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This document contains a complete listing of releases, refreshes, fix packs and interim fixes sorted by version for IBM Rational Focal Point.


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Table of Contents:

6.6.1 Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI04784 Relational Graph option in the display view is not working when used with default templates
PI04810 Pagination is ignored in REST calls
PI04854 REST Authentication for an SSO user with SSO password fails
PI05047 Cannot update the value of Date attributes using PUT method
PI05154 Full display and filters
PI05551 Copy and paste table from Microsoft Word document to a text attribute
PI05604 “Paste from word" plugin, and the Dates and Numbers settings
PI05653 Performance issue on the loading time of attribute statistics view
PI05821 Element creation through REST is slow (look up for Add Folders)
PI06277 Referencing a cell of Aggregated Time Grid is not supported, and this needs to be mentioned in Help
PI06329 Loading drilled down tree from attribute statistics takes 20-30 Seconds
PI06330 Save view settings for all members in the workspace is not working
PI06775 Threshold bar is not getting displayed at right place
PI06778 Estimate attribute in the Criteria Module is displayed as Integer in attribute configuration
PI06923 AUTO_STATS_PROF=OFF and DB2 defect
PI07018 Changing name of the Rational Requirement Composer project area does not change how it appears to a user in the Integration Link attribute
PI07067 Excluding an attribute from private filters takes a very long time
PI07272 Spinning wheel seen for Link/List Link/Incoming and Mirror attributes on saving and refreshing
PI07591 Java Security Warning message is displayed while accessing tree view in Rational Focal Point
PI07628 Indexing is failing for Rational Focal Point data source on RELM
PI08031 Paste from Word function inserts extra whitespace in text attribute
PI09115 REST API element count displays wrong result in EST server
PI09128 Workspace without member module (corrupt workspace), fails server startup
PI09310 Links are not being loaded in the home page
PI10177 Time grid configured with date attributes, displays error when upgraded or imported to Rational Focal Point
PI10183 LinkList attributes show spinning wheel on attribute list page
PI10183 Links do not load when the target is a module in another workspace
PI10381 When an attribute is updated multiple times using Microsoft Excel, the last history is missing from the attribute history
PI10463 SumTimeGridRow business rule does not trigger and execute on attribute change
PI10594 History graph display is confusing
PI10642 Time Grid's “Copy default value to all elements” overwrites element data
PI11250 Error "An error occurred" is displayed when accessing "What's New?" for a SSO user
PI11253 Issue with updating link/list attribute using Microsoft Excel
PI11269 Bubble chart: Legend bars shows a "hello" as a mouse-hover tool tip
PI11560 Filtering in Advanced Mode does not allow selecting the root folders
PI11825 Total Indexing does not work on WAS when switched to Lucene File System
PI12275 Spinning wheel is seen in LinkInfo when listening to incoming link
PI12863 Documentation update of additional features under "Data Access" menu
PI13019 Rational Focal Point-Rational Team Concert integration does not work with Spanish locale
PI13354 Unable to download workspace
PI13461 Rational Focal Point user search is giving unexpected result
PI13582 Loading 50 or 100 elements is not working during the search option
PI13923 Error "An error occurred" while creating elements
PI14222 Startup of Rational Focal Point on WAS with blank database fails
PI14981 Rational Focal Point does not start when using the hyphen symbol ‘-‘ in the DB2 user account.
PI15288 REST API does not interpret <p> tag when inserting data
PI15548 In Visualize views, XY chart does not load in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0.
PI15950 Gantt Chart is blank on Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0. while using Rational Focal Point, version 6.6.1
PI16223 Expression equals() does not evaluate with empty string
PI16411 Hub synchronization is broken in Rational Focal Point, version
PI16863 Rational Team Concert rich-hover and tool tip is not working when Rational Focal Point is configured with https
PI16891 Members do not inherit newly added views
PI18497 Rational Focal Point 6.6.1 upgrade fails due to database errors on DB2
PI18972 Workspace upgrade - Transition are not upgraded
PI18973 Workspace upgrade - Member folders are not upgraded
PM89509 Template based workspace and "Is Folder" attribute
PM91254 DeadlockLoserDataAccessException errors when importing elements from Microsoft Excel
PM96070 Expression queue executes very slowly on upgrading to Rational Focal Point 6.6 devfix 3
PM99305 Dynamic Filter: User can edit the Global Filter but nothing is changed
PM99742 Duplicate text is displayed when text from truncated text field is copied from Rational Focal Point opened in Internet Explorer, to a mail client
6.6 Mod Pack 1 (6.6.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PI04889 List and other business rules having "listen_to" attribute names with parenthesis
PM87159 Xpathvaluefetcher business rule does not reflect the changes made to the title of linked WIs
PM89745 Rational Focal Point Mirror attribute's data and Lifecycle Query Engine
PM90436 Information mismatch in integration link
PM91484 Specific date log and DB2
PM92242 ChoiceAttributeText business rule error
PM92396 Linkinfo business rule and the updated description in Rational Focal Point 6.6.
PM93495 SumTimeGridRow business rule is not updating on the databases upgraded to Rational Focal Point 6.6
PM93497 When aggregated time-grid has no data, the table display reports an error
PM95361 Workspace users cannot remove a workspace even with administrator rights
PM95860 The “xhtmlTextValue” value is missing from Rational Focal Point REST API if there is double space in the text
PM95931 Rational Focal Point: Cannot delete untitled tabs
PM96229 Rational Focal Point web service and illegal characters
PM96245 List business rule syntax incorrect in Rational Focal Point 6.6 help manual
PM96260 Image display in the public home page
PM96867 Junk characters displayed in notification mails
PM96868 Search performance degraded from Rational Focal Point dev fix 7
PM98072 Missing links in 'Incoming link' attribute
PM98195 Links does not gets created using Microsoft Excel, if the folder and the element name are same
PM98321 The sorting for links in Incoming Link attribute changes with change in a choice attribute value
PM98366 Unable to import workspace if ListAttributeSum business rule is referring to an invalid view ID
PM98367 Incoming link is visible in Attribute Statistic view for users who do not have the permission to access to view the links
PM98371 Back button in the attribute setup configuration page redirects to the login page
PM98374 Matrix attributes and locked values
PM99230 Message window created for Rational Focal Point homepage appears blank
PM99360 The “xhtmlTextValue” value is missing from Rational Focal Point REST API if the contents of the Text attribute contains a ‘&’ symbol
PM99419 The Rational Focal Point property file ‘’ is over written by the update installers
PM99694 Choice attributes and disallowed items behaviour
PI06158 Incoming links are not refreshed when added to other module in views.
PI05765 Advanced Filter: Not able to select the checkbox when the rule to be defined is for the Parent Folder
6.6.0 Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM80110 Filter advanced mode on Link, List/Link attribute, deselecting links does not work
PM87881 Choice attribute icons in Group By and WorkFlow do not match
PM88855 Link to element URL, and URL in Text attribute
PM89185 Single user is checking out more than one license in case of multi-node setup
PM89381 Rollback error detected; LQE detected that the data source (Phase 3B) rolled back its database
PM89745 Rational Focal Point mirror attributes data and LQE
PM89802 Space added with prefix and suffix
PM89865 Mail log not captured when an account information is sent to a user added through 'Need Access'
PM90587 Special XML characters not working correctly in Rational Focal Point
PM90607 Expressions missing in the elements after importing the workspace in Rational Focal Point
PM90909 Import of workspace and new users
PM91008 Investment analysis graphs are seen faded
PM91366 Unable to edit a linked element belonging to another workspace
PM91484 Specific date log and DB2
PM91759 Formulaqueue is slow after updating to Rational Focal Point 6.6
PM91767 TimeGrid summary row is not set while creating a new element
PM92072 Sorting of Float/Integer/Date attributes fails for REST
PM92246 History Graph looks compressed with Microsoft Internet Explorer
PM92430 Result when adding float values is shown with multiple numbers after the decimal point when using DB2
PM92966 Gnatt chart expands out of startdate when zoomed in
PM94087 No pop-up message displayed when text is entered in a integer attribute from another module window
PM94089 Incoming link is not refreshed in original view element for views, when the links are updated in the “Add to other module” window
PM94173 New element creation causes filters to fail on views
PM95045 Syntax mismatch for Mail Import Business Rule in Rational Focal Point 6.6
PM95314 Wrong Translation for "What's New?" in Korean
PM95933 Display problem on the sum of Time grid cell
PM96218 DataIntegrityViolationException
Initial Release (6.6)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM32699 Report generated from Rational Focal Point has formatting issues
PM57259 View rule ‘Number of FP/Workspace Logins is 0’ does not work
PM61167 Table view and sorting on ID
PM67838 Unable to reset a user password if the oldPasswords column is too long in usersession table
PM69105 'Online user' lists several workspaces for the same user
PM69479 Creating subset filters from a filter view displays faulty results
PM74314 Settings for "View Chart" in time grid is not saved upon exit
PM75950 "Test view for another member" is broken
PM75953 Matrix attribute, float and export to spreadsheet
PM76652 Entering a URL in a text attribute
PM76731 Session Time Out does not direct to Login screen when user clicks on home page tabs
PM77067 Advanced Online Users shows wrong workspace
PM77079 Editing Title/ID of elements takes approximately 20 minutes
PM77731 Unable to upload a large file in file attribute with IBM DB2 as the database
PM77753 Mozilla Forefox: group attribute statistics row shows combined row
PM78088 Help to be updated for view icons displayed
PM78604 View on Members and "The element cannot be displayed because it is no longer part of this view or is hidden by the current filter."
PM78691 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0: Usability issue; inconvenience to end users in viewing data in hover text (tooltip) in dynamic table
PM78700 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0: Text in the hover text (tooltip) overflows from the tooltip frame
PM78914 Microsoft Excel update and confirmation message
PM79022 Retrieving the data using the REST API created using IBM ETL Data Manager takes several hours
PM79900 Inherited homepages are not arranged (sorted) when new windows are added
PM80952 Rational Focal Point: Drag & drop of multiple elements do not work in tree view
PM81206 Create link and square brackets
PM81895 Search for link attribute
PM81987 Login disabled displayed for user when actually it is not disabled
PM83605 Text attributes and spaces
PM83795 Rich hover on homepage and dynamic table
PM83900 Attribute listening to Timegrid cell containing expression does not update on changes
PM84208 Microsoft Excel import of matrix attribute fails; cells are not mapped due to attribute without title
PM84989 Error message "An Error Occurred" displayed on searching on Views with invalid definition
PM85272 Crossed XY line not shown in XY Charts when X and Y axes are the estimated criteria on float attributes
PM85998 Add element operation performance is slow when compared to Rational Focal Point
PM86417 Rational Focal Point server crashes after running ETL (due to ModifiedSince property)
PM86691 REST Service calls ignore user password for SSO users
PM86698 Rational Publishing Engine report on aggregated time grid
PM86740 Unnecessary triggering of expressions
PM87156 Issue with ChoiceAttributeText business rule: HTML formatting in text attribute is ignored
PM87171 Help Manual do not have clear steps on ‘Creating artifacts from REST command for RRC’.
PM87980 Space before and after a number copied to Time Grid is not recognized
PM88107 Duplicate category item IDs are created (for different logins)
PM88284 “An Error occurred” is displayed when a wrong password is used to log in
PM88343 When using web services some of the multi-thread jobs display exception errors
PM89333 Aggregated Time grid and general Time grid settings
PM90470 Restored workspace looses ability to address modules through REST URLs

