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WebSphere Extended Deplyment Compute Grid Server provides periodic fixes for release V8.0. The following is a complete listing of fixes for V8.0 with the most recent fix at the top.


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Fix Pack 3 (
Fix Pack 2 (
Fix Pack 1 (

Fix Pack 3 (
Fix release date: 19 Aug 2013
Last modified: 19 Aug 2013
Status: Recommended

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PM51356 Update to assist with migration process from WebSphere XD Compute Grid to Websphere Compute Grid v8
PM55345 Enable console mode for Compute Grid z/OS offerings
PM56964 ServletException in WebSphere Grid Endpoint configuration
PM66836 NullPointerException when the application is deployed using AdminApp.install and restart scheduler
PM66919 WebSphere Compute Grid Job Scheduler Classification Rules grayed out
PM67632 Proxy job doesn't get updated when the CG job actually went into an unknown state.
PM67803 In a WCG environment using Oracle, saving and viewing saved jobs in the Job Management Console is not functional/possible.
PM68372 Jobs stay in submitted state on scheduler when z/OS WLM starts additional servant regions in a WCG environment
PM68607 SkipListener only gets called once for every batch_interval update
PM69319 Unable to obtain Job Scheduler EJB on endpoint and NullPointerException when restarting job
PM69782 Compute Grid job scheduler fails to resume dispatching jobs to an endpoint server that was quiesced before being recycled
PM70434 Excessive loading of job status objects by scheduler leads to OutOfMemoryError and other issues upon endpoint server restart
PM70467 Issue with endpoint with multiple servants
PM70886 Parallel Job Manager applications are not migrated successfully to Compute Grid V8.0
PM71339 Jobs remain in submitted state until endpoints are recycled
PM71723 NullPointerException during application install after migration of Extended Deployment
PM72441 Setting the maximum file age for a job log on the job class definition causes job logs to be erroneously deleted.
PM74262 NoClassDefFoundError when using PureQueryReader
PM74855 Hung endpoint server causes WSGrid function in Compute Grid job scheduler server to stop sending output
PM76350 The script throws error when installing the JobSchedulerMDI.ear application because the path does not exist
PM76760 The filename used by TextFileWriter can only be specified statically in xJCL; earlier application code can't change this value.
PM78283 Compute Grid jobs in executing state are not being changed to restartable state after the recycle of Scheduler and EndPoint
PM78287 Elapsed time between the CWLRB5020I messages in Compute Grid due to phase 2 of two-phase job submission path
PM78289 Elapsed time between the CWLRB5020I messages in Compute Grid due to phase 2 of two-phase job submission path
PM78597 Unable to submit a parallel job with more than 20 steps in xJCL.
PM78598 Inaccurate date on a re-queued job compared to originally submitted date
PM79382 Can not deploy non-Batch modules within an ear to different targets than the Batch EJB module
PM79581 WSGrid job intermittently has wrong batch job return code when job completed in a restartable state
PM80783 SubJobCollector SPI is not getting invoked after check pointing
PM81925 Slow processing time in Compute Grid
PM82348 Provide a method to configure job log enforcement interval.
PM82514 Unable to retrieve the same object in Synchronization.beforeCompletion method
PM84258 Calling a COBOL module with a shared JDBC type 2 connection causes exception java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
PM84345 Job status error when a job execution fails initializing the job logging
PM84714 xJCLs with multiple steps not properly processed after migration from WCG V6.1
PM84760 Update WSGRID Connection Output
PM85228 In WCG V8.0 long running scheduler taking longer time in restart
PM85493 Incomplete restart information prevents jobs from being restarted
PM85927 Possible database connection leak after applying PM70434.
PM85958 Endpoint job log does not display in the Job Management Console
PM86455 Deadlock error when updating LocalJobStatus table
PM86534 POJOSTEP table is not cleaned up after a job purge
PM87101 Compute Grid runtime persistent user data code does not support custom objects
PM87666 destroyJobStep method not invoked after exception from last checkpoint
PM88053 Excessive EXCP rate in scheduler
PM89028 Compute Grid v8 endpoint container unable to execute job of batch application that was packaged on CG 6105 release
PM89180 ClientRerouteException for LREE datasource
PM89253 Jobid returned from submitModifiableJobFromRepository has incorrect jobname
PM89255 Error message while saving xJCL for the Top Level Job
PM89763 Top Level Job was unable to retrieve joblog of subjobs.
PM89932 Quiesce and unquiesce worklaod from the compute grid endpoints
PM90153 Compute Grid Job will have the wrong start time value if status update messages are delayed
PM90226 PersistTLJInternalContextException during transaction rollback
PM90474 WSWS3713E: Connection to the remote host failed errors in the scheduler logs
PM90560 PJM application was initializing but it could not communicate to the CR.
PM90579 JobClass capacity leak can occur on scheduler
PM90644 Problem with Scheduler -> scheduler MBean dispatch
PM90707 Scheduled jobs are not being dispatched
PM90759 The GEE System Application is using Default Work Manager threads instead of Batch Work Manager threads
PM90845 Suppress Installation Manager 64-BIT warning message during installation
PM90848 Disable warning message from 64BIT Installation Manager to install Modern Batch on Microsoft Windows
PM91319 Update install metadata to collect HP/RISC artifacts
PM91323 Job ID table discrepancy results in logs filled with NullPointerException due to repeated efforts to resynchronize status
PM91499 JDBCCallableStatementReader does not call getResultSet method of JDBCCallableStatementReaderPattern
PM92258 Parallel job name special character issue
PM93044 Native WSGRID does not honor Submit-Timeout setting

Fix Pack 2 (
Fix release date: 6 Aug 2012
Last modified: 2 Aug 2012
Status: Superseded

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PM43362 WCG scheduler connector serializes job submissions if there are multiple submissions at the same time.
PM47120 This apar is to ship fixes for V8 fix pack 2.
PM47984 Unable to purge jobs if the owning scheduler no longer exists in the configuration.
PM48988 Login failure during job submission due to SQL Error: SQLCODE=-302.
PM53281 JobListener - JobStepContext not populated.
PM54139 Jobs removed from scheduler are not cleaned up properly on endpoints.
PM59242 When USSubject.getCallerSubject() is called, it returns a subject with a pricipal of 'UNAUTHENTICATED'.
PM61300 Receive a NullPointerException when running the SimpleCI app.
PM64061 WebSphere Compute Grid PercentageBasedThresholdPolicy is not working correctly.
PM64734 WebSphere Compute Grid v8.0 ClassCastException implementing JobLogFilter.
PM64786 Uninstalling Application Server v8 is blocked by running process is detected incorrectly in Turkish (tr.UTF-8) locale.
PM67362 Fix errors in script.
PM67384 NullPointerException seen in system error log with path
PM67385 is seen in system error log for file job.logfile.mapping even thought the file exists.
PM67386 JMS session need to be closed in exception path.

Fix Pack 1 (
Fix release date: 26 Sep, 2011
Last modified: 7 Sep 2011
Status: Superseded

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PM39564 First cumulative fix for WCG v8.0.0.0 provides fixes to migration, disaster recovery and workload classification scenarios.
PM42061 Modern batch functionality not available when runtime provisioning is enabled on a server.
PM43782 Include WebSphere Virtual Enterprise's APC in job placement decision.
PM43793 Cumulative fix addresses issues with configuration, usage accounting, sample DDLs/SPUFIs and persistence.
PM45907 Interim fixes Failed to install due to a NullPointerException.
PM45908 Unaugment does not remove all parts added during augmentation.

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