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Open Mic Webcast: Recent Contacts & Type-Ahead in Notes 8.5.x (audio replay, presentation, Q&A)



IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers on 24 January 2012. The topic was "Recent Contacts and the New Type-Ahead feature in Lotus Notes 8.5.x Standard."


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Q. Does the DPABRemoveRule notes.ini parameter work in 8.5.1 for existing entries?
A. At minimum 8.5.2.

Q. If mail is sent to a non-deliverable address, will that address automatically be removed from Recent Contacts?
A. Yes, starting in 8.5.3.

Q. If you add "DPABRemoveRule=ACME" to the notes.ini, will existing entries be removed automatically or do they have to be removed manually?
A. In 8.5.2 or higher the entries will be removed automatically.

Q. How does Notes 8.5.3 determine whether an address is invalid before removing Recent Contacts?
A. By looking for valid syntax for Notes and Internet addresses.

Q. If the address syntax appears valid but is non-deliverale, how is it removed from Recent Contacts?
A. Starting in 8.5.3, use the notes.ini parameter "PURGE_RECENT_CONTACTS=1" to reset Recent Contacts.

Q. Even though an invalid contacts has been removed, it is still added to Recent Contacts.
A. Notes 8.5.2 Fix Pack 2 and higher will not add invalid contacts.

Q. Is it possible to see Recent Contacts from an iPhone?
A. Not yet. You must promote from Recent Contact.

Q. How should a DPAB rule be structured to remove "" but keep "name entry/example"?
A. Set the rule to ""

Q. Does Recent Contacts store Domino domain information from an email address?
A. Yes, the domaininformation is stored. (Note: Domain is no longer stored as part of the address, it is just stored as a field.)

Q. Is it possible to prevent certificates for Notes encryption from being included in Recent Contacts?
A. Use the Notes.ini parameter dpabremoverule

Q. Deleted Recent Contacts randomly appear even though .dip files have been deleted.
A. You must remove the contacts from the Recent Contacts view and remove the .dip files.

Q. Is it possible to disable Recent Contacts via policy before the client is first launched?
A. Yes. Use either a Setup policy or Update Install Kit to disable via notes.ini - DisableDPABprocessing=1

Q. Is there a Notes.ini parameter to reset Recent Contacts?
A. Yes, Purge_Recent_Contacts=1 (introduced in 8.5.3)

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