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Cognos TM1 10.1 Fix List

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A comprehensive list of defect corrections for major releases, refresh packs and fix packs of Cognos TM1 10.1. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.

Note: A particular list may contain a combination of APAR references and internal defect numbers. This was necessitated to provide a complete list of corrected defects as we continue to transition our internal defects to APARs. Items with a PK or PM reference are APARs and are searchable on IBM.COM. If you have questions about a particular defect, please contact Customer Support.


Cognos TM1 10.1 fix list

Issues corrected since Cognos TM1 9.5.2 FP1.
Number Description
PM21487 TI- ActionButton: Failed to switch to Sandbox: [Base], TM!APIDOTNET Exception: - Change Set already open
PM21695 TM1Web: Freeze of TM1Web-Client
PM21756 TM1 Active Form crashes Excel 2007 during column insertion
PM21957 TM1 crash while testing HF9
PM22054 Cell with entered value in Contributor follows scroll bar
PM22366 When a cube view is calculating, opening another cube view causes Architect to crash
PM23338 C8ITK Client does not handle compressed data correctly
PM24211 Workflow toolbar error when overriding TM1 Server name
PM24820 Users canot enter a date in TM1Web, generates "Not a number"
PM25644 TM1 save all data - read / write lock
PM36016 In TM1 Web , Review Data Changes icon appears as disabled after performing DONE action in Review cell values Changes
PM26101 Rep/Sync between Windows and AIX causes Architect to freeze
PM27093 UDC: reducing locking contention
PM27291 9.5.1 forces an automatically recalc of the Excel worksheet (even when auto-recalc is turned off)
PM28801 Performance : TM1 Workflow Web unresponsive for admin users having many tasks
PM26799 TM1 9.4.1 FP3 HF10 Server Crash
PM30008 TM1 Package Connector process gets corrupted when a property exceeds 8000 bytes
PM29087 TM1Web - reopening websheet after logout causes heading of traffic light to misplace
PM03737 Export of Report is failing on the web with error, Excel could not open the Xml spreadsheet
PM29307 In the Paging Toolbar, the Apply Manual Page Range button can obscure the Total Number of Rows
PM13363 FilterAxis property in ADOMD in MDX query works differently
PM32160 'Cell is not writeable' error
PM29928 TM1Web: sheet recalculation with an Action Button doesn't happen before running the associated TI (like it does in Excel)
PM30062 Tm1Workflow - no actions are being populated for task
PM30159 On Unix only : the CommandLine argument of the ExecuteCommand is limited to 255 characters
PM57193 TM1 9.5.1 supported platforms needs to be modified to specify only 32bit Windows 7
PM44714 SUBNM fails to find an element in a dimension
PM30534 In Excel 2007 Active Form : applying format on more than 8191 rows gives strange result.
PM30540 "session timeout" Error message during PDF export in tm1web if security apply on dimension
PM30477 Title: TM1 Contributor drill through uncommitted value not displayed until recalculate
PM29692 Error message - Failed to register private sandboxes for client
PM37277 Feeders not firing on startup
PM37695 tm1web: Export to Excel has duplicated file extension in the exported file name
PM38289 [TM1 MDDS/MDDSXQE] Cells which have a status of CellStatus::Null should be rendered as null / empty cells rather than "0".
