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Updates that apply to DB2® Utilities Enhancement Tool for z/OS® V2.2 User's Guide (SC19-3417-00)


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Update 5
Date of change: December 19, 2012
Topic: Hardware and software prerequisites
Change description: The following documentation change was made.

Software prerequisites
DB2 UET requires the following software:
DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8 (new function mode), or a later version of DB2 with the corresponding version of the DB2 Utilities Suite for z/OS.

Update 4
Date of change: 8/27/2012
Topic: Summary of changes
Change description: The following problems have been corrected:

- DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool no longer allows you to specify duplicate attributes in a <RULE> element in a policy. Attempting to do so results in error message ABPP9941E.

- DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool properly handles a null or blank value because the default values are now set. Error message ABPP9881E occurs when a policy attribute or option parameter is set to a null or blank value.

- DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool now calculates the starting position for a field without a position parameter, and performs PRESORT for a LOAD with no position statement.

- ABEND 0C4 no longer occurs when the practice name in the policy is greater than 32 bytes; error message ABPP9940E is issued.

Update 3
Date of change: 8/27/2012
Topic: ABPP9881E
Change description:

ABPP9881E - Validation error: <ELEMENT> < element_name> attribute value <attribute_name='enum_value'> is not a member of the enumerated type.

Explanation: The value that is specified for an attribute is not one of the valid values that is defined for the attribute in the Document Type Definition (DTD). When the specified value is NULL or blanks, the default value is used.

User response: Correct the attribute value and rerun the job.

Update 2
Date of change: 8/27/2012
Topic: ABPP9940E
Change description:

ABPP9940E - Value exceeds maximum length for PRACTICE NAME practice_name.

Explanation: In the DSNUTILB policy, the length of the specified practice name exceeds the maximum allowable length of 32 characters. This message provides the first 32 characters of the practice name that is in error.

User response: Correct the specified practice name in the DSNUTILB policy so that it does not exceed the maximum allowable length. After making the correction, resubmit the job. For more information about the PRACTICE element, see the IBM DB2 Utilities Enhancement Tool product documentation.

Update 1
Date of change: 8/27/2012
Topic: ABPP9941E
Change description:

ABPP9941E - Attribute attribute_name is duplicated within a single element RULE.

Explanation: In the DSNUTILB policy, the attribute displayed in the message text is duplicated within a single element RULE.

User response: In the DSNUTILB policy, delete the duplicated attribute in the single element RULE, and then resubmit the job.

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