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Enabling IBM Content Manager Web services API under IMS for z/OS

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You can enable your Java application to use IBM Content Manager for z/OS Web services API under the IMS Java message processing (JMP) regions and Java batch processing (JBP) regions in the z/OS environment. IBM Content Manager web services server runs under Websphere Application Server for z/OS independent of the IMS regions.

In addition to the software requirements for IBM Content Manager for z/OS Version 8.4.3, you also need IMS TS V10 or V11.


To enable your Java application to use Web services API under IMS:

  1. Complete the setup as described in the Installing and configuring the Web services for z/OS section of the Planning and Installing Your Content Management System for z/OS guide, and verify that Web services is deployed and operational.
  2. Complete the setup for enabling Java application to run under IMS JMP and/or JBP regions. Under those regions, verify that you can run a sample program, such as Hello world.
  3. If your application uses the IBM Web services interface, add the following thin client JAR file to the -Djava.class.path in the JVM profile (eg. dfsjvmpr.props):
    • For WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1:
    • For WebSphere Application Server Version 7:
  4. Verify your setup. For example, under the JBP region, run the Web services samples that are included in the IBM Content Manager for z/OS Toolkit. Ensure that in the samples you make the appropriate changes to the connection information, such as the server name, user ID, and password.

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