PM26722 ActiveForm - C11) Formula too long
PK96033 TM1Web: recreating dimension throws 'object not found' for SUBNM
PM12257 TM1: Server crash
PM07435 TM1: VBA API code runs slower in 9.4.MR1.FP2.HF16 versus 9.4.MR1.FP1
PK91829 [TM1] TM1API allows the MDDS adapter to include inaccessible members in MDX, yet suppresses those members from axis data
PM00390 TM1web - unable to enter large String data into comments cell
PM02061 Error message missing in FRA makes Architect crash
PM13619 Client selection is not working as expected
PM02687 TM1 Server crash
PM36166 Username field in TM1Top display window getting truncated
PM04347 TM1 WEB Logout does not clear cookies
PM04446 Doing a data spreading using the Version 2 of the HF28 for the TM1 9.4.1 FP2 server software for Solaris still fails
PM05583 Admin cannot view/add attributes - Error: Client does not have write priviledge on this object
PK94677 "Filter by Attribute" in Subset Editor only returns 200 values in TM1Web (Perspectives Subset Editor returns correct # of values
PK95854 unable to enter c or h or r### into string cell in a websheet
PK93165 Tm1web/Excel Formatting ignored
PM06001 Performance on run TI process from active button
PM03242 Perspectives/Architect crashing
PM09521 Improve time it takes from clicking OK in the subset editor to when the sheet is populated (server side)
PM05523 TM1 dimensions with shared members across multiple hierarchies have very long preload times
PM06315 TM1 Server: TI process taking 2 minutes in 9.0 takes over 30 in 9.4.1.FP2.HF16
PM06646 ISB is only showing a max of 16,398 rows
PM07491 TM1 outage (crash/hang)
PM07961 Paging erroneously invoked when rebuilding a Websheet containing an Active Form
PM09190 TM1 Server Hang
PM09818 String cells not respecting Zero Out operation
PM09520 Perspectives: recalculating worksheet with API code crashes Excel in 9.4.1.FP3 - worked in 8.2.6 and 9.1.4
PM09991 Server crashing on startup when recovering data from log file
PM11569 Excel taking more and more memory when performing Active Form -> Rebuild Current Sheet
PM12713 TM1 Web graph percentage option for axis label differs from Excel in display
PM13885 TM1 API - TM1ObjectAttributeValuesSet showing error [37] ObjectAttributeInvalidType
PM13886 TM1 Server hang
PM14179 TM1 Server Hang
PM15980 Server hangs when executing a chore with EnableBulkLoadMode
PM20171 Server: repetitive production crashes
PM21588 TM1 Contributor 9.5.1 Taking Ownership.
PM22104 The TM1 C API function TM1ObjectAttributeValuesSet cannot process Unicode characters
PM23588 Tm1web: Paging turned on only returns 1 row
PM24587 Contributor data rule validation will not save
PM26020 Cube view changes unexpectedly after client runs TI process.
PM26954 Excel crashes when moving the cursor to the right of the worksheet tm1.xll
PM26958 Cannot copy and paste conditional formatting for an entire column
PM26961 Tm1server crash
PM27214 Active Form will not load data, must be rebuilt every time
PM27588 Regression in 941FP3HF11 when Excluding Cells from Data Spreading
PM29577 Tm1top freezing up and not registering properly in the log file
PM28427 DimensionDestroy causes TM1 server crash
PM33024 Tm1 Performance issues with lots of locking
PM28785 Large Tm1Auditstore logs being generated.
PM28876 Subset filtered with mdx query is truncated after X characters
PM28935 Dimension editor - Performance degradation from 9.0 to 9.4.1fp3 or 9.5 adding elements to a consolidation.
PM29081 COG EXPRESS : unable to view data after save in PDF with Excel book
PM29250 Corruption in display of workflow manager in Web using TM1 Web 9.4.1 FP3 HF12
PM08101 Connect tool very slow compared to ISB connect
PM22394 TM1 Crash - Server crashed and had created a DMP file
PM26579 TM1 Performance issue when moving a row header to a title element
PM30654 Change Set IDs in tm1s.log don't appear to be valid
PK96933 TI: converting-problems of process variable formula with TM1-Version 9.4.1 FP1
PM29715 91: System Parameter Type Invalid -- View error after TM1 server restart
PM33238 Exception thrown in TM1 API when TM1ObjectAttributeValueGet is called with invalid (null) parameters.
PM25654 regression: unable to use copy and paste functionality for text pick list.