Table of Contents:

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM33508 PA Service Layer VAS on deleted on production after cleanup/deletion other work spaces. workspace  PA Service Layer VAS on production is now  missing.
PM29768 Unable to unlock user account in Rational Focal Point version
PM29163 Expressions are running slow

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM11535 View access violated when comparing the version values in elements in Rational Focal Point
PM15635 When calling methods getElementHistory(),getAttributeHistory() from Rational Focal Point web services there is no response returned.
PM23291 Error when generating reports from Rational Publish Engine and Rational Focal Point
PM15628, PM17080 A module with more than 1000 attributes does not work.
PM15419 "No access" error is displayed when a regular user sends account information using "Users View"
PM20350 Choice attribute with item value '-' exported as blank to Excel.
PM13690 Visualization views displays invalid data (XML) after upgrade to
PM13799 Editing the view definition clears the values in the view rules.
PM16967 Rational Focal Point fails to start on upgrade to version
PM02367 Notifications are deactivated.
PM22102 Danish characters that are entered in notification text (header or footer) is invalid on saving and editing.
PM17082 Deleting matrix attributes with expressions displays an error message when DB2 database is used.
PM16293 No progress bar is visible on exporting large data to Excel. A blank pop-up is displayed.
PM16917 Notifications mails, changes are not grouped when multi-edit is involved.
PM18170 OK and Cancel buttons is not visible when sending an element link through Internet Explorer.
tag used in homepage message is lost for members inheriting the homepage.
PM14534 Text on the right pane of Visualize view stacked bar chart is displayed incorrectly.
PM16652 DB2 transaction logs are filled up fast. Login fails.
PM17181 Import from Excel, elements created with no value for mandatory link attributes.
PM14994 Reports not sent automatically via email.
PM16452 Parent Folder names does not contain folder path in 2d attribute statistics view.
PM14447 Unable to edit attribute. Only the options to save and cancel are displayed.
PM13538, PM13537 Filter applied on date attribute is reset to today's date on setting another rule.
PM13917 Search by escaping special characters does not work.
PM16200 Upgrade from Rational Focal Point version 6.3 to 6.4 fails with Oracle DB that contains workspaces with ID greater than 999.
PM22639 Unable to send email from server address.
PM14915 "Full Display" displays more elements than is displayed in the previous list.
PM13591 Notifications are not handled correctly when multi-edit of elements are done on the notification view.
PM20232 Default value set in Add view for Owner attribute is not retained.

