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Statement of support regarding iNotes and rapid browser updates for Firefox & Chrome

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Support for browser updates will be maintained for only the most recent shipping release of IBM Lotus iNotes. This is being done primarily to address rapid browser releases from Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Due to the increased rate at which vendors are now releasing new browser versions, support for browser updates will be maintained for only the most recent shipping release of iNotes. iNotes product testing on new browser versions will continue at periodic intervals, which may or may not align with the browser vendor's release schedule.

Should a problem be found when using a browser update with the most recent release of iNotes, IBM will make every effort to resolve the issue. To expedite this resolution, it is recommended that you contact the browser vendor as well as IBM Support about the situation.

For an index of system requirements for Lotus iNotes by release, see technote #7007763.

NOTE: The detailed system requirements list supported components that have undergone compatibility testing by IBM. IBM recommends that customers always use operating systems, web browsers, devices or applications listed in the application's system requirements; any variance has some level of risk because the combination has not been tested, and is not supported by IBM. If a supported OS or browser that is listed in the System Requirements has a new version released, IBM Lotus Support may provide support through the IBM PMR process on a case- by-case basis.

IBM Support will accept problem reports (PMRs) relating to using these newer and untested operating systems and browser releases and will validate on a case-by-case basis whether IBM can provide technical support.

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