PM26030 TM1 Makro Quexport is not working correctly
PM10085 TM1Web: Number of sheets to export exceeds maximum allowed
PM21516 Authorization check for data entry in Cubeview, ISB or when using Data Spreading
PM21718 Unable to Cancel Process Worksheet receive VB error Code execution has been interrupted
PM10206 TM1: server crash when opening a view with a particular user and security setup
PM10379 TM1 Server crash
PM10675 Able to delete protected Excel cells on TM1 Web
PM10680 TM1 contributor log-off page cannot be displayed with ISAPI setting
PM02255 TM1 Excel 2007 crash using active form during column insertion
PM13977 TM1Web: Failed to parse existing xml blob file when reading for view properties…
PM14120 TM1: server crash
PM35554 tm1s.cfg parameter MaximumUserSandboxSize may cause server to crash
PK90439 Macro-function QUEXPORT doesn’t work correctly
PM16105 A view calculation blocks the Server Manager of TM1 9.5.0 Server for Solaris from disconnecting clients
PM16235 Error run-time error '6' with Excel 2007
PM17003 TM1 overwrites non-TM1 spreadsheet calculation settings
PM17902 The TM1 server configuration parameter "LockPagesInMemory=T" does not work if the TM1 9.5.1 Server for Windows x64 is run as a Windows Application
PM18724 Unexpected dependency-related locking related to dynamic subsets
PM19581 Tm1web - simple worksheet cannot display in snapshot,slice and PDF
PM30725 Can not generate "Action Form" from within Cube Viewer
PM31739 TM1 server crashes after deletion of element
PM31173 Unable to connect a Java API application to TM1 server after applying hotfix when using ClientVersionMinimum parameter
PM31340 TM1 CubeViewer running on 64-bit Windows 7 x64 displays buttons instead of the title dimensions
PM32962 Meaning of progress message in TI Process
PM31762 Top connection is the last connection which is suspended.
PM31468 You Web session has timed out. Please login again.
PM31610 TM1Web application hanging/white screening
PM31882 UNIX only : Localized characters used in Turbo Integrator Processes are converted into UTF-8 format in the .PRO file
PM31921 TM1 needs to return an error in case the server is in BLM rather then just disconnecting.
PM31941 Contributor views with no data hang
PM33211 Executive viewer 9.5 data entry
PM33166 TI function SetElementGroupsSecurity used by the Package Connector is causing a random and unpredictable memory explosion
PM32440 TI-Package-Connector: Error during Process Compilation
PM33318 Value Not In Pick List - when selecting null value in TM1 Web (Recalc On)
PM32718 Tool/s required to start, monitor and synchronize parallel TI execution.
PM32726 Server takes forever to shutdown
PM33670 Tm1web cube viewer not displaying value consistently
PM48788 Adapt behaviour of decimal "." key from the keyboard's numeric pad depending on the localization
PM33042 TM1 Server is crashing when running C10 Report using DQM. Same report runs in Classic Stack.
PM33068 TM1 - Server crash on scheduled savedataall process
PM33643 Keyboard. Both member and main facet scrollbar will not move when navigate long list.
PM33519 A wrong database connection is added to the package connection information in a transformer model
PM48657 Various issues with certain characters used in member names
PM33611 Dynamic Subsets do not refresh correctly in TM1 Contributor
PM33703 Package Connector generated code having line breaks in the data tab crashes clients
PM38054 TM1: ELPAR returns different results for members under multiple parents
PM33864 User cannot see saved data (stays blue value instead of updating to black) when a previous owner of a node has changed data
PM34120 Cell references used in SUBNM functions in TM1 Worksheets stop working
PM34420 Extraneous TM1Blob "StringRead - Read failed: 1" error messages
Before you hit <enter>, cell value is not green when it is entered when using Desktop client to do contribution
PM34660 ELEMENTSECURITYPUT doesn't work as expected
PM34965 Bad performance when selecting range of cells in TM1 websheet in Internet Explorer
PM35149 Attribute values do not appear in TM1 Web
PM35622 Displaying % in PDF export from TM1web
PM42854 TM1 crash during synchronization
PM35460 TM1 9.5.1 HF10 crash with core on AIX 6.1 x64
PM35571 MaximumUserSandboxSize default not set properly on 64-bit systems
PM35969 TM1 Server not starting up (terminates before startup completes)
PM36039 Data between tabulation not always refreshed when changing the context of the grid
PM44713 Perspectives crash with large dimension
PM36262 Installing TM1 9.5.1 HF15 corrupts the TI code generated by the Package Connector, making it uncompilable
PM36280 In TM1 Web, a Copy&Paste of numbers using the comma as a decimal separator corrupts these numbers
PM36343 TM1 Web copy/paste skips every other column
PM36746 Only the first 2 TI Processes in a sequence complete without error
PM36788 In TM1 9.5.2 Perspectives the german localization of the term "View" is "Anzeigen" instead of "Ansicht"
PM37503 TM1Web still displaying hourglass after slice to Excel
PM36885 Charts not rendered correctly in IE. Chart labels incorrect.
