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The release information for IBM Rational Change contains information about fixes, pointers to important documentation and provides a list of known problems.


This release information includes the following content about Rational Change version

About this release

Rational Change version addresses a number of issues in 5.3, including a limitation preventing the migration of CRs in a development database into the central server database (central server migration).

Fixed APARs in this release

APARs that are fixed in this release are in the Fix list document.

Product documentation

For complete documentation, including installation instructions for 5.3, review the Information Center.

For more information, review the following resources:

Software and hardware requirements

Review the detailed system requirements document at Detailed System Requirements for Rational Change 5.3 (this information is the same for 5.3 and

Access the software

Access the Rational Change Download document.

Installation information


Installation Instructions:
  1. Log in to the machine where Rational Change is installed as the user who installed Rational Change.
  2. Unzip (Windows) or untar (UNIX) the patch file into <CHANGE_APP_HOME>/WEB-INF/packages. The resultant directory will have the name "rc<patch version>".

    For example, on UNIX:
    $ cd <CHANGE_APP_HOME>/WEB-INF/packages
    $ tar xvf <file path>
  3. Login to Rational Change as Admin, and click the System Administration link in the action panel.
  4. Install the patch package. Click on the "Package Installer" tab, select the patch package from the "Available Packages" listbox, and click the Install button.
  5. Stop and start Rational Change.

Uninstalling the Fix Pack:

If it is necessary to remove the patch after it was installed, follow these steps.
  1. Login to Rational Change as Admin, and click the System Administration link in the action panel.
  2. Uninstall the patch package. Click on the "Package Installer" tab, select the patch package from the "Installed Packages" listbox, and click the Uninstall button.
  3. Stop and start Rational Change.

Known problems

Important known problems new to version 5.3 are discussed below. See also known problems from previous releases, as they may still apply.

ID Problem/Workaround
WI 5675 Project security feature not working with RDS 5.2 (Tivoli)
The new project security feature is not presently working with RDS 5.2 (Tivoli), but will be in a forthcoming RDS fix. If you intend to start using project security soon, use RDS 5.1.1 (Apache) instead.
R#38490 Server registration must be initiated from the central server when mixed releases are used
Registration from a pre-5.3 remote server to a 5.3 central server fails if the server encodings are different (which is usually the case unless the remote server is using the Synergy Asian line). The workaround is to perform the registration from the central server.
R#38474 Windows service may not start in a timely fashion when using local help
The Rational Change service on Windows may not start in a timely fashion when Rational Change and Help are deployed together on Jetty, resulting in the following message:
"Could not start the IBM Rational Change 8600 service on Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion."
In fact, the service does start, but not within the 125 seconds expected by the Windows service, hence the message. Possible workarounds include:
1. Ignore this error
2. Install Rational Change and Help separately (on different web servers)
3. Use the public Information Center for help rather than a local help server
R#38401 release.js script removed
The example external listbox script "release.js", and the internal APIs it relied on, have been removed in release 5.3. Version 5.3 automatically updates the release listbox when defined as a "Database Listbox" fetching values from "active_releases", so the script is unnecessary. Remove any references to release.js and set release listbox properties to "Database Listbox".

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