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How to integrate Rational System Architect with CA-Erwin

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This document describes how to integrate IBM Rational System Architect with CA-Erwin modeling tool and will assist in better understanding the metabridge functionalities which supports the export and import of logical data models as well as Physical data models from CA-Erwin to Rational System Architect.


This paper intends to provide you with a comprehensive guide to successfully use the integration between Rational System Architect and All Fusion CA-Erwin.

The purpose is to merely serve as an aid in bringing the logical and physical data models from CA-Erwin into Rational System Architect and thus helping you to enhance the modeling designs in Rational System Architect.

From a business perspective, integrating the two major Enterprise Architect applications (Rational System Architect and CA-Erwin) should serve better and provide a strong base for fulfilling the business needs by providing a pathway from strategic enterprise architecture to tangible solution delivery.

Rational System Architect  and Erwin Integration.pdf

Rational System Architect and Erwin integration (pdf)

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Modified date: 24 October 2011