PM50446 TI: Cannot Update a Process using SAP as a Datasource.
PM37694 Using TM1API, error "Cannot create attribute value for "E1" attribute, parameter is ERROR." occurred at specific dimension.
PM37334 TM1 TI drop-down list not working (Russian UI)
PM37371 TM1 server hangs
PM37509 Drop Down list do not show on the second page of a Large View in TM1 Contributor
PM37553 Impossible to edit TI Process if package connector is involved
PM37901 Spreadsheet calculation breaks consolidation rule
PM38071 TM1 Security - Cognos8 namespace users with duplicate display names cannot login
PM38136 Saving view, dialog message has garbled on Japanese environment.
PM38209 TM1: rebuilding report causes Excel to run out of memory
PM38465 Unable to view page up/down tool bar in TM1web cube viewer with IEv6
PM38499 Can not import empty strings by TI using batchupdate-mode
PM38514 Macro I_PROCESS shows Runtime Error 1004 in TM1 9.5 with Excel 2007
PM38572 Tm1: Contributor error when 2 applications are opened
PM38586 LONG function in TI causes TM1-Server hang/instability
PM38810 Loading data with Invalid characters in Turbo Integrator does not error or log the error
PM38961 No means of configuring TM1 Contributor with Alternate SSL
PM39093 Error when entering data and refresh on TM1 Web data grid through Contributor
PM39069 TM1 code needs validation for the value from the GetElement() before assuming it is an object pointer
PM39121 When the display resolution is set to 1024 x 768 the TM1 Web Cube Viewer's Paging Toolbar is hidden and unusable
PM39648 DQM Report does not return the same data as Classic Report
PM39594 Missing documentation for LASTSYNCSTARRECORD
PM39604 SaveDataAll in TI-Epilog doesn’t work as expected and corrupts the tm1s.log
PM39614 TM1web 952 - websheet percentage format displays 2,000% instead of 20%
PM39755 Username field in TM1Top display window getting truncated with sandbox and queue display mode
PM41485 TM1web 0.07 save & edit displays incorrect value
PM39915 TM1 MDX-Expression TM1ROLLUP does not work in a subset
PM39952 Unable to add users with identical Common Name into TM1.
PM40401 Active Form returns zero values
PM40052 Documented steps to Hide Administration node in TM1 Web does not fully hide Administration node
PM40172 Running 3 Turbo Integrator processes in a single chore causes TM1 server to crash.
PM40219 Performance degradation after upgrading TM1 9.5.1 to 9.5.2
PM40217 VBA Macro function N_DISCONNECT does not work with Excel 2003 when setting objXlsApp.Visible = FALSE
PM40254 }elementattributes cube and dimension are not deleted on HDD
PM40407 Active Form is empty if more the 20 Header dimensions are used/ or if TM1RPTVIEW gets to large
PM40585 Cut/paste inside TM1 picklists similar to Excel is not working.
PM40686 Non admin security error creating view
PM44546 Excel crash when rebuilding Advanced Form
PM40737 Using a semicolon as a string parameter value in a chore does not survive a server recycle
PM41205 TM1 Server crash - Zero Suppression in cube view.
PM44466 Unable to authenticate with Cognos CAM.