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM08032 LinkAttributeCopy* doesn't support Matrices.
PM11686 LinkListAttributeSum not evaluating if the Workspace is created from a template.
PM11530 Reports templates with fp:tree component with tags ‘flat’ and ‘includeDimmed’ does not work in Focal Point.
PK96145 Export and import of comments attribute.
PM08549 The week of year BR gives one week in advance .
PM07148 The expression for "Top 3 Slowest Expressions on Specific Attributes" displays as nonexistent expression even when the expression exists.
PM04282 The report generated for inlink element does not have content.
PM11268 Authentication to webservices fail.
PM05444 Performance has slowed after upgrade to version devfix#6.
PM10000 The "number of links" rule fails on limited incoming links.
PM08755 The position of the ‘title’ as compared to the position of icons.
PM07344 The evaluation of the expression results in only 2 values after decimal point.
PM12143 Large XML import fails if others are uploading files.
PM00909 The message "Could not send mail may be 'No mail address'" is displayed even when the mail is sent to the user.
PK96908, PK97747 Filter on Link/List attribute.
PM06820 The lost your password option displays an error message "Email found but valid address could not be built. Contact system administrator".
PM02380, PM01635 Possible memory leak.
PM06013 Problems with Matrix Writer business rule after upgrading the Focal Point from 6.2 04 to
PM06900 Blank button when LDAP Update is completed.
PK89698 TRUE and FALSE in exported spreadsheets.
PM11697 Historical Charts are not getting displayed after the upgrade.
PK91062 Usability bug when syncing.
PK90800 Links in Gantt chart are not displaying.
PK99635 Displayed element in filter pop up.
PK81699 Unable to move folders in View Manager.
PM12733 Default value set for Link attributes in add view when defining access level cannot be cleared.
PM12729 "An Error Occurred" on adding elements through Add View after upgrade to
PM01261 Password must be at least 3 characters.
PM09448 Broken database connections remains in pool.
PK85606 LinkAttributeCopyOncePull ignores choice value.
PM08329 Report template does not produce the desried report after Focal Point upgrade.
PM05568 Unset floats vs. Oracle.
PM01446 Filter on Multichoice attribute for Members.
PM05785 All elements in Requirements module have their Requirements Status attribute set to Approved.
PM07940 "LinkListAttributeSum reports "Transaction rolled back because it has been marked as rollback-only".
PM06918 Report menu is not displayed.
PM07492 Concurrent insert from two threads in one map during expand part 2.
PM06346 Listsize business rule does not work correctly.
PM09253 LinkAttributeCopyOncePull BR does not copy date values when the date selected is the current/todays date.
PM01479 Broken expressions "building up" on Expression queue graph.
PM07252 Filter on list link when linked outside the current workspace.
PM03658 Multiedit of a choice attribute displays default value even though the choice item is a restricted value.
PK83022 When using "Group By" and changing the setting for the attribute to group by, there is no visual indication that the system is updating and refreshing the data.
PM04934 Error message'the following error occurred: Incorrect result size: expected 1 actual 0'
PM06239 FP behaviour while exporting Module.
PM05930 Filter on Created Date August 2001 and earlier.
PM09867 Odd behavior of filter seen on Focal Point
PM07935 Spell Check on text attributes does not work in 6.4 possible after upgrade.
PM07480 Checkboxes are selected in chart" option missing in view rules of 6.4.
PM03243 The Report Template created in Focal Point 5.4 does not work in Focal Point
PM04372 Unable to use tab to access link and formatted text in a add view or a when editing an element (without using the mouse).
PM07011 "Full Display" displays more elements than diplayed first.
PM08456 Permissions attribute for Members module.
PM06011 Hyperlinks and Linkinfo BR.
PM09849 The Module sorting is not maintained when the view is shown as a window in Homepage.
PM01757 Filter rule and use of Recursive option.
PM05708 Open workspace during delete.
PK88514 Spell checker generates spelling mistakes.
PM07919 Default Value of a Link attribute is not saved when configuring Add View.
PM07010 Remove dangling blobs is highly innefficient.
PM06371 Sum of Float attributes misleading.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM02380, PM01635 Possible memory leak.
PK98083 Incremental search fails to search for elements in a folder.
PK82814 Users menu collapses after successful LDAP update.
PK95375 "Evaluate" button is not displayed on entering an expression in the "Default Value" of the aate attribute
PK82713 Sorting issue with URLs and other rich text formatting.
PM05910 Issues with dragging and dropping folders.
PK92342 Deletion of multiple elements using keyboard.
PK95871 Generating huge report leads to OOM.
PK96054 Add members using prefix.
PK95294 Mirrored link and incoming links.
PK98024 Description pop up window for heading attributes.
PK97519 Updating elements using excel import.
PK97835 Link and display views.
PK98796 Inconsistent behavior with filters.
PK96145 Export and import of comments attribute.
PM00313 Importing users with "8 digits" login names.
PM01431 Spelling mistake in the message that is displayed when editing a link, incoming link, list-link attribute in filter window.
PM01375 Can not import the values from the excel file into Focal Point Getting Error - Deadlock detected.
PM01270 Links and no access to views in multiple workspaces.
PM01619 Issue with " and = used in passwords.
PM01637 Update members in table view.
PM01479 Broken expressions "building up" on Expression queue graph.
PM01645 Display links window.
PM01589 Incremental search in 6.4 and 5.4.
PM01769 indexqueue swelling up.
PM01689 View rule on choice attribute and IE.
PM05789 Cascaded choice items are not displayed.
PM03280 Not able to update parent folder in Excel update.
PM03724 Excel import slows down for every successive element.
PM03712 Object error seen when selecting another attribute while edit window for link attribute is open.
PM03924 Expressions dependant on newly created objects and incoming links do not trigger.
PK99665 Linking vs IE
PM03723 Issue with the 'does not contain' option in filter with wildcard (*) for text attribute.
PM04066 Warning message is displayed for regular user when opening a linked element in a view, where the element is filtered in the targeted view.
PM04367 The choice attribute does not work properly when the choice items are deleted.
PM04252 Elements are not shown correctly in display view under table structure when option 'Maximum number of elements per page' is changed.
PM04280 When using 'Lost your password' option, the mail sent from Rational Focal Point shows a '.' next to the password.
PM04714 Search returns 'null' after press Enter initially and then trying to search for any text for a regular user.
PM05345 Choice item values are not getting updated after export to excel and when imported back.
PM05571 Search in a view much slower than search in a module.
PM06815 Slow Focal Point 6.4 performance while loading some visualization view.
PM06928 Business rules LinkAttributeCopyOnePush or Pull behavior.
PM07010 Remove dangling blobs is highly inefficient.
Unexpected behavior when moving structure in the tree.

Mod Pack 1 (6.4.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
Improve speed for formula loop control.
'File' attribute history displays an 'Out of Memory' error.
Rational Focal Point server mail address is displayed in e-mails.
PK98907 Adding an attribute to a module is slow.
PK81199 Importing Excel spreadsheets corrupts the database in tree view.
PK82398 The Gantt chart is not displayed if the number of elements is lesser than the specified limit.
PK83304 New elements in the Workflow view are displayed as "Used".
PK88055, PK84906 Rational Focal Point latency in prioritization functionality.
PK85217, PK85618 Prioritization is slow.
PK91418 When reports are generated using the RPE template an exception is displayed and the report generated goes into an infinite loop.
PK91884 Refactor HistoryDaoJdbc.anythingLogged method.
PK87598 The View rule on the link attribute displays many elements.
PK88983 Search finds attributes that have access set to "None".
PK89812 The Attribute Statistics page displays an 'Out of Memory' message when large data sets are displayed.
PK88988 The help must be modified to display information about the heading expansion and contraction properly.
PK88998 Changes in the log affect the display of attributes.
PK91106 SetChoice attribute functions incorrectly when elements are created.
PK91754 User Log page is not displayed.
PK97473 Inappropriate warning message is displayed after saving a value in 'List Text' attribute and clicking on any links in the left navigation bar.
PK94087 Tooltip extends below the visible screen area.
PK94182 List Text attributes that are hidden by a filter cannot be edited.
PK97040 Views cannot be pasted in the Configure view.
PK95294 Modules with link and Mirror attributes contain unexpected incoming links.
PK96598, PM01750 Cache errors occur when elements are created.
PK97608 Unable to save a List Text attribute that has a value that is between single quotation marks.
PK97153 When a filter is created with the Integer or Float attribute by using the IS rule, an error message is displayed and the tree view is rendered empty.
PK96296 No elements are displayed when you setup a module by using the Sort attribute.
PK96443 Dialogue is not displayed for the Description attribute.
PK96787 The view rule for a View definition is not completely displayed.
PK96788 Workspace with notification is not imported from Rational Focal Point Version 6.3 03 to Rational Focal Point Version 6.4 01
PK96908, PK97747 Filters for Link and List attributes do not function as expected.
PK97154 'Find member' function does not work.
PK96925 When you edit a link attribute, a link in the Editing Link pop up window does not work.
PK97029 Report menu is not visible while trying to generate hidden reports for regular members.
PK97178, PK97844 Cannot import an Excel sheet to modules that contain Mandatory attributes.
PK97147 Decimal values are not displayed correctly in Matrix attributes.
PK97190 Aattributes that have history enabled need more vertical spacing.
PK97479 Incorrect value is displayed in the Add view for modules that are linked with the link or link list attribute.
PK97477 Cannot sort online users according to idle time.
PK99623 Folders cannot be moved between folders.
PK99163 In e-mails sent from Rational Focal Point, “IBM Telelogic Focal Point” is displayed.

