for Internet Explorer 9 and FireFox versions 6 and 7. Google Chrome is also supported for specific uses as outlined in the requirements.

Web conference chat consolidation:
1 Will we also go over any issues going from 8.0 to 8.5.2?

Not specifically. There was a focused Open Mic previously that would cover more of the 7.5 or 8.0 to 8.5.x that you may want to review:
2 Is there a restriction on name format for public groups in the LDAP directory with Sametime 8.5.2? We are not able to search any public groups that starts with a "#" sign from the embedded Sametime client. The Java search filter and customizations we used in Domino Directory 8.0.2 is not working with Domino Directory 8.5.3. And we are unable to rename all our groups that include "#".

Using special characters for a group in a Domino Directory is not recommended. See Guidelines and restrictions for creating group names in Domino Directory. To determine what adjustments and customizations could help with your situation, open a service request with IBM Support
3 For the backupConfig command mentioned in the presentation, is there a version for IBM i (a.k.a. OS/400)?

Yes, Go to Backing up WebSphere Application Server configurations in the Sametime product documentation, and follow the link within that topic for the BackupConfig syntax for IBM i.
4 We are still on 8.5.2 classic, so we do not have any WebSphere components. Does this IFR 1 apply to us? Is there any documentation available of applying the IFR to the classic setup?

Yes, you can upgrade only the Community Server, to take advantage of any fixes for that area. Refer to the Sametime Fix List. However, there are no features in the Interim Feature Release 1 specific to Community Server or classic meetings.
Within the production documentation, start with the Updating Sametime 8.5.2 on AIX, Linux, Solaris, or Windows topic.
5 Can you define a node?

A node can be thought of as an instance of WebSphere application. Normally the Primary or Secondary Node is just referring to the first and additional members of a cluster.

Excerpt from Overview of WebSphere Application Server concepts for Lotus Sametime 8.5 administrators:
- A node is an administrative grouping of application servers for configuration and operational management within one operating system instance.
- In a stand-alone application server configuration, there is only one node. With Network Deployment, we can configure a distributed server environment consisting of multiple nodes, which are managed from one central administration server.
6 Is Support available on the weekends?

Support for critical problems (severity 1) is available outside normal business hours. Refer to Software Support Handbook for specific information.
7 Can you use Sametime with a SQL server that is not DB2?

No, only DB2 is supported.
8 Can we upgrade the nodes separately across a few days?

No, a cluster must be at the same version. You cannot upgrade your primary node and not upgrade your secondary node.

I understand. I meant to say upgrade components separately. Do I need to upgrade SSC, Community, Media, etc. on the same day?

The only requirement is to upgrade the SSC first. You can have an upgraded SSC with lower versions for Meetings, Media, etc. However, you would not realize all new features until all components are upgraded.
9 We are still running Sametime 7. Can we set up 8.5.2 concurrently and then switch people over to the new environment?

Yes, absolutely. You should make sure the VP_SECURITY_LEVEL matches. When ready to go to 8.5.2, push over vpuserinfo and change the DNS name to point to the new system.

Does vpuserinfo have scheduled meetings data?

The file stconf has the scheduled meetings; vpuserinfo has the contact lists (buddy lists).

Do we move stconf also or will that backlevel us?

If you want to continue to use the Sametime classic meeting server, you would copy over stconf.nsf to your new setup. Replace the design of the database with the latest version after moving the file to the new server machine.
10 I'd like to deploy a single upgraded Sametime Proxy into our existing environment as a proof of concept. Any thoughts?

You would need to upgrade the SSC and then could upgrade Sametime Proxy ... can stop there if you want.

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