PM40833 Exporting cube view from TM1Web does not allow you to return to cubeview in Web Browser
PM50005 Element level security interferes with security for application entries
PM40974 Tm1web - picklist do not appear until websheet is calculated
PM41063 Workflow performance with large Approval Hierarchy
PM41803 ISB calculates when selecting an element
PM42000 TI processes wraps text to random lengths and causes TI Process to fail when re-opened for editing
PM42387 Some users belonging to certain groups can not open (Randomly TM1 Contributor) some views, from some workflow nodes.
PM42110 TM1 Contributor picklist scroll in Firefox
PM42981 [PERF-LAB] Cognos report against TM1 data source executes against TM1 9.5.1, but causes TM1 9.5.2 server to crash
PM42139 Rules-function 'ConsolidatedAvg' does not retrieve values on rule calculated input cells
PM42209 TM1 Server generating Out of Memory Exceptions with Parallel Interaction ON when not Expected
PM42217 Missing child elements after using the 'Show All' button in the Subset Editor
PM42300 If a OLEDBRowsetGetData TM1 process is killed, notification is not passed to Cognos 8
PM42304 TM1 Contributor column \ header misaligned after ading long string to cell
PM42302 When running a report accessing a TM1 datasource, it is not possible to [Cancel] the execution.
PM43806 Charts don't work in TM1Web through custom portal
PM42329 TM1 - Server crashes after running TI process only with DEBUG logging enabled
PM42544 Disabling logging for cube in security assignments does not prevent logging transactions when using sandbox
PM42671 The TM1 Web configuration parameter CubeviewerStringWrap is not documented
PM42673 The TM1 Web configuration parameter PasteEnforcement is not documented
PM42819 TM1web Export to PDF from cubeview cuts off dimension and element names
PM43907 variables_TM1.xml.sample in TM1 Portlets contains extra url tag.
PM45807 [SAPBW] TM1 does not recreate or update a dimension
PM43794 Inconsistent Update-behaviour of DBRW-formulas
PM42978 Copying and pasting a single cell in tm1web with 951 HF18 applied clears cell immediately below
PM43022 TM1 Server Crash
PM43044 Lines in the line chart too narrow
PM43093 Contributor TM1 Crash Prod Dump 01JUL11
PM43506 Wrong Slice Export in TM1Web when using ElementId in SUbNM Formula with subset
PM43544 PDF Export out TM1web is letter format instead of german DIN A4
PM44008 TM1 Spreading applies values to cells after failing due to rules conflict
PM50902 Distributed tm1 server crash
PM44613 TM1/TI - orphan ODBC connections
PM44046 String from TM1 doesn't show up in DQM
PM44096 Tm1 Contributor: Node with apostrophe in element will not display
PM44796 TM1APIDOTNET Exception: on drill through
PM48656 tm1 Web URL API action logic
PM44183 Tm1 Contributor: Performance degradation between 952 HF2 and HF5
PM44451 TM1Web Contributor screen scrolling down is not correct when you are in the middle of the page ( dimension rows > 30)
PM44869 Print Report with Active Form and multiple sheets removes the entire TM1RPTROW line.
PM45586 TM1 contributor unable to commit using C8 security
PM45615 After TM1 9.5.2 HF6 applied server is crashing
PM45882 TM1: Server crash - TM1Object::Tm1TopGetNameString
PM45823 TM1 Package Connector: Cannot set prompt values for a bound range prompt
PM45392 Action Buttons do not work correctly in TM1 9.5.2
PM45469 Duplicate elements error saving xdi when using comma
PM45567 Code disappearing in the Epilog tab in Ti processes
PM45783 TM1 Server - 9.5.2 HF3 Crash
PM45686 TM1 Rep&Sync - date corruption in destination server log
PM45758 TM1 Server Replication Fails on 22nd element on last dimension
PM46319 server crash when working on sandbox
PM46287 misalignment of columns and their header in a tm1web view
PM46639 TM1 Server on AIX 6.1 crashing
PM47482 TM1 9.5.2 HF 6 crash
PM46991 Active form dynamic subnm references only work on initial load .