Initial Release (6.4)
Link Date Released Status

Table of Contents:

Fix Pack 3 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM49688 Mirror attribute versus Link attribute configured for all workspaces
PM60763 "Required" comparisons keep changing when prioritizing picked elements
PM61576 Incremental search in tree view
PM72422 Incorrect message for password change
PM75647 Export to Microsoft Excel is slow
PM76680 Rational Focal Point: soap address location using incorrect port
PM77376 "Evaluate expression" fails for very long expressions
PM77618 Microsoft Internet Explorer crashes when adding text to text attribute
PM78098 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0: Icons not aligning with margin of text box
PM78472 Cannot delete a file attribute (when there is only one file attribute) when the adding element form is open and the element is not yet created
PM78506 Add button disappear when the filter contains no element
PM78592 Root folder displayed twice when filter is applied on a view with group by enabled contains no elements
PM78594 Timegrid import is not explained
PM78796 Access information for View, First Access, Last Accessed By etc, is not recorded for Add Views
PM78813 Integration Link Allowed Service Providers, cannot be applied on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
PM78913 Renaming Matrix attribute removes default expressions
PM78918 Search results in multiple pages displays "No Hits" when navigating to next or later pages
PM79001 Default value not saved for newly created text attribute
PM79014 No progress bar indicating the action when adding a new window to homepage
PM79392 Description attribute part in the Notification mail although it is not displayed in the view
PM79396 Adding a new mapping in Integration link-->Allowed Service Providers, deselects the existing mapping without indication
PM79659 Default value in Float listening to Timegrid is not present in newly created elements
PM79911 Cannot add link or link list from dynamic table view
PM80042 Granting workspace access to read-only users via 'Manage Users' generates Error
PM80102 Investment Analysis: Cannot set the value to zero
PM80105 Manual sorting (drag and drop) does not work even when Module > Sort Attribute is set to none
PM80574 Attribute configuration changes slow
PM80828 Aggregated Timegrid and export to Microsoft Excel
PM81104 Wrong formula for "ROI to date"
PM81108 Baseline could not be generated due to Heading attributes
PM81112 Message on reaching maximum number of licenses
PM81121 Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 - Text attribute behaves strangely when mouse pointer is moved out of the text area
PM81241 Group by on Link attribute shows HTML tags
PM81347 Timegrid copy defaults (using ‘Copy Default Value …’ on TimeGrid) creates million expressions
PM81492 Characters not displayed in drop down menu for Filters
PM81493 Homepage and List attribute behavior
PM81495 Error adding member to workspace; unique constraint (FOCALPOINT.SYS_C0017502) violated.
PM81885 Cancel button on the link attribute pop up window
PM82321 Find User or Member and Microsoft Internet Explorer
PM82525 Spinning wheel and "Verify Database"
PM82596 Attribute list display and editor display differs when Sheet name includes brackets
PM82723 Sorting on Mirror attributes in Dynamic table display
PM82978 Creating filter on a link (or list of links) attribute when the user does not have access to the view showing these linked elements, is not working on Oracle
PM83118 Microsoft Excel import took 49 hours on 800k elements loading
PM83233 Rational Publishing Engine report generation and Rational Focal Point
PM83472 Rational Focal Point Create Element From function ignores restrictions
PM83785 Unable to set Default Value for Parent Folder in Add Views
PM83892 Entering expression in Timegrid contains additional ")", locks the Time Grid row
PM83898 Switching to a different element when editing a Timegrid locks up the browser (Mozilla Firefox)
PM83913 Misleading error when synchronizing data from Jazz team server; Rational Focal Point-Rational Team Concert integration
PM83916 Find Users screen does not forward to Login page on session time out, throws an error
PM84074 Timegrid cells are not recalculated until save (dependent cells)
PM84109 Cannot delete users
PM84125 Wrong results on Timegrid calculation when the second cell is a negative number
PM84299 Expression error if the second expression is a business rule resulting in a negative value
PM85067 Regular member can destroy Rational Publishing Engine report

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM59319 Deleting a user from the database clears the Creator and Owner attributes
PM67227 Date attribute is not sorted in ascending order in the Danish settings
PM71604 Empty error pop-up
PM72209 Tabs deleted from “Multiple Inherited Tabs” layout of homepage, are visible again
PM72214 Nested sorting on a Indicator attribute (Ascending/Descending) gives incorrect result
PM72943 Choice items are not displayed in tree structure to represent parent-child relationship
PM73025 Issue downloading file from File attribute accessed through version link
PM73405 Investment Analysis: Warning message is not displayed for unsaved comments
PM73408 A dot gets added to the user name and password in the email received on clicking “Lost your password”
PM73409 ‘-/+’ symbols displayed in TimeGrid where there is nothing to expand or collapse
PM73410 In Investment Analysis, the Benefit and NOK fields are shown in a box, and the fields are not editable
PM73484 Navigating to display View displays an error in the homepage tab
PM73580 Dynamic Table: Sort order of elements is not maintained on Microsoft Excel export
PM74601 SumTimeGridRow fails to give the correct sum
PM74608 Help requires update on estimate criteria with negative values
PM74716 Member permissions are reset when workspace is imported
PM74831 The values in the Time Grid attribute overview for elements are not correct
PM75204 Tree view sorting does not work when there are multiple pages in a table view
PM75318 Dynamic Table: TAB key when editing, should save and put focus on the next cell on the same row; currently, it is just saving
PM75695 Aggregated Time Grid is displayed as a chart
PM75933 Back slash multiplies in Text attributes with formatting enabled
PM75944 timegridJsIncludes.jsp not found
PM75951 “Inherit from” attribute for a member changes when the member is moved
PM75958 LinkInfo BR displays a misleading error message if the attribute does not exist
PM75961 Cannot enter expressions as a default value in Matrix headers
PM75969 Rational Focal Point web services - Not able to fetch elements of a module that contains an indicator attribute
PM75970 Changes in Rational Focal Point are not indexed on LQE refresh
PM75971 ListAttributeSum and listen_to mirror attribute
PM75973 Default value listening to Time Grid changes to 'Unknown Attribute' when clicked on 'Copy Defaults'
PM75974 Minor error in the message displayed when adding links to Link List attribute
PM76468 Information on “Disallowed” choice items is misleading in Rational Focal Point Help
PM76475 Issue finding users: Searching members and clicking on the user redirects to incorrect users
PM76611 New views added to My Views of a folder, are not getting inherited
PM76647 Default value of expressions in matrix cells are lost on export/import of workspace, and database upgrade to Rational Focal Point
PM76657 Misleading message displayed when a SSO enabled user tries to login, and the login is disabled in Rational Focal Point
PM76710 Link list or incoming attributes in Dynamic Table with dynamic row height are not displayed properly
PM76902 Icons pop-up behavior
PM76904 "Fit Column Width" behavior
PM76906 Group by and refresh of Tree view for Views
PM76960 Rational Focal Point LQE issue: Deleted elements are being processed resulting in increased indexing time
PM77252 Read-only user cannot open time grid sheet
PM77620 BR is appearing as (Default value is an expression) when used in workflow during the change of state
PM77818 Information on the "Copy default ..." buttons for Time Grid attribute is missing from Rational Focal Point Help
PM77932 LinkInfo output appears as blank in Baselines, or version attributes
PM78491 In the tree view, group by pop-up menu, scroll does not work when the list is very long
PM78501 Pop-up window default size bigger than user screen
PM78978 Copying element links do not copy the URL to the element

