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Upgrading your compilers makes business sense

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IBM® has a wide range of compiler products that support your software development needs on z/OS®, z/VM®, AIX®, Linux®, IBM i, and Blue Gene® operating systems. These compilers are highly-tuned to deliver maximum performance on the System z® and Power Systems™ that run these operating systems. The compilers support diverse programming languages including COBOL, C, C++, Fortran, and PL/I giving you flexibility in choosing the languages that best suit your business or high-performance computing needs. You may already have one or more of these compilers in your development environment but you may not realize that not keeping your compilers up to date may be costing you money. When IBM releases new compilers, there are generally four primary reasons for doing so. This paper examines each of them.



Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development XL Fortran for AIX Documentation AIX 13.1, 14.1 Not Applicable
Software Development XL Fortran for Linux Documentation Linux on Power systems 13.1, 14.1 Not Applicable
Software Development XL C/C++ for Linux Documentation Linux 11.1, 12.1 Not Applicable
Software Development XL C for AIX Documentation AIX 11.1, 12.1 Not Applicable
Software Development z/OS XL C/C++ Documentation z/OS 1.12, 1.13 Not Applicable
Software Development COBOL for AIX Compiler AIX 3.1, 4.1
Software Development PL/I for AIX General Information AIX 3.1

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Modified date: 09 May 2012