PM47217 TM1 client (Architect and Perspectives) crash when having more than 200 TM1 instances
PM47272 Can't execute drill through from chart in websheet after install TM1 9.5.2HF7.
PM49490 Perspectives Excel crash dump analysis request on 9.4.1 HF17 prerelease
PM47804 TM1Web/Contributor: Cut & Paste of block of string values is not repsecting the empty cells.
PM47554 TM1 Server Crash
PM47405 Re-ordering Dimensions in TM1 causing incorrect values to be displayed in cubeviewer
PM47456 The TM1 server configuration parameter ServicePrincipalName is not documented in TM1 9.5.2
PM47591 TM1 Add-In to run macro functions is Tm1p.xla not Tm1.xla
PM47508 Tm1 Web EXport to Excel fails when there is a Drill Down in the excel Sheet
PM47587 TM1 9.5.2 web displays excel function vlookup result as #VALUE
PM47858 TM1web - picklist in last row on 1st page shows white background when scrolling
PM48645 Committing data from TM1 Contributor takes 20+ minutes
PM48422 TM1 Server crashing (9.5.1 HF10)
PM52589 TM1 9.5.2 Cubeviewer and Perspectives performance over the WAN.
PM48463 TM1 9.5.2 InfoCenter document RE: TM1Web SSL configuration instructions incorrect and incomplete
PM48464 TM1-Server-Crash in BulkLoadMode when CubeProcessFeeders is done twice
PM48542 Formatting sheet as text/general before upload gives a date in TM1Web when value entered is not a date
PM48776 Rule calculated element in DBRW formula causes operation failed in Web
PM49009 TM1Web Sanitized Reflected User Input
PM49575 Contributor "Active" warning message
PM50488 Setting AllRuleCalcStargateOptimization=F does not turn the config setting off
PM49576 TM1 9.5.2 opening an application in tm1web doesn't display correctly
PM49187 Process based on a view created by TI on a reordered cube uses the reordered dim order not the original cube dim order
PM49397 TM1 is not respecting date validation as defined in Excel
PM51213 Cannot replicate cubes between two TM1 servers connecting TM1 CAM to an AIX BI server
PM49362 In TM1 Web 9.5.2 HF6 using a decimal value in a subset picklist fails with the error message: Error 243: "value not in picklist"
PM49426 After an Unload Cube operation rules derived cells return wrong values
PM49475 Misalignment in TM1Web active Formes with Firefox
PM49463 Tm1 +Syskoplan Connector: after importing a new element a security cube is created
PM49511 TM1 Perspectives Crash when editing a DBRW Formula
PM49512 Perspectives Excel crash on 9.4.1 FP3 HF17
PM49647 TM1 Perspectives crashing when using ISB
PM49823 Error message in Contributor when you take ownership of node and the previous owner's userID has been deleted
PM50210 Images in a websheet are displayed at a different position compared to the underlying Excel workbook
PM50427 Missing documentation on how to use WER to catch a full dump of a TM1 server crash
PM50573 [TM1web] Adding larget text to TM1 websheet does not get saved
PM50657 Tm1web chart rendering not the same as excel 2007
PM50927 Missing message codes in Russian TM1S.LNG
PM51468 Running a PDF Export in TM1 Web fails only when initiated from a Secondary Worksheet
PM51778 Replication not working after 'SaveDataAll' run
PM52383 TM1 server crash while opening a node in TM1 Contributor
PM52498 Unable to assign users to groups
PM52859 TM1 Server crashing when running a TI process in batch update mode
PM52905 TM1Web: Wrong French translation for button "Save & View".
PM52957 TI process do not work when set the dimension order
PM53017 TM1 9.5.2 Silent install fails with error "The setup.exe is not marked for installation" on win32 with oledb and client options.
PM54090 ConsolidateAvg-function doesn't work in Sandboxes
PM54728 TM1 Documentation does not list comma as reserved character in objects names

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