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM57631 History, user updates and Rational Directory Server: In the history, the user see that the changes have been made by "-"
PM58240 Default Value field for the number of rows and columns for Text attribute should be reconfigurable
PM60407 Read-only setting for the time grid attribute is ignored.
PM60688 LinkInfo and link attributes behavior in the public home page
PM60875 User Log > Last Login sorting is not Date based
PM64034 Week numbers are missing in the Calendar pop-up
PM64656 Rational Focal Point is very slow when run on a server that uses the Load Balancer (JAZZUI problem)
PM65987 "Cancel" button is missing from the pop-up although the user is asked to click on cancel to discard any changes made.
PM66502 Unable to set the URL in the Create link in element description due to the presence of two “http://" in the URL
PM66773 Order of links is different when editing the Link attribute in a Dynamic table
PM67014 Query on the privileges required for a database user in PostgreSQL
PM67641 URL formatting does not accept
PM67834 The change made to the source time grid attribute is not logged in the history of the link aggregated time grid.
PM69102 Sorting online users based on workspace does not work
PM69106 SumTimeGridRow does not work with aggregated sheets (this limitation is missing in the documentation)
PM69296 View on module Views with the Toolbar Setup attribute being displayed
PM70214 View rule (filtered by Date) does not work as expected when the time zone in server and client machine is different
PM70312 User type's default value, and RDS/LDAP
PM70577 “An error occurred" message appears when a long text is entered in the Choice item dialog text
PM70582 The scroll bar does not appear consistently in the tabbed home page in Rational Focal Point
PM70674 Root folder name is missing in the reports generated in PDF and RTF
PM71251 System requirements and operating systems
PM71428 Pop-up is hidden behind the main window in Internet Explorer
PM71699 Unable to save the default value for Matrix attribute, when the formula refers to another Matrix attribute
PM71867 “Message from web page”
PM72062 Rational Focal Point and Rational Team Concert integration: Russian characters are not displayed properly in the hover text
PM73026 GroupBy on cascading choice does not create folders with complete path

Mod Pack 2 (6.5.2)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM12731 Filter can be created on a link attribute even when the user do not have access to the view on which the link is based
PM20238 Filter does not work on display view on Rational Focal Point production server
PM31918 Visualize view option "Show all Members priorities" does not load properly
PM37238 Group by and refresh of Tree view: Adding a new element do not preserve "Group by" setting on a view. A refresh corrects the sorting.
PM38368 Exported excel does not display elements as sorted in the Dynamic table view
PM48109 Users with JazzProjectAdmin rights are not able to create projects in Rational Team Concert from Rational Focal Point
PM49688 Mirror attribute cannot be configured to Link Attributes that has "Allow Links To All Other Workspaces" checked.
PM49901 Pop-up for editing Choice Attributes with "Cascade Settings" enabled in Dynamic table, do not return to the Dynamic table.
PM51025 Progress bar is missing on switching the display between elements
PM51246 Add UI information in the Getting Started section of Help
PM53637 Result displays only one member though multiple members were added through Members > Add Member
PM53958 Tabs in titles are displayed as in the Tree view
PM54528 DB2:SQL to check Table, Sequence, Index, Primary Key, and UniqueConstraint exists, should take into account the user default schema
PM54783 Confirmation message displayed on updating locked elements through Excel import, is confusing.
PM54969 User is not directed to the element through which the login is prompted, while logging in using “Not trusted mode”
PM54975 Server name to be specified in GUI for bulk operations, but not in the single artifact handling GUI
PM55027 Loading View with 27000 elements takes close to a minute
PM55196 Error when tried to delete all associations
PM55289 Reduce Login response time
PM55480 & is displayed as & when read via Webservices 2.0
PM55652 Invalid Date error on editing Date attribute in Dynamic Table (Danish format)
PM55752 Selecting multiple elements through dragging in Visualize XY Chart, is not available in Rational Focal Point 6.5.1
PM56035 Update the help topic “About Rational Focal Point”
PM56038 Editing "Parent Folder" attribute on a view based on Members module displays Read Only error
PM56039 The configuration Confirm Dialog Settings for choice attributes is not working when linked to a workflow
PM56514 Date icon not seen on Gantt Charts (difficult to display the hover text)
PM57991 Performance issue while creating Filter/view rule on Links
PM58104 Vertical line representing Date values are broken in Gantt Chart
PM58124 Rational Focal Point and CSV export for integer values
PM58237 View gets scrolled up in Internet Explorer 8
PM58334 Help document does not contains details about the various history log messages
PM58355 Parent folders with “&” in the title
PM58625 Issue saving data having Russian text from Rational Requirements Composer in Rational Focal Point
PM58626 Multi select and Link List
PM58633 Error in the text displayed while setting List or Link attribute value for multiple elements
PM58656 Edit link attribute will give message "null" when in Dynamic table display
PM58745 Change in behaviour in RPE - REST interface in Rational Focal Point 6.5.1 not documented
PM58757 Documentation missing about long text in Dynamic table view
PM58873 Dynamic table nested sorting fails on views where a choice item's Edit access is modified
PM59209 No indication that link is deleted from List or Link attribute
PM59453 Verify Database: Missing Attribute table test
PM59469 Login split URL does not load in Rational Focal Point
PM59597 Regular user and global filters
PM59667 No scroll bar on hover-over attribute running LinkInfo BR in Dynamic Table
PM59768 Number of folders not displayed
PM59870 Number of rows and columns for text attribute does not reflect on elements
PM60395 Search fails to highlight search results
PM60406 Selecting "Display Incoming" in the tree view does not load the view
PM60407 Workflow and Read only time grid
PM60470 Usability issue - Search functionality displays nothing until search criteria matches less number of hits than threshold
PM60481 Title overlap in statistics Display mode (Column, Stacked Column)
PM60560 Pop-up "This function is not available from this frame"
PM60780 Default value for inheritance on adding member is changed from Rational Focal Point
PM60784 Rational Focal Point requests for License with maintenance version 2012.0401
PM60950 Stackoverflow in the homepagebean
PM61048 Issue: Users shown as idle for more than the session timeout, and licenses are not returned to the pool
PM61166 Note on use of period and column in matrices
PM61167 Table view and sorting on ID
PM61251 Notifications are not made XML Safe during export
PM61292 Find User or Find Member
PM61365 Add Button displayed after adding Users read "add" in Rational Focal Point as compared to "Add User" in Rational Focal Point
PM61366 An error occurred on loading Time/value in "Display how value of choice attribute has changed over time"
PM61576 Incremental search in tree view
PM61584 An error occurred when saving Choice Item Name to Null
PM61586 Internet Explorer 7 browser frequently hangs for 20 seconds
PM61651 LDAP Settings in Rational Focal Point Telephone number is updated in the Information attribute
PM61770 On "Find Users" new implementation in Rational Focal Point
PM61823 No visual indication in Rational Focal Point that Search for member is ongoing
PM61840 Incorrect message displayed when Member added via Members > Add Member
PM61997 Performance improvement while removing the triggers for a deleted element
PM62055 Loading Attribute Statistics: Slow performance
PM62501 Rational Focal Point does not show a clear message when loading the traceability matrix in a view where there are no links
PM62513 Integrity constraint violation
PM62728 Rational Publishing Engine and File attributes in Rational Focal Point (Issue seen in 651, worked in 6502)
PM62733 Sending an element link to members does not filter according to the view
PM62741 Same pop-up used when you try editing filter from 2 different Rational Focal Point installation on Internet Explorer 7
PM62853 Group By Text attribute, displays URL text as link in the Tree, and groups by the link
PM62874 Inconsistency in Time Grid for certain Start and Close dates
PM62889 Editing filter against LinkList attribute hangs the browser
PM62952 Reduce the time to add elements
PM62997 Issue with Rational Focal Point on how the rest API exposes data from Insight related to the Rational Focal Point Time Grids
PM63244 Incorrect information on 'Test view for another member' page for a view
PM63255 Loading view first time takes a long time
PM63531 View rule of Date 'is between 2013-01-01 and 2013-03-31' displays elements with 2013-04-01
PM63935 Delete option is not seen for first attachment on adding elements
PM64106 Unable to update an element through Java webservice
PM64130 Hover-text comes out of the frame in Dynamic table in Internet Explorer 7
PM64137 Stakeholder user cannot edit his own elements
PM64216 Rational Focal Point - Rational Team Concert integration fails with Description with >4k characters
PM64353 Incorrect date values on Visualize XY Chart Scale
PM64439 Link Attribute name shown in the pop-up when adding links
PM64564 Print option in TimeGrid does not work for ‘Sum all’ feature.
PM64655 Performance issues: Setting multiple links
PM64656 Rational Focal Point is very slow when running behind load balancer (JAZZUI problem)
PM64836 Installing Rational Focal Point on 64-bit Windows does not install 32-bit license libraries
PM64845 Time grid: "Save to other sheet" displays blank screen on IE
PM64846 Table View displaying "LinkInfo" attribute takes a long time to load
PM64931 The float attribute value gets converted to text when exporting to Excel 2007
PM65172 The status in workflow gets changed to next stage if you click more than once to change the choice item value
PM65185 List Text & Text attributes loose focus when the fields are edited
PM65302 Loading elements with LinkInfo attribute (lot of links) takes 40 seconds
PM65305 Element icon changes to module icon when Workflow is changed
PM65315 Query regarding Rational Focal Point – Rational Publishing Engine: The .zip file generated by Rational Focal Point during report generation gets bigger with each report generation
PM65318 Time grid and SumTimeGridRow BR
PM65627 Visualize charts: Top element selection not explained in help
PM65686 Deleting a column of a matrix attribute does not update the expression containing the matrix attribute.
PM65817 Filters are not working properly
PM66078 Need Access does not display all the public workspaces
PM66093 Close button on element pop-up, Investment Analysis does not return to parent Window
PM66117 Group By Choice attribute: Cascade is not considered
PM66538 Group by does not handle the separator ‘:’ correctly
PM66556 The filter titles do not display the special characters used

