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This document describes an upgrade advisor that can be executed in an IBM Rational Synergy 6.5SP2, 6.6a, 7.0, 7.1, or 7.1a database.


In releases prior to Rational Synergy 7.2, there was support for two legacy methodologies:

  • Projects that updated by object status. This was sometimes called object status-based reconfigure.
  • Projects that updated by tasks (TBCM, task based CM) but with manual update properties rather than using process rules.

The intention to retire and drop support for both of these legacy methodologies was announced in 2007 in the Synergy 6.5 release notes. Prior to 7.2, support was provided through the legacy classic client, but not in the newer clients such as the Synergy GUI and Synergy CLI.

Review the attached white paper for more details.

Note: The upgrade advisor is shipped as a separate ACcent library named ua72.a (attached below). The library is platform independent and is compatible with Synergy 6.5sp2, 6.5a, 6.6a, 7.0, 7.1, 7.1.0.*, and 7.1a on all supported platforms.

Upgrade advisor user guide.pdf
Upgrade advisor user guide.pdf


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Upgrade Advisor Archive file (ua72.a)

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Modified date: 18 May 2011

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