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This newsletter contains links to new information and current key technical support documents for IBM SmartCloud Notes that are frequently requested or identified by IBM Lotus Support as valuable. It also features content provided by the following teams: Development, Information Development, and Knowledge Management.


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This document contains links (URLs) to IBM SmartCloud Notes technical support documents and information that can help you get more value from your software. It is intended to help you to be proactive in your support and administration of IBM SmartCloud Notes. This document includes:

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In the Spotlight

1. What's new in SmartCloud Notes
New features for IBM SmartCloud® Notes®

2. How do I connect my Android phone to a SmartCloud Notes, Verse or on-premises mail file?
I want to connect my new Android phone to SmartCloud Notes so I can manage my email on my phone, as well as on my laptop. My old Android phone connected via Traveler to SmartCloud Notes. What do I need to do today?

3. SmartCloud Notes web Sametime awareness not available in Firefox when you log in without cache
IBM SmartCloud® Notes® servers use HTTPS. If the Sametime proxy server URL for an on-premises Sametime community in SmartCloud Notes Administration Account Settings is set to HTTP, a "mixed content" or "blocked content" error message can occur. IBM recommends using HTTPS for the Sametime proxy server URL.

46. SCN : Mail is delayed from sending when using local
After sending a message, you notice it takes 10-15 minutes for it to reach the recipient

5. IBM Knowledge Center
This page provides an entry point to product information about IBM SmartCloud Notes.

6. IBM Collaboration Solutions Support blog
Visit our blog!


1. IBM SmartCloud® Notes® client requirements
IBM SmartCloud Notes client requirements

2. FAQ: Software downloads for IBM SmartCloud Notes customers
This technote describes how SmartCloud Notes Administrators can download IBM Notes client and other software as a part of the entitlement associated with their subscription. This technote contains: Procedure for search and download Tips for searching FAQs

3. Common Q&A for IBM SmartCloud Notes Company Administrators
This technote contains answers to commonly-asked questions about IBM SmartCloud Notes. The primary audience is Company Administrators of SmartCloud Notes hybrid or service-only environments. This resource will grow as more common questions are identified.

4. SmartCloud Notes for a Hybrid Environment Overview
Just getting started planning for a Hybrid environment? This Overview page in the Knowledge Center has essential links.

5. SmartCloud Notes in a Service-only environment Overview
Just getting started planning for a Service-only environment? Visit this Overview page in the Knowledge Center for essential links.

6. IBM Connections Compliance for Mail FAQ
List of common questions regarding usage of the SmartCloud Notes compliance and archiving solution option.


1. How to delegate access to your mail and calendar in SmartCloud Notes web
This document illustrates the procedure for delegating access to your IBM SmartCloud Notes mail and calendar.

2. Connections Cloud Technical Support Page
This page located in the service provides several online, self-help links for IBM SmartCloud Notes.

3. IBM Connections Cloud Support Page
This page located in the IBM Support Portal provides several convenient self-help resources for IBM SmartCloud Notes.

4. IBM Notes Traveler Support Page
This page located in the IBM Support Portal provides several convenient self-help resources for IBM Notes Traveler.

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