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM54908 Upon deletion of FP Element connected to RRC/RTC corresponding RRC/RTC links in FP and FP link in RRC/RTC artifacts are not removed
PM54513 Include the jazz foundation jazzui.war in Focal point
PM47498 Data that is made Non-editable via a Workflow can be edited in Dynamic Table
PM49595 LinkInfo BR does not work for a Link Atribute linked to Self
PM45969 Find Member doesn't find Member when corresponding User account has been deleted
PM51369 Limitation in the number of chars exported to spread sheet cell.
PM52389 It takes ~30 sec. to load the User Add Form in Focal Point server.
PM47371 An error occurred when saving charts in Visualize view
PM54814 "Error" on creating filter rule on Incoming link Attribute "Contains elements in View"
PM50798 LinkInfo BR documentation to be updated with the new Format
PM51991 RFP Crashes during Login, using 64 IBM Java
PM52080 Tool tip with Add views.
PM52064 Unable to select text in input fields for Time Grid attributes for General Time Grid settings
PM51976 "Failed Logins" in the user log displays the userid column as xxxx
PM51969 URL tag in heading attribute disrupts the color for remaining text
PM52966 "An Error Occurred" on setting "Allowed Group By" for User Attribute Last Login
PM54967 XPathValueFetcher BR produces incorrect Hyper link to RRC/RTC Artifact
PM54908 Upon deletion of FP Element connected to RRC/RTC corresponding RRC/RTC links in FP and FP link in RRC/RTC artifacts are not removed
PM52795 REST API failure
PM53971 Session timeout may log out an active user
PM52742 Unable to save when in Investment Analysis mode.
PM53301 Copy/paste or create element from does not retain expressions in time grid attribute
PM52823 Xlsx attachment in file attribute .
PM53636 Revision Roll Back on Read Only Views
PM53305 Workspace link missing for Regular/Team Users on installation with 1 Workspace
PM53409 Text attributes and Compare
PM56639 View with rule based on Float Attribute "Is more than" does not load when database used is Db2
PM54792 Link Attribute in Users Module allowed target to all workspace, displays "List Of Users"
PM55506 FP Hover text on attributes displaced in IE
PM55307 Copy to Clipboard for Visualize - XY chart is not working
PM55648 Members once added via Members > Add Member, wrong View displayed
PM56547 FP Date attribute value with expressions 365*24 is incorrect
PM56592 When typing localized values in Time Grid cells the cell value is not refreshed correctly when pressing enter
PM58422 Link List Conversation and Time and Name stamp

Mod Pack 1 (6.5.1)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PK97351 Sorting of elements in "editing" pop-up window.
PK99059 Matrix export to Excel.
PK99867 Rational Focal Point freezes when using the 'display in printer friendly format' or 'copy to clipboard' in a Gantt view.
PM23288 Float attribute valus entered with , in Matrix attribute has wrong values.
PM27238 History logging on sync read-only event is logged as user "-" on the lock attribute.
PM27247 Float values entered in a matrix in Swedish locale does not display in line chart.
PM27531 When defining the second rule to filter on outgoing links, the filter screen goes blank when the list of requirements is loaded.
PM28891 Relative date value in the view rule is changed after it is saved in Rational Focal Point.
PM30022 Error: Transaction rolled back while saving expression.
PM30126 Elements gets randomly placed when moved between folders.
PM31356 Documentation missing on edit attributes and business rules.
PM31752 Sharing access to views can take a long time.
PM34154 Right frame with attribute information blank, intermittently.
PM35007 Some links are missing in the link list attribute when using the CreateElementFrom function in Rational Focal Point.
PM36000 Text attributes and Oracle database, tree view rule fails to fetch all matching elements.
PM36374 Loading add form just takes too long.
PM36375 Gantt chart is not resizing correctly in IE 8 and FF 3.6.
PM36826 Mirror attribute missing on some elements.
PM37238 Group by and refresh of tree view.
PM37337 Users get "an error occurred" message when logging in to Rational Focal Point.
PM37546 Set choice business rule does not work for the file attribute if the file name contains "_".
PM37881 Response time for Rational Focal Point application differs for the similar steps being followed from Firefox as compared to IE.
PM37957 Duplicate homepages show due to multiple inheritance.
PM38053 Editable table does not show data.
PM38148 Cell alignment for the float attributes in statistics view.
PM38354 Copy of filter and title issue.
PM38364 Delay between deletion of attribute and display of the ‘Deleting attribute’ message.
PM38368 Exported Excel does not display elements as sorted in the table view.
PM38371 Issue with linking the RTC work items having ASCII characters in title when integrating RTC with RFP.
PM38520 Statistic views and parent folder.
PM38689 Expressions in matrix headings are lost after export and import of a workspace.
PM38787 Generated report from statistics view contains "Error: Element limit reached".
PM38791 Cascade for choice attribute is lost in the statistics view.
PM38903 Rational Focal Point installation does not complete on WAS when Java 2 security is enabled.
PM39037 Prefix attribute not displayed in defining filter on link or list/link attribute for a regular user.
PM39249 Elements not sorted when Group By is applied.
PM39368 Element URL link is corrupted on "Send a link to element to member in this workspace".
PM39369 View rule on ‘Number of Logins less than 1’ does not work.
PM39371 Link/list contains duplicate links (2 links to same element).
PM39373 ‘An Error Occurred’ message is displayed when changing the filter to Global in Rational Focal Point server.
PM39374 "No member found" message is shown on editing link / list attribute value although full display view opened from statistics.
PM39388, PM39361 The display of blank values for integer attribute is not uniform.
PM39599 SVT:6502 Performance degradation in attribute creation.
PM39705 "Enter" behaves differently when saving filter in IE from FF.
PM39803 Add view shows a blank page with IE.
PM40149 Slow performance creating view rule on link list attribute.
PM40152 Slow performance loading user list on sending element link to user.
PM40376 Matrix chart display.
PM40517 Aggregate time grid is not working at the third level.
PM40525 Adding/deleting entries from list/text attribute in the same transaction does not commit information.
PM40561 Send account information, incorrect error message is shown when SMTP server is not reachable.
PM40645 First time loading of user module slow due to icon test.
PM40916 Link target list on setting links different in two nodes.
PM40917 No indication that "changes over time" graph is being generated.
PM41283 Slow performance of "changes over time" display mode.
PM41389 Contradicting results after Excel update failed.
PM41396 Incorrect attribute sort order in the node.
PM41410 ListAttributeSum business rule issue and listen_to parameter to attribute with formatting.
PM41486 Loading a module hangs with blank screen in Rational Focal Point.
PM41489 Double entries for a user displayed under "Online Users".
PM41628 Workspace name including "&" is displayed incorrectly in browser tab.
PM41896 Global filter definitions are lost - intermittent issue.
PM41913 Incorrect values displayed in a stacked column chart in statistics view.
PM42187 Error on creating a baseline.
PM42191 Possible to set links to workspaces being exported.
PM42193 Secure connection between Rational Focal Point and the SMTP server.
PM42195 Error on editing title of specific elements linked to deleted workspaces.
PM42462 More elements are seen than expected.
PM42590 Full display on elements with "?" for Float value does not work.
PM42713 When creating a new element the browser stop responding for more than 2 minutes, SSO account.
PM43107 Multichoice attributes and description.
PM43208 Choice attributes and sorting when choice items are numbers in tables display.
PM43422 Link aggregation in time grids should round values when displaying them.
PM43534 Default value of text attribute and "blank line" when using IE 8.
PM43621 Rational Focal Point does not restart due to user sessions.
PM44152 Deleted choice items and views based on same choice item.
PM44193 Matrix writer, matrices and copied values from matrix.
PM44442 "An Error Occurred" on loading history of an element.
PM44449 Date attribute and relative date.
PM44800 Translation error: Spanish.
PM44805 When setting a direct transition so that an element moves out of the view, a different message is displayed than when the transition is set up with option.
PM44906 History of "Synchronized" is not seen in a view.
PM45028 ASCII characters embedded in the friend link.
PM45185 What's New does not work for display view based on current user rule.
PM45229 Hiding all modules in the workspace makes the left navigation bar invisible.
PM45421 Prioritize view and pairwise compare.
PM45541 Using expressions when configuring time grid attribute.
PM45601 In the report, LinkInfo business rule shows "null" for attributes containing expressions.
PM45609 Module sorting does not work in attribute statistics.
PM45680 Corrupted CSV export.
PM45730 SumTimeGridRow configured with date 2011-01-01.
PM45877 The month before the start date is displayed in time grid table.
PM45972 "An Error Occurred" on lookup for sender on generate reports.
PM46070 "Product portfolio management" and ListAttributeSum business rule.
PM46115 Friend entry is getting duplicated.
PM46144 No message displayed when user tries to access element link to hidden workspaces.
PM46495 Send an element link to members does not filter according to the view.
PM46516 History logging not seen on "Inherit From" attribute in Members module.
PM46605 Slow performance on verify integrity.
PM46703 Report in RTF format.
PM46819 Dragging an element to a folder is not working as expected.
PM47287 Export of time grid attribute displays wrong attribute name.
PM47414 Time grid sheets compare view does not show total for second sheet.
PM47494 Parent folder change (or rollback) does not refresh the tree view.
PM47498 Data that is made non-editable via a workflow can be edited in dynamic table.
PM47944 Current parent displayed is incorrect on a multiedit.
PM48034 Export to Excel of elements with prefixes set under Attribute/ID/Visual settings/Prefix.
PM48259 Unable to set owner to user whose name contains '.
PM48579 Instances when updating time grid attribute with Excel fails to update some rows.
PM48589 Update of Excel sheet is not possible if a text list attribute has special characters.
PM49097 Incremental search for ":" character changes display of element title to parent folder.
PM49109 Changing filters fail to display the right output.
PM49370 The tool tip does not show the link attribute name for the down arrow in traceability matrix.
PM49373 Dynamic table and inline edit.
PM49459 Issue with inline editing of float attribute in dynamic table (invalid syntax after edit).
PM49460 Parents for choice items not visible in dynamic table in Rational Focal Point.
PM49580 Double quote and view rule on views in IE.
PM49669 No errors or warnings on importing invalid date entry for date attributes.

Interim Fix 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM53971 Session timeout might log out an active user
PM35007 Few links are missing in the LinkList attribute when using the CreateElementFrom function
PM49109 Changing filters does to display the correct output
PM41396 Incorrect attribute sort order in node
PM45680 CSV file does not support double byte characters. On exporting a table to CSV and opening the file with Excel, double byte characters are distorted.
PM47498 Data that is made as non-editable using a workflow can be edited in dynamic table
PM38371 Integrating Rational Focal Point with Change and Configuration Management: Issue with linking the work items having ASCII characters in the title
PM45028 ASCII characters embedded in the Friend link
PM30022 Error: Transaction rolled back while saving expression
PM40152 Slow performance when loading the list of users after clicking the "Send element link to members in workspace" option
PM42590 Full display on elements with "?" character for Float value does not function
PM39373 ‘An Error Occurred’ message is displayed when changing the filter to Global in Rational Focal Point server
PM36374 The add form loads slowly
PM44152 Deleted choice items and views based on same choice item
PM44193 Matrix writer, matrices and copied values from matrix
PM42713 On using SSO connection to Rational Focal Point, when creating a new element, the browser stops responding for more than 2 minutes
PM37337 An error occurred message is displayed when logging into Rational Focal Point

Fix Pack 2 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PK99673 Incorrect maillog for new user.
PM12966 User with no access to folders was able to modify the Root folder.
PM21954 FocalPoint XSS, servlet filter. Resistance to cross-site scripting is improved.
PM26410 Multiple updates through Excel import for List Text attributes ignores part of text.
PM28221 Matrix attribute update through excel does not updates all cells if 'Lock Values' is enabled.
PM28753 Right frame does not load when accessing the elements on a Focal Point server.
PM29549 Right-click menu on editing text attribute is different when formatting is enabled in IE 8, No option to Copy Text in IE. Ctrl+C enables copying formatted text, see technote 1470106.
PM29719 Unable to remove formatting from text copied from Word, see technote 1470343.
PM29753 ChoiceAttributetext business rule problem with choice item containing character like "&".
PM29948 Documentation: Compare sheet option in TimeGrid attribute and its behaviour.
PM30377 LinkInfo business rule shows information that has links, but is not clickable.
PM30428 When importing a workspace with a user whose full name is in non-ASCII characters to a Rational Focal Point 6.5 instance where the user do not exist, a login name is generated when the user is added. The login name is unique, based on the first five characters of the full name.
PM31043 Performance issue, due to cache system. Ehcache has been upgraded to 2.3.1.
PM31238 Focal Point 6.5 help manual still has information on the RPE Engine configuration.
PM31255 Send a link from "module name" to a member of this workspace is slower for regular users.
PM31325 ListAttributeSum example mistake.
PM31353 Excel import, date values are shown as Long values in the update sheet.
PM31476 Provide CSV option for export .
PM31903 Sending a link to an element to multiple users fails.
PM31960 User selection cleared by headline close. In the workflow configuration, the view selection is preserved when expanding and closing the view assignment section.
PM32037 Unable to import Excel 2003 spreadsheet.
PM32833 Duplicate users added to Focal Point.
PM32845 "Default value is an expression" is displayed for expressions and business rules in workflow while transitioning.
PM33080 Editing the Link attribute from the Statistics View/Full display fails.
PM33437 Attribute link intermitantly points to the wrong view or module target.
PM33445 Unable to update Link Attribute values by Excel Update.
PM33508 PA Service Layer VAS deleted on production after cleanup or deletion of other work spaces.Table ID and Project Id sync issues have been adressed.
PM33963 MailImport business rule, email address not imported.
PM34217 Heading and matrix attributes in report.
PM34220 Catalina logs are growing to ~10 Gb in a week. Cleanup of faulty index items from the index queue is improved.
PM34530 Regular user was able to access hidden workspaces via element link33.
PM34719 ''Hide Add Views In Menu' option cannot be unchecked for Saved Chart module.
PM34830 Aggregated time grid is not visible in elements.
PM34847 Docx files and contenttype, handling of uploaded.docx files is improved.
PM34914 "Parent Folder" attribute, sort order and folders.
PM35005 The same link can be updated multiple times in the List Link attribute using the Excel update function in Focal Point.
PM35123 Dates are changed for other elements when editing in Dynamic Table view.
PM35337 Attribute statistics on homepage does not work.
PM35339 Element link URL sent from Focal Point in a mail are not directly clickable.
PM35345 List sort order (performance). To improve performance, sorting is omitted when it is not displayed to the user.
PM35374 Invalid Charaters are displayed in Dynamic Table.
PM35453 Delay in element dropped from filter for Link attributes.
PM35746 FP is slow for some users in showing views.
PM35812 HTML tag in attribute names is visible in Group by.
PM35924 Focal Point displays different date in tree view and in table view.
PM36001 Attribute titles in dynamic view are partly hidden.
PM36371 A rare Error Occurred on displaying a View, while an entry of access is made into the viewaccess log.
PM36470 Attribute help-popup displays all over the place in IE8.
PM36479 UserManagerImpl does not use a cache.
PM36574 Multiedit of choice attribute after applying "Group by" feature, does not refresh list.
PM36664 "No user found" message on searching a user during a Add member operation.
PM36678 Web-service not working when accessing Baselined elements in Focal Point.
PM36821 Duplicate User IDs are being created.
PM37349 FP slow for users using group by.
PM38036 Link value with symbol '->' is not shown correctly when elements are grouped by using Group By Attribute option.
PM38155 View rule random changes.
PM38516 Remember popup size and position, menu width and tree width.

Fix Pack 1 (
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM30854 Long description texts for attributes are not wrapped correctly when configuring advanced filters or views.
PM01581, PK97350 Different behaviour for list link in tree and in table view.
PM06812 An error occurs when filtering on link list and the number of links.
PM13415 Korean characters are not displayed in attribute statistics view.
PM14440 Reports cannot be generated using Rational Publishing Engine 1.1.1 with Rational Focal Point
PM14917 When workflow is used after adding elements, clicking Close has no effect.
PK95815 Incorrect message displayed when adding an element through a view.
PM19202 Cache settings for Rational Focal Point reverts to default value after every restart of Apache Tomcat.
PM21670 Title on editing and saving gives "Object Error" in Internet Explorer and TypeError:document.getElementById(iframename) is null in Mozilla.
PM21959 Overriding user access control.
PM24771 The URL to grant access does not display workspaces.
PM25058 Import of hyperlinks in text attributes.
PM26294 Unable to delete a choice item attribute.
PM26144 The view rule is ignored when adding multiple elements in Rational Focal Point.
PM27240 Graph of the expression queue does not show correct data.
PM27020 An incorrect errror message is shown if there are too many users to add.
PM27765 It is not possible to add members from within a workspace when the user id is greater than 999.
PM27553 Long lines are not wrapped in the filter definition.
PM28558 Cannot link to a product.
PM27449 Editing the view definition clears the values in the view rules.
PM27531 When defining the second rule to filter on outgoing links, the filter screen goes blank when the list of requirements is loaded.
PM28852 Find user and Manage users are slow.
PM29478 It takes almost 1 min 40 sec to load the 'Set access for in views'.
PM27645 The element title is truncated after the character " ] " in notification mails.
PM27644 Left panel is blank for specific users on a few workspaces, due to deleted active filter.
PM28438 External home pages are not working after 6.5 upgrade.
PM28253 Calendar pop-up is not visible when setting filter rule "In Between" for a date attribute in browser Internet Explorer.
PM28660 Delay when adding elements in the module after upgrading the Rational Focal Point server to v6.5 beta GM release.
PM28850 "An Error Occurred" is displayed when you cancel an add operation in a display view.
PM29163 Expression running is very slow.
PM29266 "<" is added as prefix to all time values for a choice attribute in a display view.
PM29341 Login delay on customer installation.
PM29475 "An Error Occurred" on loading expression queue in 6.5.
PM30322 Import of workspace fails.
PM29345 "An Error Occurred" on accessing member link on a view element.
PM29421 Attribute Statistics > Pie Chart shows incorrect value.
PM29537 Mirror attribute is not added to elements containing links when the source attribute is a list/link attribute.
PM29544 After export to Excel, the 'Is Folder' column is blank if synchronization is enabled on the exported view.
PM29589 Text attributes cannot be edited using double-click if the value is HTML tags only, and formatting is disabled.
PM29598 Session timeout does not work in 6.5
PM29629 Text wrap does not work in Display > Table structure after upgrade to 6.5.
PM29637 ListAttributeSum documentation and error message is incorrect.
PM29651 When exporting and importing a workspace with multiple workflows on the same module, the workflow transitions are corrupted.
PM30144 Delay in adding users to Rational Focal Point.
PM29724 The folder structure changes when sorting on ID.
PM29725 Incorrect statement in German is displayed when importing workspace.
PM30433 Simple filter on date attribute with option "in between" does not work.
PM30949 "Copy Element From" does not copy file attributes.

Initial Release (6.5)
Link Date Released Status
APAR Description
PM27479 The order of revisions in history of element is not maintained
PK97966 View rule on members and "My views"
PM26137 Unable to delete workspaces after upgrade to version, DB2 database
PM23185 The incoming link attribute does not update correctly when elements switch between views
PM22272 Unable to edit element title due to deleted baselines
PM00346, PM00405 TextLog business rule in Help
PM00280 Copy of large number of elements, no indication of progress
PK90939, PM08296 Edit one attribute for several elements, does not work for view containing workflow
PK86100 Traffic light BR and Baseline
PK88123 Documentation on notifications
PM08858 Icons used for choice items are updated for an element's icon attribute when using workflows
PK97173, PK97177 Unable to search for end of ID
PM02906 REST API ignores filters
PM05672 Unit per day scale
PM11721 Column shifted in statistics view for filter on links
PM06812 Filter on link list and number of links
PM04921 Documentation missing on decimal values behavior with different locales
PM05670 Link to view
PM16211 Update details on time grid attribute in online help
PM20061 CRFFP0438E Attribute statistics table contains too many cells and has been truncated
PM14993 Data truncated in statistics structure in Display view "Table mode"
PK86891 XML import uses large amount of memory
PM14449 Multiple notifications sent on different changes when CC field is used
PM11184 Reset password on Rockwell does not work after upgrade of the server to Rational Focal Point version 6.4.1
PM11689 Error in report when generated from a baselined view
PK97025 Documentation missing on Rational Focal Point and Rational Publishing Engine integration
PM08541 "Allow Baseline creation" option does not work as expected
PK92340 Incorrect link to WASCE download in installation guide
PK83955 On line Help: Notification examples
PM20043 URL inserted in a text attribute when exported to Excel contains tags URL /URL
PM06258 'An error occurred' message is displayed while loading some views
PK99140 Flickering of navigation menu
PM05346 Read-only access at global level and workspace level
PK82746 A blank page is displayed when clicking on Configure > Workspace
PK83409 Empty links (no links) are displayed in attribute for few elements
PM09047 Help needs update: Access rules violated in workflow
PM09460 Active filters and multiple nodes configuration
PM03177 The pop for the Link list attribute does not close and shows error occurred message on setting a link, when moving to a different workspace
PM08565 Excel imported passwords does not work when the user account is created or updated in Rational Focal Point
PM11601 "An error occurred" message is displayed on adding element at Rockwell automation environment
PK85848 Rational Focal Point and tabs
PK90825 Help on workspace templates

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